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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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friday to the planning commission hearing on the following thursday, fielding telephone calls, e-mails, understanding the issues and concerns are. i would say it's the most time consuming and difficult job of any commission in the city and county of san francisco. commissioner moore is now needed more than ever in san francisco. her expertise and knowledge and skill and her balance with all of the stakeholders makes for better projects. her commitment to reach out, her technical ability, her big vision for the city. commissioner moore is a forward thinker looking at the whole city. with commissioners moore's urban design skill, she has raised the bar so high to a level that is unparalleled. so i ask you to move commissioner
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moore's appointment forward with a recommendation to the full board. >> last, don't keep her here too long. she has a planning commission hearing to attend. and also support dennis richards to the other commission. we worked back in 2011 and found him to be very honorable. thank you for your time. >> good afternoon, supervisors, rich haas, resident and business commission and support kathrin moore and mr. richards. the planning commission is by far the most time consuming commission in the city. it's not just the thursday hearing. it could have 10 items, 14.
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any amount of items. on friday you get your brief for each item. that's a lot of reading, a lot of research, site visits, locations, visiting with neighbors. catherine has done this for eight years and shhh e wants to do this for another term. kudos to kathrin moore. it's a lot of work here. kathrin moore as an architect brings a fairness to this commission. we've worked with her for many years. whether it's neighborhood issues, citywide planning, she's excellent in these neighborhoods and understanding the planning codes with all the new amendments, that takes a huge amount of time and understanding. her urban planning. as talked about earlier she was in treasure island, all of this stuff. it's easy to be a paid person to get a salary, but when you volunteer and spend the time, to any commissioner, i say
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well done. her knowledge on neighborhood issues, dealing with neighbors. let's move ahead and bring her upstairs back to the hearing. supervisors, thank you very much. >> sue. i'm one of the people that needs to go back to the planning commission as well. i heard from people from wide perspectives saying what they see in kathrin moore. what i see is two enormous skills. one is a professional skill that many are absent. we haven't gone to planning school, to architect school. she has those skills and she brings them to the commission and educates her fellow
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commissioners as well as the public. the second big skill is something that you can't get in school. you have to live in the city and try and understand how the city really works for all kinds of people, poor people, middle income people, upper income people who get a lot out of the city and how transportation works, how walking around the city appears to people. catherine is always coming up with things that she says to her commission that really shows she knows the city. that is an unusual skill. and it is a skill that we don't have in spades rights now on commissions. it's a lot of work to be on the planning commission. those of us from the public really appreciate someone who will listen to
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us. who will listen to the public as well as to the developers and to the planning staff. that's something that is worthy of reappointment. thank you. >> thank you very much. anyone else for item no. 1, public comment? >> supervisors, thank you. as to item no. 1, reappointment of kathrin moore, planning commissioner. please do so. thank you. [ laughter ] >>supervisor katy tang: any other member of the public wishing to speak on item no. 1. seeing none, public comment is close. supervisor campos? >> >>supervisor david campos: thank you. i do want to acknowledge the work of commissioner sugaya. i don't
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know that he's still here. i do want to thank him for the amazing job that he has done and for his many years of service. and i'm very excited today not only about the reappointment of kathrin moore, but also the two other appointments that have been made by president chiu. i know there have been a lot of people in the audience and people who are not here who have been doing a lot of lobbying to make sure that we got to a good result on all three appointments. so i just wanted to thank all the people who have made sure that they have been pushing people to make sure that we get to a right result. i love democracy because democracy engages people and, you know, the thing about democracy especially when it comes to election time is that it
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makes politicians do certain things and sometimes do the right thing. i think the three appointments that we are seeing beginning with the agenda demonstrate that. so i'm very happy to see with respect to item 1 which is what we are talking about right now to see the reappointment of kathrin moore. i think that something said that it's been really impressive and hard to think about another commissioner on the planning commission that's been more stem llar and i think that's true. commissioner moore, thank you very much for wanting to continue to serve the city and county of san francisco. i know that i have been very impressed not only by your, you know, intellect which can be very intimidating actually, but also by your willingness to hear from community and i
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think that a lot of commissioners can learn from that. so i'm proud to make a motion to move item 1 forward with a positive recommendation as a committee report. >> all right. thank you. chair yu joined us now. >> good afternoon. i'm sorry i'm a little bit late. i'm happy to be here to take a vote so people can say years later, there were smart people that made this decision. commissioner moore, what struck me about her was her compassion with this and also her logical thinking in terms of when i asked her questions, it doesn't just come out to be a pc answer. she's very thoughtful about how she answers things. i really appreciate that. the one
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thing i do look for when people come back and get reappointed especially after this length of time is i try to look for whether the person really cares anymore because when you sit on something long enough, you may think you care, but sometimes you are burnt out and i didn't get that sense from commissioner moore at all. it was refreshing to see that as somebody serving on this commission for this length of time would want to continue serving probably at the same level from day one. i'm very happy to see her reappointed. >>supervisor katy tang: thank you. there is really nothing more i can say. so much has
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been said about commissioner moore and i agree with that. i would like to thank commissioner sugaya as well as those working on the commission. i have been able to witness and been able to discuss with commissioner more the fact that there really isn't a blanket approach when it comes to city planning. that we do have to take into consideration all the distinct neighborhood and character needs that exist in all of our different districts. i really do appreciate that and i think it's in incredibly important as well as maintaining a balance when it involves very controversial decisions that you have to make. i don't envy you in that position. thank you for always being well versed on your decisions. and for doing your homework on that. i'm happy to stand with all the commissioners with a full recommendation to the
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committee report so she can return to her meeting. >> we need to amend line 14. >> so moved. >> i'm happy to amend. >> no objection. motion passes. the amendment passes. we have a motion on the floor, any objections? seeing none. then motion passes. congratulations. [ applause ] >> >>supervisor norman yee: madam clerk, can you call item no. 2. city clerk: mr. chair, we've called items 1-3 together. >>supervisor norman yee: mr. richards, would you like to make a statement. >> supervisors, thank you for allowing me to be here today. this is the first time i'm
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able to serve. i would like to thank those that support me. the committee report i submitted today involves many great details. i began my work in the historic preservation at the time the sounding board was threatened and we are glad to see it's now part of the lgbt community center. and also served the time in the last economic boom on the community street services for dolores home and the housing for folks with hiv and aids. after that i served a little bit of time with supervisor leno on the task force and some issues that you are going to be hearing about today which reminds me about 14
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years ago. i have been a member of the heritage for years. we reached help to get to under represented communities and getting more involved. i'm happy to say the work that my leader of heritage has done has really not only from a physical environment point of view but also a cultural point of view. heritage has really done great work there and i'm very proud of them on that. i'm president of the neighborhood triangle association for 8 years. i remember when john came and he said we have a market octavia plan and we said wait a minute, we don't recall you coming to talking to us and the project was already five 5 years old and everybody who was involved in the plan moved on and we worked with john and rogers to get the many years of the octavia plan to make it sensitive and rational for
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the others in the market area. one of the other items that i'm ray proud of was cause and effect. it will be heard on the market octavia plan. we have insisted with the planning department that cac be created. i'm happy to report that i'm a member of that body since inception it's a great functioning body and we are really holding the planning department's feet to the fire on making sure that everything we were promised is best as can tried and delivered. i have also served on a couple of other boards. castro cbd, natives since inception and worked for the neighborhood development for a few years. i have been incredibly business for the last 15 years. that's my community resume. philosophically i was at a meeting where i saw jim
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chapel and he spoke. he said something that resonated with me. he said when you ask somebody about their best day in san francisco was and they will say the day i landed here. sometimes it's frozen back in time. we'll always experience change and i'm concerned at the level of change we are experiencing quite frankly. the effects we are putting in place should mitigate those changes are good but i don't think they are proportional in keeping up with the rate. i was at the octavia cac on monday and the clerk from the planning department and she said nobody from the planning department ever imagined that this level of change would happen. i think there is a good and bad side to that. we haven't even had some of the community benefits that we were planning to spend money on and having
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to realize and we heard people complaining about quality of life issues. i think we need to do something about that. i come from business. as a strong local economy. i know we have a lot of winners. trust me, i see them everyday in my neighborhood. i think there are others who are not sharing at all the wings. -- winnings. we need to share those. i'm going to bring an unholistic approach and i'm going to irritate people. issues facing this city are affordability, displacement, neighborhood character shth historic preservation, retail and business landscape and live ability. i want to ensure that we stem the loss of our diversity, our sole and city's core. i feel it's happening too quickly. diversity to me, means income diversity,
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people diversity and cultural diversity. when we full lever in the same way to try to get the same outcome is dangerous. i don't think we have an approach to say how we are going to work in the future. i feel every city has some responsibility to say where we are going to go. we all own it. my experience and accomplishment should stand on their own. i would love toen attain any questions on it. i ask you for your support today. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you. supervisor campos? >>supervisor david campos: thank you mr. chair and thank you mr. richards. i'm very excited by this nomination and surprised that this president would appoint you or at least put your name forward. i think that's a good thing. i have
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been saying for a long time that we need to have an lgbt voice on all of the government agencies where that voice is missing and planning is one of them. i'm glad to see this nomination. i think it's a long time coming. i do want to ask you, though, in terms of the displacement. i was very pleased to hear your comments about the affordability problems that we have and the displacement. it's disproportionately impacting a number of communities including the lgbt community. just wondering if you have any thoughts in terms of what else we can be doing to address that issue? >> i think it's the most important we issue we face and we need to take an unconventional approach. i saw the with mecca and basing ger after i was nominated. we talked about different ideas and we talked about, you
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know, people that use the system in bad faith. i honestly think that i do appreciate and understand the fact that people who rent out their homes or own apartments or small property owners orlando lord's, they are running a business. when people buy a business and shut it down by ellis acting people, it's a terrible idea. when hershey came in to buy smith, my favor chocolate store. they closed it. they are out of business. bad faith. i haven't had a hershey since. on the cac monday, i had some thoughts on this. our fees are frozen in time. we negotiated these fees five 5 years ago. there has been a wind fall on the other side. i think sometimes the
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community benefit fees they should be tied to what the yield, wind fall is going to be. i think there should be morement . i think people should allow us to share more. >> i appreciate it. one of the things that i always point out is that we are arguably the wealthiest city in the country and most of us, not just low income, but middle income and upper income have not benefited in the same way that others have. one comment because you addressed the issue of your history of reaching out to diverse disadvantaged communities. i would simply note to you and to other members of the planning commission that another community that's also
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been disproportionately impacted by the displacement is the latino community. and just like we have not had a member of the lgbt community in planning in years we have not had that also for the latino community and other communities as well. i would urge you and encourage you to continue to reach out to those communities because i want to make sure that everyone's voice is heard. >> absolutely. i will. >> thank you very much. >> >>supervisor norman yee: any public comment? of course. i have the cards. i'm going to call the names that submitted cards for this item. ted olson? did you speak on this
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item? >> yes. andrea a yala, andrea, mike bowler, robin le vits. and allen martinez. you have 2 minutes. c'mon up. good afternoon supervisors. my name is andrea ayala, from the market benefit district. today i'm speaking for myself. primarily because of the quick notice there is no time for our port to get together to talk about this. i'm here to support dennis'
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appointment to the planning commission. i'm here today because i have noticed and been working with dennis for about 6-7 years and his absolute devotion to san francisco and planning and land use issues. he's in a leadership position for a very long time and also been as you said involved in the market octavia plan for as long as i have known him which is about 6-7 years before the plan was finalized and his commitment to that and what he shared with the community was commendable. he's still interested and still quite devoted to these issues. and as a leader, as president of dtna, the association has significantly influenced land use in the upper market and
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castro neighborhood. and there have not always necessarily said yes to every project to every developer. in fact quite the opposite. the history of negotiating with developers early and sometimes taking a hard line. yet, dennis specifically is respected by these same developers that the he's taken a hard line against. to me this speaks volumes to his integrity and ability to collaborate and the stroo city of san francisco will benefit from dennis to the planning commission. thank you. >> my name is liam nase am. i stand before you today to the board of supervisors to lend my support to dennis whom i have known for 20 years. i stood by not only in the
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sidelines but watched his stad -- stead fast commitment to the community, his passion, intelligence, integrity and independence. these are all things i know that he will bring to the commission. our neighborhood is richer because of dennis and the whole community will be richer for his appointment. i'm hoping you will pass on it today. thank you. >> hello supervisors. my name is anthony lee. i have been a resident for 20 years and i have known dennis for 18 of those years. you will hear a lot about his credentials and his work in the community. i want to talk about him as a human. it's quite an annoying
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working with him in the neighborhood. there are very many people that know him achl very diverse group of people and always a level of engagement and i put that down to a sense of empathy. it's not that you just can't walk past the puppy. he's truly engaged in the community in which he lives and that's demonstrated by his resume. the other things which is slightly odd about dennis is in fact around planning. there are many planning professionals here, who spend a lot of your time thinking about the future , but as human beings we haven't evolved around planning. we plan around dinner. dennis looks at things in a different way. there is a great deal of friends. if you ask those
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friends and almost all of them have an emergency kit at home and they have a plan and know what to do in the event of an emergency. the one thing you need to do in san francisco is about planning and an emergency. dennis helped me prepare for an emergency and he didn't tell me how, he showed me how to do it. and we got everybody christmas emergency gifts. he's great. thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners. mike bueller san francisco heritage. dennis is known for his work with the heritage. i would love to have him on the board now but now he's going to a higher purpose. it's notable that dennis was among the first
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members to reach out to me in san francisco and i'm happy to say that we were able to work together very effectively regarding both articles 10 and 11 of the planning code with historic preservation in the city and recently in the landmark district nomination which was highly contentious at the time and dennis was the key figure in the community to act as a liaison in the preservation community and supervisor wiener and the vocal groups who were very concerned about designation at the time and formed a compromise that everyone could live with and the most detractable decisions now have embraced the landmark district status and taken advantage of it's incentives. his historic preservation and experience is i am mpeccable and great he's
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able to fill the large shoes of commissioner sugaya. thank you very much. >> i have known dennis for many years and worked with many issues and i'm here to support his appointment to the planning commission. i first met dennis when he was working on the fundamental on building project. i learned to appreciate his dedication and commitment to that project. and dennis helped us a lot on the issue of replacing the central freeway with octavia boulevard. he mentioned his work on the market octavia
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plan. as well as other neighborhood issues like the 55 project. i now serve on the market octavia with dennis. i want to second what our colleague olson said. when i think about his knowledge and commitment and his community work. he's a very easy person to work with. he's very collegial and i really strongly recommend that you appoint him to the planning commission. he'll behind -- be an excellent commissioner. thank you. >>supervisor norman yee: go ahead and lineup. >> good afternoon. it's a pleasure to offer my support for our