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tv   [untitled]    July 22, 2014 12:30am-1:01am PDT

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this is a city, a budget that really reflects a lot of the city's politics and city's values and i just think that it's something that moving forward we'll be really great for this coming year. so, i just want to put credit where credit is due. also of course our legislative staff who have been involved in this effort as well, kevin stephany and mark farrell's office to interns like david schecter in my office, [speaker not understood] who is in supervisor yee's office, beth rubenstein in my office and [speaker not understood] in my office as well. justify want to say thank you for all your great work. of course many people not thanking as well, but just want to say it's worthy to pass and look forward to its passage today. ~ just, not justify >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. i just want to acknowledge all the hard work of the folks that sat on the budget committee. thank you, i know it's been very difficult to make these
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types of decisionses. and i do, however, want to just express a little bit of disappointment that, that seiu tenderloin, not necessarily call out the organization, but also -- but the nonprofit workers that really work for our city were not really represented in this particular budget. and i hope that there is something we can do in the future months to come to help rectify this error. thank you. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you very much, mr. president. and let me just begin by saying that having gone through a number of budgets over the last few years that it's never an easy task, especially given the various views that all of us have. and i want to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues who serve on the budget committee for all the
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work. i know it's a very time consuming for them and for their staff, and i especially want to thank the chair of the budget committee, supervisor farrell, for two years in a row having a process that i think has really allowed everyone to, to have a say and make sure that their views and priorities are taken into account. i think that there are a number of issues that -- where there is always room for disagreement, and i certainly agree with supervisor cohen with respect to the need to do something with our nonprofit workers. and the reality is that we need to make sure that we make san francisco affordable for everyone, including workers that are doing very important work on behalf of our residents and for the city. that said, i do think that there is a process that we can follow to address that issue.
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and with that in mind, i'm very happy today to support this budget. i think that it's a testament to the fact that this board is working together and not just working together, but also working together in a way that is honest and that allows for the important discussions that took place to indeed take place. so, again, i want to thank my colleagues. i want to thank the chair of the budget committee, supervisor farrell. and with my staff i want to thank carolyn goosen who has been working with us on this important document, which is the most important policy document that we can pass as an elected body. and i especially want to thank the members of the community who time and time again come to city hall to work with us every year to make sure that we have
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a budget that reflects our priorities. so, well done, and i'm happy to be supportive today. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you, president chiu. i'll join the chorus line. i want to thank the members of the budget committee, and particularly chair farrell and supervisors -- supervisor avalos in their leadership in bringing this budget together fairly quickly. there's many choices we have to make and for this budget process, i'm glad we were able to add back and support additional funding for quite a few of the items, such as food security and services for the homeless. however, i was fairly disappointed that there was no funding allocated for early education, when we all know there is a great need to serve
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thou of low-income families -- children, preschoolers that come from the low-income families that are still on the waiting list trying to get this type of service. the beauty of this budget process is that it also allows each of us as district supervisors to work with our residents of our district and ask them what their priorities are, and for us to then articulate and communicate that to the rest of the board. so, i'm glad that we're able to do that. that allowed for each one of us to ask for some small amounts of funding that can support specific projects or concerns of our district when it could be easily overlooked when we look at the much larger budget. so, i once again want to thank everybody on the budget committee. i want to thank the mayor and everybody from the community. and i want to thank my aides
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from my office who worked tirelessly to help with this budget. thank you very much. >> supervisor mar. >> i just wanted to give a special shout out to our chair, mark farrell and his staff for having a very fair approach. i know as the city-wide needs and equity was driving a lot of us, there's also 11 different requests to his office where he had to balance as fairly as he could all the different requests. but i know that he was very transparent and i really appreciated that. i wanted to thank nick and peter from my office from working around the clock for many days during the whole process and their hard work really paid off, especially for equity within the budget for people's needs. but also making sure that district 1 didn't get the shortened of the stick like we had over past budget years. ~ shoder end i wanted to thank kate howard, ben rosenfield, and harvey rose
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and his staff from the budget and analyst office, special thanks to terry and the food security task force for really putting together a really thought out budget proposal. we didn't get everything we wanted, but it's a significant amount of money. the mayor -- the mayor contributed a lot, but then with the advocacy of the food security task force an additional 2 million to the 1 million that was added so that children and seniors don't go to bed hungry and that it's helping to deal with the hunger crisis that we're trying to severely end by 2020. i wanted to also say that i believe this budget is equitable because we helped to give even more support to our critical safety net in the city. and i would agree with supervisor campos and cohen as well that the one bit of unfinished business is to ensure that our hard working nonprofit community-based workers get a fair share so the cost of doing business is a critical measure na supervisor
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campos has taken a lead on. ~ that as we had a demonstration in this board of supervisors meeting last tuesday where people very eloquently chanted "we can't survive on 1.5" and other comments like "i am in agreement" and i'm hoping with supervisor campos's leadership we will correct that bit of unfinished business. but thanks so much to supervisor farrell and the whole budget committee for i think a great process this year. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you. i also want to thank chair farrell for his work and his office's work. it was a really smooth budget process this year, yet again a testament to his leadership. i also just want to note that among the many, many good things this budget did, i want to thank the mayor again for some of his choices around fully funding road resurfacing and once again for funding three police academy classes, helping with some key needs in
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the fire department as well as with our backfilling 100% of hiv budget cuts as well as other social service needs. i also want to thank you, colleagues, and budget committee for supporting some i think very, very important add-back that we did this year. in addition to some of the great work we did around housing and food security, we also provided some additional staffing to park patrol, which i think is long overdue. it's not enough. we need more, but we are -- the department will now be better equipped to keep our parks safe, to deal with the vandalism and dumping and other challenge that we have in our park system. i also know supervisor tang and i worked very hard to try to finally provide some extra support for animal care and control. i want to thank the mayor for starting the process and then we were able to get some additional support for this
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agency which is such a key safety net that doesn't pick and choose what animals it takes in, that is always there for all animals in san francisco. and i can tell you that even what we were able to put in, its was not a monumental amount, but it was thor than i can recall ever being added back for animal care and control. and i can say there are a lot of residents in san francisco who are deeply appreciative for what we were able to do in the budget. so, this has been a really terrific budget and i just want to thank everyone for their work. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. i just want to start by thanking chair farrell for being open minded and working with all of us to balance the needs of every district. yes, as a city we come together and we have larger needs for the city and the ability to add more money to the park for park patrol and trees as well as the ability to add additional funding to the fire department for arson investigators to maintain our academy classes for both fire and the police
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department was really important. and everyone was on board with making sure that city-wide, many of the services that we all hold near and dear in each of our respective districts was maintained in the budget. no, it's not a perfect budget. no, everyone didn't get what they want. it is frustrating to have to give up some things in order to allow various districts to have things where there is more need, and in particular, in my district i'm really happy with the ability to make sure that community centers like [speaker not understood] get taken care of as well as job programs and job training programs. the frustration of dealing with in the past the homicides which i know mady scott is here today from the healing circle. some of these women here today have lost their sons, have lost family members ~. one of the things that happened in my district in particular was the loss of so many young
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african-americans over the years and the one consistent message in my district has been job opportunities, housing opportunities, and opportunities for a brighter future. and because of this budget, because of the ability to add additional money to our job one stop center, because of the ability to add additional department of public works positions where these folks who have maybe a criminal background record or maybe have some challenges in their past, they will be able to move into potential job positions through a training program so that they do have city employment opportunities so that they can take care of themselves, their families, and hopefully their communities. so, ultimately as supervisor, this is what i set out to do, to change lives, to provide opportunity, to make sure that many of our forgotten residents are not forgotten. and i know some of you here feel the same way. there are some trade-offs when dealing with a budget of this magnitude, and i'm the kind of person who wants everything
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that i want, but i also realize -- don't shake your head, supervisor. i gave up a lot. but we all did. it's a compromise, and i'm hoping next year that we have a fair and balanced process like we did this year. i'm really happy about a lot of the gains not only for district 5 and its budget but a lot of the gains for the entire city. i'm looking forward to making sure that the opportunities that will exist as a result of this budget reach to those communities that desperately need it. so, thank you all for working with us on this. >> supervisor kim. >> sorry, i was waiting for my mic to come on. i will just add my voice to the chorus thanking the budget committee for all of their work, in particular chair farrell and supervisor john avalos. i think that this continues to be a good budget process
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extending from last year. i would have liked more notice that we were going to finish a night early, but that's certainly set a new precedent and i'll know to be at city hall every day of that week now. in an it is patience of an early budget finish. but i do think that it speaks to a lot of coordination and as supervisor breed mentioned, both understanding the need to prioritize and being willing to let go of certain things even though it's incredibly important for their constituents and district. city-wide i was really glad to see us continue to fund hspa, making sure that we are funding rapid rehousing to prevent families and individuals from becoming homeless. it is so much more challenging and more expensive for us to address individuals and families once they're on our streets or in our emergency shelters than keeping them in place in their homes and stabilized. along with the hspa, i know there is an increase to the eviction defense fund. i know the mayor's office also funded as well, as we are
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seeing a rise in evictions in the city we want to make sure we are able to support our residents and constituents to stay in their homes. i'm glad see that that value was included in our budget. the other two major city-wide of course is food and security to ensure that we are taking people that are on our waiting list to be fed. often that can't leave their apartments because they are older or disabled. i think that is an incredibly important program and that is something we have not been able to fund in the past because we haven't had the dollars and the revenue to fund that need. but as new dollars are coming in and the city doing better, i think it's really important that we are able to see those that are hungry but cannot leave their apartments to be fed. finally, of course, vision zero, pedestrian bike safety, this is something that i know this board has been talking about extensively over the last 7 months. after we first introduced vision zero and adopted this measure, funding street re-engineering and a campaign
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for public education around vehicle, bike and pedestrian safety so we can all share the roads together, so incredibly important. these are the types of fatalities and injuries that we can absolutely prevent and we can't just do it by talking about it alone. i'm so happy to see some of that funding went in there and next year i know there will be a larger conversation to cover the potential gap in expected funds that we were expecting from vehicle license fee this year. but godspeed the city is commit today that in 2016 and next year we hope to have a discussion how we can further fill in that gap. for our district, was happy to see us continue to fund summer programming. really important for youth and all of our districts. i know that supervisor cohen had a press conference today to talk about the need for violence prevention and youth leadership and after school program. i think that in and of itself the negotiations around the
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children's fund which we will vote on today to allocate an increase in set aside for funds dedicated to youth and families is going to be a really key piece next year in ensuring that we are able to continue to adequately fund and increase funding for youth and family programming. and also finally, major issue in our district and i want to thank the senior disability action network for highlighting this really important issue, came about the elevators in our aging building. we know this is a major issue in our public housing properties and i'm glad that the mayor and the city has stepped up to ensure that we are going to fully refund all of our capital improvements, including elevator repair in our public housing. but, of course, we have a huge swath of privately owned properties, primarily office buildings that were built really over 100 years ago starting in 1906 after the earthquake and we have many seniors and many disabled residents that live in that building -- in those buildings as well, and they have failing
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elevators. what makes it challenging is the city doesn't own these plots so we can't just up and come in and fix those elevators, but yet we have seniors and individuals with disabilities stranded in their apartments and can't leave because they have no way of going back up the stairs when the elevator is not working. and, so, glad to see there is a $250,000 revolving loan fund we can administer with the property owners. it is just a beginning, a very small start, but look forward to the continuing discussion with the stakeholders group that the department of building inspection has convened and hope that we can continue to make headway in this issue while we support the city doing this in our own publicly owned property. so, congratulations to everyone. i know there will be a continuing discussion around a new incoming [speaker not understood] come in for priorities that we were not able to fund and look forward to that discussion as well. >> thank you, supervisors. i also want to just reiterate a thanks to our budget chair, budget committee, all of you,
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and our staff, our controller, mayor's budget staff, our city attorney, our budget analyst who i think has just done his fourth budget as well as the community moving this forward. with that, madam clerk, could you please call the roll. >> on items 9 through 38, supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. supervisor cohen. cohen aye. there are 1 ayes. >> these resolutions are passed on the first reading and resolutions are adopted. [gavel] ~ 11 >> with that, madam clerk, could we go to our 2:30 special commendation? i understand we have one commendation today. that's supervisor mar, and i will be jointly presenting and i would like to defer to supervisor mar.
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>> thank you, president chiu. i see former supervisor here in the chambers with us today as well. i wanted to say that along with president chiu, it's my honor to recognize an amazing community leader and education leader at social work and community leader nancy lim yee. and we have later on our agenda a resolution acknowledging her work as well. but i'd like to ask if nancy lim yee could come forward. i know her son robert is here with us, too. but, ms. lim yee is an incredibly inspiring leader. i worked closely with her on the first five commission. i know of her work through many others as well. she's the director of the chinatown children's development center, but i think
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her history and the information i'm going to give about her life should hopefully inspire you as well. she's been guiding and teaching and mentoring so many people within the community for years, especially her dedicated staff at the chinatown children's development center which provide outpatient mental health services to children, youth and families, parent education, and consulting and capacity building within chinatown for many, many organizations. nancy's own clinical work as a social worker spans many generations and improved the lives and the mental health of countless san franciscans. after i am grating from guangdong china as a toddler, nancy learned valuable lessv ons from her hard working parents and extended family. neighbors and mentors, she is really humble. it is important to acknowledge her leadership. she credits her own leadership from lessons learned from
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treasured teachers and professors at st. mary's school, lowell high school, san francisco state, u.c. berkeley, and from many other places. and i think she adds four special ingredients into her success. one is character, two is integrity, three is grace, and four is tremendous amount of heart. nancy's commitment to community and volunteering is well known among i think a lot of chinese americans, asian americans, and within the early care and education community as well. she served on a number of boards and councils and commissions. i know her as the first five commissioner, but at st. mary's school, san francisco developmentally disabled council, the arc of san francisco, san francisco school districts community advisory council on special education, i know how hard that one must have been. also timing head start, association for chinese
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families of disabled, ethnic minority advisory committee, state department of developmental services, the chinese performing arts foundation, the asian pacific islander social work council, the national association of social work california chapter [speaker not understood] chinatown council, protection and advocacy. she was also appointed by the california assembly house speaker, san francisco's chinatown technology for disabilities project, nico's chinatown wellness village project, portsmouth plaza, parking corporation, nico, chinese health community coalition and children's family first five coalition of san francisco. i am personally grateful for her mentoring of me on so many different issues to help me understand systems, but also how to serve the people and serve the community in not just chinatown but city-wide. but i know many, many others have said how grateful they are for her work, but also how she's helped us be better
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community servants, public employees, and leaders in the city. i thank her for her work, her vision, her loyalty to the community, and the basic belief in the goodness of people and communities. so, thank you, nancy lim yee, for making all of us in our communities better and your generosity in giving so much of 39 years or more to the community and the city. later today we'll vote on the resolution that is co-sponsored by supervisors norman yee and david chiu. i know norman has worked closely with nancy as well over the years. it will be declaring july 18th, 2014 as nancy lim yee day in our city and county. before i ask if nancy could say a few words, i'd like to ask if supervisor yee and president chiu would like to say a few words. >> thank you, supervisor mar. [speaker not understood] joining this incredibly well deserved recognition of nancy
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lim yee. i cannot believe i have the honor to work with you for every day that i have been in office and i can't believe that has been about four decades worth of service. i understand you started when you were about three years old serving the community. but on behalf of my constituents in chinatown and our constituents in chinese and asian community as well as literally thousands of families that you have touched, that you have shaped, that you have helped to grow, i cannot believe the breadth and depth of your service. supervisor mar listed and i'm not going to reread the 18 organizations that you served with in addition to your service with chinatown development center, but your leader should iv has been absolutely tremendous. ~ leadership i do know while you will be officially retiring, you'll continue to serve in other ways and i look forward to our work together in other capacities and look forward to your new adventures. but i will say for one on behalf of our constituents in northeast neighborhood, you
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have truly blessed our city. so, thank you. and with that, supervisor yee. >> thank you, president chiu. thank you, supervisor mar, for bringing nancy forward in honoring her today. it's been almost four decades and i think i've known her for almost four decades. many of those organizations that are named, we crossed paths many times. nancy, you can name all these organizations that she's worked on and volunteered on and certificatedctionv on ~ and served on and so forth. what's missing on this is what i have seen her starting from the beginning and seeing her blossom to being the leader that she is today. and mentoring many other leaders since then. the thing that struck me about nancy, unlike other people that may be part of larger organization, is she always
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found time for everybody, regardless of your part of the organization or not. if there is somebody, individual that needed help, she's always there and will always say yes. i can't do it right now, but maybe this saturday at 9 o'clock, i'll come to your door steps and ask what's wrong. and i've seen that over and over again. so, i'm really proud to be part of the resolution that we're going to vote on today. you just make everybody proud. thank you, nancy. (applause) >> supervisor chiu, supervisor yee, and honorable supervisors on the board, thank you so much for your very kind words. i have enjoyed very much the 39 years that i have worked for the chinatown child development center and for the city and
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county of san francisco. being a clinical social worker has been a very great privilege and honor for me and also working at the chinatown child development center in chinatown where i grew up has been a privilege. i have learned so much from the families and the children and youth. every day has been a pleasure for me. and i've learned very much from the mentors and my colleagues. you know, oftentimes where you'll hear comments about, oh, those city workers, but i have worked with the most dedicated, the most passionate colleagues that you will ever see. they don't go just the extra mile, but they will go the extra 2 to 10 miles for their clients, for the families that we work with every day.
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so, you know, as supervisor chiu mentioned, i have a very, very active volunteer life. so, i've been telling people that i will be retiring from my day job. and, so, i hope to see many of you, you know, in my volunteer life. thank you so very much for this very great honor. i'm very humbled by it. thank you very, very much. (applause)
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>> ask with that, colleague, why don't we go to our next item, which will be the schlage lock item at items 39 through 41. madam clerk. ~ >> item 39 is an ordinance approving a development agreement between the city and county of san francisco and visitacion development, llc, for certain real property located in visitacion valley, bounded approximately to the north and west by mclaren park and the excelsior and crocker amazon districts, to the east by the caltrain track, and to the south by the san francisco/san mateo county line and the city of brisbane; making findings under the california environmental quality act, findings of conformity with the general plan, and the eight priority