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tv   [untitled]    July 15, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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prevention regimen. additionally, new federal guidelines recommend that prep be considered for people who are hiv negative but are a substantial risk for hiv. however, two years after truvada was approved by the u.s. food and drug administration for prevention and more than four years after studies showed that it's actually effective, very few people unfortunately are actually using prep, even though the ability to reduce infections is so significant, more than 90%. we in san francisco are at the forefront of efforts to control the spread of hiv. current efforts by san francisco dph, at san francisco general hospital and kaiser are working to make it easier for uninfected individuals to see an expert and get truvada prescriptions and those efforts
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are also providing outreach to provider and the public regarding prep. there is within the community being completely honest about where the discussion is, there is within the community a fear that prep will lead to decreased condom usage, that somehow by making prep available people will engage in less safe sex. but let's be honest, right or wrong, for many people gay and straight, there are already many people gay and straight who are simply not using condomseses for a lot of different reasons. it is simply not, in my view, anyone's place to judge why that is. it is simply a fact of life. instead of [speaker not understood], we need to acknowledge that it is happening and we as a public health precaution need to take every step possible to make sure that we protect every
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individual. and that to the extent that prep can be lifesaving, we have an obligation to make it readily available to this community. prep is an important tool to prevent infection that is meant to supplement, not sub plant, but to supplement existing safe sex options including the use of condoms. no one that is advocating making prep available is in any way advocating that we engage -- that we do not promote -- continue to promote safe sex. so, today, along with supervisor wiener, i am requesting a hearing here at the board of supervisors so that the city, the county of san francisco, can be the first city to look into what else we can do to fight hiv and aids, and i'm specifically calling on the department of public health to publicly present to this
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board their past efforts in testing this preventive drug and their current efforts to provide providers and the public access to prep. i specifically would like to explore the possibility that the department of public health subsidize prep prescriptions and to figure out how the city and county of san francisco can become the national leader in ensuring that all who are at risk of hiv have access to prep regardless of income. this is something that can literally save thousands of lives. i am proud of the city and county of san francisco's history in fighting this epidemic, and we can honor those who came before us and unfortunately died before these treatments were available, but making sure this lifesaving treatment is available to as many san franciscans as
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possible. and as a gay man of color, i can tell you that there is a disproportionate impact in communities of color within the lgbt community. so, i look forward to that discussion and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor cohen. >> first i'm introducing a hearing request just to get a status update on the airport project, specifically talking about -- specifically around terminal 1. i just want to make sure that minority and veteran run businesses and contractors are having an opportunity to bid on this project. if there are any problems, kinks or challenges that we're able to work it out quickly on the front end as opposed to the back end. also it's important to remember we need to break up very, very large projects such as the terminal 1. i mean, this is a several billion dollar project and an opportunity for a lot of people to continue to get work.
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so, it's a hearing, my first is a hearing request. second, colleague, a piece of legislation to strengthen [speaker not understood]. the areas particularly in the southeast suffer disproportionately from environmental impacts such as truck traffic. so, i'm delighted to hear that sister dr. espinola jackson is somewhere in the chamber. yes, ma'am. >> i think she may appreciate this because what we're talking about is the neighborhood that are affected by truck traffic, freeway traffic, industrial activity, and a significant amount of construction activity. and one of the things that we know very, very well in neighborhood, is exposure to particulate matter can lead to chronic health problems -- for chronic health problems that people living closer to these emitterses such as free ways and construction sites ~ are most vulnerable. as a city, we are also
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aggressively developing formally industrial areas and sites with new housing, commercial space and parks. so, to address some of these impacts, it also makes sense we begin to work more closely with department of public health and the planning department on two [speaker not understood] on construction and new housing development to ensure it is pro textving -- to ensure it is protective of public health ~. the first ordinance establishes a new clean construction guidelines for public construction projects and designated air quality hot spot zones. this particular ordinance i'd like to dedicate to tessie esther who is battling -- trying to hold on to stay with us. this, this particular ordinance will require contractors to use the cleanest possible technology and leverage our purchasing power as a city to
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ensure that public construction projects are reducing diesel emissions and other particulates that can compromise public health. now, the second, the second ordinance updates the city's landmark article 38 of the health code to require developers who are retrofitting or building new housing in air quality hot spot zones to install ventilation systems to ensure residents receive clean air in this units. this will streamline the process for project sponsors by clearly identifying the airs az of the city where we know these enhanced measures are needed most. this legislation is also part of an overall strategy to keep residents of the city and particularly those who suffer disproportionately from a wide range of environmental issues, healthy. as supervisor i have been focused on the health impacts of poverty, of violence, of
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land use and many other issues in the southeast neighborhoods. now, whether it's taxing sugary beverages, building a new youth clinic or bringing more resource he he to the district, i've been focused on comprehensively addressing the health impacts that our residents experience from a variety, a variety of forces klieg the very neighborhoods that they live in. district 10 is experiencing an exponential amount of construction now and now is the time to ensure that this new housing and construction is utilizing the best technologies possible to protect public health and safety for our residents. these are real, very real environmental justice issues in our neighborhoods and we must use every tool imaginable that we have locally to ensure that our residents are healthy and safe. one more piece that i want to talk about, and that is really calling for a comprehensive
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response to our silence that's happening in our city, and that we must really begin to prioritize safety first, and what is significant that i want to make sure that nobody misses is that this epidemic, this issue of safety transcends every single race, class, and supervisorial district. ~ violence, not silence this is a city-wide challenge and we need to begin to develop a strategy that has broader accountability from, from not only department heads, but also to the very nonprofits that we fund down on the ground to address these problems. so, i'm talking about some reentry all the way to employment and making sure that we're looking at the entire family and we are engaging the entire family so that we have a comprehensive approach when we're dealing with victim responses.
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that includes responsible and efficient response times from the police department when there are shots fired, to ensuring that mental health services are funded to their maximum capacity, and we need to come together to really develop a comprehensive and thoughtful plan for summer. now, we are in the middle of july. some may say summer is almost over. it will be a long hot summer if we continue to ignore something. we need to put together a summer peace ran. ~ plan. so, i've recruited several members from the community and board of supervisors that are interested in helping in this effort. one of the first things we're doing is there is a resolution that has been put forth from the community. it's not available to be introduced today. it needs to be cleaned up and go through the board process, but this resolution is articulating a lot of the concerns that many of the communities are concerned about in addressing violence, particularly violence that is
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perpetrated and executed and in front of children. what is significant, if you stop and think about this, not only on june 27th was alan callaway killed and he was living in district 10 in sunnydale on hurst playground, on february last year lawrence collins was also killed and he was a member of district 11. and on april 27th in 2006, daunte white who was our part time recreation employee was gunned down [speaker not understood]. i already have the co-sponsorship of supervisor breed, supervisor avalos, and supervisor kim also recognizes the significant relationship between district 6 as well as the entire part of the city, largely being that there is a large african-american population that is in district 10 -- district 6, i understand, david chiu is also interested. any other takers? okay, i'll give you a week to think about t but i'll make sure i come back to you with some strong language. also wanted to recognize that
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tonight at 6 o'clock at joe lee gym, the address is 13 95 mendell, there is a community town hall so we can begin to address this issue -- these issues as an entire community. i want to acknowledge some of the folks that we do have here today. we've got felicia here who has been an advocate. i think i saw mady scott and carlotta. we have people on the ground providing these services but sometimes just don't get their due respect so i wanted to take a moment to up lift these women and let them know we care for you, we love you and you are not alone. ~ sean richards also indicated support. [speaker not understood]. if i'm overlooking anyone, i apologize. i just can't see from where i -- okay, [speaker not understood] in the white shirt is also indicating support. he is pi noel a i see you. ~ he he espinola, jucey, i see you. [speaker not understood] we have to deal with this as an
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entire community. i specifically, specifically want to call out the african-american community because this is serious for us. this is critical. this is life and death. the african-americans, we need to confront the black on black crime. it is absolutely crazy. 4% of any homicide is perpetuated by an african-american and also a victim of an african-american. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. and we will jump to supervisor breed. >> thank you. and i just wanted to -- i was president on roll call today, but after supervisor cohen decided to make remarks about this, i did want to say something because i was there when the homicide took place in 2006 at l.a. hutch hill gymnasium. it was really unfortunate. many of the kids' families refuse to get some of the mental health services that we try to work with them to receive. not only once the investigation was done, you know, we were left with a gym full of blood
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we personally had to clean up ourselves after the crime scene was just completely ran through, and it was just really a horrible sight. it was a frustrating situation. i thought back then, what could we do? we did a lot of great things in terms of programming, but clearly i don't think we're doing enough. you know, i see madd's dad in the audience. i grew up with her son. tracy and i, sean's brother were in school together. too often we've lost -- i grew up in the generation of folks that are no longer here because, sadly, they were killed. and i think that one of the challenges that we have as a city is looking at the problem from a larger perspective is what's missing and what's missing i think is, you know, we provide a lot of money to a lot of support services that
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never reach this population. everyone talks about how -- (applause) >> capable of working with these young people. i have to tell you as someone who grew up with these young folks and someone who has worked with these individuals, it is not an easy thing to do and not everyone is capable of working with this population. i think, first of all, we have a small number of african-american boys in our public school system. and i don't understand why we can't really target them in an effective way that gives them the wrap around services and support that they need in order to do well. we have to nip it in the bud from day one. we can't wait until they become teenagers. we can't wait until they get in trouble. one of the thing that a lot of the young folks talk to me about, well, they're not paying any attention to me. they don't know who i am. they didn't know who i was until i broke into that car. so, clearly, yes, we're spending a lot of money on children, but what kids aren't getting are the nurturing
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homes, the nurturing communities, the nurturing support that they need. they need a community, they need a support system. so, i applaud the folks who are here today for taking it a step further and saying, you know what, we want cameras. we want support. we want community policing. we want the kinds of things that will make the difference. (applause) >> and, you know, it's a big reason why i came here to serve as a member of the board of supervisors. it is not an easy thing to navigate through the layers of bureaucracy that we have to deal with here at city hall in order to get the effects that we want. many of us workday to day to try and get the money to the right programs, get the resources to the right program. no, it's not just about the police. it's a combination of doing what's necessary in order to effectively serve the community. so, we're with you on this and i thank you, supervisor cohen. i know you've been dealing with a lot of tragedies in your district and i commend you for
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doing what's necessary. i'm behind you 100%. and i do think that some of the programs that we've been able to implement in our community in district 5 have been really supportive, but sadly we've lost a lot of folk in the process. and, so, you know, when we talk about vision zero and pedestrian safety and we talk about vision zero saying zero no more, i say vision zero for homicides here in san francisco. it should be about zero homicides in san francisco, and it starts with us making sure that the right support is with the right programs to produce the right results for our community. so, again, thank you for being here and thanks again for re-referring to me so that i could make a few comments because this is really near and dear to my heart. >> thank you, supervisor breed. >> the rest i submit. >> thank you. mr. president, it is your turn to introduce new business. >> thank you, madam clerk. i just want to say i want to thank supervisor cohen for her leadership as well.
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i very much appreciate the comments of supervisor breed. and i am -- i think we are all happy to support whatever we need to do in the coming weeks and months. we know we can do better. we know we must do better. the violence needs to stop. and for those community members who have had family members and loved ones who have been taken too early, we need to figure out new solutions as well as figure out what's working well. and move forward. so, look forward to that conversation. a couple of brief items. two related to water. first of all, i want to thank, colleague, your support earlier this year in passing our legislation that phases out plastic water bottles. there is a july 1st implementation requirement for city departments to layout a strategy to move this forward. i'm asking for a hearing for an update on that. i also as the representative from bcdc to this body am introducing a resolution that has been passed by abag as well as the counties of marin,
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sonoma, napa, contra costa and san mateo in acknowledging the need for work and advocacy around the san francisco bay-delta estuary which is the largest of its kind on the west coast, along which our environment relies and economy relies and thing we need to do to protect the health of our estuary. last i want to mention i have been approached by member of the community asking questions around the status of the so-called washington 8 site. there have been some questions that have been recently raised about the location's zoning history in particular, inconsistencies with what was presented to us a number of years ago with what apparently are documents that layout different height limits as well as different planning designations for that site. so, i'm asking for a hearing on the status of the project as well as to answer questions regarding the zoning history. the rest of my items i will submit separately. thank you, madam clerk.
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>> thank you, mr. president. seeing no other names on the roster, that concludes the introduction of new business. >> thank you. and with that why don't we go to general public comment. madam clerk. >> at this time the public may comment generally for up to two minutes on item within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board including the mayor's policy discussion with the board and item on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. please note that public comment is not allowed on items which have already been subject to public comment by a board committee. pursuant to board rule 4.22, please direct your remarks to the board as a whole, not to individual supervisors nor to the audience. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. and if you would like a document to be displayed on the overhead projector, please clearly state such to sfg-tv and remove the document when the screen should return to live coverage of the meeting. >> thank you. let's hear from our first speaker. each member of the public shall have up to two minutes.
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hello, hi, my name is paulette brown, and i'm a senior advocate for the healing circle and the office administrator. i am here representing my son and all of the unsolved homicides that have been going on here in san francisco. and i want to use the overhead. this is my son who was murdered august 14th, 2006, shot with semiautomatic gun, 40 rounds of bullets left that gun into my son. yet to this day there is no, there is no resolution, there is no solving of the homicide. i sit down at 850 bryant every week. i used to be here in front of city hall every week advocating for all of our children, not just my son, but all of our children. here are all the young men in
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san francisco of homicides that have not been solved. it says, where were you when i was murdered? so, what do we do about that? these are still young men, unsolved murder people of color. and i say why would a parent have to sit, deal with going to a funeral and standing over their child's casket [speaker not understood] a grieving mother. i call myself a mother's rage to heal because i'm still trying to heal. this is my son laying here on a gurney full of bullets. this is what i have to deal with every day. when i go out, this is my therapy, coming down here. this is my therapy, going down to 850. this is my therapy being here in front of the city hall. i live in district 5. my son was murdered in district 5. and i've never moved. i have to walk out the house every day and see where he laid. this is something a mother
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should not have to go through. thank you. >> thanks. next speaker. i have some papers here, the e-mail concerning my deposit from san francisco housing authority from may 1st. i came to mr. chiu's office and i asked your staff could they look into this. i have e-mails that say i don't owe any money and where they have overcharged me -- i mean on rent and all kind of stuff. and then they tried to [speaker not understood] telling me i was given $146 when i'm still owed 365. all this paperwork that i have shown your staff and when i
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called today, i asked how far did they get in the investigation. nobody could answer because they said there is nothing in the logbook. like i said, i'm trying to break the ice. i've been waiting for this denial letter from housing for a while now. i have not received it in the mail so i can go to small claims court. but like i said, it doesn't make sense. [speaker not understood] has a history of [speaker not understood] money. why are you taking my deposit when i have it all in print that i don't owe any money? so, somebody needs to do something about this because housing authority has [speaker not understood] my late mother alma lee lark about funds they have for housing that help people that live in housing to get education and jobs. now it is about my deposit. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. good evening, supervisors. madam clerk. this is a call for action. seniors and certain residents
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in san francisco this morning freedom was attacked by a faceless cowardly act. their freedom must be defended. this is a call for all san francisco supervisors to defend all save residents whose lives are being impacted behind the ellis act. particularly, seniors. most of our senior family members have gone astray. some of our seniors don't have 40 cents, over $5. some have a tv and a radio and four walls to talk to. some seniors don't have anything else to lean on. or anyone else to lean on. so, they put their trust in you. when you take action, you must not waiver. you must not tire. you must not falter. and you must not fail. the ellis act is about money over matter. no matter who is being thrown under the bus, the ellis act must not continue shaking the foundation of san francisco.
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ladies and gentlemen working behind the ellis act, i would like to share this message. there are residents living on top and the bottom. seniorses have many pleasant memories having lived in their apartments. i would ask you, do not taint their pleasant memories in their twilight years. they would prefer not to take legal action. it is incumbent on you to do the right thing. these are seniors living in poor health, some with pace makers, some with high blood pressure, respiratory problems. they are unable to cope with stress and burden. this would be placed on them when they are asked to move. when it comes to freedom and rights, how can the ellis act mend a broken heart? >> thank you. next speaker. thank you, mr. president and members of the [speaker not understood]. my name is christopher doll. i live at sixth and howard, currently 13 meters above sea level.
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i rise to comment on the lie so-called libertarians tell. back in the last century there was a group of people who tried to start a political party in california called the libertarian party. at the time there was an otherwise nice lady [speaker not understood] california's secretary of state. she decide this had new party didn't qualify and rejected it. i was a small part of the registration drive that eventually got the party in the california ballot. back then the libertarians stood for some things which were definitely not part of politics as usually which definitely appealed to me. they supported the legalization of all drugs of all relationships, in fact, the legalization recognition of any and all combinations of genders, races and/or professions in any activity, sexual and otherwise, anywhere any time. pure liberty from beginning to end. they've changed obviously.
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these days they're frustrate and had power hungry. they he don't place power in liberty any more. they're like barriers and boundaries now. they like barriers to voting and boundaries on social relationships. they lust to be the [speaker not understood] fear of government is a double bind, this lust/hate relationship makes them power perverts willing to say anything to anyone anywhere at any time to get power. be warned, these are sick, sick people. thank you, mr. president. >> thanks. next speaker. mr. president and honorable members, my name is dan choi and i am a combat veteran of the iraq war. i rise today to support my school, the city college of san francisco. i rise today to ask you to do a little bit more. i rise today to ask you for your leadership, to lead by
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example, to connect with your communities, and to create a demand for classes to enroll in one class. one class, it can be online. i would like in one week 11 people in this mighty chamber, 100% success rate, to make this school not only saved but bring it over the top. you can learn a language. you can learn a new musical instrument. you can learn to dance. president chiu and i are going to join a running class. [laughter] supervisor wiener and i are going to do a yoga class. it's not much to ask, but it would mean so much to the people in our community ~. now i have to say something on a personal level. it has not been easy for me coming back from war and my role in don't ask don't tell repeal activism. only a year ago i almost bought
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ammunition, 45 caliber to put in my west point pistol to blow off my head. but i rise today to thank everybody here. you made san francisco my home. thank you, supervisor jane kim. thank you, tom and william walker. when i was homeless, you opened your door. when i was hopeless, you opened your heart. so, i rise for you. i rise to tell all the veterans out there, life is worth living. there are good people in this world. you don't have to leave. you can do great things. you can come to ccsf. i rise for you. i rise to end the nightmares and ptlc. i rise [inaudible]. >> thank you. (applause) >> next speaker, please. something is holding me back. is it because i'm glaxosml