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tv   [untitled]    July 14, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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relationship with frank and he's known him inform a long time we're thrilled to be able to bring 3 fairly important stellar pieces to san francisco and display them in the open space of this building. this is the first piece, second piece and the third piece and we have some rendering to show in context. this is the public open space, are these the walls in the back and on display this shows the open space with the pieces hung on the wall we'll expect this to be open during the day and this is the sort space uses by people in the weekend and repeal shuns
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and really not part of the presentation or preservation but we're pleased to tell you that linked think on the social networking company from mount have you has leased the entire building this is part of a continuing trend to see technology companies president to be in san francisco close to the employment base that wants to live here. so, you know, peter and i are available to answer questions with you we're thrilled to see this project come to reality and thrilled to bring the 3 stellar pieces to san francisco and hopefully will be done next june and linked in and strangling trying to get the people into the building. thank you we're available for
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questions >> thank you any public comment on that item? seeing none, public comment is clos closed. commissioner moore >> i wanted to thank tishman inspire for bringing those 3 pieces into this we have the juxtaposition between local art and major pieces wondering through the downtown and looking at the digital art from from time to time and mission to this one a much more an mamentd maximum and wonderful experience. >> sxhaushg. >> there wasn't a presentation on this refinement or something that has improved the quality of the building and the aspects so
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- >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i'd like to add the refinements are very well done so the entitlement and development of that building and i think it's going to be very attractive and especially the public open space there is, you know, very inviting and an important location in san francisco it's the epic center south of market. so really happy to see that building going up quickly i'm happy to see it is completely leased >> thank you for your preservation there's a sleeper room at the planning department where i've spent many, many hours unfortunately so it will be great to see a different space in san francisco with this art. >> commissioner sugaya. >> in terms of linked in their
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moving their headquarter see with an amount of skoornl i'm curious. >> i can't speak important the company there's no announcement in that regard. >> thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> i think this is an indication they're indeed space needs that tech companies can meet in, well designed high-rise buildings go not only looking for changes in use and what is primarily industrial buildings and we're adding an example this is work out noting. >> thank you. commissioners that place you on general public comment not to exceed 15 minutes. at this time, members of the
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public may address the commission to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when members of the public may address the commission up to 3 minutes there are not speaker cards >> anyone. >> this is a general comment i'm joel with the san francisco electrical construction industry i have not been here in about 3 years there's been leadership changes within our industry which brings me back here. so about 6 years ago i started the business development department that works for the electrical contractors association and the u b w local 6. we're close with the dbi electrical inspectors and the
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san francisco fire department it's great to hear us you talking about projects i was closely involved with like the academy of art and just everything in general. i left that position after two years and went to work for a interstate for two years and actually went back into the field for a year and a half working on general hospital and i helped that project in particular get through the process due to the department of public health and got to go physically work on that project and build that but the announcement i'll hear to make there's been a new a recent election that has a new business manager for i b w-6 his name is
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john daugherty and he takes office today, i want to formerly introduce ourselves as new leadership and look forward to work together with the planning department and supervisors and the community groups to build a better san francisco. and help cooperate city residents and what's best for the city in general into the construction industry as a whole. thanks >> thank you. is there any additional public comment seeing none general public comment is closed. . >> commissioners that places us on the regular calendar. item 10. an application information on anti discrimination housing policies for the consideration of the proposed ordinance >> good afternoon diego rivera i'm be presenting on a proposed
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ordinance. regarding the ordinance for the intact procures for collecting the anti discriminations i'd like to permitted supervisor campos with time to present you on the matter. >> thank you, again good afternoon commissioner i'm carolyn i'm representing supervisor campos today. he's in back to back committee meetings. the legislation brown before you today introduced by supervisor campos and co-chaired and supervisor mar and supervisor avalos talks about the housing discriminates of people if the lgbt community the community faces prejudice and out right hostility looking for housing in many part the country.
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transgender people have been refused housing and one in 10 have been evicted yet it housing act didn't include protection for the tarndz and they don't have laws to protect our community. we in san francisco and california benefit from strong housing laws bs but as the community members get displaced that more urgent than ever that your citizens are protected. so this legislation requires companies without of state properties that are planning to build one or more units they have to have a discrimination policy they've have to provide a copy of the discrimination
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rights to the city and this legislation will help to inform us that the developers are protecting the owners rights. by collecting this information we've hoping to utilize the best practices and better inform others ambassador we strongly building that folks want to do the right thing to do in the past months we've looked at centralizing those amendments the amendments were developed with the city attorney and housing advocates we're thankful we've come up with an ordinance that has the support of planning department and i'd like to give a huge thank you to mr. sanchez and director ram for their input and collaboration throughout the
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process it's been a pleasure to work with everyone. my boss at dbi contributed as well as john gibner, deputy city attorney and the teresa parks i want to acknowledge the organizations that have helped us to craft the amendment and excited including the nature of fair alliance the aids full peaceable and the national panel for lesbian rights and a special thank you toronto our foths folks. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> commissioners at&t's as contentions or mentions this proposed ordinance b will require the planning department to collect an application for 10 dwelling units or more it questions information about
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whether a sponsored applicant over and over their subsidy engaged in selling leasing unit we'll ask the jurisdictions do they have a policy either at a national or state level based on sexual orientation and we'll ask for a copy. the planning department will not consider a application complete nil the information is collected, however, the planning department will not prove or deny such a project. the planning department will on an unanimous basis collect the applications and the report will be sent to the human resources. the commissioner staff is in support one it represents a minor procedural change this process of collecting an
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application and triumphing it to the agencies is being done we don't stimulate this b will add an undue burden to anyone there's jurisdiction alleywayal issues we believe the planning department will exclusively refuse review the project the planning code will be compared with the guidelines whether to approve e.r. disapprove this will help to inform the human rights commission and we've considered other alternatives including the first-rate of occupancy ace the deniable urging the planning code improvement cases and requiring the business registration we found those have shortcomings the data collection happening
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later is preferred or collected at integrals or the creation of a barrier to the legislation and the staff believes that the application entitlement is the preferred alternative given the initiat initiates. that concludes my presentation. >> let's open this up for public comment (calling names). >> hello, i'm jamie i'm a staff attorney at the national center for lesbian reporter and here to support this ordinance. we would like to thanks supervisor campos for his support and leadership as well as the commissioners today for hearing it. we have a letter in support that's in our executive summary
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packet we're proud to be standing with our lgbt community here in san francisco and various service providers if support of the proposal. the proposal makes clear that housing discriminations against the lgbt people exists nationwide the housing crisis in san francisco has hit the lgbt hard more than 20th century 1 person has been displaced in the last 5 years and from their homes do not only lose their personal support community the ability to live in san francisco and be in a sifts but need to relocate out of california in
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which they house people in discrimination where it conditions continues to be illegal. there's no current protection invading for lgbt people in seeking housing. and this is an opportunity when san francisco, california extending send an important message and make clear this is an important issue to san francisco and also nationwide. this will make project sponsors think about the buyers and realize they as the project sponsors are encountered to address. often asking a question can raise awareness when someone is required to pull their anti discrimination policies they may realize they don't have an anti discrimination policy or in states where the law didn't
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require them and be moved forward to take corrective action this has a possibility to help change the invading conversation for the need for federal and state housing legislation san francisco has been the leader and san francisco was again lead the way. at nc r we're aware the discrimination and we have a national help line we routinely get calls from folks around the world that many of us in san francisco assume no longer happen but unfortunately, they do >> thank you. >> hello, again. tom why the housing rights committee. i'm also a long-term queer
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activist i've been involved in the lgbt for the last 44 years i came out in 1970 at 19 years old. i've seen this proposal is very reasonable and certainly would send a message to the rest of the country and serve to once again tell the who recalled we're a city that cares about human rights and eliminating discrimination in all aspects of the communities. i think developers need to be aware that if you come to san francisco you have to have a nondiscrimination policy and that's a policy that's across the board and covers all the categories including lgbt folks and gender identity and sex all organized that's a great precedent and a great message long overdue we should just do
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it so thank you >> thank you. next speaker. hi, i'm bryan the director of the aids alliance in 1995 i created the task force of northern california and worked for the public information officer at the trial and in 1997 we passed the equal benefits ordinance which aim to require employers doing business with the sfiveng to provide equal benefits to same sex comes up as other comes up. the component that required that didn't pass legal muster so no legal requirement for employers outside of san francisco to provide equal benefits to their employees but you think what happened they did it anyway just by asking the question i think
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most people are good and they just need to be asked. and this will have that same impact we'll be able to go to the vendors who are coming to our city and wanting you can they're making a good amount of money so let's use it attraction we have in the city to have them go back to the rest of their organization and say hey, what do we think where do we stand on protecting people based on sexual orientation and gender identity i believe in my heart people will say oh, we were never asked and change their policies. and then what will happen the exact same thing with marriage equality we got marriage equality because someone asked
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and san francisco asked in 1997 treat people equally and what will happen those developers like the developer on 15th street in the castro from south carolina said their folks will never, ever protect transgender people but actually, we will just by-and-by by asking we'll get all those places in texas and the billion dollars corpses saying, you know, what protecting lgbt people is the right thing to do and we'll go to congress and say actually those billion dollar corporations are actually already with us and give them the police cover to get protections for sexual orientation and gender identity and it will start here today you
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guys are a have an opportunity to do that what a wonderful thing on our last day to be a part of >> thank you. next speaker. >> i am with the local homeless coalition i think this ordinance is critical we've seen in 2013 thirty percent of our homeless population is lgbtq and we see the homelessness among the transgender people it's critical we continue to protect our lgbt community i started working with the aids positive people that we have housed 10 years ago this city was a message inadequate for lgbt now we have 1 out of 5 homeless again, we can't let this happen in san francisco i think this ordinance will add to
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the protects and he should continue to protect this community that's been here for 20 or thirty years. thank you for supporting this ordinance >> thank you. >> hello commissioners tom. co- president of harvey milk club asking you to support the lgbtq housing ordinance san francisco has a well deserved remuneration for national proposals leaders like harvey milk and others have supported a coalition as so go san francisco so goes the innovation with the advances of the lgbt rights who were born in san francisco. from domestic partnerships to the ribbon flag what happens in san francisco spreads across the
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country it helps us to share lgbt commitment to the rest of the nation by asking simple questions we can engage the equal treatment of the lgbt people that take for grand to be extend for people across the country i encourage you to continue san francisco's leadership and to support the lgbtq equal housing ordinance >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm here from the san francisco human rights commission. teresa submitted a letter for your consideration in the packet i believe before you today, i wanted to introduce myself to the commission and echo the
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sentiments in director sparks letter it's at agency responsible for enforcing the ordinances against discrimination last year about 20 percent of our 0 his or her discrimination complaints were filed on sexual orientation or a gender identity. as some of the previous speakers stayed the there's no federal protections combinls this form of discrimination and the human rights commission does view this ordinance as something that will have a positive impact on the lgbtq community throughout the united states. the simple pleasure will provide for a key point of information
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that's currently mercy housing from the national discourse interest or. so the data collection will not be onerous and they'll find the measure to be a report for the board of supervisors for the assessment of how our policies and procedures could have a national impact >> thank you is there any public comment? okay seeing none, public comment is closed. >> supervisors or commissioners commissioners one thing i've forgotten to say it will be in the administration code and not the planning code. >> thank you to the members of the public who come out to speak i'm happy to support today happy for san francisco to be in the leadership position for the nation. >> commissioner moore. >> happy to support and happy
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to see san francisco in a leadership position and commissioner president wu comments the fact that prejudice and discrimination are unfortunately well and are alive and stronger than i thought ways haven't in gay pride to look at this it was quite disturbing made a chill go down any stein spine in light of that it was made me aware we don't have housing protection for lgbtq we don't pay attention to the detail it's not only overdue but part of the basic right and for san francisco to take the leads for the observe is something i strongly support and move to approve. >> commissioner borden. >> as a no brainier i can't
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mower authentically support this and having worked for a large corporation and seeing the equal rights corporations to adapt the policies and change the way they treat their employees is powerful i'm happy to be part of that. >> commissioner antonini and i'm supportive and i think the discussion mentioned it's positions at a verygalactia glycogood place the developers coming before us who want to build, you know, would need to have this as part of their companies policies. and it's a lot more effective to do it there's something they need it's more difficult if i have a difficult situation and the other thing the national impact because many of the
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companies that build in san francisco are national companies and so as members of the public pointed out this could very well create a policy in those national companies that doesn't currently exist so i'm in favor >> commissioner sugaya. >> yes. i'm orleans my fellow commissioners, i want to have some little clarification which may for benefit of the public. there was a gentleman who testified that said he was glad that the developer would have to have a policy that's not addressed in this i think i'm correct i see heads nodding and i think staff can clarify that; right? >> diego rivera sanchez
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correct. >> so i i made more than 10 units ape have a permit application and ask those questions i could basically answer no with all of them and still go ahead with development; is that correct. >> that's correct. >> okay. just so that people don't get the wrong idea. this only happens with the permit application is filed so for example, if i filed and had a policy in place and submitted to time department i got my entitlements and built the building and flipped it the subsequent owner who wouldn't have to provide the information to the department; is that right >> that will be neeltd to provide for the occupancy for the legislation written now. >>