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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2014 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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robert e johnson. debbie cowen who's hospital spoken and thomas and other. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm dr. i'm the executive director of apa family support services and the co-chair a group of nonprofit organizations helping with the services to the city. i'm here to speak to you a little bit of a challenge of getting their support. i'm also on the facilitate of san jose state. the facts have been stated and the public science is undisputed i want to applaud our leadership in bringing this forward it's failed in other cities but once
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again san francisco through our lisp is leads on an issue that has indeed global implementations. my concern is how can we bring that to the voters and the asian community and even my colleagues while supportive may not want to stand and expend their energies without leadership. i'm having a tough time convincing them. i came if a meeting from the children height i want to say that their funds will support their health cavities in children under 5 in communities of color is epidemic and hope some of the resources will go to that. again, i applaud you for all you do for the health of our families and children.
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thank you >> thank you good afternoon my name is a paula i own a business in the mission district having to be here today is hurting my business. this tax hurts small business and another during and another taxing interaction with customers that think small property owners only have profits. this tax will not softly the diabetic in our city don't use small business to finance another nonprofit. or city department. this tax corporations that poisoned through fast food an entire nation just thinking i'll have to change the prices in my
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menu is overwhelming we print all their menus. so i can go on and on how difficult it is to run a small business in the city and how many times i'm at the vertigo of shit my doorways or doors there are incentives maybe a tax self-evident 80 so small businesses serve fruit jews. the biggest problem is small businesses like mine small businesses as a business that has one hundred employees but there's a big business and that category of small business. i suggest if there's anything
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that come out of that maybe we can have a new federal category for small business that diversifies the mom and pop and micro business from the educator of small business that exists today because we fall through the cracks >> thank you so much for here today. >> next speaker. >> (clapping.) good afternoon honorable supervisors i appreciate the chance to be human resources. i'm not rep anyone. the things - >> ma'am, could you pull the microphone closer to our mouth. >> is this better. anyway. i've heard look good researcher today but in terms of not being able to afford anything but sugary drinks and carbons i'm poor.
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we raised our 9 children without drinking soda and none of them have diabetes and yeah. sugary drinks are not only the only contributor to diabetes. i mean i like to drink beer and wine i can't afford that and if i looked soda i wouldn't be able to afford that. where i shop most of minority they like i have the opportunity to buy accountability things and the chinese shops in chinatown i know because i'm there. my neighbors have access to the same place and you're right education is the proper way to address that. in terms of bringing money into the city well. okay. you tax the drishth drishth sells it and
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the prices go down do on the consumer and the consumer well, the retailer has less tax to offer the city because his retail sales is as big as you say i'm not sure there's a administrative costs to the city thank you for letting us all speak >> thank you for speaking today. i'm going to call a few more names (calling names) and i'll ask if people what with hold their clapping and the last 10 or 15 cards i have >> i'm helen on behalf of food bank i work with the pantries
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with the richmond and glen heath diamond district i'm here to say to promote nutrition in low income communities we sent a letter in support ever this soda tax discouraging the consumption of sugary drinks we've been people's 3 at the forefront and recognition that many protecting san franciscans face significant challenges in obtaining nutritious foods. we see it everyday in our pan try at 2 hundred and 40 pantries people ask important healthy food they can keeping cheap in terms of price but we agree this is a multiple prolonged approach we do what we can to increase
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the access to nutrition we want to step out and support this nutrition and healthy drinking among san franciscans. we believe this will help to create an environment in san francisco where nutritious foods and drinks are forcible to everybody >> thank you.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm carl the ceo of the chamber in san francisco we understand and believe me i lived them with my families and friends we understand we need to have something but not a small business tax it's something we tenant tolerate we're losing businesses in the admission and affordable housing in the mission and supervisors should be concerned with assisting us i used to live in the city and have my business and we're going to lose our businesses.
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you increasing now another tax it is important we work together we're supporting the healthy issues but we can't support another tax in our businesses thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please before the speaker speaks i think it's important to note the way this tax is levy i do itself levy i do on the distributor so, you know, often the way the tax do work they may pass it on down to the small businesses but in terms of doing the paperwork that's not something you'll have to be doing. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, everyone and thank you, supervisors fewer patience in listening to us i'm the director for the american
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heart association we support the beverage tax as a strategy to prevent obesity the science is clear there are restraining linkages between high consumption of sugary drinks and those that led to carotid vascular strokes there's the main dietary source of sugars in our diets. a poll that came out no february parents see this as greater risk tossing the health of our children than violence or drug abuse. i want to point out i think that's a delightful coins that this is the 50 anniversary
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licking the impact of tobacco use with health. people then thought f that scientist were rogue and this is not an american beverage association issue and we support this intervention to improve public health of san francisco. thank you >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello supervisors it up. i'm michelle parker i'm representing the pta and the san francisco parents political action committee both of those organizations come out early in support of this initiative we recognize this to address the health crisis. we must reduce the consumption and particle our children this is an excellent way to begin the
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proceeds will hope people making better you life some kind of choices. i want to record. dear budget and members i'm writing to support in. raising the price of sugar festivities will help people to reduce their consumption and make better choices. first names will not see an increase in the cost of living the orange county only losses are by the soda companies they're trying to fool the people of san francisco. the patrol cars department is paying for the health care costs optional the city while the revenues about help to fined recreation activities and big
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tobacco figure out tooth and nail but when the prices of tobacco it was on the run. why should a big set of profit that does not pay for the consequences. >> for your leadership with the pta. i'm going to call the last number of cards (calling names) >> good afternoon supervisors i'm jessica clausen i'm the immediate past president of the pta. the strategies we've heard are
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alarming i say let's make history and pass this for the health of everyone in san francisco. as a parent i say physical education is important and the public health department programs and rec and park department and the offer seeing by the community shareholders. i've seen a difference first hand in our elementary school of the change to revolution food lunches many kids are buying the lunches and there's nothing in the gave away box at the end. also with regard to physical education the elementary schools optional get a trained pe coach ones or twice a week. again, i look forward to some of
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that money going toward improvements in the pe program rec and park department has no one tried to sign up your kids if you don't sign up early you lose out. so the fund will be money well spent. i want to thank you personally for your encourage and leadership hesitates tackle this epidemic of obesity we need to reduce the number of sugars in our kids diet so thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm rudy the executive director of west bay filipino multiple service we're 35 years this
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year. i'm conflicted i know you folks are trying to do and in 2007 and 2009 you uscf paid us to the do a study of obesity so we engaged our children in the after-school program to let them know about the importance of eating height foods. and at the end we ask them to make their own policy and if i may i want to leave this is with the supervisors they'll came up with the policy that basically says any food items this has high corn sir, republic will not
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be eaten were when a kid comes into our after-school program drinking a soda, of course, theirs discouraged. supervisors i know what you're doing i must oppose it because the city already lost 11 percent of filipino population we've lost another 5 percent it's becoming too expensive to live in the city i'm trying to prevent the hermg of filipinos from our city you thank you very much >> next speaker . if there's anyone else to speak there are cards the last card i have is michael >> i'm miguel gonzales i'm an 83-year-old disabled veteran
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supervisor wiener is our representative too years he came knocking on my door and he was sweating running upside down the mountain i gave him a big drink of water and put sugar in that he drank it and said nothing about the sugar never offered me $0.02 i'm not mouthing him, i like to drink a lot of coke but i've developed type two diabetes so my wife won't buy cokes i bought diet coke all i do is drink to cell because i'm mexico
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i don't want to have to pay tax i'm on a fixed income and a couple of pennies may not be much to you but we add it up. thank you i want to take the opportunity for to give my opinions >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi i'm dr. i'm a pediatrician in san francisco and i study the relationships between obesity and sugar between children and the co- director of the general hospital but i'm here as a citizen i'm an expect tenant mother i think this will improve
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all the height in san francisco and setting the stage has a rippled effect all over the country. as a pediatrician i see all the children everyday in my clinic i see dental carriers we have 2 years old that have had to go under general anesthesia because their childhood obesity and types of diabetes two diabetics teenagers in the last of you months diabetes causes problems over time and the young you are the shorter your life is going to be and the sicker you'll be so it's not the same to get daddy's as a 14-year-old as an
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older person we have a chaos and we need to reduce sugar and this is projecting and when people talk about the unfairness when the sod ca a company's are distorting the science and what did tobacco companies say so thank you very much >> thank you, dr. beck. >> next speaker. >> oh, my poor brain i'm i've been lashed like a sub administrative in those movies like you using the damn truth lies and damn lies. to confuse and get money. to really i'm beginning to think
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this is like a republican echo chamber how many times status and probable facts have been overstated in this room. today. and i really am suspicious the motivates first of all, there's anyone being derived and secondly, i'm suspicious i know there's never going to be enough of that to do the issue justice or solve any of part of it. it will all probably be eaten up in administrative costs. you know, to support the salaries and the raises that the administrators get. i'm beginning to think that the sponsors of this legislation are
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just pan determining to an increase served population to get votes. i don't think your issue carries merit i'm not fooled. when my aunt wasn't buying our lies she knew and should a sense this was all driven. that's what you're posturing just to get yourselves re-elected. thank you >> next speaker >> hello, i'm living in the european tenderloin. my feeling is i am really wonder s if things are completely on the level. well, you say the general thing i see happening is the cost of
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living is so high people are being driven out of the city and people want to rereplace more deservable people. this whole thing the diabetes and everybody live is really an excuse used to raise the cost of living in the city because i think this tax will have that effect and i as the cost of living goes up it will derivative people out that's what might be going on. and for evidence this is possible i'll point to 911 with the dust at the world trade centers we were being lied to by the highest levels of government and if we're being lied to at
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the highest levels perhaps her too >> thank you. next speaker, please good afternoon, supervisors. and members of the budget committee. thank you for a allowing me to speak on behalf of assembly member tom. he fully supports the san francisco soda tax. as the representative of the assembly district 17 he fears a vast number of our sfuts e constituents surf from diabetes. the study proves the direct linkage between the surey befrm and type two diabetes. if passed in san francisco a
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sugar sweelgd beverage tax would provide physical education and food access in the schools and the low income community in our community. the assembly tom supports this funding to be earmarked for the san francisco school district sf rec and park department and the public health department for spotting those educational program and for supporting this. research from the ucf f and columbus demonstrate is the customers have a price tolerance and we've made significant gains the best ways to reduce consumption is for it to cost more so assembly tom joins the
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fight for the health issues for consuming the sugary beverages such as soda >> thank you i'm sorry, i didn't call you up sooner and thank you to assemblyman and leadership on the public physical fitness and many things in our schools. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is a eric scott i'm a resident of district 8. i was looking at the earlier presentation and the map of where the sod is a drinkers are are where the tech workers are you want to remind i what life
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would be like without our iphones they thrive on caffeine and their professed beverage is a cash analyzed sodas. any legislation that's for the children or named feathering an individual is bad legislation and this is not any different we need not to kid ourselves and say this is about health this is a revenue measure first and foremost. and relevance of who the tax levied on the burden falls on the ultimate consumers. the last time i was before this board was when this legislation
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was introduced roll call i spoke from a position of science today, i want to talk about religion this is pass over. and i am offended that you would seek to tax the sweatness of freedom while let the bitterness of opposition effort. what does this mean for me first, i was not a socialist and i did speak for the jews because i whatnot a jew and they're coming for your honey baked hams next >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm dan i'm


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