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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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is up. there's the gentleman from the soft beverage industry (calling names) i'm going to call up a few more names we ask people to line up on the right side of the room. (calling names) and commissioner a youth commissioner. >> good morning, everyone. thank you. i'm leah i've been a registered dietician for 25 years i'm a member of the academic of nutrition and also the american society for nutrition. i'm here to testify on behalf of the american association.
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this will do nothing to prevent obesity obesity and related diseases like diabetes they have factors including lack of exercise and lack of sleep they're not driven by a food or beverage. this is a means to combat obesity highlights the perils of target any single element of diet. it's important to put the calories from food in prospective active. sugary beverages are a part of the american diet and the calories are declining from multiple elements. the department of agriculture shows that when all sugary beverages combined they're only
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a small part of the diet. this is roughly a small percentage and contrary to common assertion made by activities food not sugar beverages is not the number one feature in the diet. spent the idea to cut obesity a recent bill by this organization casts the doubt on obesity. it starts with education not laws and regulations >> actually i'd like to ask colleagues if she could continue. >> i say it's a means of improving health it's a misguided approach to serious health problem. >> are there any questions for
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her. thank you for coming today >> i'm going to call a few more names (calling names) >> next speaker. >> my name is louisa i'm a mother of 3 young girls a mub member of the latino community. about 50 percent of the students at el adversary are latino i'm here to support this sugary diet i believe that this help. it's widely profane if we don't curve the con sumsz of sugar one of three children born today will develop diabetes type two in the latino and african-american communities.
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this is not the future they want for they're my kids and community i i think the sugary drinks will be bad. i want to communities that the el dorado has encoder this. after hearing from the studies i want to talk about myself i'm a liver patient so i know it's important to reduce sugar in this society. i was raised in a different society where water was not first and foremost > >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm leaving i'm a boyer mother. growing up my brother and i were
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the obese children we were targeted by shows like the fresh prince of bell-air who were targeted by a cool drink. the obese child will spend an additional 19 thoughts on health care. my brother was an all-star football player but he drank soda owe couldn't keep up. i'm here to support the soda tax and it will help eliminate the children that are consuming those toxic sodas that are effecting their health as well >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm cindy me and my daughter live in san francisco.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you, supervisors for sporting the sugar beverage tax. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> as a parent i really hope my children have a good and healthy upbringing. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> occurred in the market there are many choices that can influence children for perspiring certain types of drinks speeding i think this measure is a good measure and the revenue that will come in will help increase 40 percent of money for the school district. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> a good education is very important for young you
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students. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> 25 percent of the money that will come in will help rec and park department. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> 25 percent for public health. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and then percent for community based groups for education. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and this is full of hope for the community. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> but most importantly. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we know that president obama and this city also wants to reduce the cost of height related monies spent. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we need to start now to have a healthy life some kind
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of. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm a san francisco resident and i have 2 children living in the city. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my name is angela. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm very happy that the city is taking measures to control sugars in drinks. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> although i'm a resident and i don't hope to see the increase of taxation. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> however, i'm also a member in the school district for
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education speeding i hope that the taxes that will be collected will hope to improve the lives and health of the young children. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> therefore i hope that part of the revenue from the taxes to can be given to the school district. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> for healthy promotional education. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> for healthy san francisco and healthy constrain and healthy future. >> thank you i'm going to call a few other names (calling names) mr. tray. >> good afternoon, supervisors and thank you for putting
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forward the sugar tax. i'm here to represent the united educator of san francisco the 6 thousand folks who worked in our public schools day in and out. we voted unanimously to support of the sugar tax why is that. i'll go far afield the nokts r nokts talked about the growing disparity between the have and have nots and focused on our sister city seat belt but they referred to san francisco with the metropolitan area with the greatest disparities. educators experience that disparities in the opportunity gap well, we know that our students in poor neighborhoods are struggling to get ahead and move open with their lives
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academically and career wise reknow there's an issue with housing in san francisco and people have been calling for affordable housing to meet the crisis of so many of our residents being displaced. today we've heard about another kind of gap the food security gap between the have and have nots. and the sugar tax is its own modest way will address that if we want to talk about regressive what is more regressive with a student sitting in my classroom with a toothache because they've been drinking sugar who can't afford to go to a dentist and have that pounding ache and can't follow the math class and etc. we support this modest effort we
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we'll do everything we can to promote the health of our children >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i work at a local medical institution to leverage the expertise the science to support public health but i'm not here supporting that institution i prefer to speak as someone in bayview hunters point and born and raised in the mission district i see that many latinos and many african-americans are obese or over weight i've seen the diabetes disparities. my fat and sister have type two diabetes as well as other family members i've had family members
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who have had amputations. as someone with a master in public health i'm aware that local governments take action to reduce consumption of sugary drinks. education has never moved whether on education on alcohol or tobacco and it's impacts on our height we've never be able to reduce that until we limit where people can buy and sell we need policy intervention as a resident of bayview hunters point i'm particularly offend by seeing this gone i've been advocating against violence for public health it's offend active
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saying it's going back okay to keep this product clean up and i urge you to continue to push through this legislation >> next speaker. >> i'm the chair of the youth commission and the district one representative and a senior and high school. because there's been a lot of talk about this legislation and how youth hate the legislation i come here today to say that the youth commission that has represented from all district in san francisco unanimously approved the legislation recommendation at the commission meeting. so the support comes out of our concern for both the health and dental problems and the release
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this will help to curve the sugary dietsz. zae 3 recommends as you move this legislation forward one we hope if this is passed by the voters you'll evaluate the program to make sure that it meets it's goal of curving the goal of sugary beverages and expanding the needs for healthy alternatives such as water i know there's a effort to get more drink tap stations and lastly trying to find ways to curb consumption of beverages will be subject to this tax from a personal prospective i support the legislation today because of it's potential for behavioral change among youth
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thinking back to the $0.10 tax fees this board passed the people didn't like the legislation but i supported the legislation because it changed the behavior of the would grocery shopper and this will be over all good for the health of the san franciscans young people >> and thank you for your leadership on the health commission. >> next speaker. >> hello, i'm a district 6 youth commissioner. i'm just going to give you a personal experience with this policy we support because as a latino living in district 6 and also being a student at san francisco state there's stuff we can afford it's soda and starbuck's and energy drinks to
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keep us awake for our afternoon classes. being latino i am seeing a lot of my family members being diagnosed with type two dies diabetes as young people we shouldn't be diagnosed with diseases with all the technology we have and soda companies are targeting us daily we see on tv and social media and music videos we've been seen for the types of advertisement like beon those we should be attorneys
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healthy life choices so young people can be working out and we can have more i did not know people being able to run one and two miles besides barely walking a block without having to pant. i really want to say i'm in supporting of this i want san francisco to be healthier for all people of color. supervisor mar and supervisor wiener for bringing this up. thank you >> thank you i'm going to call more names but supervisor avalos and supervisor breed have been advocates and other
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(calling names) nancy pelosi. >> good afternoon. i'm maryanne. i'm here to speak on behalf of all of t all of t all of t all of the elementary school folks but i'm here to talk about pe tis the only context that has minutes associated with it bylaw but your kisdz don't have pe teachers they can't form a foundation for a lifetime of physical activity not outline students can afford the costs and feel safe for soorpdz pe is attend for all.
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current this serves 72 elementary skrlz so we need a pe teacher we need to proposal so i hope that funds will be used to create the infrastructure and the opportunity for that quality pe for all >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisor mar and supervisor cowen and supervisor wiener. i'm here today as a former teacher as someone that works in youth services to speak in favor of the sugary beverage tax we've heard about the negative effects of soda whether it's obesity or diabetes and effects on the brain we know this is not good
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for youth and our children 50 percent of the sugar is from sugary beverages we also know there's evidence of the decreased smokers since the passage of prop k that provide a tobacco tax for programs for children and families with children from zero to 5. there's a direct correlation of taxing for children to make good choices were that the possibility of dollars many of the dollars to promote physical education millions of dollars for our rec and park department to provide physical activities to promote exercises and million dollar going to our public department to help individuals
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that are most effected by those health disparities in this rich city. our schools and city and children deserve all the resources they can gets. this is not a forced tax so did regressed tax it flawed and if it defers sugar from being consumed then we'll be better off >> thank you, mr. walton. >> next speaker. >> and i should say beatrice is the co-chair of our coalition in san francisco. >> good afternoon superstitions i'm beatrice. i'm a retiree from the city and county of san francisco snefz and it's heartbreaking to hear
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the information that's been published that this is a regressive tax effectively significantly our counties of color latino and african-american. as a mother and grandmother the opponents have failed to accept the fact our latinos have seen an increase because of the consumption of sugary drinks. what's more there's no concern or empathy by our opponents from the health and well-being of our contingence. as co-chair from an association for the programs in the healthy eating and activities we know that the consumption of sugary drinks this initiative will increase the funding for this
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effort as a mexican and immigrant i'm proud to say we're ahead in this leadership by passing a soda tax i know that san francisco, california do the same. i strongly support this initiative as a like patient i hope to lead a healthy city and seen the diabetes and obesity are completely eradicated by the preventive methods of this established by this initiative. thank you very much. supervisors all of you with your proud of your leadership. >> i should acknowledge it chuck a was the ceo of ymca of san
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francisco he was here earlier. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm sarah i'm a public health worker and born and raised in san francisco and work with the youth effort in san francisco. i previously mentions one in three children born in the year 2000 will get diabetes. this is higher for children of color. as poor communities having they have the highest rates of disability and they have the highest rates of soda consumption the cost for this tax is high don't you think that the health is high. this is increasing the
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consumption of sugary drinks r is going to cost us more thank you >> next speaker >> i hope i don't get kicked out for coming out of order i'm debbie cowen i do support education for sugary don't drink sugar my more water is still cheaper. i--i don't know where the kids have getting the money whether they can drink water $30 million different by the number 67 ninth combraerdz is $3,000 for the year that's an entire rate for the it department this is a drop in the bucket i am not worried
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about ray's meier my drinks i think better solutions would be things like ban the attorneys hounding how about let's remove the soda machines. there are things we can do that don't require an additional layer of bureaucracy if increase there's no vending machines in the high school >> we got rid of them decades ago. >> but what about sugar it's a drug it causes cancer and causes cubes so it's a drug let's put a purchase age on it a limit to where it can be sold.
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i'm not here in support of this group to say i'm not against diabetes from sugar i am >> next speaker >> hello supervisors especially the committee that had the courage and boldness to present this legislation to the city. common carrier and supervisor avalos supervisor cowen and supervisor wiener. especially my supervisor. i pastor a church in the area next with the university of the california and we have too many of the group sent by dallas, texas text to full my program because of my concern.
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secondly, i have 7 great grounded children and other children in the school system i appreciate all the information presented here today about the detriment and the detrimental problem. i looked at the information i have there recent significantly variation of ethnic it 31 percent of asians and 51 percent of latino and 58 percent of african-american and 4 percent of white children consume two or more glasses of soda i'm here to support you thank you very much >> thank you reverend next speaker. >> i'm going to call a few more names.
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robert e johnson. debbie cowen who's hospital spoken and thomas and other. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm dr. i'm the executive director of apa family support services and the co-chair a group of nonprofit organizations helping with the services to the city. i'm here to speak to you a little bit of a challenge of getting their support. i'm also on the facilitate of san jose state. the facts have been stated and the public science is undisputed i want to applaud our leadership in bringing this forward it's failed in other cities


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