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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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weeks to actually select an an all claims data base. the data manager and i were on a call today where we listened to risk adjustment and how it's being done across the country by the states that have exchanged. there is a lot of work that goes into it and a lot of effort, but i think i'm expecting that california will be doing their risk adjusting at a state level. we are building our data base to also be able to do risk adjustment and i'm supportive of the comments of the team today and that is the way of the future. a lot of efforts around data analytics to go with the negotiations and the units. the marriage certificates that were received for partners who had paid income over the last prior years we've now worked
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with pay roll to correct w 2's back to 10, 11, 2012 and 2013. i think with the wellness team we have a health coach every wednesday now taking appointments for people in the civic center area. the shape up walking challenge is going strong and i think eap has been very busy and enjoying the new location. it gives them a little more room to do counseling sessions. i think that's it for my highlights. >> did you want to add anything? >> we want to encourage our commissioners and our loyal audience to join our shape up walking team. you can help boost our numbers. >> thank you.
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>> any comments on this item no. 7? any public comment? all right. item no. 8. >> city clerk: item 8 discussion item. update on the financial report as of february 28, 2014. >> pamela levin, is out today. if anybody has any questions, they can put them out there and we would continue them to the next meeting. this is about the financial reporting on item no. 8. does anybody have any questions on this item? >> all right. any public comment on this item? that will be continued until next meeting. >> item no. 9, please.
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>> city clerk: item 9. discuss item, report on network and health plan issues if any? >> any reporting on that? we've had a lot earlier on. so probably nothing new. >> all right. public comment on this item? come forward, please. thank you. >> i'm rudy faufs and represent the retired. i'm just wondering, i got your wonderful survey for people who need more cleanings per year. if we are talking about keeping the routine cleaning stuff outside the amount
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whether it's $1200 whether the other cleanings i need could be covered? i'm not the only one. many of us need four cleanings. we get annoyed. we don't spend $1,000 and we need this covered. >> i don't believe that was considered. i don't believe it was considered as part of one of the issues. >> it wasn't specifically. although we might have talked about it. we didn't actually price to see if it was different. i understand the request seems to be reasonable and we'll ask delta dental. it's coming back to the next board meeting with recommendations and we can
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have the price on board so you can view that as one of the options. >> any other public comment? seeing none. item no. 10. >> city clerk: item 10 , discussion items. items to put on future agenda? >> i just have this comment. i raised the point with kaiser and want to also say to any representative of blue shield, this physician information that's been released by medicare in how the these health plans are going to respond to either clarifying or interpreting the data out there is something this board would like to have comment on. if i can have public commitment to assessing it in the context of their medicaid
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or retiree proposals to us. i think it's something that we need to, that blue shield needs to speak to as well at some future point. so i just make that as a public comment at this point for a future agenda. >> thank you. any other suggestions? any other public comment on this item? seeing none? item 11. >> city clerk: item 11, opportunity for the public to comment on any matters within the boards jurisdiction. >> any public comment? no public comment. if there isn't any objection, this meeting is adjourned. [ gavel ] [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >> >>
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