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tv   [untitled]    January 22, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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>> we are back in closed of the >> do i have a motion. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> do i have a motion. >> so moved. all in favor, thank you, everybody. thank you.
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everyone. welcome to the san francisco budget and finance committee meeting for january 22, 2014. my name is supervisor mark farrell. i will be chairing the committee and joined by supervisor avalos and joined by supervisor supervisor mar. i want to thank the members of sfgtv covering this meeting and the clerk of the committee ms. linda wong. madam clerk do we have any announcements? >> yes mr. chair. please please and complete speaker cards and documents to be part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will be on the board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much. we have the bonds for one and two which we're going to save and call
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the other items first so madam clerk can we start with item number three? >> supervisor would you like me to call item three? >> yes please. >> item three is a resolution retroactively authorizing the recreation and parks department to accept and expend grant up to $670,000 of landscaping improvements to kezar triangle and golden gate park. >> okay. i know we have some speakers on this item. >> this is west of the stadium and living a block away i can tell you it's a great a sed to the community. a lot of people take their dogs out there and track and field practice. the rec and park department has
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received a funds for aiment one to improve the irrigation system, improve the sod and accessible paths in the park. supervisor breed and i really look forward to i being completed and i think we have a lengthier presentation from the department. >> good morning supervisors. i am director of partnerships at rec and park department i am thrilled to ask to you accept the cash grant of $670,000 for construction costs and inkind grant valued at -- i'm sorry. i'm on the wrong item. $750,000 for construction costs and approximately $19,000 for cash grant of approximately $19,000 for the project manager for
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this project -- >> quick question. the title has $670,000 accept and expend -- you're commenting on figures that are different. >> i'm sorry. that's because i have two different items. i have a six $50,000 in kind grant for landscape improvements and a $19,000 cash grant for the other part. excuse me i am moving too quickly. >> it's all right. >> as was mentioned this is a wonderful improvement to golden gate park. it will include both landscape improvements and improvements of the irrigation system in kezar triangle, and that part of the project is under way and the site is actually scheduled to be open to the public early next month. then the next piece of the project will be temporary nature based art installations and those pieces have been approved
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by the arts commission and we're wrapping up the final details and those should be installed over the course of this year. >> okay. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. any questions? okay. we have no budget analyst reports. we will go to public comment. anyone wish to comment? okay. seeing none public comment is closed. i look forward to see you throwing your disk around. >> you said it was going to be a lengthy report. it was good and i make motion to move forward to the full board without recommendation. >> without objection. madam clerk can you call item four. >> item four is accept and expend grant - san francisco youth back on treatment to recovery through accountability, collaboration, and knowledge. >> okay. thank you. we have
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rita from dph to speak on this item -- oh mr. johnson is back. >> i have to feel the microphone a few times today. supervisor breed sponsored this on behalf of department of public health as well. this is an important program for public safety and for the welfare of the troubled youth in the area and supervisor breed is happy to support it. >> thanks for those comments. all right. dph. >> director of behavioral health and integrated treatment services and here with rita paris and director of aim higher and an assessment and planning unit at the juvenile justice center and we are really thrilled to receive this grant from the department of justice to support the increased
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capacity to deliver integrated substance abuse assessment and treatment service for juveniles in the city and county of san francisco. >> great. any questions? okay. move on to public comment. anyone wish to comment on item four? okay. seeing none public comment is closed. can i get a motion to move this forward. >> so moved. >> okay. we can do so without opposition. madam clerk can you please call item five. >> item five is a resolution retroactively authorizing the department of public health to retroactively accept and expend grant in the amount of approximately $133,000 in the program safe havens supervised visitation and safe exchange grant programs. >> i have dph on the roster but i assume we need to have mr. johnson again and three
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appearances more meeting. >> i thought i would talk about the football game and supervisor breed is also sponsoring this on behalf department of public health and the department can present but she is happy to support this and ask for your support. >> thank you mr. johnson. >> thank you supervisors. i am from the department of public health. this is a continuation of a grant last year, fairly moderate size and approximately $133,000 a year and provides supervision and case management for vifttation for families there was an issue where the safety of the child would be brought into consideration and around domestic violence. the primary out comes for this obviously is to prevent recurrent of violence but in the interest of the child making provisions for family viftation
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and providing access to counseling that might go with that. >> okay. thank you. any questions? we have none. thank you. we'll open up to public comment. anyone wish to comment on this item? okay. seeing none public comment is closed. okay. i would like to welcome the young people in the room watching our budget and finance committee. i'm not sure which school you're from and welcome to the budget and finance committee and i would like to move approval with no recommendations. >> we can do so without opposition. madam clerk please call item six. >> item six is a grant for continuum of care by the housing and urban development not to exceed $24 million and board of supervisors review and process of annual or otherwise occurring grants of $5 million or more. >> okay. we have laura guzman to speak on this item.
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>> lawr guzman chair of the local coordinating board. the board formed by a resolution in san francisco application for the housing and urban development [inaudible] continuum of care program assistance grant and awarded san francisco over $22 million in competitive continuum of care homeless grant funds. now the proposed resolution before the board would authorize them to apply for funds not to exceed $24 million. it goes to city departments and nonprofits to provide them with supportive services and housing. the grant application is due by february 3, 2014. as you know each year the local homeless board takes a -- [inaudible] and this year's process was discussed at five meetings and
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four other meetings. the committee considered priorities and design and scoring tools and approval and the board considered the materials and as part of this process the staff has reviewed the various applications in accordance during the community process. we had a panel of non conflicted participants that scored new projects. after the scoring results were delivered all at risk of not funded had the right to appeal. after it was compleemed the list was approved. we received community portion of the -- [inaudible] homeless population in san francisco. for your knowledge this year's application will include a tier two list of projects not paid by for hud
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because of sequestration and these grants. in san francisco all the staff has worked together to find alternative funding sources for the local efforts and getting involved and closing aligned with these priorities and -- [inaudible] high renewals. we have with us our policy analyst and our housing and homeless director if you have any other questions. >> just a question on the tier two were those services that had previously rendered here in the city and county of san francisco and because of sequestration they cannot be continued? we have to find alternative funding with the existing programs? >>i think -- i have the list for you guys -- >> [inaudible] >> so on the list on tier two
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are two renewals that's core low and on tier two as well as two other projects. we have reallocated money from projects on their own to seek other funding or found ways to be funded so what you have in tier two are two projects that may not be funded given they were placed in tier two because of very low scoring. in addition -- >> just one further addition san francisco is recommending funding for our tier two and we will submit narratives that has other information as to why these should be funded. last year san francisco was subject to a tier one and two ranking and our tier two was funded so it's not saying in no means they should be discontinued but
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lower priority than tier one. >> okay. if hud doesn't provide funding what is the alternative? >> both are transitional housing. one is the domestic violence shelter and the other is substance abuse recovery so we're recommending to start working whether regional funds or other funding that maybe available so we don't have a complete answer to your question. >> great thank you, and just to reiterate how the scoring -- the scores was done by -- >> so we had a non conflicted panel members who did the scoring and subsequently a board looking at the appeals and basically who appeals anybody close to tier two or was going to be placed on tier two. >> right. my last question which is a broad question we've
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seen homeless seem to be increasing in san francisco over the past several years. i think while we have the economy booming in a lot of ways there are i a lot of disparities on the streets, a lot of families becoming homeless as well because people are losing their houses. are we seeing a real change in modalities how we're doing services in the ranking in. >> no. i think what you're seeing in the ranging this year's competition is wanting supportive housing as a priority for the continuum of care and what you see again -- for example the monies were reallocated because programs exited by getting other funding. we have new programs applying for supportive affordable housing and that's a priority and those doing this it's a
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tough moment and federally we're recommending prioritize supportive housing and we have to figure out have to give transitional housing and domestic violence and survivors it's really important and maybe it's a discussion we will have with the committee. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. we will open it up to public comment? seeing none public comment is closed. >> so move to report to the full board with recommendation. >> okay. we can take that without objection. madam clerk can you call item seven. >> this is a resolution retroactively authorizing the recreation and parks department to spend a grant up to $1,150,000 for a renovated play grant in mountain lake park.
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>> thank you very much. this an item i sponsored and we have lisa back to speak on this item from rec and park. i know more than anything i want to thank and acknowledge a number of people, a number of moms in the richmond district and all other volunteers that played such an integral part in this project. i think one of the three that are here today so kate if you want to speak about the item but this is something i am extremely excited about and the community and community is excited about and lisa or kate whoever wants to go first and thanks for being here. >> thank you. and promised only two appearances and speak from the rec and parks district and another richmond mom. we are excited about this project. the request is that you accept a grant up to $1,150,000 for design and construction for a play ground at mountain lake
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park in thein errichmond and consists $400,000 in kind contribution of design services and construction documents and a cash grant of approximately $750,000 for construction costs and i believe this is still the first 2012 clean and safe neighborhood parks bond and $2 million of this project will be covered by that bond. we are particularly excited about this project as not only a wonderful addition to the city but as a model of the way partnership projects can work for the recreation and parks department and as supervisor farrell mentioned this process has been beautifully and effectively lead by three of our park neighbors, and i think kate wants to say something.
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>> thanks for being here. >> pleasure. we conceived of this project three years ago and thrilled and honored to be presentedlet r today. this is a special project and a gift to san francisco for generations to come. the location in mountain lake park is incredibly unique and special. the play ground is the grate way to the presidio where san franciscans can enjoy the oasis and adjacent to the only fresh water lake considered the birth of san francisco and an important place for native american it was the first settlement for [inaudible] at the end of his exhibition from mexico and where the presidio was laid. this seeks to honor the natural and historical context. the play ground has
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been designed to be inclusive and stimulates and delights young children and school age children who maybe unchallenged by the conventional play ground. we had great support from our fiscal support and sponsor the san francisco parks alliance and the park and rec department who helped us to navigate the process and ensure the success. we had the support of neighborhood and civic organizations and mountain lake park friends and the presiddian trust and association of neighbors and the neighbors for the planning. we owe a great debt of gratitude to supervisor farrell and supervisor mar for their unwavering support and interest in the project. this will be amazing for the whole of san francisco thanks to the outpouring from the neighbors and individuals like these. thank you.
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>> thank you kate. any questions? okay. we will open it up to public comment if anybody wishes to comment on this item please come up. >> [inaudible] with the parks alliance and we want to express our gratitude with the group and the city to make this happen. it's going to be incredible project and excited to work with the engaging moms putting this project together. i am excited about the disiefnlt it's innovative design and won't match others in the city so it's going to be special for the children to participate with and also i want to recognize the really large donation that the architect is making for this project. they're kicking in a lot of time and effort to make this a special place for the children. this is another great example of where private fundraising is matching with
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some of the city's funds to really leverage the public investment and create the best parks for the city, so it's really the friends group is leading the charge on this fundraising campaign. there's still time to give and we encourage anyone that can participate in making this a great play ground to log on to our website and help us out at friends of mountain lake park play ground and we want to acknowledge the bonds fund as well. that is still the major part of the funding to make the project happen as well and thank you to so many people helping and it's a privilege to be part of this project. >> okay. thank you very much. any else wish to publicly comment on this item? okay. seeing none public comment is closed. i again want to thank the department and lisa and the san francisco parks alliance for being here and in particular to kate and jenna and claire, thank you for all of the work on this.
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can i have a motion to move this forward with recommendation. >> motion to move it forward. >> without opposition. madam clerk can you call item eight. >> item eight is a accept and expend grant for the office of the district attorney for the byrne criminal criminal program "safer together consortium". >> i am glad to bring this forward and thanks to the u.s. department of justice for bringing this and this is new at the doj and the idea is bring innovative criminal strategies to persist apt hot spots in the city and the grant is from eastern bay view and that mirrors the fact they're were recognized as a life's choices initiative and the doj
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encouraged us to encourage this at multilevels for this grant. the innovations that we're bringing are two fold. one is to dramatically increase services to victims in bay view using a trauma informed approach and providing services of crime of all ages in the community and the second strategy is increase neighborhood imempowerment and strategies and by i think abouting the community together and having them heal we can positively impact public safety in the neighborhood. per the grant requirement requirements it's a three year grant and intensive process with community stakeholders in the first year and at the end of that year we give a detailed plan to the department of justice and they review it. >> great. thank you for being
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here. we will open it up for public comment? any comment on item eight? seeing none this item is closed. can i move this forward. >> so moved. >> okay. we will take it without objection. we will go back to item one and two. madam clerk can you call item two. >> this is for general obligation bond election and earthquake safety and emergency response for the funding and facilities. item two is declaring that a public necessity. >> thank you very much. we have a few speakers on the items but i want would to turn over the floor to president chiu. >> i appreciate this and as representative to the planning committee i want to thank all of


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