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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2013 12:00am-12:31am PST

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recreation and park improvements one of those activities the rec and park want to improve that jeopardy area in golden gate park. but it's their responsibility to move forward first with that >> thank you. i wanted to ask that because my firm has some improvement with the murphy windmill and hits restoration so it's been american people eyesore. >> (laughter). >> to put that mildly. >> walk a few steps away and energy this moonlight environment so encourage the rec and park department to do something. >> commissioner antonini. >> just a followup to my easily remarks just on the usage of the water within san francisco. i want to employment how nicely
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the rewrite has been landscaped and how neat and clean it looks it's a well done project. but i'm less enthusiastic about the green areas to the east. their getting better but maybe a little bit better of management of the launders would be a big compliment. i'm not sure i like the bed grass on sunset you boulevard it turns out brown and kachdz garage so maybe we can cut that and manage it better. that's agenda for another day but having arthur a little bit of extra water helps >> please call the question. >> on the matter of the consideration of dalmatian of the finding there was a motion and acceptance to prove in the confrontational zone permit
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authorization. >> commissioner antonini. >> commissioner borden. >> commissioner hillis. commissioner moore. commissioner sugaya and lt. governor guadagno. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes announcements 6 to zero >> commissioners item 17 csa was continued and will place you on that 18 abc at is 15 hundred request for a condition. >> excuse me. should we tack - take a 5
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minute break. less than 5 minutes. >> okay welcome to san francisco planning commission regular meeting. we're in the process of calling items 18 abc. at the 1500 page street request for conditional use authorization >> good afternoon. i'm with the department staff. as the project team has a presentation i'll obey belief. the item before you is a hifkd resource to create one hundred percent of housing projects in conjunction with the mayors housing. it would convert unit. the existing building covers
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approximately 90 percent of the area and as a result, many requirement can't be met because of the existing complnts. the building has been vacant for a number of years. the disappointment are for the conditional use authorization. the proposed su d was presented to the board by supervisor breed. it has removal of the parking and setbacks and the area of open spaces and the dimension requirement. it's to implement the f u d and the los angeles administrative code to affordable housing of a ratio of less than one to one. in 19899 the board of
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supervisors approved an ordinance to race the bulk limit on the property. this project didn't move forward and they've extraordinary. the resolution ordinance includes language to delete the f u d and change the height back. with regard this is for a certificate of determination. on december 18th the department issued a new certify to clarify the project description and as part of this the commission more than that the certificate into the case documents. today's action on this frontage include approval of the use authorization and approval of intent to recommend that the board of supervisors pass this and make modifications to the planning code. thank you if you have any questions, we'll be happy to
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answer them >> thank you. opening it up for public comment - project sponsor my ielgdz. i'm tim dunn. >> as many of you know mercy housing is a nonprofit developer and owner of affordable housing in san francisco. we have about 32 buildings in san francisco and about 35 hundred unit here. we want to service the comboishd housing for seniors and persons with disability and formerly homeless. we're excited to present our proposal and thank you for your consideration today. after a year and a half of community oppose we're proud to have the support of the properties of adjacent neighbors and the community and the organizations in the neighborhood. at 15 hundred painstaking it will be provided by nonprofit
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organization that serves the 12 mentally disabled. i'm going to turn it over to describe it >> you just leave the doors alone not touch them if the people leaning up against the walls could refrain from preys the bottoms woeg we'll be fine. >> i'm going to turn it over to to let them describe their program and followed by paul let to you talk about the roomgs. thank you >> hi, i'm joey work for san francisco are. i've worked for the arc inform 24 years. we provide services for people with disability.
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about 90 of those cloys we help them live individually. san francisco is a great place to live if you have a develop mental disable. our services have come to a groind halt everyone our housing unit have not helped as many as we like. this project provides 16 hundred individual to tack a huge leap in independents and i know from what i've seen and the conditions that our clients live in moving into this new or else situation they would not take advantage of the opportunity to live there >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners and a director ram. illicit pault i'd like to run briefly through the project. can we put the power point up on the screen >> oh, thank you. so the project is located on the map south of the panhandle our this is an existing site plan you can see the project and on the right and page street on the bottom. the existing building has a side yard above it is used for parking and off of page street that's use for parking. this is a view looking at the exciting building it's a handsome brishlg brick believe. we're looking northwest towards
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golden gate park. you can barely see a quarter entry on the building. this is from the front facade from ma south africa. this is the exit side yard it will be creating a primary entry for the building. the new existing site plan as i mentioned at the took up above the knowledge will be providing a new entry the quarter entry will rain as a second entry and what is used as parking will be a residence. in addition we're filling in the street trees to get more of a
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continuous. development of entire of the this is preliminary community fit facilities and lobby community room and office for the arc and mercy on the ground floor in addition to the land uses on the right hand. the upstairs 3 stories will be developed spot 17 units of housing. the exterior of the building is going to be simply restored will be observing painting and replacing reply brick and on the lower right hand the new entry gate which will bring you into the new entry along masonic. and on page street the stained glass window targeted did right hand side of the building will
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be restored and a new sitting incubate on the left side of the building. so we've certainly welcome any additional question that concludes my presentation >> thank you. okay. now >> thank you good afternoon, commissioners. conor for supervisor breed. xhoed introduced the suction u d and i want to talk about that that's an project that is great. they got the support of the hate ash bureau council and while the hate ash bureau association didn't exactly speak dirge about it >> we appreciate our approval
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opening it up for public comm t comment. >> calvin speaking for the council. if there was a project that needsed immediate support i'm not aware of it. in our may meeting we devoted to this project and two others outlining on page street i'll get to a little bit later. this was strongly supported many almost joy fully supported. it's a rehabilitation of an existing building. it will have minimal impacts on the neighborhood and we're delighted to be able to host 16
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new affordable unit in their neighborhood. we have two other major projects on page street. one some 5 blocks to the east which will be the french american school moving into a surplus unified school district sighting for primary school classes. and it will create a significant impact on traffic and transit. in addition excuse me. in addition the boys and girls club an page street about 2 and a half blocks from this site about a 2 hundred and 50 square feet believe n it in play. we have this persistent problem
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along page street with the from whole good commissioner sugaya was concerned about off-loading the efforts open the part of the planning commission and they've not been successful with whole good. they still use page street primary staging parentheses for they're loading and unload we're talking about 16 whoerldz on page street. once the boys and girls club is developed the impact is going to be stith. i would strongly urge the department a redouble it's effort to make sure that whole foods, in fact, meets the conditional use permits. and does not use straighterer it is an i can't think and page street given the there density
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excuse me. the activity. your attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners aim ted i'm president of the hate ash bureau association. we've also you see the wisdom of putting this project on page street at the 15 hundred that building has been there utilized and freak beauty go to waste and the suffering through gradual degradation. so having it serve a go purpose makes sense to us. we totally endorse that effort. when some days you have to pick
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up the pieces and gone. we urge your support n for this promise and i and thank you for your time >> i'm kevin i'm; right from the arc and 1500 page street is very, very important for you your buys for housing. i hope you approve this project it will be very much helpful. thank you >> any additional public comment. okay. seeing none. opening it up to commissioners >> i'm really happy to support this promise. they've done a good job and it's great to see stunt for people to live in san francisco and to stay here and make their lives here no matter their circumstances. i move to approval approve with
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conditions >> second. >> commissioner antonini. >> sorry staff. >> i'm sorry just two things read into the record. i want to go ahead and submit this read into the record and clarify we hope you support of the exhibit of the ordinance with the recommended department modifications. thank you >> okay. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i also agree this is a very good project and happy to see it come forth. i know we had a project some jurors that was not work to be opportunity. this is actually, one that's going to happen. it will leave the historic building in its essentially present state and provide 16 units for disabled to for the people. so i ventured support it i don't
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know we need to clarify the individual parts of the approval. we've got the resending su d and change the height that's part of the motion and finally, to replace the s r organization and convert it from 38 rooms to affordable housing unit. that's understood. >> i believe commissioner wu captured those in her motion. >> commissioner hillis. >> i'm very supportive. just a quick question for the architects. i've gone by those buildings i didn't notice the stained glass window is this a way to - it's a great building is it tree
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overgrown it's a great window and i'm glad you're keeping the entry authenticity strong and keeping it as a fundamental entry >> it's likely the tree will be trimmed at the we do the project to get to the brick walls to restore them. but you notice the window less it's actually melting down and kind of folding at the bottom so the recession will be a reconstruction of the window in and out just a tuning it up. >> okay. thank you. great project >> commissioner sugaya. >> she can't yes as the nature of stained glass you can't see that well nilts they aluminate
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it. commissioners there's a motions and a second for the scoping map amendments and a motion to approve the conditional use authorization as amended by staff. commissioners on that motion commissioner antonini concord. commissioner moore. commissioner moore: . commissioner sugaya. and commissioner wu and president fong. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero. commissions that places you on 19 a and b. at the 2353 lombardy street and the zone administrator will consider a request for rear yard modification. the project before you is a conditional use for the creation of a lot of size in excess of 10
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thousand square feet. the project involves demolishing a single story vacant space longed on the south side of the street to create a 12 thousand plus loot lot it will contain two bases that total 289 hundred i won't tell and 24 dwelling units above. the department rooms approval with conditions. the excited vacant space is 24 hundred i won't tell and was occupied by a recuperate. it's locate on both subject lots and it's uses as uncovered parking. there's an easement on number 26 from a rear awe butt lot this
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provides assess into lombardy street. the promise be requires a rear modification of the site where the lot is 59 photo deep. the department finds the proposed project and the new lot sis to be appropriate and desirable and that will allow a mixed site along a major highway. the proposed new lot will be summarily. additionally the lots have historically been used is a circumstantial lot. the new believe has an sensitively looked at soourpd the building material. due to the new lot worth of one
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hundred and 31 feet setbacks have bun used to modulate the building for the building scale and 3 c zoning. furthermore the project is consistent with the objective it will help the family housing and vitality lists the neighborhood. the department a not aware of any opposition to the project as to date and the staff passed out some simultaneously information. and that concludes my presentation if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. thank you >> project sponsor. >> good afternoon commissioners gary g architect we're the architects for the project. this we started this project
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about a year ago we have been going toometers with the staff and neighborhood. it's been a collective effort i want to thank the staff and neighbors input. i think you may have seen some of those. this is the as we open up here. the project site as it sits is a one story one and a half story restaurants with parking on the east side and south side. it abuts yards along here. we've been working with the staff to try to get the rear
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generated variants and a set back conditions. here again what you see where the tree is actually the proximate location of the west property line. the front here along the lombard street again it's a one and a half story restaurants building with parking to the left. here again, you, see presidential approximately that's where the property line by the tree. there's a chevron station. again, the site conditions the conditions that show in this area here. is where the variance application for the rear
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generated is approximately 14 feet by 22. because of the odd shape of the lot we're asking for lot permission on this area above the pompous we comply with the rear yard conditions. again as we come into the project there's a commercial space as described by the staff report we have parking behind that and bicycle parking in the endanger that complies with the bicycle codes. we have 7 unit per floor. 18, two bedroom and 3 bedroom units. we have worked with the staff to come up with details which we have here. one the major concerns was the
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quality of the space and we're working with the staff we get input from the neighbors about the roof-deck. not doing much justice to the elevation is in your packet. this is why we the staff asked us to generate a rendering your rendering in the packet doesn't have the trees we put the stresses in here to have some scale. again, the two conspiracy an open the right and the endanger entries are on the left. we worked with the staff to get the details to emphasize the entry. we're using a kidney arrest trim it's going to be a solid door
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with ascended arrest veneer. we're happy indicts a go situation of nature material with the facade. islam i'm available to answer any questions right now if you've got questions. thank you very much >> thank you. we may have questions for you. commissioner moore. >> public comment. >> i'm sorry. i'm off today aren't i. public comment on this item? okay seeing none, public comment is closed. now commissioner moore. >> i'm happy to see something happening open the lot because it's so dated and un plaza animated that anything it better than what's there. having said that, i would obviously in the spirit of what we're talking about would like to see on site variable with
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you, ask for that >> the project sponsor is paying the in loop fee. >> okay. the only other concern i have and i'm sure you've thought that it i would prefer to see the ground floor commercial area to be through the sub differential into smaller increments. that part of lombardy has the ability to serve the neighborhood and i don't want to see a chase type i see it carefully the formal retail using the largest square footage. we like to see the mall


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