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tv   [untitled]    December 27, 2013 12:30am-1:01am PST

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it and so i just wanted to communicate that the building and grounds committee looks seriously at how can we make the workforce housing and how could we build it and of the options that were presented it did not seem to be a practical way to do that. there has been a commitment by the district and the mayor's office to help our workforce access existing programs. and so, there are you know, affordable units that are available from time-to-time in the city. but, as president kelley noted, many of our teachers make too mucher money to qualify for the low income housing. we have the teacher next door program, and that for the mayor's office, which is down payment assistance, but not a whole lot of teachers are in a position to become home owners and so i think that we really need to focus on this missing middle and how can we address the housing crisis, for our
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teachers and so in january, between now and january, commissioner maumaufas and we want to make a commit toment alleviate the housing crisis among the workforce, that is not really tonight's topic and i am prepared to support this because, tonight's proposal will result after a couple of transactions in some moneys that can be corrected to a teacher fund. so it will be exploring that more in detail in the coming weeks and months. but i want to thank all of those who brought the proposal forward. >> mis wei >> and san franciscos boasts
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itself for haven of diversity, and a lot of the children have families that don't have homes to live in and there are a lot of students who can potentially benefit from this housing on the mission, 1950. and so i am taking a very bad tangent here but i was wondering if we could share this with the indian education program. they presented at the last meeting and asked if there was an available space in the mission for them to congregate and have their meetings i was wondering if that is a possibility and how, sf usd will be using the money that they earned from this proposal. if it happens, and how they will allocate the money. >> the officer, golden can
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answer some of that. do i want to say that we have found our indian program a home. so they do have a home. >> and so i am going to punt the second party question to deputy superintendent lee, about the money. we will say that we have found an interim home to satisfy the first part of the indian group of finding the stuff that was in storage so that they can use it and actually in fact, all of their artwork will be on display after tomorrow with their permission at the second floor at 135 van ness, lining the entire hallway, until they find a permanent home. and we have promised them that we would not assign them a new space until we locate several option and give them a chance
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to vet it and decide which one that they want and i will punt the other question to the colleague. >> with respect to the use of the proceeds as the resolution or the special order states it is $4 and a half million dollars that would be transferred along with parcel from the city to the school district in exchange for the two other properties, 1950 mission and 1101 connecticut street and so the four and a half million dollars, that most of that would be used to pay for needed capitol improvements on another property and yet another property that we are also currently in the middle of negotiation with the city. regarding and that is at 1235 mission street. and that has been used for many years, by the city of human services agency. and which continues to have a need for that space. and we will continue to occupy that under a lease that we are finalizing in the negotiations around with the different discussion with the city and county.
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however, one of the conditions in that negotiation is that we would pay for part of the cost of capitol improvements to upgrade that building and our share of those capitol improvements is $3 and a half million and so most of the 4 and a half million that we will receive from this property exchange will go to the capitol improvements on 1235 mission which is associated with that new revenue stream for the district. and the rest of the money that we would probably put into a building reserve for that same site. >> thank you. >> commissioner haney. >> yeah, so i am just going to make some very brief comments i think that there is no way that i can be nearly as articulate as all of the folks that came
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out and let alone put it in poem form, i want to thank you for coming out tonight and i think that the comments that we heard tonight were perfectly articulated that the crisis that the city is in and it is not just a crisis that the city is facing it is a crisis that the school district is facing and i incredibly appreciate the folks who say that this is not something that the school district can ignore and it is also our responsibility and we had this conversation earlier this year around local hire, and the school district spends a lot of money in the city and we own a lot of property and so when we make the decisions that reflect our values and it is no just what happens in the classroom but everything that we do and i hope that this can be a wake up call for us. and an opportunity for all of us to work together and there is a lot of property that we own, and we need to learn from you and work from you to hear how we should be using it. and i think that it needs to be done in partnership with the community and it is not just a
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decision and it is not our property, it is the community's property and it is the city's property, and so, when we make the decisions about how to use it, it has to reflect the realities that our community and our families are face and that is something that all of you are in the front line and fighting and so, i want to thank you for being here and what you do in that fight and i also just, i am going to be supporting this, absolutely and i think that in light of the fact that all that we are seeing, popping up around the city is condos and really, housing that is not affordable for our housing and here we have the opportunity to have a contribution to the city, in a way that really supports our family and provides the opportunities for the housing for them and so i am incredibly excited that we are doing this and thankful for supervisor kim and fewer and mcdonald and everyone who is a part of this city. and i hope that this can be a beginning of a larger conversation of how we use the property and i am in complete support of the comments made
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around the need of a larger vision of how we use the property and i think that we need to do that, lastly, one thing that i also came out of this, is how universal the commitment is to support workforce housing and housing for our teachers and so, let's commit today, to putting together, whatever it takes to make that happen and i don't think that we as a school district can say that the teachers need to figure out this that and the other thing, before we have this conversation, this is a conversation that we need to have together and we need to have the will to get it done and i hope that in terms of broken promises that is not broken that we are here for years from now and we talked about how this did not happen. it was not that brief, but thank you for being here and i am happy that we are doing this. >> commissioner maufas? >> thank you, i want to thank the community members that came out and spoke. and i really appreciate hearing
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you. but what is wonderful is that people hear you and they are listening to the radio at home and watching at home on their television or computers and they heard what we read every day, and what we know, i live in the mission, and i have lived there for quite some time, and i don't have a car. and so i am either walking, or on the muni and the impacts to the community that i love is devastating, and for some, i think that somebody said, maybe you don't know what it is like, oh, i absolutely know what it is like i am experiencing that myself. i have friends who have experienced displacement. and generations, generations of families, and those family haves kids. so, it is a legacy of disruption, and fear, and
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anxiety, that wears people down. and i honestly it believes them to an early grave. and the fact that we are doing this step, which is one of the many steps that has to happen for us to reclaim our city, and say that we all belong here, no matter how much money you make, or don't make, or how you make it, or don't make it, because you are retired and you live off of the money you made before, or you are getting assistance, because it is time for you to get assistance. because others have gotten it before you. we must reclaim this space that is called san francisco. [ applause ] >> i think that you see us sitting, you know, well behaved here but i will be honest that we have had not so well behaved
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closed session about property that the district owns. and has in its possession, because we care deeply and we care deeply about our staff and that is all of our staff, you know, praise the teachers, but there are janitors, and para professionals and cafeteria workers and other people at school sites that are holding the places together that cannot afford to live here because they have to piece meal eight hours a day working at different sites and take care of their children and family and loved ones and significant others. as well. so i when we say teacher, i hope that we really do mean workforce and i hear articulate that. and i know that is really what we mean. and it is so time for us to say, in a powerful way and thank you for coming to this
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side, and we also, as elected and senior staff and all of the staff need to go to that side so the city as a larger entity, understands that we are the same, here are us and we are them, and we are altogether. and the same folks, eating at the same table. and we deserve a portion. so, i don't understand that it was not a slam dunk. >> sorry, who said that, it is a slam dunk, it always is when it comes ta taking care of our people in this way and we are at a moment that we can do it. the people around here, right now, it is a slam dunk. since i have been here. so, i am wholly prepared to not only do this, but get down and talk about how we can do more.
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with what we have. don't hesitate to come here and speak to thirlt seconds or a minute to remind us that you are taking too long to get down on what you have. be direct with us. and please don't call me commissioner and then go on with the niceties and not get to the point, get to the point of helping us get to where we need to be and be direct. because sometimes our eyes get glazed over. with crazy conversation about how people are going to help us, with other cookie favors that are not in the best interest of the people we serve which are our family and our students. please come here and remind us of what we need to do. if we start taking too long. those are my only comments.
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>> thank you, i am going to make my comments now and then let commissioner mendoza and fewer wrap up the decision. really i just want to say that as all of you were talking and giving testimony to us tonight, i leaned over to the superintendent and says that this feels good and it feels like we are doing the right thing and there is, you know, as everything that we do, in this on this board there is a balance, and so, we are having to balance, our promises about workforce housing and we are having to balance the need to get enough revenue out of our assets so that we can support our core mission for our students. and but, we also are we have a responsibility to the larger city, and this feels at this moment, like it is the right thing to do, to, perhaps, forgo, you know, what we might
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be able to realize, were we to sell it off to the highest bidder and instead, do something and fulfill a need and a little piece of a need. and i just saw a poll that usfdid and across all income levels and all races, all neighborhoods in this city, young, old, there is a tremendous anxiety about affordable in san francisco, and people are happy about the economy and happy that there are more jobs and that things are booming, but at the same time, there is just tremendous, tremendous anxiety and it does not matter what your station in life is, you feel it, so, this does feel like something that we can do, to address that anxiety, that and as many of you have testified, it is really at ground zero in the mission. and so i am really happy to be supporting this agreement, tonight and i think that it is
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the right thing to do and as i said for this time. but i also think that we have made a promise, many years ago to our teachers, to our educators and we need to redouble our efforts on that and i think that the proposals that president kelley mentioned when he came to the podium about really coming up with a master plan and a real plan for how we are going to get there on teacher housing. and to look at how can we, or some of the income now that we are going to be realizing through this deal and other projects how can we divert that into a fund to really address the need for teacher housing because i think that it is real and we have promised for many years and we need to fulfill that promise. i will now yield to commissioner mendoza and then commissioner if fewer. >> thank you. my heart is beating really fast and i am going to read which is
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some what unusual for me. and try not to get lost in things. but this is really huge. and something that many of us have been waiting for, for a very long time. many of whom have been waiting longer than i have been to make something happen here and to do a joint partnership that is going to benefit so many in the city. vy been working on many real estate issues for being on the bond oversight committee before being on the board and as the chair of buildings and grounds over many years, school of the arts and mission bay, school font street and parking, shared school yards, projects the bond, and mission street. and as the board president, i even gave, 1950 mission street to occupy sf, to give them a safe place to protest. and so this is coming full circle and it is quite heartfelt to have or to be able
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to even have this conversation. when we started looking at surplus property back in 2007 we were in or starting to deal with the more severe budget cuts more regularly and at that time, being new to the board, even, raising funds for the schools, it was really what my priority became and starting to elevating and leverages our assets and david will remember that i was asking him to open parking lots to generate revenue for our schools, and to be more neighborhood friendly, and to clean up some of the places where people walked by and they say, san francisco unified school district on it and wanting to do more things around ownership of what we have. and really wanting to think about our assets differently. 1950 is a route that i drive
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regularly, and driving by it and seeing it as such an eye sore, became really difficult to think about this lot that was, that nothing was happening on. and turning it into much needed housing for our families, and for our staff and for artists and community members, and our teachers, is something that is something that you just don't think as a board member, possible in the contributions that you could give in a position like this and in your perspectives tonight really put things, your presence tonight really put things in perspective and that this, vote that we are about to take, is good for the community. and what a privilege it is for us to be able to have this
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partnership as a gift and to the community and not forgetting that connecticut street, will also be a gift and will really help us solidify the work that has been happening around hope sf. and for so many of our families on the east side. so, i will be the first to admit that i made a commitment to help our teachers. and that this does not change my commitment to make conditions better for our teachers, and that i do feel that rent subsidies for our teachers is the support that i favor as do many teachers. i have heard from teachers, that they want to be able to live where they want to be able to live and that living in a building altogether is not necessarily their ideal. and i want to think about how we can help our teachers who want to live in the communities that are near their schools. and that want to be part of the fabric of their schools and their communities. and you know, for somebody who lives in the bay view and has
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four schools that surround her, it is extremely valuable to understand what is happening within your community, so that you can recognize how you make it better for the kids that live in your community, and our teachers do that day in and day out. and so, i do think that some of our teachers and paras will be eligible and i want to find ways in working closely with the city on creating programs that were similar to what we have done with the teacher next door program. i also don't know if i could give you what you want exactly. and particularly in the short time that i have on the board. and i think that it is pretty damn good what we have come up and probably one of the most important pieces of work that we have done during my tenure and i can comfortably feel that i can retire from the board after this.
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>> and i want, i really want to thank supervisor kim who was a really key partner in crime early on as we would go home and think about ways to devise projects and we would like these crazy conversations about real estate in the school district. and she really was a great partner during her tenure on the board and has been an incredible supervisor, continuing to support the school district and so many ways. and i really want to thank my colleagues sandra fewer for giving me someone else to hold on to when jane left me and really saying that if there are go of us that can talk about this, it is just so much better, than for one of us, to just talk about this. and so sandy you have really made it so much easier and i want to deeply thank you both for making this a reality and i
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want to thank olsen, teresa kevin and jeff for the leadership at the mayor's office. you guys have really made this a priority during some really difficult times on your end, you know redevelopment being cut, hope sf is in full swing and just the general challenges of public housing. and when the school district has been talking to you about this, you have never said, you know whatnot right now. i can't, i am busy, we have a lot of things on the burner. and you know, this just is not part of what needs to happen right now. and i just truly appreciate that. during such difficult times on your end also. and i also want to deeply thank maralee and the former superintendent and current superintendent carranza for their dedication to working together on so many fronts and for taking this chance on
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making this happen. and sandy, i don't know if you recall, us sitting in mayor lee's office with the superintendent and david and others and the door kind of being swung open to work together. and to take advantage of what the city has to offer. and that as a school district, we are, this is not our forte, educating the kids are the forte that we should not be in the business of development and we should not feel like we are alone in all of this. and it took a lot of courage for us to come together and which makes me want to just mostly thank young and david and joe for not letting go of this and for allowing me to push on many real estate issues and i know that there were times that you guys wanted to push me, like over a bridge.
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because there were many challenges, that i kind of came to you, for on a variety of reasons. and on a variety of topics, but you never kind of said that we can't. you always explored every option that i brought forward, and for that i am deeply appreciative. and so lastly, i just, this is huge, you guys, and this is huge. huge, huge, huge, and what i always heard when i came to the school district was that real estate was off limit and that we can't, that is not even a subject that we can talk about, it is not something that we ever want to give up, it is not something that we can ever do something powerful. and what our board has done time and time and time again, is shown that we can do powerful things together, and tonight, you know, what i am hearing is great support for something powerful that will
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impact our community. and i really look forward to being there for the ground breaking so thank you. >> thank you, commissioner mcdonald. and so i also a little jiterry tonight, and i actually did not ever think that we could get here and so it is, it is emotional, but also it is so exciting. and i feel like we are breaking ground on a culture at san francisco unified, that we really have not broken yet and i think that these two things with local hire that we passed earlier this year, and with this sale today, and we are now saying, we recognize our responsibility to san francisco. and to the families. and we have a responsibility to help our families, with
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whatever resources we have, and those are the families whom we serve here, and so, just to get everybody to know about the journey that this has taken to fully appreciate this moment is that when i first came on to the building and grounds committee i was presented with a proposal to build, 130 market rate condos at that site at 1950 mission. and so, i immediately you know, i, immediately wiged out, and i started calling everyone that i knew that was involved in the housing because even though i had worked on houptsing, i kind of didn't know what to do. i called proder and delores street and kim who was the supervisor at that time and i called bernal and cdcd and i spoke to kevin welch and i tonight of people around housing and what can we do and how can we stop this and how to
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make it a better use of public land for the public? i remember our attorney at that time, i met with her and i said, do you think that we can do this? and she said, sandra, this is a question, about will. and i didn't believe her at the time, but now i do. because i see that we have come to this point, i have heard before, from commissioners that we are not getting enough money from this and i am against this and i am not going to do it, we have changed the way that we think and we have seen a purpose of this and i have to just say that you know, i didn't think that we could do this as a board. and now, i feel like we really can and i think that tonight we will. and so i also want to thank and commend all of my fellow colleagues on the board for committing to this, and for voting for this and for being or seeing our responsibility to the greater san francisco. and to the families that we serve. what i have learned is that you
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cannot be an education advocate without being a housing advocate. and you cannot be a housing advocate without being a advocate for workforce housing and i think that it is by no mistake that people like jane kim who was on the board before, norman yee who was on the board before. david campos who was once our attorney, and eric mar who was also on the board before, and john avalos who is the husband of a teacher, and his children go to our school and that they understand the need for this relationship, and that it is because they also know that you cannot be an advocate for the families of san francisco if you are not an education advocate and a housing advocate and so i just want to commend everyone for being here and really thank you and i want to thank you, mainly, for all of the love that you have give, to our students, and to our family and that you care so deeply, about them, as we do. and it gives us i think,
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courage to move on and do the right thing, because you are here, and because community came out. i just want to say, thank you so much for making us aand allowing us to do the right thing here. when we talk about finances, i know that we talk a lot about our school finances, could we get more money for this property with a private developer? >> i am sure that we could. but could we get more value? absolutely not? i met with olsen lee today and just to let you know what this represents and 1950 represents 115, 2 and three bedroom, a family affordable units and i said... to joe, i said to olsen, thank you olsen. i said to olsen, so this affordable housing for 100 years, and he said sandra, it will be affordable housing forever. so there is no monitorry value that i could get on this. thank you so much and i


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