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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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were 60. complaints with the second notice were one. and the complaints received and abaited without notices of violations were 107 and no violations were 166 f, and abaited complaints within these were 26. he is not present to record the housing, and give the housing inspection performed for the last month, for the housing inspections, there were 742 complaints, or i am sorry, for the housing inspection there were 742 inspections performed for the complaints received there were 426, for the complaint response within 24 to 72 hours were 394, complaints and notice of violations issued
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were 131, abaited complaints and notice of violations were 385. and number of cases sent to the director's hearing was 29. i will have john inspection talk on the code enforcement. >> and for code enforcement, and we took 62 building and electricity and plumbing cases to the director's hearing of those 18 of abasement issues, and 7 were held under advisement. and for the month, we abaited a total of 159 cases that concludes our report, thanks. >> okay, thank you. >> thank you, commissioners. >> thank you, tom. >> is there any public comment on item 4, the director's report for athrough e?
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>> >> i would like the commissioner walker and i also forgot to mention the condolences of the passing of your dad. >> thank you. >> as going to tom who said earlier the issue is with planning these days about trying to get permits approved quickly particularly when it comes to the side permit where there are no changes to the outside of the property, once the site permit approved there is not going to be any chances dbi should be able to sign-off on it, on the code at that time and the representative from planning was going to get back to us about allowing dbi to approve those, and which they should be and so we have not heard any more about it there is no doubt though, that commissioner martha planning sort of a stumbling block for a lot of folks when it comes to complying for the notice of violation and you have to go to the hearing for a variance or something like that. and you can't get a response for them and what else i had
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one recently where we had a response and i will get right on it and i will have it by friday and that was last week and i have for the heard a word sense, and so i have nothing to do about that and i am not complaining about planning, and they have a difficult job they really do because they have to be watching the backs of what the neighbors are going to say about what is happening tlout and it is totally understandable but when something is in the process, they should get on with it if they can't, at least they will let you know where they are at, so any way that is my two cents, thank you. >> any further public comment? >> okay, seeing none, item 5. commissioner's questions and matters. 5 a, inquiry to staff, at this time, the commissioners may make inquiries to the staff regarding various documents, policies, practice and procedures which are of interest to the commission. >> should i give you the update?
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>> if the commissioner walker, weigh in and take it from there and then, i am just presume that we are talking about the same? >> yeah. >> commissioner walker. >> many of us were kind of shocked about the collapse of a building, i don't have the exact address, but... >> 125. >> 125 crown terrace. >> and yeah, and so i emailed the director and asked for an update to the commission. this project has been before us as an informational update a couple of times because of the connection to prior commissioners and the interest of the commission to make sure that we are doing all possible to enforce our roles and the fact that this building collapsed is really, really
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disturbing, to me, i am sure to the other commissioners and probably to everyone at dbi whose job it is to insure that it does not happen. and so, i really am requesting that we take this very seriously, fortunately there was no injury but there could easily have been and i just don't understand, i totally don't understand how this happened. so, what you know now and then, what our plans are for figuring out how this occurred. >> tom, director. for this incident, nobody wants to have this happen. when it comes to me i was surprised and shocked. okay? and then, yes, first of all, this job is reviewed by subject to rebuke by the section code chapter one, because in this area because of the hill slide.
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and also, is when i hear the news, and then right away, yes, i went in there, and number one concern, is make sure that the safety, you know, to protect the public and also the adjacent properties, yes, we issued an emergency shoring to hold up the structure. to secure it, no further in a movement there. and then they already come to pick the work yesterday. and then right now, i have been treat this job and that is similar to every other job and we want to be transparent and we want to be fair. first of all, number one, i want them to come up with a report, and say what happened, what is the cause? what is the action from here on? step by step to issue it? >> besides that, i want to have
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an independent review by the structural committee before my team is do be dealed with and we have a section engineer to make sure that we do it right. make sure from now on, we do everything according to the code. and also, it is the inspection part, i want to make sure that they will assign, and that this inspector would... or to look through the jobs and when i went to the site yesterday and i find out the construction, and i feel the construction costs need to be studied a little bit further and you asked my deputy, with the tsd to revisit the cost to make sure that we charge it right to, you know, similar to
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everybody, because, maybe compare other situations because this is a means, and it is a unique job and it is not usually like if you are building a building like that because it is a cup area and, that is what i want to do, and then, besides to review the section of review, i would like to have my principal engineer, tom to work on it and parallel with all of those peer review and he conducts the peer review on those jobs before. and also, you know, i would like to conduct with the city attorney, and every step and we do it right, and transparent, and i want to be check everybody that the same and it does not matter now, the commissioner and whoever it is, and we will be fair, and everybody opened to see, what is going on there. and that is so i can see and say, and we will give you next time more details. and it is an incident that i don't want to occur but we need
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to find out what is going on, you know. there is something i cannot tell right now. i visit there, but i cannot go into the underneath the building, because i also worry about my safety too. >> of course. >> thank you, director for the update. >> i wanted to weigh in on this too, first of all i did visit the site there yesterday morning when i got the news of it. and obviously i am just thankful that nobody got hurt and it is amazing. and i think that the paper even pointed that out today. and so, we as a city, we can be very grateful that we are not dealing with a complete disaster out there with the people hurt and killed if it had gone down during regular work hours, not to mention if it had gone in the neighborhood and damaged other homes. >> and with regard to the media coverage, i... we have to be very cognoscente of the fact
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that the general public are taking this very seriously, i have not seen so much media coverage on this in one day for a long time and there is a reason for that and we as a commission here and commissioners we have worked very, very hard to reinforce to the staff, and the rank and file and also to the public that everything is done with the utmost integrity and responsibility when we do the plan checks and obviously director, i kind of want to do a little, kind of to talk to what you have said but i want to be sure that we are all on the same page here and we will meet next month for the meeting and if we have to have a special meeting on this and i am willing to do this. and i would like to see obviously a very detailed report. and i would also like to see
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the inspections. and i also believe that they can come up and ask me. and there are a few corrections on the inspection side, and i aligned there yesterday and i want to talk to the director mention something about the permit and i want to see where we are at on the cost on the permit. >> and as far as the inspections, yeah. >> the majority of the inspections, and the building itself, and the five inspections out there. and we will have the detailed report from the inspecters who inspected that district inspect whore inspected that. >> also we have the special inspections for the reports and that will be one of the things that is important to me to see on that and another correction notice written for regarding to the cost. >> yes, there was another correction. >> yeah. >> and ed can tell you about that if you like, that is one
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of stat staff and they looked at the plans, and they recomputed it and came up with another additional amount. >> this went through a special plan review, right? >> so we know that they did go through with, you know, structural committee and technical engineer and also, geologist, and structural engineer and also a shoring engineer and architect. >> so this is established for those special type of sites that special attention down here. >> yes. >> it does not go through the normal plan check and it is a special plan review. >> yeah. >> okay. >> and so is this the special plan review and does that go through the normal channel or is that, >> no, you go through the channel, you know, it is still
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under the plan review, but this job is handled by the principle engineer, tom, for structural peer review on that, what they call that and on the whole and this particular site, because he is one, and after, and they put that in including in the pit area. >> the dedicated project, and it is not normal, submital over the counter. >> no. >> so it does not go through the normal channel, this went through a special plan check flt >> that is correct. >> so i would be interested to hear from the plan checker who plan checked this as well. on the shoring aspect of this. >> also... >> whoever that was i would be interested in hearing. >> okay. and how to come up with the detail on that. and maybe, there is a group of
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people that are inspected the structural shoring of that. the whole package. >> okay, it is a difficult town to build and we have to be able to stand behind the plan checks and whatever permit was issued there and you had mentioned a cost, could you elaborate on that? >> the cost when i went there because of the difficult, it was not a usual one and they are maintaining more how to build it, and the construction may not be usual when for, you know, just like the tight to calculate. and i want them to revice sxit that is why i told you, that i may ask him, and asks for he and also tsd to work closely with the site, and we var and then compare the other jobs, similar to see. and you know, >> yeah, because in our code we
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say that we rarely calculator compare to the actual cost, that is what the actual cost is how to do. and the owner will not give you the contract, sometimes, you have need to compare, that is why it is opened, and you know, more times fair and we will study a little bit more. but if i go on-line, i see that there was some correction, notice written for the cost,; is that correct?? >> yes. >> what is that amount? >> what is the amount that we are dealing with here? >> of the correction that we go, or they came up with? the technical services or the people that did the marshal swift, recalculated the whole and they came up with another 210,000. >> what was the original permit dollar amount. >> the original permit was, 300,000, and then there was some other permits that were taken, that was filed and they
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paid fees on, that were... i am sorry, the original permits, i don't have the inspection sheet in front of me, i don't know if they are going to suspend it but they did not use those and so the original permit that they used and for the permit fees that were filed on those were never enacted for those permits. and the costs involved there. >> so what you are saying is the amount on the original permits was half of what it should have been? >> i am trying to guess, and here is what i, and the big thing that the commission has been focused on is having a fair, and it is a fair ak quitable for everybody on permit fees, when i go in the system i see that there is an adjustment of the cost and i am curious, why is that at this stage after the houses come down off the hill and we are looking at a cost. >> and the cost before a house came down a hill. >> maybe a week ago or two
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weeks ago. and there was no the evaluation. and that was on the computer, and i see, and i am trying to get the head on and a complaint that came into the department and rerelooked at the cost and brought it down and reeval you. and that is the number that they asked to increase the total of the job >> that number was in total and that was the number that we received for the additional amount and there were other fees that were required. and i am not sure of the fees and there were fees that were paid at the filing that was never, credited for that job there. >> and so, let me just simplify it this way if i was taking that house and i got ten other houses just like this that were being built, would the cost of those fees be the same as this one. >> that was looked at at the marshal swift, it was used on all of the homes.
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>> the corrected amount is the one that would be used but the original amount was lower than the original amount of the fee was too low. >> it would be interested to see if you could give me five houses, for example, the same houses that the permit was issued for the same cost of construction and i will be interested in seeing that and the marshal swift number and you have not seen what is that number to me and i am asking what is the actual construction cost is now. and the actual construction cost of per the marshal, was $620,000. as the figure that they came up. and we went back and relooked at the figure there and they are comfortable with the figure. and the original amount that was issued was $300,000. >> and we came up with the 300,000 equation with the marshal swift formula. >> and now we are coming up with the same form law and it is doubled >> i did not do the original
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plan review and i am not sure how it came up with the original plan number and so you see this is the problem that i am having, dan and this is where i, and where the fairness here and the fair and equitable for everybody who applies for permit has to be the same. i am trying to get high head around why this permit was so, low, and another house thatwise built the same and would have $600,000 in construction costs or more. and i am not sure of the size of the house and i am not sure that the $600,000, was correct. >> and i am interesting in looking at that. >> and so i am really concerned, about the fact that a permit was issued with such a low cost for such a big job. >> and john from the city attorney's office and it is the inquiries to staff and so maybe i can suggest, that you request that the staff come back at the next month's meeting and report
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on how the report for the evaluation for different kinds of projects >> and i can tell. >> and i am trying to pult it on the next report and which is going to include how we are going to save this house. one report that i am hearing is that the emergency demo will be performed and another one working on trying to salvage and save the house and the house came down the hill here and i am really as a builder and developer somebody has been around this and i am curious as to how you are going to save this and who is doing that analysis, as far as... >> commissioner, first of all, like i mentioned, i want them to come up with the report and what is the cost, and what is the next action they need to do and then we will be in parallel and peer review by our
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committee from the peer reviewer immediate reviewed and also our staff and review it also. and for this, case, i cannot just go in and see the emergency, and they have the life safety concerned and by looking at that site, you know, right now is not you know, further... and i say to have the emergency shoring and maybe they will have the emergency and they can come up with the report and there is no choice and i don't want for myself to say that there is an emergency, until, you know, for example, we have, it is a big storm coming in, and it is rolling down the hill, then i need to do that. like any fire when i saw it, and then i will create the demo. >> and then we will wrap it up. >> commissioner mar? >> yeah, i think that it is important, that the report back, and we will have an agenda item and a special
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meeting includes all of our questions and that is what we are trying to do is define what our concerns are with what we know to the question of where do we go, from here, i have said this before, when we deal with this exact situation where there has been a demolition permit applied for and refused by the building department and then the planning department is left to a, deter ate or treated carelessly, which creates a situation where they then asked for an emergency demolition, which then opens up where the thing that was not granted by planning. and so it looks to be like a sideways, around, and a refusal of demolition. and so, going forward, i would like to have a clear definition of what the choices are, i am
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not okay with just, you know, tear it down and you can do whatever you want. there has to be something, and we can't let this happen and i am going to use this as an example, going forward so people do not think that they can get away with this assuming that i am not saying that it happened. but i want to be really clear, and these kind of situations have happened, while i have been a commissioner, and we need to do what we can to stop it. >> commissioner mar? >> so, i know, this is question of for the staff topic, but i want to thank president mccarthy for focusing in on the questions and for those of us who are not even involved in the construction business, there is a lot of questions, and the tough thing is that i didn't even know about the article but this came up on the web yesterday and when i walked into a motorcycle shop of all
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places yesterday, in the south of market, the owner of that shop said hey did you hear about this, because you knew that i was on the commission and so this is why, we have to deal with it. and as president mccarthy and really address it, because, this makes the not only our department our commissioner look bad it makes the city look bad. so, i think that we really have to kind of make sure that this went through the right process. you know? that there was a lot of inspections done that people looked at the plans, and whether it was us or planning which is just the other department and i think that the other department that is a little bit responsible again, and you know, did they treat this owner, this is a constant question for us, did they treat this owner the same way they would have treated any other owner? >> in the same circumstance? with the same plans? with the same buildings?
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and that is really what we wants to get at. >> commissioner melgar? >> thank you, commissioner. >> everything that you guys have said is right on and i think that we, will, get on top of it, i think that this is a really good, staff and really a good commission and i would like to address, something a little different which is our pr. and i think that so, after this article, came out yesterday, it became the most shared article on facebook and twitter, and i don't know if anyone is monitoring that. i was, you know, that is really, a big deal. because, as president mccargy said we have worked really hard especially after the civil grand jury report to address the issues of nepotism and favoritism and all of the things that have plaqued the department in previous years, which i do not believe are currently plaquing us now, but
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one article comes out, and it undoes so much work that has gone on to address the public perception and so that is really too bad and what i am interesting is that along with the report we also have a plan, a plan for the press, on how to get the information out and how to assure the public, and how to get on top of this and ahead of this, because in the world that we live in, this stuff just goes viral, you know? in a couple of hours and so purpose mar, and because you are... commissioner mar, because you are not on, you are not on facebook and so we need to get you on. >> thank you. >> i would request that of the staff too, thanks. >> is there any other comment on this? ? thank you, director and i think that you, we need to, we all need to, we know what needs to be done here. and so, on the next report, on this, and if i have to hold a special meeting i will and if
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you request that, and if you think that you need that, director, and i am gladly do it and i am sure that the commissioners will facilitate, and we owe the public a very, very solid report on this and as long as i am president i am going to insist that we or no stone is unturned and that there is a full transparency on this report that goes back out to the public. >> okay. >> commissioners? i have a question. the way that i layout my plan, do you have any comment or suggestion to me and so i think about the logically how to deal with this situation? >> to ask them to get a report in parallel with the review and meanwhile, the plan check and we visit the site and actually seeing the site is different than the paper to see how much is the cost and also, the plan
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for inspection to make sure that everything is, and everything is in parallel with the district and inspector. you know, what the state attorneys and with and we deal with the media. and when it has... and any on suggestion? i would want to make it fair and open to make sure that we do it right. >> thank you, thank you, very much, tom. >> okay, commissioner mar, one more comment. >> just another question of off this topic. but, it has to do with the questions to the staff. and i know that there was some discussions, in previous meetings about some of the problems that some of the low rent housing high-rises were having with their elevator and so i wanted and i know that there is a report that the
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mayor's office has asked our department to do regarding some of the elevator and some of the more problem rental buildings, whether they are public or private. and so i was wondering if that same report could be shared with the commission? from the staff. because, i think that we should look at, you know, the elevator break down situations especially in the housing that has a lot of seniors and disabled folks in them. whether they are public or private. >> commissioner walker? >> concur with that and also would like to have an update on the market street project. and to see what the move forward is at the next meeting. >> okay. >> item 5 b. future meet ands agenda, at this time, the commission may discuss and take action to set the date of a special meeting and/or determine the items that could be placed on the agenda
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of the next meeting and other future meetings of the been inspection commission. >> the next regularly schedule meeting is january 15th, 2014. >> commissioner lee? >> and i also would like to report that the nomination committee will meet on thursday, january 9th, and i think, at one clock is that it? >> yes. and it has come to my attention that the soft story program or ordinance that created the soft story program also specified that we need to appoint three new members to the board of examiners. and that would be the tenant seat, a property owner seat and a structural engineering seat and so we will be discussing that as well as talking about expired and soon to expired seats, on the code advisory committee access of appeals commission, and of course, the


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