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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2013 5:00am-5:31am PST

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dollar figures. no income without a subsidy, when you go e to the next like when you qualify to "covered california", financial assistance. if your annual income as an individual is below about $46,000 a year, you would qualify to purchase "covered california" health insurance but with financial assistance. for the expansion medical group for children, if you are at 250 percent of the federal poverty level or essentially as an individual about $29,000 a year a. , if you have income below that, you qualify for the medi-cal expansion program. if you are an individual with 138 poverty level which translates to $16,000 a year for the individual, you would qualify for the expanded medi-cal
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programment. i did want to talk about services for seniors. traditional medi-cal will continue to exist pretty much unchanged as it exist today for seniors and again for persons with disabilities. the note we would make and there is some, again policy clarifications that we are waiting on around persons with disabilities who are underage 65 have more options today. currently they might be able to apply for the medical expansion program. some of this population maybe on a share cost for the medi-cal program. they may actually qualify for the medi-cal expansion which means they may qualify for the no cost medi-cal. there are some
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additional options for this group. that is one consideration. on the last one is persons turn 65 with the medi-cal expansion, they will transition from 64 to 65. at age 64 you are under these new rules and once 65, you are under the different rules. there are a little bit eligibility requirements. when you go from 64-65 there is a transition there and some things that you may need help walking through to make sure that you are having equivalent benefits or getting the benefits that you are eligible going from 64 medi-cal expansion program to the 65 traditional medi-cal program. i do want to call out, there was a wonderful forum last week
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that the seniors with disability action for health, their website is. sd they listed all the materials for their website and heightened the awareness for consideration for persons with disabilities. so then i wanted to move a little bit as to when to enroll as well as with persons with disabilities through the enrollment channels. when to enroll? a couple of dates. october 1st we started to enroll people. the next day is january 1st which
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is when these options will take effect. from october to december we are calling it preenrollment because you are enrolling now but it doesn't take effect in the january 1st. from january to march 31st, the open enrollment periods ends. you can apply for medi-cal any time of year but for "covered california" that registration period ends march 31st. there is a population that targets medi-cal eligibility. what we don't want to happen is people thinking they can wait and they have now missed the window to apply for
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"covered california". this is an amazing benefit that san francisco wants to see everyone eligible enrolled in a health coverage product. ready the idea is to come in and get enrolled. that's the main message here. how to enroll, that goes right into next thing about this concept of no wrongdoer. there is various ways. if you are online, you can do it on a website and there is numbers to call and as well as mail in applications. i listed up here. i won't read them all out but the various different options. if you want to go to the website, it's the california covered website. it's https: //apply
5:06 am if you want to call, it's the san francisco sf number. https: //
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there it goes >> great. if you would like to call there is two options. either the "covered california" call center or the local san francisco sf benefits net call center number. for "covered california" the hours of operation is monday through friday 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. as well as saturday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. the main general number is8000 300-1506 and there is also a tty option which is 888-889-4500.
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now for sf benefits net hour hours of operation is monday through friday 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m.. our number is 855-355-5757. that's toll-free . in process of making a tty number available, i just didn't have that number ready for today, but i believe it's being set up today and that will be made available on our website. i can update this presentation and send you the copy. okay. in terms of how to
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enroll there is a visit option if you want some assistance or there is a mail in option. for the in person option there is an sf benefits net. we are open monday through friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.. it's at 1440 howard street in san francisco. there is also, thank you. 1440 harrison street. >> there is also a program that covered "covered california" is called the certified enrollment entities program. they will be able to enroll people in "covered california" or
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medi-cal. that process is under way. we don't yet have a critical number or i don't think any number actually yet that are ready to go or certified, but we expect that certification to begin rolling out very shortly probably within the next week and at we will be posting a map and you can go there and find your closest neighborhood community partner that can help you enroll as well. that's actually a very important alternative because we do believe that in the community they are much more accessible because they are in your neighborhoods and they serve the population's needs. we very excited to be able to work with
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everybody to help ensure everybody in san francisco. we also have a mail in option which is again the sf benefits net center. that is the human services agencies. it's po box 7988 in san francisco, the zip code is 94120. the next couple of slides i really want to call out some specific things in terms of access for persons with disabilities. so, for the online option at the california covered website, there is the ability to adjust the font size
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and online chat feature to walk consumers as they are completing the online application. for the call center, the "covered california" and sf benefits net, there is tty options available. i will make the benefits net one available. we don't have it yet, though. for those that want to visit sf benefits net in person to get help, the next two slides, i tried to call out some things that focus at access. staff are trained to ask if individual needs assistance and these are some examples of things using paper and pen. reading materials allowed, working with service animals or working with assistive representative. i don't want to imply that it's all we do. we have staff
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training to make sure we are interacting with people who have needs to make sure the whole application enrollment process is accessible. our facilities are wheelchair accessible especially with elevators if it's required to go to a second floor. i believe most of our sites are on the first floor. we are starting to roll out in our building a new technology, a cueing system technology. you can wait for having your number called. it's not rolled out yet but when it's we have something audible as well as visual. it's situated throughout the lobby so you can be sitting anywhere and making sure it's audible as well as visible screens located
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throughout the lobby. in addition to that, we also have check in kiosk. like the cueing system you check in so we can assign you the appropriate number. that will have large fonts available. these haven't been rolled out yet. we are taking into account to make sure they are accessible. print material, some are available in large font as well as braille. i would encourage people to ask. some of those are based on the state and the house. there is so the availability of that. so i would definitely ask about that. american sign language interpreters are available by request. i believe a 24-48-hour
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notice. basically the more notice is better. that person is available. we have the job screening software and zoom magnification software are available at the sites. i want to emphasize also that i do not want to imply that this is everything we have but absolutely always working to make accessibility as open as we can. the last thing was the certified enrollment entities. we really do see this partnership to the federal to the state to the local all the way out to the community to see this as health care reform to make sure it's accessible to everybody. this network isn't up yet but it will be shortly. we have a map at the
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site for the new reform and care options. we gave you a contact. if you have any questions or disability related accommodation needs, this will be the contact. make sure they are aware of that. that's luna kim. civil rights coordinator. the number is 557. 5576. i think that's all i had. if there is any questions. >> thank you. we will take questions from the councilmembers first and then the staff and public comments. thank you very much. chip?
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>> yes, thank you for your presentation. it was very informative. i have one quick question. on page 7, you said that the open enrollment for "covered california" closes march 31st. is there an annual open period? is it the same time? >> yes. after this first year the open enrollment is that 6 months period to march and then it will be in october every year a. if there is a qualifying life event then you have 60 days to enroll in "covered california", things like divorce, birth of a child or loss of job or income change. >> okay. thank you.
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>> tonya, >> there are several things i didn't take down. i'm wondering with the notes that are taken will those be available so i can get the information of the presentation? >> to the chair, the meetings are on sf gov so you can go back and watch them. there will also be a transcript of the captioning notes that we can provide you with. you also have a copy of that powerpoint presentation in your packet. >> right, wasn't there some things that she said are not in the notes given? >> of course. you can have the captioning transcript. thank
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you. >> thank you. councilmember zarda? >> thank you again for your presentation. it was really informative. i have a couple of questions as well. there were a lot of different websites, phone numbers, given throughout the presentation. if the person from the disability community or any community member here wanted to get update on some of the gray areas still being worked out, what's the best way for them to stay updated? >> that is a really great question. my first thought to
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be honest -- >> [inaudible] >> what i was going to say is i found fd action to be a great resource. we are certainly tracking those things. i definitely want to take that down because i think that's something we should make available. but i will also swing it here and see -- great. thank you. i'm going to jot that down because -- that is actually something we need to make available for people who want to follow up on that. i don't always get stumped. >> thank you. if a person were to go use the website or go in person, as far as, i like how there is charts involved here showing the levels of income needed. is there also a similar
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charted breakdown of different areas that will be provided for or not such as technology devices or equipment will or will not be going from plan to plan. i see that happen a lot in my work. people will come in confused because they thought that this similar medi-cal coverage would cover this one area, but it doesn't. so i'm curious about how that material is being presented? >> i think that goes into two area. the medi-cal plan selection and the provider side of what's actually available. the benefit can be there, but if the provider network is not there to support it, then two sides of the coin. from a medi-cal plan selection perspective, we actually have a group called health care option that aids clients once determined eligible for
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medi-cal they are walked through that plan and provider selection so they are aware of how the plans may or may not differ and what's going to meet their need. from the california covered perspective right now there is five plans in san francisco. there is a booklet on the "covered california" website that has information among all the plans. it's pretty thick. i want to say it's 70 pages long. we have asked about having a condensed easier to digest version of that. i think the state is aware there is a need for that, but to be honest, the best thing is to call the enrollment channels and ask them to walk you through it. that would be my advice because it is very confusing. >> could there be any efforts that people from the public could go forward in trying to help bring about a condensed
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version as well? >> yeah, i know the "covered california" site has options. they do take feedback from the public as well. so i think that would be a great channel to go through. actually i might ask, fd action. i know you are also about giving feedback to the state as well as the call center. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you, i have two questions. if you have like medi-cal and another, do you have to pick a plan or can you just stay with what you have? >> i don't know if i'm following the question. if you are existing on medi-cal do you have to pick something in you? >> yeah. >> if you are already on medi-cal you don't have to do anything new. so you are going to continue as you are. if you
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are, say, a pregnant woman which is covered under medi-cal today but she'll be covered under the new medi-cal program come january first. at the time of renewal, if there is any changes you need to make or plan selection differences you will be walked through at that point. there is some specific things around our healthy san francisco program and sf program where some of that will transition over. that gets very complicated, but that group, some of them will have to actively make some sort of decision to select a new plan. it may or may not be different than what they have now. but it's very possible that the provider, the medical home they have now maybe available to them in their new option but they have to make that selection. there is a certain
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group that will transition, won't even know the difference. that's where dph will be able to talk very detailed specifics. on the face value, depends on where you fall. >> do they have if a person can't read, do they have a tape that explains a second way of getting communication? >> you mean in terms of enrolling or general information? >> just general information period and if they don't have a computer and can't go on the web, what else do you do? >> i would say the best thing is to call or come in person. >> thank you. anymore councilmembers? tonya? >> i wanted to ask what about people with catastrophic illnesses. is this something that is measured in that? >> yeah. there is. i apologize
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because i don't know the details but there is something about catastrophic illness. i will jot that down. >> thank you. >> any from the staff? is there any public comment? >> hi, everybody. i jessica with senior action. thank you for a great presentation. i was going mention that we had just done a forum on this issue and you brought that up. thank you for that. i just wanted to add on a couple issues we have identified. as angela talked about one of the issues that
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maybe of concern is the transition when people turn 65 that somebody at age 40 or age 63 may get on expansion medi-cal and then when they turn 65 they will have to switch to traditional medi-cal and they may get hit with a share of cost, the asset limit maybe an issue all of a sudden. we are assuming people aren't going to plan for that. they are not going to plan on losing something. right. we definitely are interested in doing some advocacy at the state level to make sure the state takes some responsibility in knowing about this and make sure they have a plan to work with people. there is a huge issue on long-term support that is not included in expansion medi-cal. there is an issue of the asset limit and what, there is some confusion about the schedule allows and what the state, it's looking like a really big problem right
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now and there is a lot of folks trying to make sense of that. there is also concerns local and statewide about knowledge of the workers and regarding disabilities and having cultural competency and being able to recognize when people need to go on medi-cal and particularly all the different programs like the 200 percent working program. a "covered california" worker would know nothing about, but definitely a concern about that. as far as kind of what to do about these or how to stay on the loop or handout -- how to get involved. we have a new website. it's much better updated. you can check that out and sc or call us,
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our organizer, the primary person or me. i can't remember, i believe chip was there. was i right? >> yes, i was. >> it's wonderful to have someone from the mayor's disability office. we will look at which of these advocacy issues we want to address and how to do more trainings and different types around the city to make sure that both consumers and providers and other staff of the information we all need. thank you. >> i had a quick question for miss leman? thank you so much for all of your hard work in efforts in bringing this to the community and providing a
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website with updated information. that's really important to engage our community and keep them in the know. i was curious when i did bring up earlier if there was a way and what manner would someone be updated, you said we would know, is it a specific website or some other number? >> yeah. i was saying, i'm sorry i wasn't super clear because there is not a lot of clarity on these issues. as soon as we get information we'll have it on our website. there is a fact sheet that outlines some of the issues we talked about and i will recommend that for the moment and as we get more information we'll revise our fact sheets and get them on the website. you can also call and stay up to date with information and changes as they happen. is that


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