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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2013 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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or six lanes of of mission street were blocked by the crowd milling around and there are buses stopped on either side that could not get through. and there were four girls who hung out in that area threatening people at the bus stop all night. and i just want to say it because i have never really seen anything like that. where like, so i did go over it in the security to move the people around and i did call the police. because these girls were totally harassing people. so i mean, they were young, and 20-year-old girls and they were going to take me down. they were after me because i was just like, please, don't harass, the people here, at the bus stop. so i just want to put that out there, that sloan was out of control on saturday night. >> all right. >> is that something that would you like to discuss in the future? >> no. just a comment. >> got you. >> anything else that you want to put in there?
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if not, we can move on. >> all right. >> we will move on. >> and it looks like there is nothing else on the agenda, and so, adjourned, thank you all for coming. thank you. >> have a good night. >> all right. guys i'm going to go ahead and get started. welcome to the opening celebration of newest location at the gary and sonic
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(clapping) >> i'm mesht i'm the senior group director of target stores in the bay area. i'm happy to be here. at take the we take pride in knowing our guests and our store leader is a perfect example she's a analyst san franciscan laej please join me in a welcome of '86 many >> thank you meredith. good evening, everyone. i'm so excited to be here today and would like to kickoff the celebration for thanking each of you. i want to recognize mayor ed lee and supervisor ed farrell and supervisor mar of district one
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and also our executive vp eric mcdowned and we have our beloved mascot thank you so much for being here. (barking) today is a very excited day for target in san francisco. i grew up in san francisco and everyone since i was a little girl but i didn't know i would be running one one day. as some of you know city target a relatively new development to commencement the consequence and friendly shopping experience to this neighborhood. this city take the will offer local manufactures to meet the
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needs off our guests. we are very excited to provide a place for people to work for those who live nearby and ride muni. we intend to continue our reputation of being a good neighbor in the local community. navigate in 2012 target attributed over 1 and a half million dollars to organizations in the san francisco community (clapping) thank you just last friday, a one hundred and 50 target team members from all over the bay air come out to volunteer their time in the excelsior district to make over their library. target attributed a total of $200,000 completing redesigning the new space and provided 2 thousand books to the staff and
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students and provided new first one and including many ipads every sibling got to take home a backpack. targeted is a huge supporter of arts and cultural institutions we invite bay areas he phone numbers phoning to come to neighbor day. we support the local charters and target has contributions. so target is very, very buildings strongly in being able to provide and give back at that time, community we call home. in speaking of community i want to invite mayor ed lee he's been a huge supporter and it's my
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pleasure to introduce ed lee (clapping) >> well, thank you 46 i didn't and a congratulations for being a home ground girl by being able to manage a store in our great city. congratulations to the whole team. i'm going to ask the supervisors we have london and eric mary and scott wiener my district looking for the target store. there it is. i wanted them beside me so we can be distinguished from the dog. i'm happy to be here. not only has target been such a great partner and i know we were
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together about a year ago to date where we opened the downtown store to the great delight of a lot of people. we had a great formula target had already worked with the mission call and the west side group and the work and development and produced a clear number of jobs and hired san francisco residents and today they've done it yet again. it's been demonstrated, you know, tiffany went through the legacies with the fluoroscopic goals the library and the constant attention to our youth which target target is finding comfortable to be doing and they're there fouror summer jobs. this store will have over 4
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hundred jobs maybe up to 4 hundred and 50 and 80 percent of their hires to date are san francisco residents and that's a whiff accomplishment. i know our supervisors enjoy hearing our residents getting hired at the stores because that's really what is effecting our positive economic recovery so to death figures in big time from this larger economic system we have and i'm glad to see year after year with the backpack give away. the delivery of the ipads and your mailers. you don't have to be a tech company this is the philanthropy
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and the spirit of innovate by being a great store and partnering up with the rest of the city. this has been an under utilized space and a match the visibilitycy along the corridor and with the employment we're seeing with the local resident is incredible. i have to say to the store management i picked a local girl because she's demonstrated her ability to recognize community and i like to see our residents top the leadership roles. by the way, i understand that she does a chinese new years eve with her dad so we'll be able to do martial arts (laughter) >> i'm so glad to be here with
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the celebration of the second-story of target opening up but with the hiring that's sensitive to what we all inside to see. it's my pleasure to give a proclamation i know the board will join me to saying in the the west target day in san francisco (clapping) >> (barking). >> go bullseye. >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much. thank you so much mayor it's such a pleasure to have you here
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tonight we want to thank you for your vision and leadership. next (clapping) next i'd like to introduce the executive vp of the area eric mcdonald has helped his knowledge and understanding of the bay area has helped strengthen our relationship in the community. ladies and gentlemen, eric mcdonald >> good evening, everyone i say welcome because you're in my neighborhood. so native san franciscan it's the neighborhood i grew up in but also, because in this building in this space is where i spend my afternoons my mother
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worked in the receiving department and i had to come after school. so i want to say that's tlooiflg u thrilling to be here. more importantly it's important to see target growing in this city. the community is intrinsic to the value of the organization and it shows up from to that to bottom. we love the team members who show up in community giving of their time and talents in our schools. at hill street it was chavez before that. in and through unit campaigns they've give. we've celebrated 90 years and target was a major part of this
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partnership vested $100,000 in our beacons initiative so on behalf of unit way our community at large we're thrived target is here and we look forward to them growing as they invest more and more of themselves so thank you very much (clapping) >> thank you so much eric we're getting an awesome crowd. i want to introduce supervisor farrell. so supervisor farrell i'd like to invite you up (clapping) >> thanks so much it's hard to believe we're here today. we've been working on this project i want to thank all who
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made this happen it takes from the teams. i want to thank targeted not only for all the giving but coming into this location and also another person who is heading up the project. they've been hiring a lot of local people especially from the western edition so it took a village and i want to thank everyone involved. my mother didn't work here but i came when it was a sears and recognize. this is about creating jobs as mayor lee mentioned it's also about rehe storing a shopping center people didn't want to come. thooim i'm thrived to be here.
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i'm going to remember most is my son jack and i were the first customers hearing here at target (clapping) and that was the first item officially purchased in target tonight (clapping) >> thank you so much supervisor and thank you for helping us find an amazing home here per we love the shopping center and thank you for the sale we appreciate it. now guys before i invite you all out to shop i want to invite tiffany and her team back up here so we can cut the ribbon and ingratiate our store.
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5, 4, 3, 2, 1. yeah. (clapping) go bullseye.
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(barking) >> we're ready to begin. good morning. today is wednesday october 16, 2013, this is a regular meeting of the
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building inspection. i'd like to remind everyone to turn off their electronic devices. roll call (calling names) we have a quorum and the next item is he item 2 pointing announcements. good morning we're going to do a different agenda type of commission where we're going to do the abatement. at the end if this works we'll keep this adjourned u agenda going. president congratulations and thanks to tom huey who received a award and mr. wallace gave a
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congratulations to the staff. thank you to two members of the finance services sarah and cynthia who received a letter even if appreciation from jennifer roman for her getting her final inspection and working through the lunch hour. a customer sent a thank you letter to chief housing inspector with the help with the dbi project with affordable housing and congratulations to tell me huey about the new seismic retrofit program a broefrt that aired. we had a great briefing open the new retrofitting program with 2
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hundred paternities showing up at the room 2 though and 43 had a second workshop 3 had been scheduled for anyone's from 11:00 a.m. on the public library on the corner of larkin street. the website were taken r vps 0 we're looking forward to another turnout. the annoying about participate that the anywhere's director of earthquake he safety on wednesday october 23rd in a special financing workshop at fort mason golden gate room that will be k hovered by the san francisco multiple banks and financial institutions will participate to voices issues on options to cover the costs of
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the seismic program. and we will participate again in the chinatown resource fair at the port mount square on november 2nd if you have time and are in the area, please drop by at the dbis booth >> any comment on the president's announcement. general comment the b ic will take the denims on items that are not part of this agenda that you are no any public comment? we'll move on to quarters to and 3, 2013 >> mr. strong why don't you come up here and we'll work
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together on pr this. do you want to do the announcement for me or should i do it >> your very welcome to leadoff we have two winners which we postponed the announcement of due to another commission business that was going on in the previous months hastening and then we have a quarter 3. >> so do you want to do the quarter 2 as well. >> had your the committee met and the selection for quarter 2 is sarah lou. she's with us today and we'll ask cynthia who nominated the lady we'll - our winner for quarter 3 is secretary to the b ic ms. sonya hayes who was
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unanimously elected. and actually, i think (clapping) whether you want to finish this and take some pictures we'll take a pause but i have a frafrt to take some pictures >> we'll do that.
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>> thank you. >> congratulations. so congratulations to our candidates and does anyone want to say anything sonya >> thank you everyone. that's all i want to say. sarah do you have anything? >> thanks.
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thank you very much commissioners for this award and just want to thank you director for mainly for this award and thank you to all my colleagues to have - for having voted for me. and thank you. the model for nominating me for this award >> sonya you're not quite off the hook. >> thank you everyone i really appreciate it (clapping.) >> well sonya you want to say a few more. >> no. >> i'm very glad it was you i think you and i started together and weaponry trying to figure out everything and you've done an amazing job and making sure we're all our everyday
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collections and needs were taken care of. >> thank you everyone. is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, item 5 discussion and update the dbi staffing on market street. come on up. i want to kind of as our fellow commissioners and pretty sure everybody this has been an agenda that's been played out in the newspapers so i've had the privilege of sitting out in a couple of meetings. i know the staff is working hard. to bill if you could and can couple of a commissioners want to be brought up to speed >> i put in our packets a
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summary of the steps the meeting had a cross section of dbi senior staff that will deal with the building issues. this building has both residential and commercial office uses. the current owner has actually begun some evictions and some people have accepted the relocation funding that the owners have offered. we spoke to the owners about a week ago and invited them back for one more effort to walk them through the steps that would enable them to legal lists the residential unit and keep people in the building. once we knew that certain fire safety and building safety issues had been addressed. they agreed yesterday to a walk
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through thought building which is golden going to take place tomorrow afternoon at the 8 o'clock. most of the staff that participated including our senior electrical chief and someone from the fire department and someone from planning and jeff from our plan review staff who has worked with people especially on using that administrative bullet. it's a local equality thing that allows us to address the light and air issues that the code has specific requirements on. so this give us a little bit more flexibility. we pointed out out to the owner if they want to do a
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preapplication he meeting for the designer and the architect then we can memorialize in writing the steps and a hopefully be able to save a number if not all of the remaining residential units. say we are still talking. >> thank you for updating us. i want to thank the director for really i think we're going out of our way to try to work with the owner of this building to protect the occupancy. i've heard from the housing rights committee that is one of our folks that work with code enforcement outreach and tenants in the building and are very
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interested. there was a misunderstanding so i would ask when they get here even if we're on a different topic to hear from them. this is an ongoing problem in this city especially right now. real estate prices are going up and tenants are being evicted. we go through this periodically because san francisco as we all know is a wonderful city but this is a really, really important issue and i really applaud our department for being creative in hoping to work with the owner of this building to


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