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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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>> anything else for the chief? thank you chief and a have a good dinner. >> on item 2 director hicks couldn't be with us so we have another gentleman to give you a review of the activities. >> good evening members. my name is erick i'm the detective director for the san francisco office of citizen complaints. we have also sherry you will hall. it is good to be here. we're also known as the occ. we're the side of the police department only surfaced by chicago. the occ was created by the board
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of supervisors in 1982 and became operational in 1983. p that was originally an officer in the police department but was put under an individual agency. the function of the organization cc is to assist the police by being the bridge between the public and the police psychiatrist and policies. to that end the office of complaints the mission is to conduct fair and timely and unbiased investigations. making policy recommendations and conducting mediations between the public and police. the occ investigate complaints of police misconduct and make policy recommendation. in california law enforcement agencies must have a procedure to investigate complaints by the
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public against police officers. the office of complaints serves as that in san francisco. a diverse public staffs our office. we have 35 folk in the staff that have lawyers and support staff interest we conduct investigations to find out what happened. we investigate who brought the complaint forward and survey the witnesses. we obtain evidence. we obtain additional evidence from the police department and foreign demonstrates generated by police department. we aim to complete our investigation within 9 months and we must complete our investigation within a year were
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one we do that we make sure that the subject officer who might have violated the rule we have the preponderance of the evidence where it may have been more likely to have happened then not. if after a investigation the officer if they've violated the rule we will further the report and the chief can suspended the officer for suspension. the occ provides mediation alternative a mediation. we had 32 medications last year. we had seven hundred and 89 cases last year. we try to resolve issues with
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the caused member and achieve mature understanding. through our partnership with community boards and san francisco leadership we try to mitigate the situation. we conduct mitigation in other languages. for the participation in the mediates program is volunteer and we must have the officers consent to ignored. i'm proud to say that our police officers participation was at 90 percent and we were the award winner. additional our mediation court reporter person was the recipient for the award of northern california.
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and just quickly i want to share a few statistics regarding the complaints we received last year and how they were resolved. in 2012 the occ had 4 hundred 36 complaints. this represents a 36 percent reduction in 2012. last year, we sustained 6 percent of the cases we closed and find proper conduct and found that 4 percent of the allegations were simply not true. the largest percent of angels we received were award 33 percent followed by conduct of the doctor and unnecessary force of the allegation we received and did not receive any allegation of '93 force.
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our staff speaks many languages including spanish. two of our staff are bilingual speakers and most of the interviews are in spanish. for other languages other than the ones i mentioned we will obtain interpretation services. our office is on the 7th floor of van ness. we're assessable by public transportation and receive walk in complaints from the public from 89 a.m. on. we receive complaints from the public via e-mail and other sources. you can file a complaint with a local police station and they'll forward that to us.
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if you have any questions see sherry hall. this concludes my remarks. thank you >> thank you please call line item item 2 c. >> i have nothing to report tonight commissioners do you have anything. >> sure one on the patrol special issue i want to let the commissioners know i got a list of questions about what they thought of rules that apply and don't apply to them and i forwarded those to the city attorney's office. and doctor marshall visited all of us to the 50 anniversary in washington that martin luther
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king addressed look at ago and also many members of the community and the mayor attended and it's a good thing to celebrate that in san francisco. i think there's a lot of connections and they're still the issues of today. and that's it >> anything further please call our next item. >> 2 d commission of schedule of items for further meetings action. >> just a couple next wednesday at the legion of honor at 6:00 p.m. we'll hold our metal of vail ceremony. it gives awards to the heroic police officers for this year september 4th. and september 11th we'll be back
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at city hall room 4 hundred >> inspector in terms of the calendar is it correct that we're not having a community meeting in september because of that? >> in lieu of the ceremony correct and so could we schedule to put on the agenda for the fourth wednesday meeting in september i think it's the 25th the scheduling resolution please. you're welcome. >> i think i have to wait to be recognized. >> all right. okay. the domestic violence d go if we're narrowing down the days in september i know domestic violence month is september so if we could provided a window during that month for everyone that will address domestic
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violence occurring within the police department by our officers >> schedule for the 25th? >> yes, a that's a good day. >> i'd like to schedule one quick item. we have a lot of officers that are retiring. i want a brief presentation. what we're doing to prepare those officers for retirement to make sure that the officers leave and their prepared for a whole new life. it's a complete change in our status. what are we doing to prepare our officers. a brief presentation would be appreciated >> i want to ask about that. i think as a presentation it's pa great idea exponent about mental height issues and
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returning the police officers to civilian life >> i appreciate that. >> commissioner. >> yeah, i was just going to say the overall mental health and wellness of the officers obviously years on the job effects our overall wellness it's recognizing the tasks the job has on you and a anything further commissioners? >> all right. we have to sign some disciplinary charges please go ahead. >> the disciplinary charges against scott hart file number and case no. 2012 to an individual commissioner to be determined by the commissioner. and the disciplinary charges
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against another officer file and case to an individual for taking up everyday. so it's one case evidence and commissioner is up next and a are there representatives here for the special patrol officers? >> they've been notified by letter and also by e-mail. and they're representing their representative >> where their orders tonight. >> no. >> so what i'll do is scheduled a time to conferee with their attorneys. >> anything else. >> a so ladies and gentlemen, we have public comment but we do
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as we're heading into captain presentation we'll move it after the presentation. >> captain do you want to do that award first or after. >> one other individual from the original award showed up a little. >> another citizen richard can you come up the chief wants to honor i for captureing. so one more time to rendering for your outstanding bravery of great personal risk such bravery is worth by the san francisco police department
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(clapping) >> thank you, sir. >> hi for what i did i just want to set a good example for the kids we all should, you know, help out each other, you know, be a nice person (laughter) >> thank you (clapping). >> thank you. we told the other two people that your new friends that participating we can't thank you enough for what you did that day and thank you four setting an example. >> okay. >> line item 3. captain gary tom xharnd officer to address the commission on police activities in the central district discussion. we're going to lower the lights a little bit so be careful when
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you walk around so we can do the power point presentation. >> if president could and the commissioners and others that i'm saying your name welcome to the district i'm captain tom. i started out here almost 32 years ago. i really started out about 5 three years ago, i was born in the chinese hospital around the block. i want to thank dr. dennis chu. he also hosted this dinner tonight and many of you don't know he was actually a member of the 1 hundred and 40 recruit class in the san francisco police department he was a cop before he was in education. so tonight i have the honor of
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presenting an overview of the central district. the central district has foyer patrol sector. one car covers the theatre district and union square. sorry i hit that by accident. okay. the two car covers chinatown in the financial district. our 3 car sector covers fisherman's wharf and the four car sectors it's our largest sector it covers fisherman's wharf. we have one .8 square miles we have residents but by noon it
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can swell to over 5 hundred thousands. with chinatown and all the tourists we have 20 thousand rooms and 24 parks in that area. district supervisor is district 3 for the most part. david chiu covers most of the central district and jane kim covers central street. central it's 48 percent female. agencies are 17 and under 5 percent and we have a large
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senior population of 15.14 percent so we have twice as many elderly then juveniles. we have 11 though 3 hundred and 50 over the age of 65. the district is asian 47 percent, calling your attention is 46 percent and african-american 2 percent. and others 1.3 percent and native american less than 3 percent. those are the central district and this is the central station demographic. we have 2 asian woman officers and male officer we have 26 asian and 5 african-american and 3 latino.
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now seniority we have 28 percent of our staff has left in 20 years and from 20 to thirty years of service is majority it's about 348 percent and 20 percent of our staff has thirty years and more. we have 9 officers of thirty years ever more and this officer james had 40 years and his daughter will graduate from the police academy this friday to continue on the legacy. central station is returned by the captain yours truly i have 5 officers. i have a civilian clerk and a civilian maintenance officer. we have a street crimes officer 1 sergeant and 5 officers.
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our can day watch patrol has two lieutenants one lieutenant is on and one off work. we have 3 p.s. a's their police service i'd say their civilians. our night watch 53 officers and 2 p.s. a. the night watch starts at 6 clock at night and the midnight get off after 10 hour shifts. we have an investigative team headed by one lieutenant two sergeant's and two inspectors 3e they are the detectives so the speak. we have 7 of the top 10
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attractions in the central we have fisherman's wharf, pier 39 the most visited tourist attraction and al traces indian if you don't book a tour in al trace you're not going to get in. we have a historic cable cars and, of course, the largest vibrant chinatown outside of asian. we have over 1 hundred special events and many of the events have over several hundred thousands of spectator. we have over 1 million people come in her to the small area 1.8 square miles. we have new year's eve,
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america's cup and the 4th of july celebration and the moon foist coming up pretty soon. we have where we practice still police and the protests are to occupy and union demonstrations for free demonstrations additional animal rights demonstrations. we have it all here. we have lots of dignitary and many visits by president obama and michelle obama and former secretary of state hillary clinton that come to our district. we have hundreds of great restaurants fit for a king or in
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this case for the president of the united states so there's no pan do here. aggravated assaults we're the same from 2012 to 2013. robberies were up from last year to this year. if it wasn't for the cell phone robberies or the electronic robberies we'd be be down by 20 percent. we had a i was violence e violent crime up in knob hill it was a neighbor beef where we shot the neighbor but was apprehended. the rates are the same as last year and this year. burglaries from vehicles are up 20 percent this year. we've seen a big spike in auto
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break ins. last year, we had 51 arrests and this is 31. burglaries we have a slight uptick in burglaries and arson up 1 hundred percent from 6 to 12 but many are the transients their setting trash can fires. we've made 3 arrests so we should see a slowed down. those are major crimes and the broadway corridor and quality of life issues. the next 4 slides i'm going to explain how we've been attacking
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those issues from the law enforcement point of view. we have foot beats that concentrate on that district. we have motorcycles folks who run red lights or maybe drunk. last year at this time we had a big problem with party vehicles and drunk were dropped off and we stop those party buses to make sure they're safe and we have a tactical unit it comes out when their no one in other places. so for four hour on every saturday we secured buses and
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advances. if we get a drink instead of the police officers taking them downtown we partner with the security director and business owners in the community on broadway. so we've seen broadway improve over the last few years. we can't do all this ourself so we've got the community at large coming together we is a protocol. so party buses are not welcome on broadway unless 31 they make a reservation. they need to make a reservation. and a lot of them require a
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dress code along broadway. we have a ophthalmologists meeting and melissa rodriguez has been instrumental in helping me with the cooperation with the community. we have people from 710 tell and telegraph hill and the treatment business district and now we're going to have a new community district in the broadway corridor to things are looking up on broadway. for robberies our unit has been going an inferences because people who break into the car sell the merchandise to fences and we've recovered hundreds of computer and cell phones by going after the fences. so that's why we think we're
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making great process on people breaking into cars. we have an outstanding street crime unit and it's incredible. so some of the areas are tourist designations. we want to stop people from breaking into cars. we're trying to get bail enhancements on people who are suspected of breaking into places. we partner with the association and have monthly meeting to educate them and provided this information to their customers their clients. i've also gone in the chinese consulate and talked with those
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folks because a lot of those folks from china have had their rental cars broken into. we have aggressive police with compassion. washington park and along the plazas park wias a heaven there was lots of bad behavior but we characterized folks with a lot of compassion and we offered shelter for folks and for the people who didn't want it we cited them or arrested them. there was a lot of arrests and now the parks have seen a great improvement and it's savor. working with the assistant
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attorney we're going to try to get the different version program. we want people to help cheap the parks. this is a program we're working on right now. when i describe the community police in the district we have community police on steroids. we have the central station basketball team we plated the betty long rec center we have a lot of police programs. we have the step program which dr. chu will explain to you so kids can get to know police officers on a personal level. we have partnerships with several help and the


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