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tv   [untitled]    August 6, 2013 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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community feedback all on the same table. the assessment helps us to flifrlt through the best ideas to effect the balance it allows people to make choices but all choices have an option >> thank you peter. as i mention at the beginning my comments is there are people who will take autos into the city and the quickly you can get them out of their cars into the parking garage area is better. i'm fully in in favor of the garages but the color to the garages the closer to the city >> that's a good idea.
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>> commissioner borden. >> yeah. thank you very much for this report. i have a question about the transportation. are there some shoefrment improvements we can see and i'd like to have the possibility of the streetcars in the direction of the ball park and we have other slow transportation issues >> the e line you'll see running this summer are it's one of the americans cup pilots. so for all the streetcars to use that corridor they have a loop. we have a stub end you can only use those streetcars that have a cab for the front and back. so with that said we're going to
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run it this summer it was scruff successful last year. the f line i can go telling me tell you that the most important thing is the speed and if somebody goes to meet with someone on the pier i'm shut out of this train i want though make sure i can not be late to my meetings so we're going to be testing this summer to have a fleet of streetcars that step in and fill that gap because the f line is a long line. so the crowds we can give them their own train. >> oh, definitely i took the f line and i think one of the changes it making sure that the
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drivers announce the strops and some folks didn't know they were supposed to get off. so in terms of the other improvements. i know that we have not had the congestion but what other kinds of things we're going to improving >> we're test the parking concept with the america's cup talking about the parking garage. they're part of our may or may not and we hope to intercept the cars and avoid the congestion on the waterfront. another pilot is the special event team to o so we have a little bit more on a busy
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weekend by having drivers making sure they're available and the cars are operable. and that helps us what those really, really big events so everyday it is not treated like the super day in october and that helps them look at schedules >> you were talking about the taxis. there was nothing available and i had f lines pass me. the waterfront has a lack of taxis in general >> thank you. i came off two workshops and one of the colleagues was here to get the conversation going first year two major concerns is around the ballpark and to make sure that
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the left turn is easy for cabs. the traffic congestion is a major problem for them. what's happening even faster is having a cabstand in front of the the ferry terminal. and we're working with the port and the mayor's office and disabilities and with the mta taxi people to figure out how we can get a cabstand we're close to that solution. that's something we're not waiting for 5 or 10 years >> i noticed there's a lot of bicycle traffic have in general along there. i do not know they were allowed to ride on the sidewalk. but eventually they can't recall
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bmw be a bike lane >> we'll have a two-way just north of the piers 7 and 89 that will be for 10 straight days. that will help people because bike sharing is coming on. we felt that taxi and bikes and pedestrian i didn't cabs all at once will be too much >> there's not a logical place for taxis to pull up especially, when there's pedestrians and bicycles going bye. >> we see that the america cup
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venues we have a cabstand facing in the opposite directions so we don't force those into a left turn movement. we have secured a curbside on the other side. maybe not just when the big events are coming on but the boulevard is pretty crowded >> you are so popular i want to talk to you first. first of all, the - all the ideas are exciting and it's great to see all the pilot programs. we having still have a bottle next of pedestrians crossing at the ferry building. i miss my boat so often that we
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have to start unloading portions of the pedestrian areas rather than subsequent freeways. the lighting is coordinated as the cars move coming south and north which makes it difficult for people to cross. we need to find a happy medium to give the pedestrians a right and that will be worse when you have bicycle renting in the medium of the plaza in that big medium p there. it's extremely important. i see people with children who barely make it save from one end to the other. i might be saying what i've heard supervisor wiener 710 say to you and that's the cost.
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it's a fact the percentages are in question of identification of the fact i do believe that transportation planning and implementation was - implementation has to led development. i did not think we can - we can't wait for the city to come to a standstill without having the major transportation improvements and know how to pay for them. i reading that as where we are there's funding missing to bring things update. i'd like to create a delta where we have one and one equals two rather than hearing 20 years away to be implemented. to restate my point the transportation improvement in those areas where we see major
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change have to be in place soaps to facilitate them. >> i'm sorry. >> i want to compliment you for the presentation it's great to see you pushing for improvements. my neck comment. i'm reasonable familiar with the waterfront and the incredible work you're doing today to implement the plan beyond the plan but the republican vocation meets the highest standards. i'd like to ask perhaps the director to present the key
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concepts and ideas including some of the plan to this commission. this plan is referenced by reference only. and i think as we are moving into trying to expand the spirit of that plan going south of bay bridge it would be important to understand the legacy of this plan in more detail before we're participating in a conversation. the next thing i'd like to ask you simply sat down f that the secret service has much stride off the overall success - i i want to make sure that the person gets their phone call (phone ringing).
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i'd like to get american people overview from you to speak about the amount, frequencies and type of resources we're going to be thinking of when we create a plan going south. and i have one comment for the director ram that were this - i would be curious as to whether or not the eir you were referencing is indeed a plan or a projectorer >> well, the eir that's in question and we have someone from our department is for the pier 32 and 33 and seawall and that's the project eir and so we're not at this point to have a plannerer for the area? >> no, not at this point.
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>> as john mentioned the eir we're preparing right now is for pier thirty and 32 and that's the project specific eir we'll be preparing a fully eir for the project at pier 70 as well as an eir for 337 but they'll speak to what peter is working on in terms of impacts and traffic and transit and all of the mitigation measures will be integrated so they will speak to each other. but at this point we don't have one plan, eir >> you're having 3 eirs.
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>> right the giant eir is in the preliminary phases so that may come about a year after thirty, 32 eir. >> and i professionally didn't think there was enough plan for the eir? >> on that point what i would like to emphasis it's coming out of the assessment would be recommendations to transcend the warriors or giant if you're 70. that's exactly what we said. we've got a better transportation project but they neat to be informed by the individual environmental reviews and that's to keep the individual eirs to tlouts tells us ways needed and draft that up
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consistent with their transportation improvement that might meet the environmental reviews >> yes commissioner moore has mentioned the stark preservation and it's a lead into my comments but how much is the city and port - i don't know the right word - hampered by the burden. i know whener that consultants spot miles corporation on 27 or 31 whatever it was that one of the constraints is what are the land uses that can be allowed on port property because of the state restrictions and one of the advantages i guess you could say is that the states land
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commission - you don't know i don't think this is in the state legislation but because the pier buildings have a historic significance there could be consideration be given to those land uses because those uses would then contribute to the rehabilitation of the historic buildings which in and of itself would be a public good. but short of that there seems to be a lot of things coming up coming up during that process there are a lot of things you can't do. so but i don't know anybody is and it might get a lot of push back but i think that in a lot
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of ways maritime is not that much of a lack active purpose. and i guess the question is does the city family really just want to sit back and accept what's there or there any discussions that are challenging or relig n religioning the whole thing >> i guess in short perhaps to commissioner moore's suggestion if they want to have a more detailed presentation about the waterfront land it would not be complete without talking about those public trust questions
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you're raising. in general just like you as a planning commission need to look at how our policies evolve and trond different kinds of legislation. the public trust principles are principle and they evolve over time and we found even though we may not always agree that we have a very open and collaborative relationship that has allowed the state lands commission to look at the waterfront and urban waterfront with the historic district that's listed on the national raerj and take into account a lot of the land use issues to factor into the trust their
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determinations. that's how we've been able to achieve the project so far. some of the projects beyond the china channel we have very informative and intelligent and seasoned experience to work through those issues >> if i may follow-up the question that was asked hits the nail on the head. this is a good opportunity to take a look at what the next steps are. my friends at the labor unions is the reality is the ports are shifting from a maritime port to a real estate port area. i'm happy those two items were fused together. if we're going to have any
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success we're to have to tie them hand in hand because no one is successful without the other. i have a long history with the areas it's crowded. at one point it wasn't crowded but how we manage success we've got a pilot and we'll see what sticks and what doesn't but my advice so to remain as flexible as we can. this is an intelligent approach and i think that we're in a new era to collect data to make better decisions and i hope we stay open this path and not get distracted.
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it would be great to have a little bit of a dream study to show modest changes and it is so ridiculously expensive to do anything on the port we end up for projects to be penciled anti if we're able to lower the construction costs you might not be having some egresses projects coming forward. i'm looking forward to having this project completed >> to look at the comments. most of you have read the landscape by rubbing benefit it's an interesting history to 2008 and it deals very much with the massive size of the some of
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the projects that had to be proposed because of all the things that have to be satisfied. i'm supportive of the comments and support of the e line concept. hopefully it can go thereto tunnel and it's an opportunity to draw people out of their cars assuming we can get enough people on the f line. so i think anything we can do to prompt that i'm very much in favor of >> further questions? >> okay. thank you very much. >> commissioners if there's nothing further we can move into
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item 13. amendments to the planning code to expand the definition of formula retail. i'd like to provided some clarity there seems to be a number of variances and so to clarify the preliminary recommendation to recommend approval for recommendations and to table it >> you have before you an ordinance introduced by supervisor breed to expand the proposed project. >> good afternoon. i'm the aid
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to london breed. let me apologize for the lengthy presentation but unfortunately we're facing a skeptic memo from the planning department. the legislation before you makes two small arising to the controls in the hayes valley. supervisor breed is asking for your support. the merchants association in particular and you'll hear from them they're concerned about the doughnut home. it allows folks to circumstance vent policies. this legislation one revise the definition to include locations outside of the u.s. and two applies the formula control to
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the existing formula retailers. we're not relitigating this ban. first, let me discuss why we want to include the international areas. supervisor breed believes this is a international market. especially with the rise of internet commerce retail is truly a global marketplace. and any location - why would it make a difference if a company has 11 locations in canada or the u.s. those do not change because simply some of the stores are outside of the u.s. a european company has a large
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organization throughout europe they have 11 stores in the united states. so arrogant has been allowed to circumvent the codes. frankly i don't understand why the chamber of commerce obtain to worldwide locates. why is it fair to regulate american companies but not european one. this should apply fairly. shouldn't it not be biased against american companies. now let me address the affiliate companies. now since some retailers abide
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deby some policy like the gap. there's nothing to stop levies from opening a docket store. simply by creating a new name it is not fair to companies. the lack of products don't change because they changed their name a formula retailer is still a formula retailer. shouldn't it apply fairly to ail formula retailers. it doesn't seek to ban the policy only look at that. some of auditor this ordinance is being recognized without 0
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data or analysis. we've had a decade of data and in the analysis of hayes valley community and the district supervisor this ordinance is in the best interest of the community. the arrogant who has multiple locations and a similarly large candy retailer is going to open soon for they regard that as a pressing need and wanted their government to act. there's a ongoing conversation about the city's retail. supervisor breed has arrested to hold-off on here ordinances until the defendant it complete but this ordinance is not part of this conversation. hayes valley has always been a
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test case. supervisor mar on it's introduced an ordinance that would make it citywide. there's nothing in this ordinance that would prevent this from happening but this is all a separate conversation. we're seeking a might have had revision. the staff has recommended an approval that would be based on two things first, the department doesn't have the expertise to control the structure and the land issues are not a factor. with respect to the first point verifying oernz. in the course of the coming
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weeks at the ordinance moves thereto process the supervisor is happy to help with the implementation for vivifying oernz and i have already had several conversations with deputy district attorney how the planning department can verify the structure. the department could require some evidence from the pleasant such as articles of corporates corporation and there's an existing process for code violations for the board of appeals. if a third party shows evidence the department can initiate the process and if the department finds they're in violation they could deny th


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