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tv   [untitled]    April 14, 2013 7:14am-7:44am PDT

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to give a little bit of our open space plans. the map in front of you shows 3 types of port pronldz. the first one in erroneously shows the major park - i'm sorry in green are prior to the port bonds. that was over decades of getting those funds. in purple for the first time san francisco voters approved the bonds in 2008 and this shows park projects that are receiving bond from that issue. and you'll see on the map the completed pier 43 the gate way and the under construction project that were in the orange
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is the site for the 2012 parks bond investment. and the northeast plaza you've haired about and the 27 and 29 pier and pier 70 port. this graphic really shows that the next time of the open space are continuance along the waterfront. we're very grateful to the voters. so the purpose of this item today is to get your first look at this allocation of the
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proposal. specifically we're looking for a 29 tip. and $600,000 to the creek improvements for a total of 18.2 million. and this is over the two years. the slate of bond projects that we will accomplish through this go bond is approximately over 5 years beginning earlier this year and concluding with the last park close out at 2017. there's quite a bit of information in the park project. the total cost is 17 million and 14 million arrested spent for
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the planning. the design is scheduled for completion in 2014. for the park in this pier could include the machine shop court yard. we're looking for the piers that benefit the community and we estimate points completion in january 2017. $600,000 for this sale of creek improvements. the project we estimate will be applied in 2017. so in summary staff has completed a plan to get the open spaces and building on the work
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that has already gone and/or and we're looking to sell 18.2 million in the first bond sale. and a tip at 2729 and we'll return to you in the future for the next bond sale and the open plays projects. we have staff here david and dean i believe he's still here and they can answer any questions about this project. thank you for your consideration >> is there a motion? >> motion to accept. >> i'm actually pleased to see that looks like almost
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everything will be done in the next 2 to 5 years that's tremendously excited that's a rapid turn around. going back to phase two i wonder in you could articulate a little bit more about the projects in phase two and if there's any funding coming in prior to the issuance of bonds or is that subsequent to the bond sale in >> we're looking for community planning project to see how best to direct those dollars for crime scene cove park and pier
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40 park and the blue greenway and park improvements and dave can answer many more questions about those specific project. we don't need the fund today but i'm going to ask david to answer the questions >> and more about the timing. >> david with the planning and development. you'll see in the first issuance there's planning money in plays for the pier 70 other than crane park. that will allow t us to continue with the design work. in addition there's design work for creek improvements which again is initiating the design
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plans and next it the design and policewomen's of those projects. this park is linked to the mission bay and we want to make certain we don't start that without understanding what the bay shore park is going to look like. and the green water cove park we thought we can benefit when we see how the other neighborhoods park looks like. $8 million for the other park we're using the $8 million that goes toward the construction of the project >> and the city is very willing to entertain earlier bond sales or we could link up with another
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department 7-eleven market e selling bond if we advance those projects. we never want to sell the bond before we get the promise we don't want to over sell >> that make sense. i'm still hoping i'll see a dog park show up at the creek cove. i know we ail - ail went through a lot of the process. i want to thank all of you. is there any public comment? seeing none commissioners? >> motion to accept.
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>> second and all in favor? >> motion passes so thank you very much. item 10 new business >> commissioners other than the return of the item on the ferry building plaza and a couple of of the other item is there any new business? >> none other than we're pleased to have commissioner murphy with us. >> and i want to thank i commissioner for chairing the meeting. >> she said there were a lot of waiting. i want to i remember i that i forgot to mention that we have our home plate ceremony and the
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next meeting on april 23rd. i thank you for starting the meeting earlier. we're going to plan to be able to terminate the meeting by 6:00 p.m. so we can get over to the ballpark with time to spare. we're keeping the meeting manageable on april 23rd. come back with the e o p item so we'll be managing that over the next two meetings. >> i know i misspoke when i spoke about the donor program. >> and on the may calendar it's shaping up pretty robustly.
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thank you for your comment >> motion to adjourn. >> any public comment? seeing none. >> motion to adjourn. >> all in >> on december 28, 1912. san francisco mayor, sonny jim rolph stared into the crowds of
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those who have gathered. a moment in history. the birth of a publicly own transit system. san francisco municipal railway. muni as it would become to be known. happy birthday, muni, here is to the next 100 years. the birth of muni had been a long-time coming. over the years the city was disjointed privately owned companies. horses and steam and electric-powered vehicles. creating a hodgepodge of transit options. none of them particularly satisfying to city residents. the city transit system like the city itself would have changes during the san francisco earthquake. the transition that will pursue
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from this aftermath would change san francisco's transportation system once again. facilitated by city boss, abe ruth, ushering in the electric city car. the writing was on the wall. the clammer had begun for the experiment including public transit people. owned by the people and for the people. the idea of a consolidated city-owned transit system had begun traction. and in 1909, voters went to the polls and created a bond measure to create the people's railway. would become a reality three years later. on december 28, 1912, mayor
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sonny rolph introduced the new geary electric streetcar line and the new san francisco railway. that he said would be the nucleus that would host the city. and san francisco gave further incentive to expand the city's network. a project by way of tunnel leading into chinatown by way of north beach. in december the first streetcar was driven into the tunnel. just two years after its berth, muni had added two lines. and k, l and m lines that span out from westportal. in 1928, the j line opened
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heading west to the beach. in 1944 san francisco voters finally approved muni take-over of the market street railway. by then motor bus and trolley bus improvement had given them the ability to conquer san francisco's hills. after the war most of the street-car lines would be replaced with motor or trolley bus service. in 1947, the mayor recommended replacing two lines with motor coaches. and it appeared that san francisco's iconic cable cars had seen their final days. entered mrs. cluskin, the leader to save the cable cars. arguing that the cable cars were a symbol of the city, and she entered a charter placed on the
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november ballot. it passed overwhelmly. the california street cable railway was purchased by the city in 1952. there were cut backs on the cable car system and in 1957 only three lines would remain. the three lines that exist today. in 1964 the cable car's future as part of california's transit system was sealed when it was proclaimed a national historic landmark. in february, 1980, muni metro were officially inaugurated. in that same year, muni received
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its first fleet of buses equipped with wheelchair lifts. in 1982 when the cable car had a shut-down, they added an alternative attraction to the cars. the festival was a huge hit and would continue for the next four summers in a permanent f-line that would extend all the way to fisherman's wharf, by 2000 the f-line was in place. and in 2007 muni extended the third line to the southeast corner and returning to third street. for the first time in 60 years. in the course of last 100 years, muni's diverse workforce forged by men and women of innovation have reflected the many cultures
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that flock to the city. muni's ground-breaking antidiscrimination has guaranteed equal opportunity for all. the city's policy mandates the course for the future, as they work diligently to increase options and increase multialternatives, and deduce -- reduce the carbon footprint. it continues to improve the systems. during this sen -- centennial year we reflect on the transit system. driven not >> are we ready for prime time?
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call the roll please. >> chair recognizes the quorum. approval of march 12, 25 and 26 minutes. move and seconded to move approval of minutes of march 12, 25, 26. public comment? just want to say thank you to our secretary for the tedious task for drafting our minutes and be able to correct the misunderstanding that were created by some people that didn't understand what was going on. so thank you
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miss hood for that. public comments? we have no public comments today. this is unheard of. all right. we'll move on to item number five -- communications. no comments whatsoever? no public comments on communications. we'll move on to other commission business. is there any? yes, mr. /phor moran. >> just following up on the lake hearing and i thought that was a very useful meeting. i would just ask staff to return
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at the appropriate time, hopefully not too far in the future, with an mou with rec parks that incorporates the various discussions that we've had over the past six months or so. >> comment on this issue? >> no. >> i want to reiterate the commitment i made at that hearing. that is to conduct a task force meeting again and make it a regular business for us to do that and any commission is welcome to do that with us as well. it's all about a willingness to be heard and for communication to take place. >> thank you president torres. for those of you who are not aware, labor leaders tend to be like prize fighters and then retiring and unretiring and
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retiring again. i do have it on good authority, and i'm going to ask for some assistance from staff, that larry [inaudible] who has been the head of the plumbers union is in fact going to be retiring and i'd like to make sure we don't miss an opportunity here to do reck recognition in some way and i will ask staff to follow up on that. >> that is now confirmed by mr. courtney. i have a long history with mr. mizzola. we will save or remarks for the appropriate time. other commission business? report of the general manager.
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>> i'd like to start off with introducing kim mall com. kim has just joined our staff. she comes with a strong energy policy background and experience in the energy field. she's worked for the california public energy commission so she's quite involved in community choice and helping to write the rules there. when she left work for cpc she worked for a non profit in uc berkley so he's also a /prabg /teugs /tpher as well working with communities job placement. i think she brings a very strong background to the san francisco public utilities commission and we look forward to hearing from her in the near
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future. >> we'll have some questions. welcome. >> this is my third day. >> this is your third day. no wonder you're still smiling. thank you for being with us and welcome. >> i'd like to call gee lee for the water system improvement update. >> good afternoon. as you know, we've spent a lot of time the past few months working on this comprehensive assessment that will allow us to refine or budget and schedule and that work culminated with the publication on march 22 of a notice of public hearing where you will be asked to consider changes to the wisip and that will take place on april 23. at the program level i want to highlight the fact that we have now passed the 5 million worker hours milestone. this is a
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pretty important record. i also have some project level news that i'd like to share with you. as you know, the differing site conditions that were discovered at the site in mid 2012 are by far the largest program changes and i'm happy to report that last week we were able to reach an agreement with the contractor on the terms of that change order. it took two months to negotiate that change order and in the end i think both sides think the outcome is fair and justifiable. on the bay tunnel i wanted to let you know that we extracted the cutter head of the tunnel and we are on track now to start the installation
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of the pipeline inside the tunnel in may. this will allow us to get into the existing tunnel by the end of completion of the new irvington tunnel. this is a change that will come at no cost to us and it's a great opportunity for us to work with the water enterprise on a plan to inspect the tunnel while we still have a contractor on sign so that's something that will take place in late 2014 or 2015. we will need to have a lot of coordination with operation staff before we come up with a thorough inspection plan there. another milestone in march --
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we issued construction on the san antonio pipeline project and that leaves us with only preprojects in construction. another project in pre/skwr*ubgs -- the regional water ground and recovery project. that project is being issued tomorrow with comments due at the end of may. and finally i wanted to close by recognizing the incredible support we're been getting from our operations staff, especially the two treatment facilities. the staff is doing an outsiding job balancing the need to accommodate all the construction activities at both plants, while at the same time minimizing operational risks. at one plant right now some of the performance testing has been delayed. we're only a
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couple weeks from substantial completion there, but because we are delay /w-d some of that testing, the plant needs to remain operational drawing furtherer down some of our local /rez . >> thank you. >> any questions? thank you. >> that concludes my report. >> public comment on the general managers report? consent calendar. >> item eight, approving amendment one and authorize to execute a journal amendment for a timeframe of one year with no change to the contract amount.
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any comments? a motion to approve the consent calendar. all in favor say i. opposed? motion carries. and we're down to our regular calendar, item number nine. >> item nine updated debt management procedures. >> here today we have an update of the debt policy for you to consider you and i've asked our debt manager to share with you the policy. >> we have a presentation. >> can we have the


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