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tv   [untitled]    February 27, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PST

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of supervisors budget committee four out of the five years i was there, r two years as a budget chair simply because i think some of those fundamental maybe boring topics really need to be focused on. and, so, for the assessor's office, i don't think at all it is boring. i think it's necessary to make sure that we focus on it and do it well and do it fairly. again, it brings in about $800 million worth of revenues for the city and that is not a small amount. so, we want to make sure that we continue to be strong in that department, that we continue to do what we can to make sure we support the city's operations. so, i think it's a fundamental piece of our city's operations. >> let me add, too, i don't know if any of you certainly think harvey rose knows and others, if you've been in the room -- this is why i made the link to moody's. i was in the room with kate and all the fiscal people in the city, controller's office when we were getting reviewed by mood yes's and standard & poor's and other ratings, they throw questions at you. it is literally much more than
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an interview. it is kind of like a deposition. what do you have set up? what are you doing about this? what are you trying -- all of it is about economic and financial confidence in the city. and they're asking all these questions from the debt to general fund to reserves to how much you keep, what you're going to spend, what's the state going to do to you, what's the fed going to do to you. i think after going through that for the last couple years, we need someone like carmen heading up an office that might in the external be quiet and unassuming, but they are an incredible part of the confidence building that we need to have in the city. and you have to actually be in those depositions with those rating companies in order to understand how important that is. because if they don't see our internal team taking care of business and demonstrating that on an every quarterly basis, on an every year basis, now it's
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poring through everything we do on an annual basis and every two years, the ratings are going to be low. because of all the other things that are happening in and around us. so, we've taken care of business. that's why i think we're viewed very differently than all the other cities i think in the state of california. yes. >> [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood]? >> qualities, it's standing right next to me. so, in terms of public service, follow through, i mean, carmen has demonstrated very thoroughly in that district what it takes to be an effective supervisor. and the things that i have seen her do, i mean, she's hauled me out to merchant walks, to coffees on weekends, to garbage
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pick ups, to work along sunset boulevard picking up dead trees and fallen trees. and then talking with people down at the java coffee shop on noriega and finding out what's wrong with muni and how come they have these turn arounds which they hate out there. i mean, you just get into every single nitty-gritty thing that i think probably every supervisor does. i've done that with the other supervisors as well. and you have to just bring that back in, absorb it, make sure we're responding and make sure all the other department heads that i get the privilege working on, responding every single day to those issues and making people's lives feel that they're improving and see the improvements. so, i think that's what it takes and you got to have the trust in it so that people are saying this is the person i want to invest in. that's what i'm looking at. again, i'm not going to go but for the comments that i made
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earlier, there are people interested in this position and i'll do the appropriate interviews and take a look at them. at the same time they have to be looking at the standards that have already been created. it seems to have been a high standard created for district [speaker not understood]. >> [speaker not understood]. >> are they key votes you want to tell me about? [laughter] >> i'll tell you later. >> you'll tell me later. >> [speaker not understood]. >> yeah, please. >> i want to thank you for that question. i think just as much as it is important for me during this period to transition and speak with folks at the assessor's office and really hit the ground running, i've never stopped working for district 4. and i think david can speak to this and my colleagues can speak to this. they ask, why are you still introducing items at the board of supervisors? aren't you done yet?
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when are you gone? [laughter] >> for me, i'm going to work until the last minute i am the district 4 supervisor to make sure i serve the residents there. when i came into the office, it was my commitment to make sure that i served district 4 well. that's why every piece of knowing what's happening with the merchant corridors, knowing what's happening with muni, understanding all the different aspects and problems people may face in district has been my priority. so, i don't intend to stop doing that until the very last minute. >> [speaker not understood]. >> thank you. i think there's a lot to point to in my district. we really focus on the infrastructure and investments within our community. so, taking a look at what has happened with our play grounds, our libraries, these are all things that i'm incredibly happy to say that we've made wonderful improvement on and people actually see physical differences. but i think within city hall, the area that i'm always sort
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of the love of my work is really around the budget and fiscal responsibility. and, so, i think it's being honored to be able to serve on the board's budget and finance committee really helping that process go through and recently the last two years as chair really helping that process to move forward smoothly, making sure that we are putting the right attention we need to into a five-year planning process, making sure that we have our first two-year budget go off without a hitch. are things that i feel incredibly proud of. and those are all things that i couldn't have done alone. again, all of my colleagues who are here and were with me before for those years and, of course, to my staff, they really helped to make that all happen as a city. so, i think that really bodes well not only with the leadership of our existing board and the boards that have come before, but it really shows there is really this unifying understanding of how important it is to have that solid foundation. >> thank you. (applause)
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