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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2013 7:00am-7:30am PST

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actually incorrectly designated by height. so, typically a parcel is given one height limit such as 50 feet. and if a height bonus is allowed, it is indicated by planning code section 263.20. during the survey integration process, some parcels were given a height district with two numbers such as 50, 55 x, that reflects that same intention. that is, the base height limit is 50 with available five foot bonus depending on the active ground floor or the height of the ground floor. the split zoning 50, 55 x is not correct and is not seen anywhere else in the city. i've seen the map and these are the only places where this exists. there are also a number of parcel mistakenly zoned similarly 60, 65 x. the five foot is available to zoning districts 50 feet and below. there is no 60-foot height district that allows a five-foot height bonus. it's simply 65 feet. so, specifically there's 7
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parcel that are mistakenly zoned as 60-65 x we [speaker not understood] rezoned back to 65 b. and two mistakenly zoned as 50-55 x that should be 50. right, just to reiterate, the convention is to zone the parcel for a base of 10, 30, or 50 feet and offer to five foot height bonus via the requirements of 263.20. that concludes my presentation, but for the public comment section i wanted to add that i included most of the correspondence in your packets. however, since the publication of our packets i received approximately 100 additional letters and e-mails in support of the proposed amendment that would address issues associated with cafe floor. i've also received one petition and two letters in opposition which i believe were forwarded to you directly, but i have copies of them here today. i'm also certainly available for questions. thank you. >> thank you very much.
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opening up to public comment, a couple of speaker cards. gary weiss, eric honda, raymond patterson, and adriana elio. good afternoon. my name is gary weiss. i am the president of upper -- of the corbett heights neighbors in upper market. i'm a member of the upper market alliance, the treasurer of the [speaker not understood] valley neighborhood association, and a merchant on market street practically across the street from cafe floor. i have owned the flower shop there for going on 30 years. cafe floor is a venable and much loved [speaker not understood]. none feel that cafe floor is given preferential treatment. we feel this is spot zoning in
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its purest form. one of the owner's arguments is had it not been for [speaker not understood] treatment it could possibly go out of business. the owner requested sub for the for getting a liquor license and again for extending the cafe's hours. the business had flourished for three decades before he purchased it and it did just fine preparing snacks in the small kitchen. this all started when mr. petra he wanted to offer a full menu. rather than going through the legal channels he converted the back half of a building he purchased across the street, no inspections by the health department. he's done this many years now, having his employees jay walk across noe street with food frequently with garbage in the same trip. just think of the message this would send to other restaurants in the city. prepare your food off-site for several years and just as it was going to be shut down, ask
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your supervisor to legalize your off-site kitchen through spot zoning. he also neglected to pay any property taxes he for five years on either the cafe or the building across the street that is in question. no other business in the city would benefit by granting legal status to this kitchen facility whose owner has [speaker not understood] for years. we merchants of the castro and upper market neighborhood are very supportive of proposed zoning change of our commercial district and sincerely hope you will strike this zoning for cafe floor from the legislation. thank you. hello, commissioners. director ram. i'm eric honda, vice president of [speaker not understood] triangle neighborhood association, dtna. we're opposed to this ordinance for several reasons. first, the piece of this legislation which cites [speaker not understood] in essence takes three totally different subjects. food service zoning and
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building height in two totally different properties and matches them together and make it impossible to consider them [speaker not understood]. supervisor wiener split the legislation [speaker not understood]. after meeting with us recently he's expressed the term to buy the term of our agreement at that time. affordable housing and finding local tenants for retail space. he preferred that the fitness project be submitted to the planning department [speaker not understood]. and the kitchen has been cited by the health department for multiple violations. as he told the supervisor, putting these two pieces of
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legislation is not only inappropriate, [speaker not understood]. let us also be clear we love cafe floor. we've heard from many neighbors they love cafe floor, too, and they don't want it closed. neither do we. it is an important venue and neighborhood culture. [speaker not understood]. since that time he's been able to get multiple changes to the law. mr. weiss said that have increased his possibility, including the allowance of live music and granting of a liquor license for full bar. [speaker not understood] could be profitable without the kitchen across the street and transport [speaker not understood], a process we final frankly disturbing to watch and leaves us scratching our heads how [speaker not understood] could find it healthy. [speaker not understood]. as mr. weiss also mentioned it is a matter of public record mr. [speaker not understood]
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dunkelberg pay property tax and only worked out a payment plan with the city when the restaurant was about to be auctioned off. [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood]. in short the ordinance as proposed lacks merit. [speaker not understood]. >> thank you. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. good afternoon, president fong and commissioners. my name is ryan patterson and i'm a member of the duboce
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triangle [speaker not understood]. i'm also an attorney and live near the subject properties. i researched the applicable law and reviewed the planning and health department files on this matter. the proposed legislation has two parts. the first is a change in the height and bulk classifications for 2301 market street. the second part would allow cafe floor at 22 98 market street to operate an off-site commercial kitchen down the street from the cafe. it confers this right on one parcel and one parcel only and that's cafe floor. the off-site koch sen located down a dingy alley behind a nail salon. [speaker not understood] is likevly illegal under state law and constitutes reverse [speaker not understood] spot zoning. i draw the commission's attention to [speaker not
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understood] wilkins v. san bernardino which recognize spot zoning as illegal. there is a good reason why courts would strike down zoning schemes like this. it confers on only one parcel in the district. it's fundamentally unfair to other par tell. -- parcel. the other merchants are furious about cafe floor being singled out to operate a second kitchen. no one else in the district is allowed to [speaker not understood] this use. there is also a reason why commercial kitchens are prohibited in both ncd and nct district. use is incompatible with the district in which it is located. when you think of off-site commercial kitchen uses you think of neighborhoods like soma. it is certainly not appropriate or legal in the subject districts that we're talking about tonight -- today.
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as i mentioned, i reviewed the health and planning department files on this matter and there is no indication that the city has given significant thought to other possible solutions to this problem to cafe floor's desire for extra kitchen space. so, if the commission is not willing to vote against this legislation today. i would ask simply that you table the matter for a short period of time so that the stakeholders can come back and discuss other possible solutions. * supervisor wiener mentioned one possibility today which is extending this right to all of the district so that other restaurants can enjoy this privilege as well. but, you know, without considering [speaker not understood] and with that right being extended to only one particular restaurant, it is likely inappropriate and illegal. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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good afternoon, commissioners. my name is andrea aiello. [speaker not understood]. and i'm here speaking today on behalf of the cbd in support of this legislation. as supervisor wiener and planning staff stated earlier, this legislation obviously does three things. it extends the controls of the orphan block as we have been talking about to make them similar to the rest of the market octavia plan area. it allows for increased residential den it on the 2300 block of market street, amends the planning code to support existing small businesses, including allowing for an off-site prep kitchen for use of popular local restaurant cafe floor and expansion of fitness sf, another popular fitness center in the castro. it also includes the addition
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of 14 apartment units with rental health -- rental housing below market rental apartments on-site. this legislation will -- and that's what's happening at fitness sf. this legislation will allow cafe floor to legalize its long existing off-site kitchen and will enable it to continue as a very popular full-service restaurant it is. additionally, the off-site kitchen is behind an existing retail space that is not visible from the street, allowing this nonconforming space will not interfere with the mandate for store fronts at street level in a neighborhood commercial district. additionally, the castro cbd is [speaker not understood] of the additional residential den it on upper market and supports allowing increase [speaker not understood] to enable the growth of fitness sf and the addition of approximately 14 rental units. i'd also like to add that this legislation is overall in line with the cbd's mission which supports small businesses, pedestrian friendly and engaging sidewalk cafe floor has a lot of outdoor permitted
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outdoor seating and whenever you walk by there, there's always people. even when it's nasty out, there are always people sitting out on the sidewalk eating and it really makes for an engaging pedestrian experience. and it also allows for the increased density which -- and allows for diversity of residents because of the on-site lower market rate housing and increased diversity of residents living in the district. this is totally in line with the cbd is about and we urge you to support this legislation. thank you. >> thank you. i'll call a couple more name. if you could please line up on this side of the room with the monitors. calvin amos, daniel glazer, dina [speaker not understood], and dianne [speaker not understood]. >> if your name has been called, you can feel free to come up to the microphone.
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>> please come up to the podium. thank you. good afternoon, commissioners. just like to make it quick, i just wanted to say -- >> excuse me, if you wouldn't mind stating your name for the record. my name is calvin amos. sorry about that. for years this place has just been a good place to go. it's halloween, july 4th, pride day, castro street fair, market street festival, all that stuff is pretty much like my go to place. plus the owner, mr. petras has been a good friend to me and my family for a long time. it's nice to see that business thrive and go there and hang out and help out with whatever i can and it would really be a shame to see it go for me personally. thank you. >> thank you. thank you. hi, commissioners. my name is dan glazer. i am a board member of muncie
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and i'm also a business owner in the neighborhood. the muncie board voted unanimously to support j.d. petras in this new permit endeavor. also, as we know, the forefront of the space is -- we are still keeping a retail in the front. so, the storage room is behind that. he is definitely very supportive community member. i hear a lot of hatred and anger from some of the community groups who have never supported j.d.. i'd like you to take that into consideration when you make your decision and please know that the muncie board is completely behind this permit. thank you. >> thank you. hi, i'm dina plotkin. i just moved back to san francisco after being gone for 11 years, and i've been here for a couple decades before that. and a lot of change in 11 years
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coming home. and i moved back into the duboce area so we go to cafe floor. and there has been a lot of, like a lot of places that were here for a long time when i moved here are not here any more. so seeing cafe floor there when i got back was really nice and seeing how they've worked and been a part of the community is really nice. so, i think they have to be away to recognize that their growth is good for the larger community because it helped -- they put it back into the community. so, 1850sing away to allow them to grow and give back to the community and be there would be great. >> thank you. a couple more speakers. kyle devrios, michael phillips, j.d. petras. hi, high name is dianne amos. thank you for your time today. i'm one of those people that started in my late teens. i've done my four years at floor.
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when mr. petras took it over, i'm not mad at anybody [speaker not understood]. my 15 year old said she wanted her birthday party at cafe floor. [speaker not understood]. what mr. petras ha done, how much he's into farmers market, everything he called and asked me to help on, its was something i was so completely behind. there is no way i wouldn't show up for him because that community to me and what cafe floor represents is so much a part of my life. and when i go in there and i see the rainbow that's in there, and for us me and my husband and my kids to be there and feel welcome, it's more than i can say. mostly, when i hear and talk to the merchants of the neighborhood which i do because i have that kind of mouth, i hear support. so, i'm a little confused at who is so angry. to me it sounds a little bill like you thought about this before us and actually have the space.
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so, i'm wanting you to realize i'm in support of whatever it take to get that building in compliance so we can still have that amazing food. i don't mind if my food walks across the street when it's that good. thank you. >> thank you. : good afternoon, commissioners. i'm jeremy paul. i've raised two boys in that neighborhood and i want to tell you a little bit about the restaurant there and what's available for kids and what's available for families. if you've got 30 or 40 or 50 bucks to spend on dinner, there are lots of great optionses to eat in that area. if you've got 12 or 15 or 10 bucks in that neighborhood, you've got pizza, you've got a lot of burgers, but you don't have a will the of good options. it provides a lot of peace of mind for me to know, when i do a lot of work at night meeting with neighborhoods, being at the planning commission or board of appeals, it provides comfort for me to know my kid
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coming home from a sports commitment at willow, he can take the muni into castro, he can stop and sit down someplace comfortable where he can have a piece of chicken, a salad, vegetable, something healthy, it will serve him well. it's a comfortable environment in the city or in the world where a teenager can sit down and have that kind of meal and maybe get some help from the divas at the next table with his calculus homework. [laughter] i want to speak strong little for this as a neighborhood institution. and the economics of having that storage room for this odd space are very important. when you stop and think about what kind of uses could go in there, what they could serve in that kitchen if they didn't have that storeroom. it really makes me wonder how long it could be before another sliderses or burger joint opens up. please do what you can and let
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j.d. keep that storage unit. thank you. >> thank you. hi, my name is call devries and i'm with the [speaker not understood] arts collective. i remember my first night in san francisco, my friends told me to go to cafe floor for dinner. and sitting there watching the crowds pass by out on virginia invaluable patio was when i really fell in love with the castro as a neighborhood and with the city. and i lived in the castro for a year and i spent most of my dinner at cafe floor. [speaker not understood], and it is an invaluable space just being able to interact and really provide a true neighborhood experience, something that is really dwindling in the united states, all across these cities. in addition, i think cafe floor has really earned.
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-- incredible [speaker not understood]. they hold plenty of fund-raisers. i've been with them on different fund-raisers for the lgbt community and other causes. they are always invaluable in providing support. and specifically j.d. petras can be amazing. we've worked with him on several big projects in the city, including fatopia [speaker not understood]. cafe floor was a huge sponsor of that event. j.d. goes above and beyond in term of making projects in san francisco unique continue. and as it goes for health, it seems really silly to make this not an officially sanctioned use so we can have real regulation and oversight in the space. i always felt perfectly safe
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and trusting in cafe floor's food. they never served me wrong. it's been wonderful. thank you for your support. >> thank you. good afternoon, commissioners. my name is michael phillips and i'm in support of the legislation being proposed by supervisor wiener. i have taken part in many fund-raisers, many party events . i have taken part at cafe floor as a consumer. i love -- it's become -- in the community it's become a hub for people to go to, to meet, do job interviews, have meetings about events, just to meet and greet, people watch. i've watched since j.d. bought the place, i watched it grow and flourish for and with our community. i watched when he i am poed the outdoor, what do you call? it?
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the tables and umbrellas and all that kind of good stuff. j.d. petras is and has been a important part of the community and j.d. petras is cafe floor. the staff of cafe floor is amazing. they're very friendly, they're very often it's one of the most viable pieces of property in the castro. i go to the castro every day on a daily basis and i shop and i eat. i go to the cafes and the coffee shops and all that kind of good stuff and i've watched restaurants doe one by one by one by one. i watched store fronts close one by one by one over the last several years. one more thing. just yesterday, i just want to piggyback on what scott wiener said and also what everybody else has said. such a community hub, such a supporter of the community. it would be a shame to see it go away. just last night i was talking
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to j.d. p/e -- petras. me being on a community panel. there's been a rise in suicide. i spoke with j.d. last night about helping out with a space. he didn't bat an e-i-r. he said, no problem, we'll work something out. * eye. i hope you'll support legislation to keep cafe floor food viable, food part of the location. thank you. hi, my name is j.d. petras, i'm the owner of cafe floor. i want to tell you how extremely vital this is to the survival of cafe floor. we have approximately 35, 40 employees there. the entire kitchen staff has been there close to 18, 20 years. the morning of our staff and other employees have been there 18, 20 years.
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my general manager has been there 32 years. it's very much a family as far as -- as well as a business and it's extremely important that we -- the cafe floor is a very small -- it's only 900 square feet. it's a greenhouse. there are no storage, there is no self-ing. when you walk in everything you see is exactly what we have there. and there is no sporectiontionv to put in the products. the kitchen we use across the street is mainly for making soup stockses and cleaning lettuce and vegetables and stuff like that so we don't have any cross contamination of pro scenes. it's very important. * proteins i do want to say something about cafe floor. our taxes are current. i don't understand why this was brought up when everything is just fine with us tax wise.
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and thank you very much. >> thank you. ken bunch, deborah aiano, gerald -- i'm sorry, can't read that last name. john kodera. sister honey bee, ron schmidt. hello, my name is kenneth bunch. i'm the founder of the sisters of perpetual indulgence. cafe floor is like any other business in the castro, any other business or cafe. it's a community center. over the last couple of decades, people meet there to talk about issues and to make plans and form organizations, [speaker not understood] the sister. we've all at various times met there to plan our activities.
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as well, cafe floor has donated thousands of dollars to charity, to our charities over the years. and you really have to understand, cafe floor, the kitchen is more like a walk-in closet. it really needs -- for the tremendous number of people that want to eat there and there are, as has been said, especially on the weekends, a line of people out the door to eat there, so socialize, to connect, and to eat the great food. in order to provide that service, they really need an off-site kitchen. and i understand that they've had one for a long time. and, so, this proposeses just to legalize that. it's a very unique institution, as i said in the castro. it really needs this off-site
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kitchen to support its services. i hope you support it. >> thank you. hello, my name is deborah [speaker not understood]. i've been going to cafe floor since the early '70s. i've always eaten there, socialized there, i consider it a community center. and i'd just like you to support the legislation to legitimatize the work around that business has created to provide food and a place for people to get together in san francisco. thank you. good afternoon, president fong and members of the planning commission. my name is john caldera and i'm a 26 year resident of san francisco and i'm a board appointed member of the veterans affairs commission. we meet right just down the hall in room 416 on the second tuesday of the month. i'm also the executive director of the san francisco chapter of veterans for peace here and we help host the grand stands for
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san francisco pride. so, i'm involved with the community and echo the thoughts that many business he have come and gone. and i'm here to speak in favor of cafe floor. the fact that the legislation before you is really more to grandfather what already exists. the food that comes from cafe floor is healthy food. it's not processed food. as someone who has lived with hiv for over 17 years, that's what i'm looking for to put in my body. when i eat there, i feel like i'm doing something good for my health. it's not something that's come frozen out of a patty. and that type of food takes time, takes preparation. so, i ask your indulgence to allow what already is. thank you very much. hi, my name is gerald childerses. i'd like to speak in favo


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