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tv   [untitled]    February 5, 2013 9:30am-10:00am PST

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woman who live in my district. she also traveled across california providing legal and court support for cannabis providers and her work in the community will continue to have a lasting impact she is fifed by the woman's health networks she helped to build and her many loving friends who worked along side her and more than 15 nieces and nephew. i would also like to end the meeting in the name of doctor jones and meditation instructor at east bay meditation center pass odd on january 8 oof this year due to cardiac arrest. doctor jones is a well respected role-model and is beloved by many born and raced in san francisco and later went onto mary calvin jones at providence
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church and had one child. she received her appointments to the social and cultural program at the humanities department at dominican university and a doctorate in multicultural education and spruesed to meditation practices in the 70's and it greatly influenced her work she was a passionate and tire else'sless activist and spirit rock meditation center where she founded the popular people of color week and day long retreats which i have participated in and actually our actually office participated in one of our day long woman of color retreats days ago and we were -- her teaching her daughter has recently also given
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birth to their first grandson and marlene spoke about the total joy that her grandson had brought into her life and we are all deeply moved by marlene's story but we know that her legacy will be toned by her family here in san francisco. >> thank you supervisor kim, supervisor mar. >> thank you madame clerk, today, i'm working with the san franciscobicycle coalition and other neighbor advocates in a process to look at dust in the city and directing the to preventing bike death and is as well as solving these times types of crimes, bicycle ling is becoming more popular throughout the city base of the great work of different advocate and is it's especially improving in the intricate where i live where biking is up 167% and it now represents about 10% of all the
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vehicle trips taken. i think that hain of us might agree that we want to see more people bicycle ling whether to mute commuting to work or family outings as well and i have i should mention that i have had two bicycles stolen from my garage in my building over the past couple of years and also in inner richmond as well and we want to look at city wide data on the issues and bike thefts are on the rise at about 3,000 per year in san francisco and $3 million worth of bicycles are pistollen each rather year and we might see that income as people choose bicycling as a more viable means of transportation given the oil crisis. and i also want for stronger bicycling and other mobile means of transportation, we may see that thefting become on the rise and one of the
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greatest -- are according to the san francisco bicycle coalition. i i wanted to whether as add that there have been some -- including san franciscotion police department apprehension of a thief that took one 14 bicycles last july and a successful sting and the bicycle coalition have held numerous workshops to educate riders on how to prevent bike theft and i'll be calling upon the city to build on these and to look at these kind of strategies to make sure that we protect our residents from bike theft and i'm looking forward to seat research at a hearing of the new neighborhood safety and services committee that i sit on with chair supervisor campos and
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normany as well and also on saturday, i was happy to be at the community inauguration at our city's -- supervisor avalos and i were enjoying the community spirit that was will and alhando said that he wants to see poetry come into all chambers of government and so i look forward to his ideas and supporting those in strengthening our community with poetry and i also want to say that i tended on sun day a ceremony with maritally and it was a civil rights heros by the asian caucus and other and is our great alumni of san francisco state and dany tbloiver was the m c and he was wonderful and but he gave property props and recognition to some of the asian pacific islander communities like [name?] andsure coach yes, i
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amia who was also a great frequent friend of his as well and filipino labor leaders like larry [name?] and phillip vera cruz to hey had a aian leaders and many others from our history of struggle in the asian and pacific islanderrer community but it was a wonderful program and congratulations to the hero's program and i also p wanted to say that tomorrow another asian and pacific islander event is coming up and dean frank louis from hastings college of law has invites us to the reenactment of the major civil right case of modern europe for asian americaing were a young chinese america man was beaten to dealt by two unemployed auto workers in
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front of a mc donald restaurant in 1982 and this became spark how many of us became - and is so there will be a reenactment at hastings at 6:00 o'clock tomorrow and it will be really convened by dean frank lieu and many of the hastings law student and faculty as well so please join us. and i also p want to say the mayor of oakland i can't even khan and our former colleague and reverend norman were also very active in the case as was normany, my colleague and many others as well and we are hoping that this reenact enactment of the case will bring light to the civil rights issues and how it links up with current day struggles as well and i also wanted to let you know that on thursday
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morning i'lling joining the richmond police station, the district attorneys office and many community based groups and merchants in promotes our 16th annual lunar year crime prefix for the district and so we will be meeting to raise awareness for public safety in the richard district and in the chinese couldn't and we are using the opportunity during the lunar season to race awareness in what we call senior blessing and -- stems and they have gone up and this is an opportunity for us to raids awareness and i would like to thank the san francisco pete's office owe association and many others for fundings and designing these new reusable shopping backs bags and other bilingual for our community and we will be meting on the tad khan community to raise
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awareness about this important issue the rest i'll submit, thank you. >> thank you sure mar, sprr mar superior supervisor wiener. >> thank you. i would like about projectses for hiv funding in the following year and what federal and state cuts we can expect in erms of backfilling those cuts and supervisor campos is respond soring this request with me and as we know when the epidemic hit in the early 198080's went at it alone and like some other places, we developed a very very excellent system of care for those who were suffering from the disease. really a model system for the
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nation in terms it of government and nonprofit partnership to provide care and services. over the years and state government, finally became involved and start providing much needed funding through varieties programs clueing the ryan hoyt care act cdc prefix funding as well as other programs from the state unfortunately in recent years we have seen significant cuts in hiv funding from sacramento and rantly despite effort by nancy plowscy we see cuts in federal fundings and in the middle of last year themary the mayor submitted and the board passed a supplement plan to provide immediate cuts to hiv services in the san francisco and during the budget process last year, the mayor budget's
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approved the entire $7 million in federal cuts for the current fiscal year. we anticipate that there may be 4 million-dollar or more in federal cuts. that have not been back-billed in the fiscal year starting july 1st and so we want to hold a hearing to know exactly what the anticipated cuts are, what the impact of those cuts would be and what we are and can be doing locally and our city budget to backfill those cuts. so i look forward to this important conversation and to continuing san francisco's historic commit to living with hiv and those living with the diseases. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor wiener? supervisor avalos. >> thank you madame clerk just a couple of items for introduction is a memoryium for daniel colon. you might know
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about, he was shot and killed last monday morning in the -- neighborhood and is leaving behind an 11 -years-old son and many many relatives in the area and yesterday morning, was his service at value lenities on mission street and it was pretty impressive to see the community he had around him going back generations to the [name?] district and it was like almost every ever street in the compel sell cor district was mourned. and he made great contribution to his community he was known as a peace maker loved mudsic played the drums a big 49ers fan and liked to swipe from alcat triads to the north beach area and it's amazing how large this
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community was and he is sure lie going to be missed in the community my next item is calling for a hearing to look at the impact of the lie dour scandal the bank offered rate scandal several banks over the course of selfyears had clueded in setting rates that have had a real detrimental impact on municipals and the way we do our finances in places around the world and there has been an impact to many municipallalities around the united states and ballot more is actually secretary a settlement with the banks to be able to recover funds that were lost and there were municipals in the bay area and san jose that are looking to recover a possible fund as well and this hearing is asking our
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financial advisers in the city to assess what the impact is to san francisco and later, we could decide whether we want to join other cities and counties around the country and any kind of senilitiment we could find but most of all, it's important know that many municipallalities were effected and many are imposing austerity in how they do their service and is carry out services and thankfully we are not doing that in san francisco but it's important to look at our own finance and is work with other cities around the country in order to find some recompetence if it's necessary. my last item to action is introducing an ordinance to create the outer mission commercial district will extend along mission street from
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280 down to the san matt at a yo county line in daily city and this will allow the city to customized begun control and meet specific neighborhood needs needs and we have residential use and on the ground floor and limits none residential use that we want to apply in this area and we have actually in our district alcohol restricted use district and it's actually expiring and we are going to incorporate new alcohol steenings of that to the future, commercial and the n m.d., and so other things that we are going to be applying as well to this legislation will be looking at how to prevent clustering of medical cannabis dispense res and upwe have go right now and one is in existence already and some are in the same black block of our district and to me while
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i'm supportive of medical cannabis dispense res i'm not sure it makes sen to have them clustering up within two store fronts of one another and so this will carry out in a discussion in the community about what is best in cannabis dispense re and is alcohol as well. >> thank you supervisor breed? and thank you and president chiu? >> first of all, i want to thank supervisor martha into the bike thetsz because like supervisor mar i have had two bikes pistollen and i do not spend very much buying bikes and so for that i look forward to working with you and i look forward to finding solutions for that and colleagues i'm looking at california to be the first
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state in the country to cap and state in the country to aggressively reduce in-house tax voters of california passed proposition nine for energy efficiency and alternative energy project the process of allocating these funds is now at the state legislature which will be making specific allocation to their specific process and many strategies regular recommended by the state fall under the responsibility of local government and is's and this is why a number of local countieses and legislation around the state are provide asking to provide additional funds to support greenhouse production programs and so my request is to support that. and i have a memoryium to recognize the passing of a long-time residental in our area
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who lived in chinatown. lucile chen and she raced three children including gordon which when who you know was a fopper and significant leader in the chinatown community center. she was a loving and spirited woman often referred to as the lucile ball of chima town and i want to express my condolences to the family i know shell be greatly miss the. >> the rest i submit. >> thank you mr. president and that o'clocked role call for introduction. >> colleagues why don't we go to our 230 accommodations i would like to start with supervisor wiener. thank you mr. president. today, i am honoring a really a maiding community group in my
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district in in any way valley the residental n o i valley town square. if you guys can come up. so this the proposed n o i valley town square is just one of the ultimate community based neighborhood projects some of you might know there is a parking lot on one 24th street near sanchez street where the n o i valley farmers market happens every saturday american. the farmers market was founded by gableel and crawford who are here and it's a key asset in gathering space in the community any saturday morning it's an absolute community hub a really a town square this is one of the few farmers market in the city
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that is run by people in the neighborhood often farmers markets bring capable outside vendors to come in and this is a farmers market that was created in the neighborhood and day in and out by the people in the neighborhood and the parking lot is owned by n o i ministries and that needs to tellcele the parking lot in order to finances it is earthquake retrofit and there is a strong and widespread desire in the neighborhood to make sure that the parking lot and farmers market remains community open space, and doesn't get sold off for development but there really is no open space in the core of n o i valley other than this area. so, for a few years now, the residents for n o i up to square and the neighborhood have been looking to see how we can purchase this parking lot and
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turn it into permanent neighborhood open space not just a farmers market although that is a real anchor but have a real open space this the neighborhood. the last thing that we want to do is loose the farmers market and this opportunity: so so far residents for n o i town square amazingly have been able to raise $475,000 towards the project in the neighborhood with contribution raise ranging from $5 to $55,000 it has been a great grassroots fundraising effort. we have been working closely with the recreation and parks department which, is very supportive of the project in terms of how we can acquire thispoupt through a combination of neighborhood fundraising and open space acquisition fund financing to ton this into open space for the city not just the
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neighborhood because there are whether or not of people who come and use this who do not live in the makes and it's one of the exciting project around and it's the little train that could, these folks have kept going against all odds and won't give up and i'm in you a of their work all the time. so, we have with us, today. peter gable, today david, chris keen and lezly crawford and indicate share wood who are the core of this organization. and i'm just really proud of all of you and i just wanted to bring you here and honor and you colleagues if you have not been to the farmers market please go saturday morning from 9:00 a.m., to one p.m.. 8:00 a.m. to one p.m. sorry. and anyway, yeah, you will not want to go in the middle of the night. so, yeah, thank you for
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awful your great work and we are proud to honor you today. (applause) thank you supervisor wiener and my name is today david and i'm the president for
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n o i valley square and this is an exciting trip that we have all taken together. we kind-of formed a group in 2010 to see if it was possible for us to poshly save this last bit of open space in the heart of the valley and at the time, current community college trustee introduced us to meredith thomas, neighborhood parks counsel and we started to work with meredith and started exploring different option on different ways do this and former supervisor bev industity got really excited about the project and then when supervisor wine wiener came in he was incredible supportive and in my of 2012 we asked the neighborhood to see if they would be willing to make pledges
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towards the project and we have raised $475,000 in problems in just the neighborhood which has really been amazing it's basically a table at the farmers market that we man every saturday and since then senior -- has contacted us and told us about at the state level and we have had fashion partners and this is really an exciting public private partnership in our opinion and we have actually been contacted by different parkgrams in your districts to have how we have done our project and so we are really excited that this model that we have kind-of you know, strapped together is gaining mommentum in some other districts also and so as scott said, we invite you all to please come and see the market on saturday on 24th street from 8:00 a.m., to one
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prime minister and it's an amazing sense of community that the farmers market has created so thanks again. (applause) . >> thank you supervisor wiener and thank you to your honoree and our next accommodation will be a dominate dated by supervisor chu. >> thank you very much president chu. if i could ask any person i may have missed on the n jutted it beautifulcation process to come up. colleagues i'm happy to honor these individuals around their great effort in the area. if any of you have done gone to visit the beach and stopped by on guda
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you will know that we have an n guda there and it basically stops and sits in the middle of the roadway and it's a vibrant community that the community has transformed. they turn the distribution around in that area or the community efforts to be able to create a neighborhood parks in the area out of the median space that we have out there creatively and it's really an area right for improvement and groundwork from the citizen and is so today, i'm here to honor these individuals because of a really great recent effort that we have put together. this is really an initiative led by the citizens to improve the area around the neighborhood and it again it really is combining the grassroots of the folks who live there and using technology do it and so but think about all of the townhall meetings in the past where we try to engage
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citizen for meetings a lot of time they are sparsely attainable tended people have commits to work on whether it's working or taking kids to soccer but this project is a revolutionary idea in that it's combining the meetings on the ground with people there and engaging technology so people are putting their feedback online and real-time with the community members that are not in attendance might be thinkings and after meetings we are able to have people see and improve their ideas on neighborhood in addition, to having big posters directly on site in a location and it has been a tremendous effort to watch the community come together on it and a lot of times, people think of the sunset and how quiet and sleepy the evident is and i have to say this effort has rejuvenated the area and gotten a lot of people involved in it and so we are pleased po to be here and honor the people in it and so daniel
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is homesick so he is not here to say how proud he is on this project but as you know he is one of the biggest champions in saying that organized communities lead to resilient communities and so we have a few folks that we want to honor. general is not here to but she has been leading the effort with f f s f state student and we have focus that we want to recognize from neighbor land and at crowd bright we have darn incidence moore and we want to thank the city hall fellows here and angelica and lindsay and rachel as put together a key role in pulling this off and they put together workshops in the middle of our holiday season and so in the middle of december we had a ton of people come out and over 16 neighborhood residents come together


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