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tv   [untitled]    March 2, 2012 2:00am-2:30am PST

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you sense information in the first quarter and still have now received a response. why do you think that is? is there someone that you deal with directly or how does it work? >> to my knowledge, there is no when we deal with directly. it was reported after we sent a letter it had been some months that it had rewritten the schedule. additionally, i want to say about that tokens that this is a resource issue. the shelter is provided with tokens. >> --
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supervisor campos: there are many of these issues that i know they're going to be dealing with expeditiously, but one of the points is during the quarter you are referring here, the committee had seven active members of 13 members. what does that mean? can you explain that? >> we have many vacancies. >> do we have applicants for those seats? >> rim not sure if we have applicants at this point, but we are always trying to recruit people, especially with spanish speaking capabilities. supervisor campos: you guys do tremendous work. i feel at times the agencies are
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not responsive the way they should be and on a timely basis. if there is something we can do, all of that will change, but if there is something we can do to make a response more timely and thorough, that is worth pursuing. >> thank you very much. >> it just to piggyback on the those comments -- the difference in a letter submitted, but it was an alert letter. when we need information that we can request, the agency has 15 days to respond to us. we have not had problems in the past requesting information that way. the letter that was submitted was done as information to the site as part of the follow-up conversations that happen in the
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past two committee meetings. there will be a request going forward about tokens. supervisor campos: i would just hope the level of collaboration between the mta and this committee is such that you don't have to have a formal request to get a response when you alert them of something like this. that would be my hope. supervisor kim: if i could just add to this item, and my short time on the rules committee, the lack of availability of tokens at our shelters and nonprofit organizations that serve our homeless population, i think we need to be more creative about how we do this. if it's a funding issue, i'm not quite sure why m.t.a. has to charge for these tokens. if it is a question of there being a limited number but we know many individuals need this to get to job interviews or to shelter beds, we should try to be more creative and what we can
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do with that mta to see if it had a more unlimited supply of tokens because they do not think they're going to undeserving people. our case workers are overworked workers having to decide who is qualified to get a token and who isn't. i think we should figure out a better system with an eta. so are individuals who need to get to bed and -- with the mta. so that individuals need to get to bed and to job interviews can do that. at the last shelter monitoring committee report, i did ask that our department could see the committee reports in advance so they could respond to some of the questions. i want to be clear, it's not that i want the report to go through the apartments, i just want a copy in advance because the last meeting, it was problematic there is no response because people were seeing it for the first time a committee meeting. so i wanted to give an
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opportunity to come up if you would like to -- if you would like to speak, please come up. >> thank you for letting me join my dear friend and colleague. this is my first opportunity to come before the board of supervisors as director of housing opportunity partnership and engagements. i am happy about working with each of the members of the board of supervisors in an overall effort to improve outcomes for any city sponsored shelters, supportive housing and public housing. there is there is a tremendous environment now at city hall. this is an unprecedented era in which our economy and city will grow again. i spoke to supervisor campos this morning and he spoke about not missing this opportunity to
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ensure that as things to improve, we focus on individuals who are most in need and those who remain at risk through lack of employment or housing, becoming homeless. i want to ensure you that the shelter monitoring committee is very important. i look forward to hearing these issues. it is frustrating at times if you do not have the coordination grid luckily, the coalition of the homeless has been working closely with me and alerted me of the key issues. i have been in discussion with muni. there are trying to run to schedule, but there were some other issues. that is one of the major responsibilities of my office. to make sure we have intergovernmental coordination to answer these questions. the issue of tokens is a major issue. given the budget shortfall, we may look at a hybrid approach to
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get the private sector more involved. as we focus on youth passes and other issues, muni can only do so much. i have been talking to a potential private-sector partner. transportation is extremely important. the department of public health is looking at restructuring maps to focus in on people most in need. some of the transportation that has been available on a generalized basis may not be going forward. it may not be the wrong thing to do. it may be better. i do want to highlight to very important issues. i look forward to a robust relationship. i was at a meeting before this meeting with laura guzman. i feel as if the mayor's office has an opportunity to be more engaged. i think that will be important. thank you so much. supervisor kim: thank you so
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much for joining us today. >> good afternoon. i am from the human services agency. he ended his report on how was going to start mine, stating that one of the recommendations you made to us in july was that we at least get an opportunity to see a report before it becomes final. with the second quarter report, which is presented today, we have the opportunity to go through the report and ask for some changes. as you said, there are not here to make changes based on how we perceive them. in the second paragraph, under the second quarter report, it says there are 49 standards of care complaints filed in the second quarter. at least they outlined the status of those 49, which is what we wanted to see.
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if you went to the first quarter report, they just made a statement that there were 59 and not what the status of those 59 were. we enjoyed the working relationship in that dph and h sa has with the offices of the shelter monitoring committee. one of the first things i discussed with mr. dufty was, i wanted to get him involved in the process of the shelter monitoring committee and the collaboration that the departments have a with the committee. my biggest concern was tokens. supervisor kim, i know you spoke about it in july. we did some research on the suggestions that you presented to us. both of them are highly funded in the communities with city
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general fund money. about $350,000 in santa clara county and $200,000 in marin. they're homeless population is smaller than ours. just a bit of background, we get about 2000 tokens per month. we have 1154 people in the adult shelter beds and 260 families. we would greatly exceed that 2000 per month -- per month just by giving that out to the homeless population. what we did was establish some policy on how tokens are distributed. in working with the map, folks need to get out to the bayview. they are also available to
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deliver. it has been an unfunded mandate. i do welcome some of the suggestions that mr. dufty made about getting our community involved and helping support around the token issue. when you buy a token, the mta does not give you a discount on the token. they only give discounts on youth passes, seniors, regular fast passes through our lifeline program. not that we are at a standstill, but i think with the infusion of mr. dufty, we can generate some outside funding to support the issue around tokens. unless you have any questions for me, -- supervisor kim: i see no further questions on this time. i want to thank you for being
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here. i apologize if i was not clear last july. i did what the shelter monitoring committee to go to all the departments. not that it could not be final prior to coming to you, because understand during the monitoring committee is going to monitor as much of the work as is taken. i am glad that we can do this and that we have a response versus what had been in practice before. thank you for that. i do want to work on this issue. many of us want to find a way to resolve it and think out of the box. hopefully think of other ideas for how we can do this, whether it is figuring out the count of tokens, working with private sector partners. a number of businesses have inquired about what they can do to support homelessness work in their neighborhoods.
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particularly folks that feel like the population is impacting towards them. it is not that i want to cater to them, but it is in our private interest to get people to job interviews, to shelter beds. we should take the opportunity to partner with people who are willing to help. thank you. supervisor campos: i do want to thank you and your staff for being very responsive about these issues. on the issue of the muni tokens, i think we should have a conversation for coming up with a solution. the reality is that if you do not have a number of tokens that are needed, you are not want to be able to address this issue. i know that the mayor, on the issue of muni and making it accessible for use, has told -- has talked-about the private sector helping out. i think that is something we can export. i think many people would be
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interested. thank you. supervisor kim: many of our vacant beds are also seen in providence. we need to do that -- do everything we can to make sure the people that need those beds are getting those beds. it cannot be because we do not have enough tokens to get down to the bay view. >> i am the one that works with the monolingual. when a latino or somebody gets a token or they cannot get a token, all the way to providence, 4 5 miles, the issue that have brought to me is that, because they do not have a token, they get a ticket, $75. the second time, they get another $75 ticket.
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they are afraid they will go to jail or get deported. in the winter, they just decide to stay because they do not want to get tickets. with tickets, that comes with the law. i try to explain to them that we do not have enough tokens but that is something that we all -- that they always bring up. if you do not get there on time, we do not get the reservations. and then we have to come back. by not having a token to get their, they are only getting tickets. those are tickets that unfortunately, they do not know what to do. they either do not have social security or they cannot get around. i just want to say that if there is any way you can help us, it would be really appreciated. supervisor kim: thank you.
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at this time, can we open up for public comment? >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am the editor of the st. chief. i am a member of the shelter monitoring committee. i am here to give some personal thoughts. about the tokens, to me, common- sense indicates that is a non- issue. it does not cost me anything for an extra person to be on a bus. we have hundreds of people that need a ride from a reservation center to providence. to msc. those buses are running anyway and they have drivers. it is not talking muni for there
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to be two or three extra people on. i have spoken with the people at the mta and beginning on april 1, they have a program where homeless people are going to be able to get free quarterly passes good on all of their bosses. -- their busses. it would be wise for san francisco to encourage muni to do the same thing. supervisor kim: thank you. >> ok. let's start here. you have a quarterly report talking about -- you all get a quarterly report. the quarterly report that first came out, it said four of the shelters, they were not even
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inspected. i am going to give you a copy. you can take a peek at it. the other thing is, the chair of the shelter monitoring committee during that quarter, herschel for was not even inspected. -- her shelter and was not even expected. you are talking about boston opens, but somebody just got stabbed to death in a shelter. -- bus tokens, but somebody just got stabbed to death in a shelter. many of the people in the committee are not qualified to be there. they do not understand any of the documents that they should have, such as the runaround report, our shelter shops, the
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shelter training manual, the ordinances predating the shelters. this is not a qualified body to do this. this guy gets stabbed to death and you're talking about bus tokens. there is just so much wrong here. i think this body could be better. it is very real, several years ago, there is no political will to make these shelters better. supervisor kim: thank you. i do want to a knowledge that the same sheet you give us is the same sheet we have in front of us. they did a knowledge there were not able to visit four of the sites because it is a body of volunteers. they try to visit all the shelters. that was not a question.
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>> so the share -- so the chair of the monitoring committee gets immunity so she does not have to monitor her own shelter? supervisor kim: we will try to answer that question. we have six vacancies on the monitoring committee. that could help tremendously with the sites we do not get to visit. do you know who appoints those seats? on our website, it says that the board seats are all full. >> yes. we just trained two people. we know we got two people this quarter and our training them right now. there is an open seat and we are looking for bilingual because
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there is only myself and one other person. right now, this is the first quarter that we have only two seats available. last quarter, we did need six people. and they are all volunteers. some of them have kids and jobs. basically, we are only nine people and we have all of the shelters. we try to do the best we can. supervisor kim: so there are seven active members but that does not mean there are only seven? 13. >> look at your second quarter report. there is only one vacancy. supervisor kim: this is a vacancy that should be appointed from the local homeless board. great. who serves as the chair for the
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shelter monitoring committee? what sheltered us to work for? >> i am a little confused about someone being on used for my shelter. when someone works at a shelter, they are not allowed to inspect their own shelter. supervisor kim: does the chair work at a shelter? >> she works for compass. she does inspect other shelters but not the shelter she is currently working on. somebody else comes. supervisor kim: i just wanted clarification on that. thank you. thank you for taking care of
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that for us. i have called for a hearing on shelters as well. we will be hearing that either on march 22 -- i will reserve a lot of my questions or comments for that hearing. regarding the additional work we can do, both around staffing and what additional support we can get to our shelters, given that so many of the problems we talk about are the problems we are ready know exist. you have to come out of the dust -- something has got to come out of the discussion or else the report will come back to us with the same issues over and over again. it is frustrating for all of us here and our staff at dph and hsa as well as our constituents who are homeless. i am hoping we can make some headway on that. it is a frustrating issue for all of us. i do want to a knowledge as some much work has been done.
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but we still have many more steps to take and i appreciate the committee members for volunteering their time. thank you for being here. is there any other discussions or questions on the rules committee? seeing none, is there a motion to continue this to the call of the chair? >> so moved. >> we can do that without proposition. thank you very much. i want to invite all the members who are here today to come on our next hearing on the 26 or 29th. thank you. can you please call item no. 7? >> item #7, ordinance amending the administrative code to clarify the reporting responsibilities related to decentralize and publicly accessible online database of information concerning appointments to city and county of san francisco advisory bodies.
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supervisor kim: thank you. the clerk of the board of supervisors is here to present on this issue. >> as you are aware, the original ordinance was passed october of 2011 and establish an online database for all appointments. it defined maintenance responsibilities to ensure its accuracy. we have realized an unintentional consequence whereby the appointing authority would need to provide quarterly reports. the board of supervisors reports to over 80 committees with multiple seats on each. for these 80 and more bodies, we posed vacancies as needed and a report of all appointments available in the coming year. in addition, we provide quarterly and annual reports for other bodies. such as the sunshine ordinance
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task force, the revenue oversight committee. we understand from conversations with president chiu that the legislative intent was not to bring it to the board and we fully support his legislation today. to clarify the department's liaison should require reporting requirements for the database. the clerk of the board and staff would really appreciate your staff in recommending this legislation. supervisor kim: thank you korea i am happy to see this move forward. my question is not -- do we have a list of task forces that have continued? but are not inactive. when supervisory bodies are inactive, the clerk begins to collect them and bring them back to us so we can officially end
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the use of those committees. sometimes, we have task forces that still continue on. is that the case? >> i'm going to ask your clerk to respond to that. she is the one that does the managing report. she provides a list to the clerk, the board, and myself regarding bodies that should be dissolved. >> it is the commission secretary responsibility to invite new legislation or work with the supervisor's office to get legislation introduced. >> so all of the committee's that have hit their dates to request an extension before they continue? >> that is correct. supervisor kim: i am very
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interested in our non-chartered commission bodies. i know we have many. there is a tremendous amount of staff time that goes into staffing these committees and it would be great to get a better handle on the task force we have currently. thank you. are there any other questions? seeing none, we will open up for public comment. >> good afternoon. being one of the more obscure areas here, it is certainly of interest to me. i have a handout for you. i took a moment to look at the item and marked it up. i certainly support the change to add the department liaison definition. that is certainly the person most knowledgeable with the operations of each body. to the extent that you're moving the responsibility for maintaining up-to-date information to the person rather
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than the appointing authority, that absolutely makes sense. but i think there are some other clarifying changes that would help. you can choose to make these now or in the future or think about them. i think this could use a little cleanup. a couple of points that i would call your attention -- in the definition on page 1, although it ultimately cost about advisory bodies, the definition includes all bodies, boards, commissions, task forces, or committees. i read this to include chartered commissions appointed by the mayor, the board, and other appointing authorities. i am not sure that advisory body is really the best term to use in this context. if this really is supposed to be centralized database for all appointments made by various city actors, perhaps a different term would be more for writ.


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