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tv   [untitled]    January 22, 2012 4:48pm-5:18pm PST

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respect for his peers. as we know, last year paul revere had great results in their test scores, so i would like that to continue in school, and above all, i am very grateful of the administration at paul revere. thank you. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> i have a daughter in kindergarten, and i am here to support our friends of both, -- support our principal, and i would like to know if she is going to be moved. i do not have of our friends -- why do not have a preference. when she applied for schools, she was not excepted because she
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was speaking spanglish. for the time that she has been at paul revere, she has advanced quite a lot, and now she knows how to differentiate between spanish and english. thank you. >> my name is eric car, and i am the proud parents of a spirited kindergartner at paul revere and a member of the organization. i am here to represent the families who could not be here because finding child care presents a hardship.
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if you want to meet these families or any other families in our schools, please come to paul revere. come to our school. see our academics drives. see are enthusiastic kids in their classrooms. i cannot pretend to know all of the politics of play in your decision. i am focusing on my daughter and her kindergarten class. please know that any decision that is not based on what is the for our students and families is not a decision of us. i hope you will come to the school. thank you very much. >> i am the proud parents of a
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third grader at paul revere. this is our fourth year at paul revere, so we have gone through a lot of change, and i am proud to say we haven't haven't an engagement, and we are actively reason we have had an active engagement, and we are actively involved in writing a grant, and we want to make sure it meets our needs. and we have been actively involved in overseeing how the money is spent in our schools. we have lively discussions, so by now, i think we have earned the right, and we should be involved in decisions that affect our schools. last year we were celebrating success. as the beginning of the school we were celebrating our progress, and we were upset to
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learn the district was considering the removal. we would like to learn how this is going to justify paul revere. we want to continue to believe this district has paul revere's death interested in mind. now we have asked for a meeting -- paul reveres best interest in mind. we have eyes for a meeting to have them come and work with us. we need as much support as they do, because we deserve it. thank you. >> good evening. i am in my fourth year as a parent at paul revere and my first year as a community coordinator at paul revere. i want to bring you an example of our latest updated and
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expanded newsletter. this is one part of the response of her parents about communication at the school. the newsletter highlights some of the problems. we will be starting a free english as a second language class this month. that is something our spanish- speaking students have been asking for. another is parenting classes as well as apparent leadership program that is helping parents learn to partner with teachers and the school in the education of their children, so i would like to say i would not wish to the crisis we have been through on anyone, but it has caused us to be stronger and to dig deeper about how to engage our families and the education of their children to regard we have been
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doing that work, and -- of their children. we have been doing that work, and we ask him to continue. >> good evening. i am the proud principle. i am also proud to serve in a district judge has explicitly developed the following three goals, and to make social justice a reality, and to engage high achieving learners, and to keep our promises to students and families. both improvement data and results support that paul revere is making significant progress towards these goals. our student achievement data is available for your review. i would like to share briefly a few more results from a survey that over 200 of our family is completed recently. 83% of families believed their
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children atenjoyed attending paul revere. 87% believed teachers have the best intentions in mind when making decisions, and 90% feel students are treated respectfully and valued at paul revere. although we have some concerns we continue to address, i will personally commit to working on improving communication, and aging parents, and working towards meeting our goals of equity and high achievement for all. thank you. >> good evening. my name is meghan williams. i believe i am the last person to speak tonight, and i know we are all exhausted. i know you have sat here patiently and listened so much
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over the last couple of months. i know you have all the information you need to make a decision based on students' needs now as well as their future, and i want to end on a positive note and convey my believes we can do this, and that is based on the assumption that leaders on all levels make decisions based on students and nothing else, and i heard you speak about that commitment that we make decisions based on students' interests above all others, so we are going back to school to do that work we have shown is working, and i trust you will support that. thank you. [applause] >> thank you.
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>> kellie smith, did you speak? >> my son has gone to paul revere for four years now, and just a fact i would like to point out, if you were an eighth grader, you would have had five principles. that is ridiculous to think the school is working well with that much administration change. the fractures of the principles being removed again is like taking an organ from a human body in my mind. my son has been there only four years. he has had a second principle and a second vice principal, and the vice principal has continually not shown up this
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year, so i am asking you to really look as the facts of our school and support gittinit wite care of these children need. thank you. >> that ends our public comments for today. let's move on to the next item, which is k. advisory committee reports and appointments by board members. any appointments by board members? seeing none, let's move on to the next item, l >
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is there a motion and a second? >> i move that item. >> second. goo>> you will do the reading. >> good evening, commissioners. i am going to be reading into the record the approval of interdistrict attendants' agreement. the request of the board of education approved the attendants' agreement and authorize the superintendent to enter into an agreement with neighboring school districts. those have already been signed by neighboring district as well as the approval of the agreement that may be used in the future, including but not
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limited to oakland unified school district. would you like me to read the background? >> i do not see any public comments. comments from the board now for superintendent. >> i am not familiar with what the year agreement actually says. it is in your folder? really?
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i am going to review it. >> thank you. i am a little interested. that means we have not done this for 19 years. i would like to know why, and this is interesting to maie. >> side and -- set aside the fact of we have not done it. i was under the impression we just as do transfers based on limitations with our own policies. we comply with the law. there are conditions. you work with the district, and it requires us to approve these,
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except we are allowed to have some of the policies that do not allow the systems out of district people to jump ahead of students who live here, so i am just interested if we are proposing to do anything differently, and once we pass this, i am wondering whether the other districts do this, too, and does that mean we will not be letting anyone in? >> we have not done this before. goothe law changed last year. under certain conditions, we could revoke the permit, for example if there is chronic behavioral problem. you cannot require people to
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annual labor in new -- annualyl renew unless you have a contract. now we have 70 neighboring district we get students from pure your region we get students from. we are trying to collect them and have the board approved the company'template, so when they s the board approved it, we can say yes. >> it is correct we're not going to approve for district said do not have the agreement? >> we have been continuing to approve them. and it means we tell them when we get a contract with your district, we will have to end willie drove both -- annually
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renew. >> it is in their interest not to pass these agreements basically. doug >> if they want to provoke an have flexibility, it is not in their interests. >> students who live in other districts, is they do not passes, we cannot make them renew annually or remove the of from our schools? >> right. >> that is a little backwards in my opinion. i understand that is not your doing, but we should object to that. >> commissioner, do you want to say anything? >> in may be silly, but there are so many silly laws, this just adds to that. good >> i understand, but i think we need to tell people,
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particularly if they do not pass them, that they have put in place something that is not unusual. we have a whole body of law, but we ought to be part of the discussion. we should be saying this is not a workable system in my opinion. commissioner fewer: it was in my package. i do not know where it went. i wanted to know how many students do we except, and how many students do we actually sent to other districts? it means other districts can reverse happethat, so i am wond, do we take more students in then we send out?
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>> in be approved over 1000 students, k-12 that are coming into our district. i do not have the number of students the and we send out. i can get that. >> i think that would be interesting. i did not realize we did over 1000 of them, because that is 35 pretty high. 1000 seems like a lot. i would love to hear back about how many trees send out to other districts. >commissioner norton: i want to
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second the request and the list of the districts of who is coming in and where are our students going, and i was going to suggest maybe that is something they would like to look into it. >> if possible, can we also figure out which school they are in-house -- they are in? >> i think it brings more transparency to the process. issue did come ofup, and we are monitoring. we have heard arguments there are not enough sense francisco's students to apply, so we are making a big push to encourage students to apply, because that is one of those schools in with
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a high percentage of district transfers. i hope we will spend the next few months and related looking at this issue and really monitoring it. >> i guess that is it. any other comments? roll call please. [calling votes] >> seven ayes. rassa the next businesses public hearings. -- >> the next business is
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public hearings. gooi have two speakers. you have two minutes each. >> the union and the public have now received the initial proposal for the contract between the district and the union. you have received our proposal, but it will be made available, so there will be an opportunity for public comment at that time. the public should know that the employees have already contributed in salaries and benefits. we have contributed over $40
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million we are looking to get back in this contract. in 2008, the voters passed proposition a, and that $40 million has been given back in the following herriot's -- following areas, for working hard to fill areas, advanced course work and longevity in the district, but the most important loss has been for the students. the students have lost eight instructional days in the last two years. as we enter discussions, the goal is to get by with the students have sacrifice. -- to get back what the students have sacrifice. we asked you to support those efforts.
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>> congratulations to president yee and vice president rachel norton. we wonder why the superintendent was speaking about limbo for the coming semester. the school children, their families, the educators at our schools are preparing to enter a winter of discontent. when we look at the proposal of the school district yet again, we know who is going to bear the burden of the tacuts. we at united educators of sentences go no -- educators of san francisco know that is
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government at higher level, and that is why we are supporting the millionaires' tax so more resources to come to the classroom, but we are not ready to dance a limbo, because when the district proposes assume dr -- proposes to drive a stake into the heart of education of our children. this includes taking away the crown region -- the prep period force teachers across the district. this includes increasing class size. this includes taking away precious sabbaticals a number of our teachers to take every seven years for the opportunity to refresh and reeducate themselves, so we hope the superintendent calls himself of out of limbo, and by spring we
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can get out of this difficult winter season together. thank you. >> the next item missing is 2011-2012 reopen of the proposals for administrators, and i have one speaker cards for this. do i have more than one speaker cards? perhaps we may be a small union, but we do stand together. good evening. i will make this short period -- this short. we will work shoulder to
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shoulder with our friends across the table to see if we can come out with a positive-looking contract. as your 235 site administrators, we contributed $4,500 on average to the furlough day plan and the last two years. we have contributed. we want to make sure whatever plan is adopted this year is fair and equitable. in the last board meeting, it said we were out to look for raises and money and all kinds of things. we are only $20,000 from our contemporaries. we are just looking for our fair share. thank you, and congratulations to our new president and vice-
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president. >> item m, discussion of other items. item n, a second reading. vote on the consent calendar. i believe there is a request from the staff. >> we would also like to withdraw k-26 on page 143. >> did everybody catch that? roll call please. [calling votes] commissioner maendoza: yes
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except 1, 4, and 9. >> thank you. >> p, consent calendar for board discussion and immediate action. there are two items. were there more than two? then we have another one which was just removed, so we only have one item. commissioner wynns: this is a contract to posut a solar genera f


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