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tv   [untitled]    January 2, 2012 4:01pm-4:31pm PST

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the commission appointment. we have been down by two commissioners for some time. i am happy to report that this thursday, the board of supervisors rules committee will consider a couple of open seats, one represents an urban planning, and one represents the entertainment industry. if those appointments are moved to the full board of supervisors that will likely be sworn and seated by the end of january 2012. behind my report is the agenda for your reference, and if your interested, i don't encourage too much -- too many of you to show up at one time that you can watch this on sfgtv.
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i wanted to report about the mixer, in conjunction with the film commission, the grammy chapter. we did this on november 29, we're hoping to do this again in the next quarter. those people should work together more than they do. that is the cost to the city. i wanted to inform you that the director will be participating in a new year's safety and security workshop, -- with the culture association.
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this is the third year in a row there will be hosting a panel focused on safety on new year's eve. the best practices for security. and so -- anyone who was watching, or the commissioners want to give that information to other people, this is free and i will be participating along with the commander and the inspector, and the law offices of carmichael and others. we will be throwing this on new year's eve. new year's eve permits, i just wanted to report that at this time we have received and processed 151-time event permits for new year's eve. we get people who don't do entertainment looking to do
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something at of the ordinary on new year's. this is the permit process. four of those are requests from someone -- at the concourse to wants to stay over past 2:00. those have been approved with conditions, and we are working to that, with the police stations and the fire department, when this is necessary. we're also working with the station captains, to assist them with a comprehensive list of events, and when specter will be out on new year's eve. the friday before as well to monitor what is going on in the city. an abundance of events that happen in every hotel room, and so, hopefully this will be a safe night, and we will all make
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a little money. if it is raining, there will be less people on the street. if you did not hear already, >> he has been reassigned to the 7 station and will no longer be actively in charge of this unit, and i speak for the staff when i say it has been our pleasure to work with them and we will miss him. and sadly, he will no longer be in front of you. we did ask him to come but he did express the same sentiment, with the commissioners as well. he will not be too far, just on a different floor. it remains to be seen how much interaction we will have. as far as the corrective
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actions, talking about citations, there is nothing else to report. >> thank you. >> commissioners, as you know i was either -- out of town the last couple of weeks. my report will be brief. he has a few things that he will discuss. this is from a few different reports. this is from central station. what i will focus on his the notices of violation that we have issued over the last few weeks and also, the administrative citations from the commission. gallery heist were both served with notices of violation predominantly dealing with sound and crowd control. 111 -- and rocking room were
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both given citations for sound, and the of this lounge -- they were all issued citations for security violations. the sound a violation is straightforward. sound can be heard from the venue of of the hon. -- and the and in the area. and just from a distance of anywhere from 5-10, 25 yards away. the security plan violations citations range, predominantly from things as simple as no guard cars, to security not been easily identified as security, one not stepping into their role to a set -- to assure the safety of patrons. in one incident, someone was a salted within 3 feet of the
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front door of the venue, where security was unable to stop the attack but step in -- and unable to step in for the safety of that particular patron. those citations were issued over the last few weeks, following the list of -- incidents from san francisco police reports, which said that officer matthias will speak about this. as i have not been here i did not have a lot to report. >> i have one question. which venue -- had somebody within a certain number of feet of the door with security -- >> can you say this over again? >> a patron had left the parlor
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and was a salted and knocked unconscious, and security was not on post, and not only were they unable to step in during the attack but later, when the patron regained consciousness, they basically gave them a tall and send them on their way. >> and you give them a citation for -- >> security plan violations. >> they will pay a fine. >> do you have any intention of speaking to them, to make certain that this is mitigated. >> what we will do for this particular citation, is instead of calling them in for a meeting will reconditioning with permits or the security plan, what we will did is we will start doing more site visits, on the list of visits so that we
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will get some firsthand knowledge. i have not been in town and not have first-hand knowledge of how the venue has been operating. what we will do here -- we are issuing the citation and we will be doing more on-site visits to see how the security is functioning. >> thank you. >> any other questions? >> do we know if we have this zone yet? >> he indicated that can death -- -- officer kenneth stalker will be taking over as the lead. >> do you know what he will be doing now? >> i do not have this assignment. >> and are there any more questions? we will take public comment on
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the directors' report. we go to the police department comments and questions. and there he is. welcome. >> good evening, commissioners and staff. a couple of things to point out, we're dealing with an illegal club on broadway, i had spoken with them -- as well as nicholas about this. we finally got this -- we found a flier, at -- the entertainment commission gave us a phone call and we got a copy of the flyer. i went there and it was a place -- if you walked by this you would never know it was there. you could not see anything. we had heard rumors that there
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were clubs operating in there. we had done unsuccessful spot checks before, and i went there early because -- it was supposed to start at 10:00 on friday. and rather than wait for them to arrive and then deal with this, i decided to do some pro-active work, and then i came out, and i visited him and his -- the inside of the place and i explained of the law, if this was entertainment or alcohol beverage control, i said if he was interested in doing that he would have to speak -- he would have to go through the proper channels. i said we did not want a bunch of 18-22 year olds -- on broadway with nothing to do. i wanted him to work at getting the message out so we did not have this problem.
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as far as the incidence in the district, a suspect was arrested for loitering with a butcher knife -- in front of the condor club. december 4 at 2:15 there was an aggravated assault at 665 -- the female victim was punched in the face and then she was kicked in the head by a female suspect. she said the attack may have resulted from an exchange of words. i took the contact numbers and try to give her a call but those numbers have been disconnected. we are trying to find out more. this was across the street at the parking lot. on december 3, a victim toocame out of club slide, was punched
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for no reason and the suspect ran away. the witness said he heard the suspect say that -- i do not want to fight you. the suspect punched him once in the face. and then -- he ran away. >> how far outside was this? this was in the corner or right around the corner? >> it was in the area but they did not specify how far away? >> they said they had exited, that three of the people had exited and were in the area. that is where the report was that. >> on december 5 there was an aggravated assault at the otis lounge, and after a thorough investigations it was found that -- this was broken in a scuffle.
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there was a fight over some of detecting somebody, and there -- the initial reports was that a glass was thrown but there was no merit to that. at 1:35 in the morning, at the ambassador nightclub, a victim was a salted with a bottle, that was smashed over his head after he was talking to a female patron. two issues i had -- it's said that they were unable to get a description of the suspect because the lighting -- this said that the lighting was very poor. you may want to talk to them about looking into better lighting. we have a glass bottle in the middle of a club. i think this is just a recipe for -- for disaster. they sell plastic bottles for
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good reasons, they do not want them used as projectiles. there have been a couple of times we have bottles being used. this is an easy fix. just get rid of the bottles, and have a plastic glass. >> you will talk to them about this? >> i will talk and see if they will be willing to do this. >> and you can suggest using cans. >> just as long as we get away from the bottles. the last one involved the parlor. this was on december 1 at 1:00 a.m.. the victim received a club -- he received a text message, and he was immediately attacked outside. he suffered a broken nose and was missing a diamond earring, and his shirt came off during the scuffle. he said security gave him a talbot did not call the police.
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the investigators are looking into this. and other any questions or comments? >> seeing none, thank you very much. and is there any public comment on the police report? we will go to item five, presentations and discussions of plans for night life in the western soma area, presented by the citizens task force. greetings. >> i told you i would be back. [laughter] and with these limited live performance permits -- you will begin to see me again soon. let me see if i can get the computer working here.
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>> this is advanced technology. >> i apologize for the advanced technology. if they can give me the computer -- contact. i am sorry about the powerpoint, but this is a complicated explanation. i have to go through this for you. we have a lot of overlapping variables that make this a story so that you can understand the complete story. i will try to go through this as quickly as possible. it will take some time to give you the necessary background.
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commissioner joseph, i will wake you up when i am finished. you have president carter and clinton, but i don't know if you have commissioner -- any more. let me begin. the planning department -- there is a vast rezoning effort, in 2002. showplace square ,the waterfront. a broad coalition of stakeholders -- the affordable housing providers and the standard industry representatives,
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lobbied the board of supervisors to remove western soma from that process and let the community plan for their own future. this is a bottom-up exercise, and eventually, 25 constituencies were identified, and the stakeholders were appointed to the task -- taskforce -- building a complete neighborhood is what this is all about. this is more than just housing. it took us three years to write this plan, and there were many innovative recommendations. we expanded the number of residential enclave districts. this reflected where people already left. we create the service starts and
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industrial zone, the salley district. this is where we have working- class jobs and entertainment, this is encouraged and housing is prohibited. fulsom street is a ceremonial center of the neighborhood when this becomes the transit- oriented commercial district, with a mixture of commercial and like entertainment uses on the ground floor, and small offices and housing on the upper floors. this is what draws people to south and market. we identified more than a dozen of these -- of more than an acre that were vacant or under- utilized to accommodate the
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higher-density clusters of housing, to blend into the surrounding community. this is honoring the contributions of the filipino community, and the task force is working with the board of supervisors to give us a community stabilization policy to preserve the historic balance of affordable housing and jobs. housing would be encouraged everywhere, and we anticipate the addition of three-4000 units of housing over the next kickof20 years. in the mixed-use office district, housing is prohibited. space is protected for all of those uses that do not coexist peacefully alongside housing.
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the plan was reported to the planning department for environmental review, and over the last three years we have strengthened what many consider to be a thoroughly comprehensive document. with that context that of the way, let me talk specifically about this address. in the 1980's, entrepreneur is founded this a place to reinvigorate the nightclub scene, that had grown tawdry and tacky along the corridor. the aide's jacket -- the aids epidemic began -- this is the day when tori amos and chris isaac, and buisiness owners. the paradise lounge and the
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billboard cafe. but not everyone was enjoying these times. residents were raising families down here and they began to push back. don't start blaming people who just moved into the neighborhood. the filipino population -- you probably never heard of. they resented the bridge and tunnel crowd that was bringing noise and nuisance and violence into their quiet community. ultimately in 1990, they dealt with the expansion of nighttime entertainment in a compromise, the knowledge in the permitted use of entertainment was a legal, non-conforming use. every venue that could establish a trace of an entertainment-
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related history in its past was grandfathered in. entertainment is dealt with in a much more black-and-white manner than we chose to do. i think that this map will surprise you. these areas show where entertainment is a conditional use, and in the vast majority of the city, entertainment is not allowed. to put this into better perspective, even scott winners -- weiner's district, entertainment is only permitted in the neighborhood commercial districts but not allowed in any of the residential neighborhoods. this is because entertainment is at odds with housing, fundamentally. a look at this map shows a sampling of the venues that has
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experienced conflict with their neighbors. there is a large concentration in the 11th-street corridor. butter, loft 11, have all had battles. but fights between neighbors and nightclubs are not limited to the entertainment district. the lone star -- between ninth and 10th street, rawhide, 1015 fulsom, the glass cat -- have all had difficulties with their neighbors. we devoted an incredible amount of time to these controls, for the interest of everyone in the community. the first person to represent the entertainment industry -- he set the tone for these discussions between the neighbors and the clubs when he
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outlined these goals in may of 2005. entertainment -- entertainment should be considered part of a complete neighborhood. entertainment is best scattered through mixed-use community, non-conforming status makes it difficult to renovate, correct problems or relocate entertainment venues. licensing should recognize the difference between the large venues and quiet, smaller venues. neighbors in the entertainment industry all agree that an entertainment zone is a bad idea. 66 community meetings were hel 66 meetings. including three town hall meetings, and more than a year
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of monthly meetings with the arts and entertainment focus group, 22 meetings of the full task force, where we voted on an assortment of policies and amendments with a final plan. and here is what the task force recommends. first, leave entertainment as a legal, non-conforming use in the mixed-use neighborhood, where they anticipate the greatest amount of residential growth to take place. change the zoning to allow all forms of entertainment, with fully-permitted use. allow the non-conforming status of every existing venue to remain with the property for a reasonable length of time, if the property were to be demolished so that entertainment to be built into the new
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construction. allow entertainment as an accessory that is limited -- live performance, in the commercial district and the task force also approved conditions on new residential construction. let me paraphrase this language that is before you. essentially, what this bill is into the building code is -- any noise-sensitive fuse that would move into a noisy area -- existing always, the new development would be required to conduct sensitive sound studies, of a levels in the area, and bring on an engineer who would recommend medications to the property, that would
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prevent a level of sound getting into the building, that violence -- violates table 24. it puts the burden on the new development, to mitigate the noise that is already there. some people are not satisfied. compromise sometimes means that you don't get everything you want. neighbors gave up a lot in these negotiations. they have ruled out any special district for entertainment. this was an important concession at the start of the process. we never devoted a lot of time talking about entertainment. but at this late stage in the process, it is back for the third time in my lifetime, and now they call a special use district.


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