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tv   [untitled]    December 24, 2011 4:01am-4:31am PST

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we have an idea based on anecdotal information, and the pre application meeting for some of the other projects, but i can give you our projection. >> i do not expect something of this week, but maybe something at the next meeting. appreciate it. >> also in the category of major projects that have basically retracted in moving forward with their plans to build, are there those that have maintained their permits or have applied, is that part of what is rolling over on the extension of permits? >> we did seek projects -- permits that had it issues a
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couple of years ago when the economy was bad, and they have reappeared. so we have seen some of those. >> great. >> is there some category that can be safely projected for next year? no/ ? >> i can work and look at it. they are projecting revenue in this department is difficult because you do not know the projects that will come in or the size of the projects that come in. we do talk to the various expediters about what they're bringing in and what size and where they are bringing in. if they're coming in directly to dbi or directly into planning, but there is no real -- there is
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no simple way of saying what it is going to look like this time next year in terms of the number of projects. we do our projections based on revenue trend. we do not use any type of seasonality, because there really is not here yet we know when it is raining, people do not work on projects, but terms of bringing them in it is difficult to do that. to go in terms of the base line of putting project on hold, we possibly have a better base of potential projects that will come in? >> commissioners?
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>> the budget for the coming year the projections include the work we're doing for, and what we're talking about is the remaining 3.3 million in the budget for subsequent years, or are we talking about adding some of that money to front load the projects? i am just curious. you understand my question? do we have sufficient moneys to do the data projects in this year's budget? >> not in this year's budget, but in the proposed budget we are proposing to add some money to that project, not the entire 3.3. we will spread it. >> spread it across like we did for the pts system so it does not take such a hard hit at the
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end of the project. >> so 1.7 has been included in the budget? >> 1.7 million is available at this time to start the project. >> are we looking to add a certain amount back over the coming years? >> yes. >> gail reynolds will talk to you about the budget. i am gail revels. you have budget instructions that were passed out as part of 7a. i want to give a brief overview. last week we had a meeting with the comptroller's office and mayor's office representative. this will be the first year we do a two year budget.
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the some of the big enterprise departments are going to be doing a fixed two-year budget, but they have to propose two years and cannot change it in the second year unless there plus or minus 5%. they're not going to do that with dbi. the second year has to be balanced, but we will reopen in revisit our budget every year. every year we have -- every year we what do propose a balanced budget. the mayor's office is projecting to be quite short in the general fund. next year they're saying $262.7 million short of the general fund. they are constructing the general fund departments to cut budgets by 1 percent signed. and we are lucky in that we are not general funds. we can be making a different type of argument, but just a you know those are the instructions from the mayor's office. they are expecting across the
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board increases. those will have to be covered within our budget. they are expecting health to go up about 6 percent said. retirement, they are an argument about whether they will change that. the decision will not be made for another week or two. it they do change that, that will impact us. right now we're starting the process of collecting information internally so we can present you a budget in december. if you look at the budget instructions on the second page, you can see a calendar of how we are projecting to do the process in house. your first meeting in january is january 18. we are wont be making our department proposal on january 18. -- going to be making our department proposal on january
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18. i sent a complicated xl sheet for a wish list for next year. if you could have more positions or need more money in training or materials and supplies, please let me know around the 23rd of december, so we can look at that internally and make sure everything is included in what we present to you. it would be great if you have priorities that you would like us to consider, if you could also let us know that as we can build it in what we're doing the balancing. we're going to look at revenue for next year and balancing that against the request so we can have a balanced proposal. wanted to give you an update on where we are. >> thank you. commissioner walker. commissioner walker: do you want us to send our input to the director? >> you can either send it through some yeonya or --
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>> that would be great. >> essentially one of the goals would be to increase efficiency through data, technology or operations and accelerating in some instances through the sufficiency the ability to collect the revenue stream more quickly? >> we would be looking at whether or not we can afford to add more positions if revenue will be up, and what positions would make the department run the best. >> great. thank you. >> item 7b, update on proposed legislation. >> good morning, commissioners.
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bill strong, manager of public affairs. we put into your packet a little december update. it covers most of the legislation we have talked about in the past couple of months. on this proposal for disability and small businesses that supervisor chu has you might want to note the small business commission will have its own hearings for recommendations back to the board on that. again, we do not expect the legislation until early in the new year as far as coming back to us. president rootubin mentioned the new agreement policy toward that the building just one, and that has taken effect, so that legislation is essentially in place and being noticed around the world. the acts of god off legislation
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that supervisor cohen introduced a few months ago actually takes effect tomorrow, and that will become the date for the additional 18 months that building owners involved or property owners involved in the fires will have to resubmit the permits to move that forward, which is a good thing as far as we are concerned. we're still trying to obtain more detailed information on the proposal for the supervisor from the public arts fund on exactly how the impact fees will becbe collected on that. we're still monitoring that. that has now moved forward to the full board. the other couple of items that are still outstanding is the redoing of the toxic ordinance
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that may involve requiring property owners to get groundwater and soil testing in order to meet certain department of public health standards for toxicity. that's according to the planning department is still in the preparatory stages, so we did not have any information on that right now. we are monitoring it on a regular basis to see if that is going to affect the timeline for actually issuing permits once language is put together. the only other thing is the director wanted us to make you aware of the fact that she is participating, along with the fire marshal, in a statewide high-rise task force that is looking at a number of different recommendations and amendments in the codes that will affect high-rise buildings.
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this group is meeting several times a month. it is still very much a matter in process, but it could affect developers that are involved in the larger projects. >> thank you for bringing this to our attention. i mentioned it earlier when we were appointing the high-rise representatives to the board of examiners. a lot of these discussions began in san francisco with a highrises we're doing, and i want to commend the department of fire marshal and the representatives of the tall building industry, because these are national, if not international adjustments that really increase safety, not just for people living in the buildings, but for emergency response, fire men and women who respond to emergencies.
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i just want to talk about how important these are and commend our son and other staff for working on this. >> has this been part of what efforts might have been coordinated on the legislative side with boma in major property owners in the city? >> yes, they're very much involved. >> there is continue discussions at the meeting that help to at least inform -- >> there will be. we just had our first meeting on the 30th, so it will continue, and we will keep the pack informed. >> thank you. >> item 7 bb, item on permit
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tracking systems. -- 7c. >> good morning. d project dbi. -- project - director at dbi. we are a stage two. pardon me? it has a couple of components. as of-is analysis where we went through the business process re- engineering documentation that was already done, and we worked with representatives throughout dbi and planning and identified
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any changes with the car were close-- current work flows and documented all that. we are also looking through a bpr, as-is analysis, and recommendations come as well as items that have come up from the staff in terms of improvements that could happen. basically we're going to configure the system to our work flows in terms of how are they currently and what kind of improvements can be made. we did complete that as it is sessions on december 5, and based on the learnings of the session we identified an additional record types and prophecies. so we did extend the analysis schedule, but no impact of the overall schedule. the vendor added resources, and we will do some of the
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activities concurrently. we also released a project plan, a very detailed list of all the detailed items that need to be done, and they're into dependencies, and we're still on schedule as planned. we're doing updates to the pack every month, and we did one last month, and we have one this thursday. our next steps are the events that have already started. once again they're working in detail with the staff and filling out a worksheet, which will be seen as configuration documents for how this is going to be designed to meet the work flow requirements. so basically we're starting those configuration analysis documents of a very detailed layouts, user interface,
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reporting requirements, how the screens need to look, what the validation is of the data, and etc.. that is the update. questions? commissioner murphy: a question on stage two -- when is the completion date on that? >> that is in april. we continue to document the system, can figure it, and put together a really simple prototype. >> thank you. >> do you see any major obstacles from here to completion? >> we are in good shape. the analysis sessions are going very well. the staff is really interested in a product. they're coming up with all sorts of suggestions. we're working closely with excel at 21 tech and planning. the a very detailed project plan
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etc.. >> strong collaboration? take ou>> it is wonderful. anything else? >> thank you. >> item 7d, update on major projects. >> commissioners, in the absence of hanson tom, and the major projects that were submitted to you in october were still on track, and we are expecting to return all of them, and we do not have any larger projects that are going on in the past two months, but we have been talking to some people about projects down south of market
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street. the mayor has announced that he does realize there are more people wanting to lease property and is available on south market if it was completely built out. that was one announcement he did make after the meeting. >> that is great news. >> any update on status as a result of e.i.r. for the america's cup, the impact of the services the department will provide for it, and or similar categories? >> no, we are ready to provide the report when needed for america's cup. it will mostly be in plan check for the projects. we have planned check of the terminal, and they will be coming in as soon as the court gives them to us.
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we are ready for them. -- as soon as the port gives them to us. in the future grand central station of the west coast is going well? speaker yes, it is. -- >> yes, it is. >> i would also like to extend their appreciation for the tour of the site preparation and work and that was happening with the joint collaboration of construction management companies that are involved, and quite impressive from the standpoint of technical capabilities that are being performed and conducted. quite impressive. >> item 7e, update on q-matic.
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>> pamela levin, department of building inspection. on the friday before we were going to implement, we were notified by the unions that they wanted an opportunity to sit down with us and to essentially a meet and confer on the impact of change in work that they anticipate will occur as a result of implementing q-matic. we have implemented the training and notification of the public, we were all ready to go, and we had to delay it based on that. we haven't met with one of the unions. we have the meeting where we invited all the unions -- had
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the meeting were reinvented all of the unions that represented dbi. some of the unions had decided it would not have an impact on them, but two of the unions could not attend the meeting. one union did come to the meeting, and they were ok with it. >> will there be a meeting before the end of the year, or does it get extended to were part of this activation or perpetual implementation is not to occur this year? >> from what i understand in trying to get a meeting with one union, the union that requested opportunity to meet and confer, they will not be available -- i doubt they will be available this calendar year. we are continuing to contact them and try to work through their schedule. they are having internal issues, so it makes it a little more
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difficult to get on their calendar. >> we are ready to go as soon as that happens? >> yes. commissioner lee: that brings up a point about the permit tracking system. our unions involved with that right now? >> we have talked to them and going to involve them from the beginning, guest. i did not anticipate this similar type of issue to happen, but we are making sure they are involved and they know what is going on. >> also in the category of what dbi and the result of why it came about is really to address and comply to some conditions that were required of the department. >> we explained that in the
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genesis of the project. their concern is more how the information that we gather will be used concerning their employees. it is a matter of working things through. management was not able to communicate that ahead of time. we now have -- we now need to follow up with the unions and talk to them. >> to just make clear they become a hindrance for us to be compliant on the category of what we are to provide. by virtue of that, we will continue to work with them, but we need to emphasize that the sooner we meet compliance is something that the department can provide. thank you.
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>> item 7f, a day on other technology projects. -- update on other technology projects. >> pamela levin. we have had some really exciting projects. we have done the system testing, and we expect to go live on january 1, 2012. this is to request of a 3r repo. we have had over 346 elector called reports scheduled since this became available over the web, so it is -- it should as that build up positively affect the work load of the quirks. the and the permit to operate
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boilers, we have seen a large renewal through the web, and that is really good. several months ago during the budget process i brought forward the fact that all of the servers that the department uses, which is approximately 49, were going out of maintenance after the end of this year -- december 2011. so we have been working with the department of technology with this on this project, and because of the movement of the city to having consolidation, that we are now going to be the hosts of the mission corridor area.
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what we are doing is we have through fertilizatiovitualizatie sufficient room to allow planning and the department of human services to move into the super -- server room and one room. this is very good, because it is a big priority of the board of supervisors, the commission on the information technology, and what it does is prevents us having to move several of our servers over two different locations. it allows us more control over our destiny. everyone is really happy. we are seen as being very cooperative and innovative department because of this.
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we have an expert network engineer that we hired -- to use to work in the comptroller's office, and before that she worked for department of information technology. she is spearheading it with an individual from the comptroller's office and working with the departments that are and bald, real-estate, dpw, and the other departments, plus all of the outside entities that are going to be involved in the project. it is of very exciting time, and we are trying to move things very quickly, which is difficult in this city, but hopefully we will end up with a really good product. >> what is the mission corridor? does it stretched from our location to the bay and down
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south, or is it just a title ring of what services occur associated with that? >> the mission corridor is essentially from where it meets -- you know the talk of stand across from good will -- the taco stand across from good will and down to 13th, and it is pie- shaped. it includes three large departments -- human services agency is the large department, and then planning. we're calling it the mission corridor. vs. city hall. it is a nice name for our area. >> the consolidation or services we would perform, is there a cost associated with the


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