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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2011 1:01am-1:31am PST

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i should note that the subject property is currently partially -- the development and special use district, which does a similar thing that the india basin special use district is. we created that special use district when the industrial park came tout of redevelopment and we wanted to specify that use along third street were appropriate to a wide range of uses and community serving uses, smaller scale retail, community uses, childcare, and the like. the design and development s.u.d. had a similar goal when we developed that. and that was to allow some additional office. we believe that by including the subject parcel in the india basin s.u.d., it does essentially the same thing. and it just opens up to some further uses beyond p.d.r., along third street where we think those uses are appropriate. the legislation, the second part of the legislation does, it also allows medical clinics, within the india basin on
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industrial park, special use district, at a larger scale. it allows up to 15,000 -- the rezoning would allow it up to 15,000 square foot principally and then would require conditional use above that. and for similar reasons we think this is appropriate. the location along third street suggests that there should be a wider range of uses, particularly when they are serving the community at this location. staff has recommended approval. i would be happy to answer any additional questions that you might have regarding the actual effects of the rezoning. but i'll hand it over to andrea brus of supervisor cohen's office. vice president miguel: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. andrea brus from supervisor cohen's office. thanks for agreeing to hear this item today. i know you have a long night ahead of you and thanks to planning staff who have been really wonderful to work with on this project. so as matt has already discussed with you, the ordinance before you rezones the property located at 3450 third street in order to facility the location of the
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center for -- to facilitate the location of the center for youth wellness and advocacy. it's a partnership with the mayor's office, the district attorney's office, the child adolescent support advocacy and resource center, the city attorney's office, department of public health, human services agency, and the police department. all with the goal of providing integrated pediatric, mental and psychological health services to youth and their families who are experiencing trauma. as many of you know, district 10 not only has a high concentration of youth and families but historically suffered from lack of access to adequate medical care and wraparound mental health services. the supervisor believes and our office strongly believes that this project is desperately needed in order to support the growing population in the district, and also not only to serve the growing youth and children population but the population of youth and children as the city as a whole. so dr. burke and katie are here who can walk through the
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project with you in greater detail. and they can take over. >> my name is dr. nadine burke harris. recently got married. >> congratulationings. >> thank you. i am the founding physician of the cpmc child bayview health center and was until july of this year the medical director. i am here today in my new role as a c.e.o. of the center for youth wellness. and also the reason i'm here is because -- the reason i transitioned roles and the reason i'm here today is because in my past five years of clinical practice, serving families and children in bayview it has become clear to me that exposure to violence and trauma is the single greatest health risk for children in bayview hunters
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point. and we know the effects on development and emotional development. and learning, etc. but emerging data has shown that kids exposed to four or more types of what we call adverse experiences are twice as likely to develop heart disease in adulthood. 2 1/2 times as likely to develop chronic obstructive poll monday other disease and more likely to develop learning and behavior problems. we have joined forces to create a first of its kind national model for a multidisciplinary center to do something about this. and that involves co-locating medical, mental health, family support, with the best practices for responding to childcare abuse. and this is all in bayview which we know is a federally designated medically underserved area. in order to do this, we need to
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relocate the cpmc bayview child health center to allow this partnership to take place. and essentially, that is the big issue for why we need this variance today. this is a key issue that is very near and deer -- and dear to my part barcia the kids in the community need this. and we have a number of partners who are wearing our green stickers today to show our support. it is a multidisciplinary community-based operation that we're trying to put together. for the benefit of kids in the community. thank you. and i would like to introduce my partner, katie albright who will tell us more about our programs. >> thank you, commissioners. we appreciate your time this afternoon. i know you have a long day. i am katie albright and executive director of the san francisco child abuse prevention stsh. and a partner in developing the center for youth wellness and the children's advocacy center in san francisco. also for disclosure purposes, i
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need to tell you that i am also a commissioner on the juvenile probation commission. i've handed out some additional documents and you received some in the mail and gotten additional letters of support that i wanted to ensure were in your packet. as you've heard from nadine, our dream is to ensure that kids across the city stop dying and stop being victims of violence. in their homes. and in our city streets. therefore, together, with a dedicated team of partners, many of whom are here today, we are building the center to promote safety, health and wellness for our city's children and families. our dream and our hope is to locate these services at 3450 third street. as nadine mentioned, at this location, we hope to provide comprehensive services with the center for youth wellness, specifically focused on the primary care work, the children's advocacy center, working with the city and county of san francisco, to provide forensic investigation so that kids who have been
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abused can receive one interview by the best practitioners in california to provide the best services to kids. in addition, cpmc's bayview child health center will be co-located to provide pediatric services. this is only possible because we have many partners and amazing leaders working together to make this happen. lisa stone pritsker an advocate for most vulnerable children across the city and country, attorney general pamela harris with institutional partners, tipping point community, cpmc and its bayview child health center, stanford's early life stress program, and certainly the city and county of san francisco. and all the agencies that supervisor cohen's office mentioned to you. we've focused on this building because after a long search, looking at more than 20 properties over 14 months, with our realtor, paul pachana from kidder matthews, we have focused on 3450 as being the ideal location to provide
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accessibility for the community and our partners. we are also right now working with tom elliott and fish, architectural firm to build and child-focused and child-friendly location. we anticipate seeking permits within the next three months. for all of these reasons, i urge you to support supervisor cohen's legislation. i close by introducing our legal counsel, jim abrams, from gibson dunn who is available to answer any questions that you may have. i have to thank jim and his colleagues at gibson dunn because over the many months they have provided significant pro bono support to this project. thank you so much. i appreciate your time. president olague: thank you. is there any public comment on this item or would people like to stand up to show their support at this time? for the project? either/or. >> thank you. any public comment? anyone dying to say something?
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[laughter] not dying but -- >> hello. my name is sharon segada and i'm a staff member at the bayview child health center. but i also take my children there. as a staff member at the bayview child health center, every day i see positive things that the bayview child health center is providing for this community. every day i hear the stories from the parents and children. recently, i had patients come in, their car broke down and they were fortunate that they were able to be seen on that same day and not have to go to the emergency room which is across town for them and sit there for hours. i found just so much privilege to be able to serve this community. they are grateful for the things
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we can provide for them. no amount of money can replace that. to see their faces when they come in and they are so happy that there is a doctor that listens to them. there is a doctor that sits there and listened to every concerned, not just from their illnesses but also what is going on at home. what might cause this child's to feel that way. this health center has gone far beyond what any pediatric clinic would do for these kids and i am so thankful to be able to take my kids there because i have physicians that are extremely thorough and not just looking at what is on the surface but are willing to dig deep into what is going on with my children. i have full confidence in the care that i received there.
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i am so thankful to have people who are supportive in working hard to try to bring all these different collaborations' so that it is easier for parents to follow up. sometimes is not just what is going on in their bodies but things in the communities. to have all of these collaborations come together to serve these kids and communities is something that is unheard of and i hope that you will support the effort that this community needs. >> it is there additional public comment? >> i work at the san francisco child abuse prevention center. i have been living in the bayview for about six years. this is going on my second year as a homeowner. i feel that we need this in the
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neighborhood. the neighborhood would have access to it and would be able to utilize those services. thank you. >> is there any additional public comment. >> i'm thrilled that they will be right up the street from me. this is completely brilliant. i final paper on the work she has been doing, this is really mind blowing stuff and imagine anyone opposing such a thing. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am the assistant district attorney. i have been part of the team that has conducted the forensic interviews of those children who have been abused. we have a memorandum of
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understanding from every agency that will be involved. it is a dream of ours to have such a thing. we urge you to support the legislation. thank-you. >> it is there additional public comment? >> i support this project and i cannot believe what an amazing project. i used to be on the board of the ymca. originally, we did not have space. there was many times that we had to bring in grief counselors because someone had witnessed someone getting murdered in their community. there is a lot of stigma about seeking out health services.
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i cannot think of a better model for the community across the board, especially because it is on third street. there are zones where people cannot venture into the zone as a safe place. this should be available for this type of use. i will move to approve. i had a questions about why the code was written in such a way. >> i think what it was was what we were doing when we were doing the special use district. we were looking at uses that would most likely become nonconforming and we did not want to become non conforming. this is a matter of not including it. >> i would think that along
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third street, i think that this can be very compatible. i don't know if we need to look at different uses. >> for disclosure purposes, we served on the board of appeals. >> i did warn that there are some issues about the zoning. the zoning is appropriate. there was a location that was not quite as conducive. we might have a different issue. the fact that we're just extending it so to speak and it is a long third street.
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this is kind of at the edge. >> we need to take comprehensive look at situations and not look at housing and nutrition and medical care and individual items. there are solutions and the multi disciplinary approaches. it is not enough just to diagnose the disease and look for causes and prevention. you will be treating the disease is over and over again.
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i think this is very good and this is a great project and the changes we're making to allow this to occupy it this space. >> this is something of a no-brh is often not something that we see and this is not pleasing to see in this case. the other thing to see as a 38- year resident, i find the situation does not and from the north end of the area with the new women and children's hospital that is already topped out. you come down and we find what we just have. >> please don't try to force that door. >> this is going in with a child care center and of you have a
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constant stream coming down a long this major transit corridor and this is a lot what we in fish and when we were talking about these neighborhoods. this will never happen all at once but if you take a look down the line as you travel, you will see what is going to happen in the future here. >> this is a bright light for the last meeting of the year. i do like the fine-tuning of the neighborhood plan for this particular project and in that particular location and i want
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to acknowledge supervisor cohen for having extended the full support including facilitating it. >> i just want to add my voice to what has been said and i think that more and more there is evidence to suggest children who are exposed to a lot of violence are more susceptible to health risks as they get older and in the teenage years. the health challenges, violence is bad for your health. this is still something that people have not necessarily made that connection to. this is something that is not
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raise enough in this culture. it is really exciting that this project is happening. this is really needed. this is really and truly needed. this is very impressive, actually. >> i want to make a comment. this talks about the health care services in the community, specialized services for different age groups and different services. we would like to see what incredible means there are not just on the level of women and children but even on adults and people who don't find the services and enough locations. >> this is still cutting edge.
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you would think this is common sense but it isn't. good luck. >> the motion on the floor is for approval on that motion. that motion passes unanimously. [applause] >> you are now on item number 13, case number 2010. -- 2010.1013d, 7327 geary boulevard. >> is a major alteration of a
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single story residence. the department recommends approval of this project because of the amount of alteration that is still being considered. the department is recommending that you do not take -- and approve the project. given the scale of the project, this is in keeping with the character. i would like to keep my presentation brief and would be happy to answer any questions. >> thank you, project sponsor. >> we simply want to add that this is going to be the replacement of a sub standard structure. if you have any questions, ask. >> thank you. is there any public comment on
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this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i move to approve. >> second. >> the motion on the floor is to not take discretionary review and take it as disclosed. thank you, commissioners. that motion passes unanimously. >> there might be a couple of commissioners who have to recuse themselves. >> we are doing some work for the port.
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this is not related to the incremental report. this was right next to the cruise terminal. that the work we have done is in the eir or anything. there are the parents questions. >> i have a small percentage of the businesses within proximity of one of the locations. >> do i have a motion? >> i do not have a conflict but i need to disclose that my sitting on the porch is not a conflict by determined by the city attorney. >> i move to recuse.
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>> second. >> commissioners sugaya and fung are recused. >> we are taking a 20 minute break at this time. >> we are taking a 20 minute break. >> good evening. the planning commission is back in session. commissioner, we were -- we're now at the part of your calendar where you'll have a public comment category on agenda items that have been heard in public
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hearing and that hearing has been closed. this category is to one calendar item and that's the environmental impact report for the 34th america's cup. on that, i would just remind the public that i have a number of speaker cards that -- you should turn off your pagers, any electronic devices that may sound off during these proceed igs. i'm going to ask a couple of things that i'm sure staff is going to repeat this that you speak clearly, slow enough so the court reporter can pick you up. and if there's anyone in here who wants to fill out a card, fill it out. don't try to get my attention. put it on the railing, i'll pick it up. also don't interrupt the court reporter and give the card to the court reporter. also this is a crowded room. we have overflowing room 408.
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if you really feel the need to enghage a secondary discussion with your friend, we ask that you take that discussion outside. it becomes very3 the process. >> commissioner moore? >> here. >> commissioner antonini >> present. >> commissioner olague? >> here. >> commissioner miguel? here >> commissioner borden? >> here. >> i have speaker cards. >> jim chappelle. -- chapel. terry shore. followed by john sindray. >> good evening, commissioners
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i'm jim chapel, representing the san francisco certification. i actually have read the environmental impact report. not every word certainly. this is the longest such document i have ever reviewed but i have read it to know that this is a good project, the analysis is very detailed and i believe the anticipated impact and proposed mitigations are realistic and appropriate. the america's cup will finally get us a new crew ship terminal and either both physical and financial benefits for san francisco. please certify the feir today, thank you. >> i'll keep calling names if you hear your name, please come to the mic. >> good afternoon, good evening, commissioner, my name is terry shore. i'm with
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we're an international mrn organization based in west marine. ã comments for the america's cup and cruise terminal. first i would like to say that the feir contains strong environmental protection for the base, area, water, community and habitat. the imply mentation and enforcement of these protections will be critical ensuring that the america's cup in associated development will be as environmentally responsible. we would like to recognize the city, the mayor's office and the america's cup event authority for working to address the concerns of the environmental community, in particular, my organization appreciates the short-term and long-term air quality measures that are being implemented to reduce marine vessel and other air emissions and to off-set the


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