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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2011 6:30am-7:00am PST

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[applause] >> i am a member of the san francisco travel association. it is my pleasure to recognize kevin's contribution to his community. not only in fisherman's wharf, but beyond. i want to commend you for that. kevin has been a great partner, elevating the visibility of fisherman's wharf. he has worked hard to make the fisherman's wharf a better place. a better place to visit in this city. we are happy that he is staying in the community and look forward to working with him. on behalf of our 1600 members
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and contributions to the community, thank you. [applause] >> commissioners, my name is kathy [unintelligible] of pier 39. i wrote a little something. what can i say about kevin, other than i hold him in the highest regard? he served as the executive director, one of the most honest and dedicated individuals i have ever met. he constantly approach as all manner of obstacles in a calm way, which can be very difficult. over the short time that he spent with us, kevin was able to take us to the next level. he has the wonderful ability to smooth over dissension. whether it is securing the realm of the public, mobile food
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trucks, or preparing special vents, kevin always has the best interests of our neighborhood and its constituents at heart. i want to personally thank kevin, my colleague and friend, for all of his contributions to fisherman's wharf and the rest of san francisco. i know that you will continue to do great things for the community. thank you, kevin. [applause] >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is [unintelligible] i did the first cbd in union square. i highly respect kevin carroll and everyone else who does these things for the city. i wish we had more of him here to do the financial district,
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which is struggling so hard to achieve. we will do it, but it would be easier if we had your talent. good luck. i hope you keep on with the good work. [applause] >> jay edwards, senior property manager. kevin and i started, almost to the day, 2 1/2 years ago. it was the blind leading the blind, i have to tell you. taylor street reconstruction, i am surprised i am not a part of it. the project under way with community support, kevin was willing to hear all sides, put people together. i cannot thank you enough for your support and help.
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i consider him a great friend. [applause] >> kevin, do you want to say something? >> [inaudible] >> thank you. thank you very much. before we go on, i would like to ask corrin to come up. >> [inaudible] >> right. >> corrin woods, member of the central waterfront advisory group, and trash-picker-upper. watching that crane deteriorated
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has been so sad. i would like to thank the port for your support in its rehabilitation of an earlier time in port maritime history. thank you. >> including many members, next is -- i do not know if i have words for the next item. fleet week this year was more phenomenal, more astounding. bigger, better, everything, over last year, which i did not believe could happen. there is a petite gentleman in the back of the room that is
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responsible for all of that. i would like to extend a thank- you to general michael himself. i really want to start with port staff. i will not go after the city family, it could go on for days. but port staff has just been incredible. in no particular order, i would like to thank [lists many names] and probably everyone at port maintenance, engineering, real estate, finance, and others i did not get to. we would also like to recognize sinbad's restaurant, who gave away their entire parking lot for free, over to official vehicles for fleet week. the cornelius also gave a portion of their deck to
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sinbad's. kevin carroll, again, kevin attended nearly every meeting. on behalf of the fisherman's wharf benevolence society. [laughter] really helping a ton in integrating those reflections. melanie watkins, and a host of others. the oakland navy league, which hosted the bar-b-que for the sailors that toasty. the blue and gold fleet, which offered free passage on uniform. lorenzo at metro cruises, and particularly captain carl
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lorton, liaison on the 11 or 12 ships that came in. a thank-you to all of them for that stuff. we have a number of members of the san francisco fleet week association. if you will stand for a moment, i would be so honored. [applause] the fleet week association is a volunteer organization that works around-the-clock, probably for 90 days out of every year. each year, they get bigger and bigger ideas than they can execute. particularly, i would like to draw attention to general quiet making -- general why it making fleet week some memorable --
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wyat making fleet week so memorable. ensuring that all of us who are responsible for disaster response and humanitarian aid, we will be able to come together under more comfortable circumstances, getting to know each other. for example, this year's seminar was really inspired by the governor of mississippi, as well as the naval commander who responded in japan. most of whom are naval individuals in their own right, with it their own ideas for all of us. it has occurred to me that this could not be possible, were it not for general why it himself. i have been reading a lot -- wyatt himself. the general takes some of that
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take no -- do not take no for an answer attitude. i have never seen anyone running so fast on so little sleep. i want you to know how very grateful we are and how many people have commented on how well orchestrated fleet week is. so, from the bottom of my heart, general, thank you so much for all the to do for all of us. [applause] >> on behalf of the commission, we would also like to thank you. i have the opportunity to vote on saturday and watched the air show. every nook and cranny of the port was filled with people. it was wonderful. you have been doing an amazing
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job. it just keeps getting better and better. thank you so much. we have a small plaque with "gratitude, congratulations on the successful and spectacular fleet week." we also have a small token of our appreciation. >> thank you. [s sneeze] >> please. >> i am really taking bows for the work of a lot of people.
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with all the names that she read off in the embarcadero area, we did have a mission to advance preparations in the event of a catastrophic disaster. we have actually achieved so much, just because of the relationships in the form. i believe that the relationships, just within the san francisco bay area, are better today than they were two years ago for a year ago. that is all positive. the relationships that we have with the military and naval services are outstanding. liam has turned into one of our
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volunteers, interviewing a lot of sailors and marines. they were so taken with not just the beauty of the city, but the friendliness. we owe a lot to these inferences films in the greater bay area of -- san franciscans in the greater bay area. it was a success. as much as we can, adding a luster to the fort of san francisco. -- port of san francisco. i have gotten letters and messages from the pentagon, telling me what a great show. even new york understands that this is the largest fleet week in the united states. and it has a purpose.
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they were asking me -- what are you doing out there that we are not doing in new york? i said -- i am not telling you. [laughter] kevin carroll, we keep mentioning his name, but he was at every single meeting. he was a great contributor. i am glad to see him moving on to something where i know he will be helping us out. this one is even bigger, and i do not know if we have found a place to put it in the court. last week it was the golden gate bridge from fort baker.
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it has a combination of marines, coasties, and sailors, and i hope you will find a place to put this in the port. >> thank you very much. >> you folks, there has been terrific cooperation and i thank you for all that you have done to make fleet week so successful. >> thank you. it was definitely our honor. this will be prominently displayed nearby office, of course. >> any further comments on fleet week? >> my name is catherine hooper, with the fleet week association. when i was here last year --
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here i go. [laughter] i said to watch out, because it would be bigger and better than ever, and it was. the general took a lot of what i was going to say. the amount of time that went into this, the amount of communication, the amount of relationship reform measurement , and the articles of the volunteers -- 75 that we can name, not to mention everyone down in camp pendleton, it was a celebration. when we were writing thank-you letters, we were trying to get at some facts. one of the things that charlotte said, when she was addressing the opening reception, it was one of the hard core things. humanitarian response.
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i wanted to make sure that not one of our sailors purchased a beer in town. and it happened. they were all telling us that we had really turned around their opinion of san francisco. we do have a quirky reputation. which is being nice. but we have really turned around that reputation. i think that our city fathers, the people that run the city, are in a better position to do that. i think is very important to understand -- is not nice to talk about money, but it is important to understand the economic impact that the port has on the city. we had over 1.2 million visitors. we cannot really quantify it. what i can tell you is that we
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had over 20,000 human beings boarding our ships on saturday and sunday. 20,000. 13,000 alone boarded 32. we had 14 ships coming in this year, one of the biggest we have had in the city. and out of camera from florida, appointed by the central government, one of the things that we chatted with him about it is -- you will respect what the city, the county, in court what you to do. you will hire local vendors. we said it was a non-negotiable issue. we cannot force you, but we really encourage you. we all think about the money spent on hotels, regional out with, vendors and suppliers -- is that me? [beeping] those 14 ships out in fleet week
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spent $1.7 million in services. pilots, barges, ferries bring people back and forth. garbage disposal. rations. everything that they brought. we are still under the threat of damage to our ships. and they required security at every port. that, alone, $480,000 are spent in this city for a local vendor suppliers. i could say more, but my three minutes are up. this event was enormously challenging to coordinate. if you think that this is big, get ready for next year. [laughter]
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[applause] >> sorry. kevin, come up. >> one of the things that we want to give to monique is symbolic. this is a spent shell. we fired a 15 gun salute to the aircraft carrier. these were true the shells. we elected them. we think it is only appropriate that our wonderful port director and her staff have one of these. [laughter] [applause] >> i just want to thank the fleet wheat board and planning committee for all of the work
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that they did -- fleet week board and planning committee for all that they did. for those of you that were out during fleet week, you can see that there were hundreds of thousands of people that came out. it was such a great opportunity for us. we are an area that welcomes more people into san francisco. for both myself and my colleague, melanie what can, we served on the planning board. we would joke, every monday, that it was time to go over it with the planning committee. but the work that they do is demonstrated here. we want to thank fleet week, the general, and congratulate them for this event. the tie in with humanitarian efforts helps us to demonstrate how we can support, during and
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after, a natural disaster. thank you very much. [applause] >> good afternoon, commissioner. my name is the rain scullion -- more rain -- lorraine scullion. i am here on behalf of the alliance with hewlett-packard. at hewlett-packard, we believe that our global reach of resources and technology assessments has great potential for responsibility to help make our world a better, safer place through improved emergency prevention, unpreparedness, and key social innovation. the activities and programs developed by the san francisco fleet week association, particularly the disaster response humanitarian aid
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program, reflected many of our own goals and objectives. we were honored to be a sponsor and wanted to thank the port commission and fleet week association for their efforts to get leadership in orchestrating such a valuable and from an event. particularly, we would like to recognize the volunteer citizens that were inspiration only led by the major general, and the incredibly dedicated and hard- working board of directors, who ensured the success of fleet week. in the program, it was gratifying to see how partnerships and the channels of communication were open by having state, local, and federal agencies, planning side by side with the u.s. military and private corporations. together, we identified common
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goals, physical gaps, and most importantly, the next steps for strengthening our fiscal partnership. your efforts mirror the beliefs of hewlett-packard, as out -- highlighted by david packard, when he said -- the benefit of our society is not for the few, it is a responsibility to be shared by all. thank you for supporting san francisco's fleet week. we are you in such a worthy endeavor and look forward to seeing the results of a stronger, more productive, and impact full partnership in the future. thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon, members of the commission. my name is jeff collins. i am on the fleet week committee.
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i was asked by our executive director to tell you about a particular project we always engage in in fleet week, sometimes is not either get the recognition or the notification perhaps that it should. in particular, i'm talking about community relations projects that the fleet in gauges in when they come to court. historic day, when the fleet comes in, an important aspect of their visit is to reach out with their sailors, marines, and coast guard to the local community by undertaking tasks which benefit that community. this year, about 100 sailors and marines helped with habitat restoration of the san francisco zoo on monday. additionally, they did landscaping and means projects -- maintenance projects. others help with habitat restoration projects that land''
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end, the battery and of the presidio, and at the pacific co. on the curled vincent, and they collected 2 tons of crushed cans worth $200,000 for charities. why is that even more significant? because the aircraft carrier had just returned to the first american corp., san francisco, after a seven-month deployment and an historic tour to the middle east. yet, the sailors found the time to go out and do this particular project. lastly and certainly not least, the visits to our hospitals. sailors, marines, and coast guard visited our hospitals in palo alto, san francisco, and also san francisco general hospital children's ward. having attended last year, i got the same for this year.
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the kids, doctors, nurses, they did not want these sailors, marines, and coast guard to leave. most importantly, it was a two- way street. all of them said the same thing. it was great to be involved with the community, to do these projects, and to come away with the great feelings they have of san francisco. if you do one good act, it has a ripple effect. i suggest to you the community relations project of fleet week are a veritable tsunami of goodwill. thank you. [applause] >> i am the gift that keeps on giving. i am sorry to come back up again, but jeff reminded me of a
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project we had during fleet week. that involved having military music throughout the city. one of our events was a high- school band challenge that took place in the golden gate band show at 10:00 a.m. on columbus day. six high school bands from as far south as castro bill, all the way of the peninsula to benicia, competing with the marine band. we had cash prizes for every band that competed. the winning and got $10,000. the second place that 6000. the third place cut $4,500. every other band took away $2,500. there is no money in these systems these days for instruments, uniforms, and it was the idea of the wife of our
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honoree co-chair, secretary shultz. she said, let's have this band challenge. after it was over and it had been reading that day -- although the crowd never left. charlotte was about to get in the car and one of the high school band directors came over and said, i just want to thank you for this program, for doing this today. he held up the check and said, you just saved music in my school. [applause] >> good afternoon. my name is paid in sullivan. the public affairs officer. i am also honored to be a part of the planning committee with fleet week. fleet week. since 2004, the conflict general


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