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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2011 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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difficult for the to mistresses to occur is only going to backfire. we need to have a more supportive city and not use force to prevent the demonstration from continuing. this resolution i am sending to the city operations and neighborhood services committee, which i am the chair of. hopefully, we can have a special meeting on monday and have it come back to the full board. i think time is of the essence. i am concerned that the police could be moving against the demonstrations this evening. there needs to be concerned from the people who are demonstrating right now that that is going to happen. what it comes down to, we are talking about people's peaceful assembly and the right to free speech. in this case, the right to free speech and assembly seem to be one in the same period that is what the movement is about.
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a demonstration to call for a better world, one that takes into account people over corporations and flipping the current paradigm that we live under now. that will be my last item for introduction. >> thank you. seeing no other names on the roster, that concludes roll-call for introduction. supervisor chiu: thank you. why don't we go to general public comment? >> the next item is an opportunity for the public to address the board of items within the subject jurisdiction of the board, including items on the adoption without reference -- include in -- including items on the reference agenda, excluding items which have already been discussed. supervisor chiu: why don't we hear from our first speaker?
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up to two minutes per speaker unless you are translating in another language. >> [speaking foreign language]
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ladies and gentlemen, i spoke before by my language. i am very happy and i would like to give congratulations to the people from libya who have been encouraged to kill the dictator, muammar gaddafi. when muammar gaddafi died, the others died friends with him. 's mubarak -- hosni mubarak comes closer to death. i wish he is dead soon. i urge all of you to help my
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country, to return $183 billion. he took it with his children. $183 billion has been taken from us because he is becoming like mickey mouse and using you. i am egyptian. i left my country for 40 years, but i never forgot. 28 years, i see a young man who played guitar, and thank god. i would like to thank him, and i thank everyone of you. he never forgot us. he grew up on mission street, and he went yesterday to mission high school to help them. that is a man who loves his country and loves us. we love him, too.
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i would like to get 11 turkeys from you to feed the homeless people as soon as i can. before i die, i want to make something else. but how i wish to give you some tickets. supervisor, let me see you tomorrow, and i want to see support for each one of us to them. i am going to be there, and i watch every one of you. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. stop the corporate rape of the public library. do not give money to oregon accept money from the friends and family foundation. it is a private fund raising entity that presents itself as a public-private partnership. what does a few over time show?
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when citizens of san francisco approved a bond issue in 2003, they were told it would cost $105.9 million and be finished in january 2010. at that time, the friends of the library originally claimed it would be raising $16 million. in other words, 15.1% to the project. required filings with the california state attorney general revealed that between 2000 and 2010, they raise a total of $31.7 million. not only does the branch program's actual budget show they have only expanded $870,000 for furniture fixtures and equipment, but the required filings by the library under the sunshine or events show that during that time, they have only given or expended for any library benefit $3.1 million. this means that as a percentage,
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instead of raising 15.1% of the branch library improvement program, so far, they have only raised 4500 of 1%. yet, they are allowed to operate without any agreement from the city because they would not answer questions about the finance committee. whether it is bankers, mortgage lenders, or corporate philanthropists, because i did not receive broken, freedom from accountability is with the corporate grifter's get for their money. some public/private partnership. what they do is line their own pockets, and that is why the lies cost more than the money. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hello. i am here on my own behalf.
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how appropriate that we follow the gentleman that just spoke. i am part of occupy sf, though i do not represent them in anyway. the mayor said we had support in spirit from the mayor's office, but we have no contact, and with the word that the protesters are being told to clear out because the police have a lot of work to do, we feel we're going the way of chicago, baltimore, san jose, who are being shut down systematically. we're just asking for help. please give us a contact so we can communicate properly and show a respectable front to the city and work with the city. thank you. >> how is it going today, guys? thank you for this hearing. i presented this to all the supervisors earlier when i came in, but i just wanted to reiterate, we are very excited
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that we received a letter of solidarity from the san francisco building and construction trades council earlier today, so this just goes to show that occupy sf is not just a bunch of do-nothing college kids or what not. we have trades council's that understand the importance of why we are down there. kind of bouncing off of that, i wanted to present another letter that i was woken up to this morning. we get these on a regular basis, and it shows how the san francisco police deal with us. this right here is an unsigned and undated latter from the police chief. you all have a copy of this. appropriately named "you are subject to arrest." it goes through and how is of numerous complaints that we have been dealing with with the problem of recreation, the fire department, department of health. the one that is most pressing is
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the department of health. they have come on us erroneously, claiming that there is human waste issues in our camp. in assessing our camp, they assess all of justin herman plaza and the surrounding areas. as you guys well know, that area has had an indigenous homeless population for a while. i just wanted to repeat that we have been in communications with the mayor to try to get port-a- potty's in there. we really do need your support to put pressure on the mayor. it is obvious that alone, he is not listening to us or the trade unions that are on our side as well, so thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next singer, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. here is a great book, the mayor
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's book. hear you all are. i was here on that date. that day, yeah. great book. get it. ♪ i wonder, wonder who wrote the book of city love i wonder wonder who i wonder who it says so in this book of city love that this is the city that is true i wonder, wonder who who wrote the book of city love i wonder, wonder who who wrote the book of love i wonder, wonder who is going to be the next mayor is it david chiu
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is it you who who wrote the book of city love had the city days are here again the skies are clear and green in and it is going to get better, the budget, again happy city days better days great days are here again have the city days are right in here and it is going to take away all the federal budget fear happy days are coming wait and see the line and it will be free and nearly will bring -- mayor lee will bring happy days are here again ♪ supervisor chiu: thank you.
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next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i wanted to take a second to acknowledge my gratitude for the support for people's assembly that was put forward as well as the support for occupy sf as well as the support for people of california choice for medical cannabis. however, i am not here to speak about this today. i am here to speak about this man, an outspoken community youth leader from the bayview hunters point neighborhood of san francisco, and a week ago today, he was arrested. he was a victim of a political arrest. he was approached under serious pretext -- spurious pretext,
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where a couple of officers physically engage him. he is facing serious felony charges on an altercation that never needed to happen that was instigated by officers that is a direct result -- and we can show a history of this -- a direct result of harassment and police antagonism towards him based on his speaking out with a critical position on the true nature of the officer-involved shooting of kenneth harding. he has been traumatized, harassed, and arrested multiple times prior to this. no charges stop. no records. they targeted this man and this man's family, and we can provide a direct chain of evidence of this. this is political repression, so weak demand that he be released immediately -- we demand that he be released immediately. and if that is not possible,
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that his bail be reduced and the pressure be put on the va to reduce his bail to something reasonable so that this straight a city college student that you see here can -- [bell rings] supervisor chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> greetings. thank you for your time. i am here in support because i wanted to put a face or to humanize this individual who has been criminalize. he is a lifelong resident of the bayview community, and he is someone that has spoken out. he has not always spoken out about the death of kenneth harding, but he has also spoken out about the criminalization of the youth in the bayview hunters
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point area and throughout san francisco. there's a coalition of us that have come together. we have been together since the killing of kenneth harding. we have noticed that, like jeremy has said before, there have been two different incidents in the last three months where he has been detained by the police. this last incident, he was brutally abused by the police and was hospitalized with his brother. we are just here -- i am here because i am pleading with you guys to probably just -- not even probably, to get information about this case and get information about who this young man is. the fear we have as a community is that i will be doing this, wearing a t-shirt like i am wearing one of oscar grant because he was beautifully killed. that is an issue we have in our community.
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one of the most vocal people in the san francisco bay view -- the only person that is coming out and speaking as much as he is is now in jail. it is really a reminder of the sentiment and the environment right now, and this is not a way to lead the use theyouth -- lead the youth. >> good afternoon. i wanted to give each of the supervisors a copy of the recommendations i got from his school. as was stated before, he is a straight a student at city college, and he has been trying to do the right thing. he is only speaking the truth, and he is speaking up for people who could not -- even myself. i do not speak up. i was letting go.
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but he has the nerve to speak up for things bigger than himself, and i am proud of him, but i am offered for him. anything you can do to help protect my son and he just want to tell the truth, and i am afraid for him, and i do not want to have his name added to the list of people killed by the police, so if you can do anything to get the police to look into it or maybe examine themselves, because his story stays the same, like the truth always does. i am not a public speaker, but i just need help because i am afraid for my son. so any recommendations or anything you can do from your perspective to help him i would really appreciate. president chiu: thank you.
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next speaker. >> my name is eugene gordon jr.. the human animal brain is a material base. it manages scientific manner functions, construction words and actions, to resolve as housing is a ride, clothing, food, human rights, but where there is a national, agreed upon intervention, which without coincidence divides humanity into class ranks, again without coincidence, market speculation is factor. to stay the course, ignorance continues to debate right to live. product exchange without capital
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currency. class ranked is a market collapse. birthright is known as a state function of capitalism, and imperialism, materialism, racism, chauvinism, defamation, fraud. so much effort to convince itself distracts. fascism is in the united states of america. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. please step up. >> thank you. my name is brian mcewan, and i have spoken once before in front of this committee, last tuesday, and i just want to express my gratitude for ms. kim and some
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of the others who have been supportive of the movement in general, and i would just like to say we have received a number of conflicting messages from the different departments as regards to what is lawful and what is not lawful in regards to our assembly, and i appreciate your leadership, because we're not getting much from the mayor, and there are a lot of issues involved, and that is why there is such a divergence group out there that is standing up for our civil liberties and our rights to assemble, and we appreciate the fact that you guys respect that, but we are asking that from the police department, as well. do not come down and forcibly removed us. it is only going to incite more problems. and as individuals, i would love to be able to see some of you down there if there is a way for you to be able to do that in a non official capacity, because you guys represent us well.
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i know a few of you and have worked under you, fighting for issues when you were not part of this body here. so that is all i have to say, and we appreciate your support and when is the neighborhood committee? on monday? we would like to know about that. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, and john from san francisco. these are just some things that i have observed in the city. clothing helps us to be multi dimensional human beings instead of just identify yourselves as a herd of making animals. clothing is better for you, physically and psychologically. too much sun, and the bugs like mosquitoes can be damaging to our skin. privacy is an important part of our dignity and self-respect. kids give away their privacy and dignity on facebook to strangers
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on the naïve assumption that they have their best interests at heart. boys on the verge of manhood walk around shooting one another while still hanging on to their other pistol and showing us their potential dirty underwear. we allow ourselves to be groped at airports because we're in a hurry to get somewhere. torn and used looking clothing have been upgraded to plame quality. there are those out there that will self-destruct and take us with them. years ago, we knew them as insane and possibly dangerous. today, we bend over backwards to accept them as part of our human family to be cherished as humans are. democracy and freedom are as worthwhile as the character and culture of its people and society. the dignity, self-respect, and privacy.
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you can have a meaningful society. -- you cannot have a meaningful society without them. thank you for listening. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> everybody comes up here thinks that something is going to result from their speech. they have to, or they would not come up here, right? i am glad that they are protesting wall street. i feel like getting a megaphone that says that david rockefeller said in his memoirs that he hates the united states and that he is using chase manhattan bank and others to destroy the united states. go to several website. i am seriously thinking about doing that, but i do not want to get sidetracked on the main issue, and the main issue is being saved. jesus did not come back. he is still coming soon. he is coming soon. i will tell you something. i mentioned this before.
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9/11 is exactly 2000 days from the true jubilee, 1996, not 1994. 66.666 months later. i believe that god is quite possibly saying that after these six and 66 days cycles, christ will return after the jubilee, or to precise -- to be precise, 4440 days. now, that brings us to may 16, 2008. there is legitimacy to add the dates mentioned in the book of daniel about a blessing, it brings us to january 10, 2012. some say i have a prediction addiction, i cannot help myself in setting dates, and perhaps i do.
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i was right on 9/11. i mentioned this before. i mentioned 30 days before 9/11 that the trumpet would sound. this is frustrating. [bell] president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. thank you for listening to me. i am here talking about the resolution urging the city and county of san francisco giving preference to certify organic food vendors. there has been a lot of research done by independent scientists to show that genetically modified organisms increase allergies and cancer in people who are consuming them, and they are in a 90% of all processed foods in america, and nobody knows they are there. for example, corn syrup and soil lecithin. food additives and preservatives
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are listed. however, the fda deregulated the need to test genetically engineered crops, and said the only test that are done are by monsanto and others, the biotech companies. so these foods are in there, and there are a lot of pesticides used that are creating super weeds and super pests, which are actually causing the need for more and more chemicals, some of which have already been banned in a lot of countries due to their toxicity, and there've been found in the groundwater. there is a lot of spraying that goes here. they have discovered that agro ecology is a much more sustainable method of farming, so -- was that time for me to stop?
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ok. so i am just very concerned about this for children and the pollution that it causes and the studies that have been done on rats and animals that have showed aberrations in their stomachs and lesions, and i just think, for example, like cuba, they have -- president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am with the library organization. to get rid of, to snuff out all of the murals that exist on the vermont heights branch library is moving ahead with the cooperation of the unseeing, and knowing, apparently, arts commission. at a library commission meeting of july 21, the presenter of the
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so-called project manager for this project of replacements said we are not going to the art commission with this until september, when i called the art commission late in august. it turned out the visual arts committee had already heard the whole thing, and this person also said it would not be on the consent calendar, but they approved the plans for the demolition of that historic mural, which includes victor, holly, and others, and it did so without having a single presentation from the library, from the artists, or any documentation whatever of the new or old mural. most recently, on august 12, in response to an information request from us, the library commission secretary sent what was sent to the art commission, and it says a member of the


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