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tv   [untitled]    August 29, 2011 1:30pm-2:00pm PDT

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negative impact we will experience a rainey's nearby neighborhoods. -- experience in these neighbor hoods. there will be cumulative noise and vibrations from motors and generators from a spectator boats, official boats, and there will be noise from airhorns, and noise from motorized vehicles. this noise will be funneled uphill from the natural amphitheater into the nearby neighborhood. something like a reverse megaphone. this will go on from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. at night nine days in a row. these are serious and cumulative impacts.
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thank you. president olague: thank you. you can keep coming up to the mic when you hear your name called. however you want to do a. -- it. >> thank you, commissioners. this is a copy of my proposal for staff and commissioners. my name is dennis mckinsey. i am here to provide you with a copy of my proposal i have shared with the port commission, port staff, a city hall, the mayor's office, the board of supervisors, mr. barry ellison, as well as the san francisco unified school district. i am proposing that mr. ellison and the city as well as the school district create a marine science career path away as part of this project in order to be, as you have mentioned, cultural
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and environmental impacts. this program is only for three years. might plan is -- my plan is to address the issues for the san francisco high-school kids and for many, many years in the future. i am asking that all these parties involved take the leadership and build this facility and work with the school district, as well as the commission here to work together with everyone involved. there are many needs, as we all know, many sectors of our country, economically, educational, and our kids need the real world practical experience to go out there and see what positions exist and the cooperation and shared vision that is necessary between the public and private sector. thank you very much. president olague: george robin, jeffrey anderson, daniel osborn.
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>> hello. thank you to the commission. i am here opposing b the recreational treatment of the draft eir. you know, it includes seating where the bleachers are and at the beach. you are not going to sit on that beach at high tide. you have room on the sidewalk to put these tvs. floating jumbo tvs over there. plus, putting them on barges, the wind blows pretty hard. you will have to anchor them down pretty well. why would they come to an aquatic park to see a nice view
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and have blocked by a floating tv? not only that, not just the floating television or the barged one, it will take propeller-driven vehicles to maintain that. the one thing that is the most scary to the swimmer is not the great white shark, but it is propellers'. not only that, still both as well, but generally they do not go so fast. look out for swimmers. the other thing, too, there is a lack of alternatives. i would come out here and set screens. i would like to be able to say i like plan a or b or c. the only other issue is where are these things going to be placed.
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the impact would be in the water. there are ways around this. ok? but where this is proposing, it is not a good idea at all. let's see. also, electrical power for these things, are you going to run that through the water or have some fossil fuel-committing generator on a barge? which one is that going to be? i would advise a high-powered electrical line just in case there is a leakage or electromagnetic radiation, even though it may be shielded. i guess that is about it. i would like to see a little more done in that area. thank you.
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>> hi. myaname is -- my name is kate coleman. i love at 1534 -- i have been coming to the aquatic park to swim and compete for over 15 years, and i would like to address the recreational aspects and the quiet nature of the part. is not just for some of those athletes and -- it is not just for some of these athletes and boaters and rowers, but every day i see the rose of russian immigrants sitting there and talking on the benches, past families on the beach as a safe place for the kiddies to go. before we had a parking issue on the work van ness, but if
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this america's cup is going to take nine weeks out of our season when it is more moderate weather, that means it will not be used by thousands of people really, because it is not just us die hard swimmers. they are swimming from alcatraz. they are rolling -- rowing. just sitting in traffic trying to get there will be a nightmare. i will be basically cut off, as will other people who normally use this facility. i think the eir was written from mars, because the talk about alternative sites like ocean beach. there is nothing that is equivalent to aquatic park. there is nothing that can beat the relative calmness of the
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water, the beach you can walk into with no riptides. there is no place in san francisco that offers this water variation and the joy of the beautiful scene for its citizens, and also the elderly trying -- i am a senior citizen. just being able to get to that senior center. we will be cut off. i was sorry to see this rich man's project impede upon just plain folks in the bay area, not just san francisco. thank you. >> yes, hi. good afternoon. my name is terri shore. we are at an ocean conservation group based in marin. i am here today because i love
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the bay. i admit i am getting a little bit cold feet because the environmental prenuptial agreement, if you will, that has been written does not go far enough to protect the bay area's air and water and marine life from the effects of the crowds and the marine vessels and the waterfront developer that is proposed as part of the project. -- the waterfront development that is proposed as part of the project. it could be a match made in heaven if bt were put in measures -- if the teeth were put in any measures in the environmental impact report. there will be vessels coming from all over the world. california has some of the strongest standards for marine fuels and engines, so the city should demand any other vessel from out of town has to at least meet our standards. another big concern is the cruise ship terminal.
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i was here not too long ago to bring to your attention that the power installation, they come into port come up with up to the hetch hetchy power, shut down their 30 engines, and that is going to be on temporary shutdown because of the cost and the cruise ship terminal. so, we are urging for the city to either not shut it down and to reconfigure the event so it does not need to be shut down, move it be sure site to another location, or potentially if either of those were truly not feasible to come up with other measures such as requiring biodiesel on the ship, or maybe building a clean new zero emissions very to run crowd up and down the waterfront. -- ferry to run crowds up and
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down the waterfront. all lot can be done. i want to say like most of us, i am excited about the america's cup. i am wearing my t-shirt from the last america's cup. the golden gate challenge. yes, i was there in 1987. of all of the team to australia, had a fantastic time. i am pro-america's cup, and i think we can make it clean and green. we urge you to work harder on that. thank you. and i also want to submit this letter i submitted to the board and to the america's cup on the shoreside power which gives you more detail on the emissions. president olague: thank you. >> hello. my name is daniel osborn. i live at 2143 joined street --
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jones street, near greenwich. i've been swimming in aquatic park for over 50 years. many other locations in san francisco de. after finishing swimming at stanford, years ago, i found this very receptive place. there is no other location in the entire san francisco bay area that is protected as aquatic park is for swimming. i have personally participated in the rescue of a swimmer who was done in by a tugboat. it was not a pleasant experience. i would like to see the eir address the recreational use of
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aquatic park, which does not address. i even have the knowledge of the 1900's of city beautiful development of the area, which designated the aquatic park area for recreational use. even though i decided to support the idea of the america's cup, i am very skeptical of their commandeering for the nine weeks of the summer season, which is the only time the water gets up over 60 degrees for swimming. at least that should be addressed and limitations to the
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use of power boats and other craft in that area, which is so unique to swimming -- i have tried swimming in practically every venue you can imagine, up and down the east and west shore line. none of them approached this for accessibility and reliability and safety. in open water. i would like to see that eir amplified to address this issue. thank you very much. president olague: thank you. >> hello. my name is jeff anderson. i live at 1062 fulton street,
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san francisco. i am a member of the dalton club, a recent member were they call me "kid," and "young man at." [laughter] i have found the dolphin club to give me great benefit in my spiritual and mental health. i would ask you at the commission to protect the public area, which many of finance to be of great use -- which many find to be of great use. wide-screen tvs are not what i would consider it sublime. we are talking about las vegas on the water. i want to protect the nature of the aquatic park. thanks. that is what i have to set. thank you. president olague: thank you.
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>> my name is joe illyich. i have been our resident of san francisco for almost 50 years. i was astounded to read the draft eir. many of my concerns have been voiced, and i do not need to voice them again. it does seem that aquatic park is being turned into a carnival for several summers, and i cannot understand why. i was an historian for many years at san francisco state, and i would like to know the history of this. i wonder what promises must happen made to the america's cup people to get them to come here and expect that that could happen in san francisco, that this great recreational area could suddenly be turned over to them.
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i saw in their everyday in the morning. we are very concerned. thank you. president olague: thank you. [reading names] >> hello. i am polly rose. i live at 1423 clement st.. most of my concerns have already been voiced. i am a resident of san francisco. a recreational swimmer and a san franciscan. i value the presence of the america's cup here. however, there are aspects that are concerning. one is aquatic park. it is a venue for kayaking, family outings, picnics, other
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things. is the only swimming and waiting beach in san francisco that is safe for children and is home to a vital senior citizen'' center, a maritime museum, and boating clubs, all of which are used by the local community. the draft eir does not take any of this into consideration. primarily in the area of the bay between the golden gate and the bridges -- the swimmers are important to many of the area of residence. -- residents. provisions for traffic and parking are vague at best. de -- they lack sufficient -- they are not specific.
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[laughter] last week, a giants game was letting out. there were no traffic cops. stoplights were not coordinated. it was a time and gas-consuming nightmare. is this a harbinger of the america's cup? the power system for cruise ships is deeply disturbing. what are we doing? the better question is what are we on doing? the shoreside power system cost millions of dollars and it will be out of operation for years. resulting in tons of pollution in our air. where is the medication? in fact, in combination with the poorly-conceived transit plan, san francisco will suffer significantly higher pollution. i find these trade-off unacceptable. please address our communities
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-- community's concern. it is a unique event in a unique place, but we need sensitivity on the part of organizers and from the planning commission need a clear ride assessment of the impact of ac34 and effective solutions to the problems it will cause for the quality of life in san francisco and the bay area. thank you. >> good afternoon. is the executive director of the fisherman's wharf community benefits center. i appreciate you working with all our organizations almost every day of the year. pigeons work is supportive of the america's cup and we're proud -- fishermans wharf is supportive of the america's cup and are proud that san francisco was able to acquire that. we do need to work on health and
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transportation issues. we actually applaud the city for working on the people plan before the eir. we want to specifically thank mike martin and another member of the mayor's office for their outreach to our district especially, and we have been able to apply benefits. we're also working on a public realm plan that is traveling on a separate schedule. two of the areas i wanted to talk about are related to transportation and the eir. first, the line that would bring passengers directly from caltrain is something we strongly support. in addition, the extra support for the f-line is something that
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is already needed desperately. the eir has spoken of being over capacity. we see every day trains and buses better over capacity. it is exciting to see those trains, but it is frustrating when people cannot take on these trains. theater area is in bardera -- barcadero. when the northbound and barcadero is cut off, it cuts off our visitors and employees. if this is done a lot, it will stop our parking garages also. i believe i read in the eir there are 30,000 parking spaces
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in the sound being considered. and want to make sure there is a transit park, because we feel that is really important, but we want to make sure that the parking lot is not just get filled. newmont to work closely on that. the other areas are restricted access for employees and businesses, and we would really like to be part of that process once it discussions are had on how that will actually work. thank you for your time. [bell rings] >> hello. good afternoon. i am kimberly ross. i am a member of a nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to provide support
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for aquatics sports in the san francisco de. will work with many vendors, many of whom are here today. it is an exciting opportunity to showcase aquatics or sunday. it raises the following concerns. in section 5.5-15, it fails to mention the running club and the dolphins club are located within the park and have been for many years. table three-one of the eir indicates there was no plan to allow club members access to the south end of the running club. it also indicates that it would be a temporary berthing facility, but it does not address the needs to keep a water park safe for all
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swimmers and rowers. it is a 140 foot-long barge that is an unacceptable solution for the viewing of the race. there are other areas of downtown that are better suited to view events on the big screen. most of these events occur in the early morning. organizers must work with us to keep the bay area open during these non-racing *. will forward to a productive working relationship to ensure everyone enjoys the america's cup and is a success for all of san francisco. thank you for your time. >> hello. my name is keith howell.
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i memberam a of the dolphin club -- i am a member of the dolphin club and have been for 30 years. much of what i have to say has already been said, so i will not repeat it too much. there is a complete absence of the recreational activities within an aquatic park. a lot of people are not much interested in spectator sports, but participatory sports, and that includes the 2000 members of the joint dolphin and south and club. it is surprising, the swimmers who are swimming 365 days a year, and yet there is no mention of it in any eir, and i would like you to look into it. thank you very much. president olague: thank you. [reading names]
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yes. >> good afternoon, president olague, commissioners, and also planning director. i am is a familiar face to year, as much as i have been a citizen of san francisco. as a citizen, i also wear many hats. my apologies. user it also an architect, developer, a citizen of san francisco. this place is a special place.
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in has its own heritage and culture by which activities that are undertaken are also at risk by the virtue of what is an emission by the reports with regards to the activities, and also the level of safety that is putting both rowers and swimmers at risk. the water quality is also at risk and the impact of access, not only to the club, not only for the members, but as the club is open to the public, it, too, is also at risk for accessibility. this is an invasion of land, sea, and air by which the impact will be strongly felt. not only by the club, but also by the community, and the environment, the businesses, the recreational components that have been undergoing this
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impact of what the america's cup is going to do to that waterfront is also going to be significant. there needs to be a plan of action which also shows concern and respects in the current activities. along with that, this is a special place in that when you look at the environmental impact, what the report is supposed to do, it identified the biological needs of those users. your the last of the top clubs along the waterfront. -- we are the last of two clubs along the waterfront. we are an endangered species. if you do not respect that, we haven't lived and swam and being active in san


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