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tv   [untitled]    May 28, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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he is my blood. but i do not know about this projected onto the. i went and got tested. there are no results yet. but i also went down to court, in she was supposed to go to court yesterday, and when i went down there, i was told the situation was dropped. i did not drop any charges, and it was dropped before she went to court, so i do not know if it was the police to drop the case or the d.a. dropped the case. -- if it was the police who dropped the case. i in here to get some justice. i felt if it had been me, i would have had to be going to court -- i am here to get some justice. ok, just to be honest, there was some racial thing going on because the lady was a different
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ethnic. she was caucasian, and i am black, and here on the report, which i've only got 53 seconds. i need to know what i have to do to go to to get some justice because it was dropped. i do not know if it was the d.a. i do not know if it was the officers. they told me it was the d.a. >> also in the narrative, if you look at it, it was mentioned "wise" four times. -- "white" four times. president mazzucco: he is doing a good job speaking for himself. i will explain, though we do not normally do this. the office of the deal makes a decision on whether or not to pursue a case. it is not the police department or the police commission. it is the voters.
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>> ok, so it is the voters. there is no one i can go to about it being dropped. president mazzucco: you can go to the assistant d.a. who does misdemeanor intake, and the general number for that office is 55 3-1752, and ask for the misdemeanor into a. they will tell you what happens with the case, sir -- and ask for misdemeanor intake. next speaker. >> good evening. my name is eric king. i came before this commission on april 27, and last week, -- president mazzucco: clyde, hold it down. i am sorry. clyde, clyde. >> i came before the commission on april 27, and last week, may 18, tried to get clarification
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on the findings of the note occ -- findings of the occ with the filings. i claimed that the ss pd tried to run me out of town because i knew the identity of one of their confidential informants -- i claimed that bss p d tried to run made up of down. -- bss pps note -- the sfpd tried to run me out of town. i know the directory of the occ was present. i am kind of wondering what i need to be to get clarification on the matter is starting to get a little fishy to me. president mazzucco: that was a federal case, correct? >> yes. president mazzucco: 70 to talk
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to the people of the fbi, and the number -- so you need to talk to the police -- to the fbi, and the number is -- and you need to talk to the d.c. circuit. you can continue to talk about this. -- you need to talk to the duty officer. >> my next step would be to go to the inspector general's office. this is a law enforcement organization, and they were involved in the case, so i am taking it one step at a time. president mazzucco: i agree. >> so what i would like to do his equivocation on the occ findings, and i gave you all the details prior to the meeting, so -- commissioner: we are aware of the germans issues and have dealt with them as best as we
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can. we have responded to them, and there is nothing else we can do at this time for him, but we are well aware of the issues that he brings. >> you are an investigative body, and you have to issue findings that makes sense. the person who filed the complaint cannot walk away scratching the said, wondering, what did they mean by this finding? information only note is a general smoky finding that can mean one thing, and it can mean something else, it 180 degrees opposite direction -- a 180 degrees opposite direction, so you need to be specific on your findings. president mazzucco: i think the best device is for you to contact the fbi. -- the best advice is free to
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contact the fbi. -- is for you to contact the fbi. i think you need to talk to the duty agent and find some closure. that is where you need to go. i am sort of stepping over the line a little bit because you have been here, and i have some concerns about what is going on, but i think you need to talk about the -- to the fbi. the duty agent, the case agent that handel did for the -- that handled it. that is what i think you should do. that is my advice. >> but i still would like clarification on the findings of the occ. what do you mean by information on it? it can mean one thing or something else. i am entitled to know that. president mazzucco: we will let you know next meeting, or we will get you some sort of definition.
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we cannot do that right now. >> well, that is fine. so should i stop by the occ sometime between now and next week? president mazzucco: yes, that would be my advice. it sounds like to have already done that, mr. king. >> in my opinion, they would have handled it if i received a letter that explains their findings. if you can just say "information only," and that is that, that is not good. president mazzucco: ok. thank you. >> ok, i will stop by again anyway. president mazzucco: thank you, sir. next speaker. >> my name is tom, and i have been here before about the patrol specialist. president mazzucco: how are you? >> i am 5. you have an officer. i do not want to comment on this case anymore -- i am fine.
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it should have never been on your agenda. they are unconstitutional. you were given a report 10 months ago i believe, or nine months ago. you have done nothing. patrol specialists continue to operate wallace lee and on behalf of their clients, they're paying clients -- to operate law leslie -- lawlessly and and be caught -- and on behalf of their clients, their paying clients, et and this is your last meeting before that date. what is taking so long? i want to point out that some of the biggest factors of the control specialists have been supervisor wiener and another. there was an article in a and
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"the times," and the article discussed a thames -- there was an article in "the times." the article discussed the thames -- the tempest -- attempts. there is no mention of the san francisco police department responsibility that it is to enforce the law. instead, there are comments about people talking to their friends, singing of their friends will do what they want to do instead of having law enforcement -- saying their friends will do what they want to do. stop treating us as if we are special, second-class citizens. the law should be applied in all neighborhoods, or there should be something placed by each of you ordinance with a footnote that says "it does not apply in the castro," and if the "supervisor wiener" thinks so.
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they may get less safe. thank you. president mazzucco: thank you. hello, clyde. >> let's focus on the positive. a lot of good things going on. we have a new chief. we have new ideas. we have new frontiers. we have new ideas. i heard the chief this weekend. i had never heard the 8:30 a.m. or 8:30 p.m., and he discussed everything. he was candid, ford, and open. what a change. -- he was candid, forward, and open. that is why you and mayor lee
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appointed him. we have problems in the police department. we have had disagreements over the years. the deputy chief sat here, and we had disagreements, no problem. no disrespect. like this morning. hey, i will sit down. we will sit down and we will not diss each other. we will work it out. we do not have to insult each other. we as people can solve problems. kevin is going to do with as the new operations chief. the key matter is let's solve problems. quit the demeaning conduct about each other. let's go forward, solve problems.
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solutions come with yes. thank you. president mazzucco: thank you. >> commissioners, once again, my name is emile lawrence. it was a little confusing about whether i spoke the first time for another comment, but i wanted to bring up something i saw on the television air a few weeks ago when the imf banker was arrested in new york city, that relates to san francisco at large. seeing a speeding taxi. if you look at the 10 most wanted in this city on a weekly list, you will find that many of them get in and out of taxis on a weekly basis. new york city is known for having the taxi drivers identify many criminals. we have 1500 taxis circulating
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in the city on a 24-hour basis. that is 1500 to 2500 drivers. if you read a 10 most wanted list, and a driver can benefit from identify one of these people -- if you have a 10 most wanted list, he should have a list on a weekly basis of who these people are. i have never seen one in the 13 years i have been in the business, a most wanted list anywhere, even though i identified one rapist and possible killer in my taxi. from a tv show, not from a poster. i think that the s f p d, if they would like to implement some program, where a taxi drivers would have a digital print ads, a copy print of the most wanted list, i think they could help the city reduce the crime rate. we have just had two african- americans being apprehended on the sfpd on various charges.
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part of the problem in the city is that the murder rate relates almost exclusively to african- americans, whether they came from other parts of the county, i do not know. but it is a problem. to have killers on the loose in the city and not being identified or have people committing crimes in the city and not being identified. i know on the "10 most wanted," on the tv show, they were will shocked at the number of people who identify criminals. i think for the small county, this city, this program would be worth between the tax community and -- the taxi community and the sfpd to identify criminals, many of whom use taxis to come and go as they wish on a regular basis. and one other thing to bring up, i think we should change the
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clearance back to what they are. get rid of this kind of useless language called clearance and put it back to murder an unsolved murder so the public can do that. i thank you for your time. president mazzucco: next speaker. anymore public comment? seeing none, line item number four, please. secretary falvey: line item number four, reports and announcements, with the chief's report, a report on crime statistics and a review of recent activities. >> we had our meeting, discussing certain crime issues that have been out in the last 28-day extraction period, and the good news is that crime is down 9%. in particular, a property crime is down 12%. a lot of this has been driven by drops in automotive theft in burglaries. they are down 13% in 20%
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respectively. another continues to remain down coat -- and 20% respectively. this is less violent crimes today. considering all part-one crimes, we are slightly ahead of last year with a net increase in burglary part-one crimes, an increase of 3.1%. overall, the homicide comparisons from this year to last year, and everyone is fixated on this for good reason, it is 24 homicides year-to-date compared to 21 last year. obviously, 24 is many, but compared to standards, too high nonetheless. that pretty much concludes my crime report. president mazzucco: any questions for the chief regarding crime statistics? >> thank you. president mazzucco: thank you, chief.
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line item four b. secretary falvey: line item four b, the occ director's report. >> i have no report. president mazzucco: thank you. next item. secretary falvey: item number of full noir -- item4 number -- item number 4 c, the commission reports. president mazzucco: it was good to hear about their perceptions, and good to work with the human rights commission. people with great backgrounds that are interested in making sure san francisco is safe but also that we protect everyone's constitutional rights, and i want to congratulate the commissioners for being there,
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and i also want to state chief -- i want to thank the chief. our officers to follow our general orders, and explain some issues about identification, so i think you, chief, for getting way ahead of these issues -- i thank you. that delicate balance between constitutional rights and protection of the community, so that was great. i think that our commission and the human rights commission and directors sparks -- i think our commission. i -- thank our commission. commissioner? commissioner: i was getting ready for d. vice president marshall: it is
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good to hear commissioner chan. >> john's grill. the maltese falcon. >> we have all of these police chiefs and all these politicians and famous people on the wall, and now we have the chief on the wall. >> thank you. president mazzucco: any further comments? before moving on to lyell item 4 d? -- before moving on to line item 4d? secretary falvey: item 4d, the commission announcements and scheduling of items. president mazzucco: commissioner kingsley? commissioner kingsley: this is
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to talk about what the police department might do in terms of raising the level of comfort in the community around the relationship in general between police officers, the police department, and members of that community and to focus in on that. what we were hearing the other night is not uncommon, with what we have heard throughout the country and what often happens when there are wars going on, when there are issues of ethnicity and religion that come up, and it was disturbing to hear that in our city and those comments, to the extent that the department can do something note -- something to help improve on those relationships. i think it is worth are discussing and exploring, you know, what that might be.
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that is the first thing. the second item is, and now that we do have a new police chief, and we know that he is a strong proponent of community policing, and i believe that involvement of the community in policing and the department work is important, as well. but it seems that this is a great opportunity to look at that issue as a commission, to listen to our new chief and what his ideas are and his approach koran to have that in front of the public and to have that voice and discussed so that it is out there and perhaps a formal structure.
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the for the third item that i have, a proposal we address is the closed session and i done that the city attorney was going to make a presentation to us regarding, i believe attempting litigation matters. this was a few weeks ago. we have the city attorney sally gibson sitting in until mid june. i don't know whether or not this item needs to wait for him whether, perhaps, we can discuss whether or not she would be prepared to address the commission early on. we do want to hear that since it is important. >> i don't know what the item is the glove -- and that's
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something we can say? >> it does need to be in closed session. i suggest that perhaps we can follow up and talk about what that might be and figure out if it makes sense for us to even get on the calendar for with the session discussion, you might be able to address the commission. >> i can follow up with a telephone conversation. >> we are hesitating on the third one. but where are the other commissioners in terms of the first two items? are they items that you would like to discuss? >> the follow up with the community that was present, i think they have already had one or two meetings in the community and they will continue to do so.
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with the special agent in charge of the fbi, there is going to be talked about of reach with the federal partners, a program that the department of justice actually reached out to be concerned community about the joint terrorism task force. there was discussion about meetings, but they were out ahead of this. it reached in meetings with the community, and there is the chief report. they will have of reach. that will see what he has done and what he plans on doing. >> it sounds good, mr. president. we all have community policing. he is pro with the model for that.
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and they should also have that as an item for the chief's report, maybe a week after about community policing. and now he has a lot on his plate. he has been really busy. -like that is really easy for him to talk about. will give him a weaker to about what his plans. what is are moving in a different direction and there really want everything to settle down. it should be two weeks, does that sound? >> which should wait until the return. >> we're talking about the third item. >> any other announcements about items to be scheduled for future meetings? hearing none, and will open to
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the general public comment regarding items for? -- commissioner marshall: where are we? >> i have an update. >> we have meetings set up so far. they are aware of this and i'll have the address for you, sen. -- soon. i thought i would let the captain had his second full day before asking him to confirm that. in june and august. >> we generally have a community meeting last wednesday of the month. we had numerous community
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meetings and we supplanted that along with the normal agenda. we had more meetings than usual. it is time for us to move back to the regularly scheduled wednesday meetings. for me and the commission, it is the most rewarding to hear what is going on in the great city. let's start up again. any public comment regarding these items? >> i am sorry to be a broken record, but it has been a year in 12 days. time for him to step aside and of the rule of law into established whatever words you want to use for the tough lock control specials. not since hildegarde's or what ever you want to call them, people that are helping clients and will do their bidding, whether it is legal or not.
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it has been years trying to put them under your authority and they refuse. he still allow them to persist. they continue to break the law. >> how you weren't going to talk about bringing on the next speaker of them wondering why that is not done next week's agenda. >> is a ban on last week as the agenda. it should of been there since 2010. thank you. >> welcome. russia is not the heat to complain, i have to come up and try to bring them back into the realm of reality. there is a lot several years ago the was very interesting theory the least some of from the police commission has to look at what they are doing. and you're getting more and more complaints from our members
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about how they're handling these issues. the party of this leak did not like receiving the moving citation to the file the complaint. the charge the officer with unwarranted action for issuing the citation. that is the wrong format. bell like getting a ticket. a total traffic court. that is not why we have a. that is thousands of actions made against the officers. very few if any are ever sustained. that is the group the need to look at and start auditing. the latest, i received a call for an inspector. and there was a police report in the computer. the computer automatically assigned that report to a unit that no longer exists. we all know. it does not exist.