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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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simply something that would not have been done if it was not for her leadership, barbara boxer's leadership. a round of applause for the political courage in washington. a final point. i know you think, what can be done to improve the area? [laughter] this is a big part of this. i will take credit for this. i need it. we have struggled. a great plaza. designed s one in 1989 we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the united nations, with people coming from
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all over the world including the new secretary-general. we wanted to turn on the found. you do not want to know why we were shutting this town. you may want to lean over to ask a friend if you do not know what i mean. we began to build on this. we put together a new partnership to do whatever -- what every mayor has promised to do. i actually believe this. we're getting closer to the tipping point and in 2013 and 2014, we will have reached this place and beyond. just down the road we will do a demonstration, and the people out there and in the rainfall,
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they have been out there as a part of the way to revitalize this, and we will be here for a couple of days to do this installation in the area. we have new retail establishments, anchoring the future of the mid market. this was approved by our friends in the board of supervisors. and we have a small-business loan program, that we finally got off the ground. one of these recipients was pearl ferguson, one of the great burger joints. 16 would be employed. blix arts is here. you have these organizations
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that are committed to this area. arts are going to revitalize this area, as it was the case in manhattan, as it was the case in those very difficult parts. of new york. there is one of four in the country. this became a national model. and i sincerely believe that we are here, where things are going to take shape. and people will learn more about what all of you are doing, because this is critical to get 900 of you, coming in and out of this building, completely changing the dynamic. and i am convinced that this will happen. i believe that you have those restaurants opening up, and retailers coming back into the area.
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this is one of the unfinished efforts of that goes backs and those with lanterns will pass by, and the legend has been passed by and i do not remember the order that they were in. brown, myself, mayor daily or -- daly or whoever is next. you are very interesting. i just want to remember this moment. this is a great moment in the revitalization of the city, in the heart of the city, with this 60 blocks that surround us. this is where the values are represented and the challenges are quite evident and visible. i am incredibly enthusiastic. congratulations on the day. thank you. [applause]
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>> thank you very much. on behalf of gsa, a coin for the recovery act. you can't spend it, but you can have it. >> ladies and gentlemen. [laughter] [applause] >> i knew that. [laughter] >> that is a hard one to follow. we also have other people with us. i introduced dan, the speaker- director for pelosi for five years. her support for the recovery act has made it possible for gsa
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to undertake this project. with her assistants, this will pay huge dividends for many generations to come. please welcome dan bernal. >> thank you. thank you, jeff and mayor newsom. this is the only $122 million coin in the country. in washington they have just extended the middle class tax cuts with the voting that was done. they worked hard for the recovery act, but none of this was congressionally directed. they understood what this would do for the country, what this would do for the economy in the
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bay area to create green jobs, and this would set an example for the sustainable architecture. i would like to thank our friends with the architectural firm as well. she could not be here but ask me to read a few words to you. thank you for inviting me to join you at the construction kickoff ceremony for the renovation of the u.s. general services regional headquarters, the beautiful and historic 50 united nations plaza building. the american recovery and reinvestment act is making a very historic investment to upgrade and modernize federal buildings and make them energy- efficient, including $122 million for the united nations plaza building. this will save with pentecost's -- and this will create good- paying jobs in the green building industry.
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the decision is good news for san francisco, for the civic center area, and our economy. renovating the building and making it more accessible will create and save jobs while using the facility as a gsa regional headquarters to improve the lives of those living and working in the regional civic headquarters area. it is not only significant for san francisco's economy but a vital part of our city's historical district. the architect also designed city hall, the opera house, and the veterans building, all of which give our city its unique character and contribute to its beauty. i would like to thank all those who made the renovation possible and to thank the acting regional administrator for his leadership in economically, sustainably, and efficiently
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managing our regional aspects. we look forward to the day with the richest -- when the registration takes up residence in the building. warm regards, nancy pelosi, speaker of the house. thank you. [applause] >> please thank speaker pelosi, and we also happen to have another recovery act coin. >> is it $61 million? >> it is going to get cheaper as the day goes on, i'm sad to say. [laughter] >> as i said a moment ago, congress is in session. the house of representatives and senate are tackling major issues as we speak. barbara boxer is unable to be with us, but her field representative is standing in. we are grateful that the senator is also a stalwart supporter gsa
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and the greening of the government. we are pleased you could be with us today. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome meghan miller. [applause] >> thank you, everyone. it is a pleasure to be here and exciting to think about this area of our city in the future. in the field representative for san francisco in california, and my boss is in d.c. working her hardest as we speak, so on her behalf, i was asked to present the following from her to you. "please accept my warmest greetings as you celebrate the official groundbreaking for the upgrade of san francisco's landmark plaza building. thanks to $100 million secured through the american recovery and reinvestment act, this historic building will be renovated and utilize by gsa. the 350,000 square foot building will receive much-needed improvements, including new and energy efficient electrical, heating, and plumbing systems
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and a seismic upgrade. buildings will be replaced, and the building will be brought up beada standards -- brought up to ada standards. i commend the city of san francisco and gsa for their commitment to this important project. the building, which was designated a historic landmark in 1987, is a crucial component of san francisco's renowned civic center. the project will not only restore sanford's as good as a civic center, but will create or save more than 1000 jobs throughout the construction and renovation process. i would like to issue welcome to the guests here today and i can send my best wishes as you mark this important and historic milestone. i look forward to 2014 when we will celebrate the completed renovation of this historic building. thanks very much. sincerely, barbara boxer."
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[applause] >> and in keeping with the fine tradition of devalued coins. >> thanks very much. >> thanks again, and please tell the senator thank you. the project is about thinking outside of the box and turning the old traditional office environment into something that works for our time. dan was telling me earlier he actually worked in the building and wanted to see the space that he had formerly occupied. the idea's going into the design of the building are incredible. it is going to be first-class state of the our office space. new ways of being productive require new workspaces that facilitate and enhance the different ways that we work. mark donohue leads the group of architects who are doing just that for the project. hks architects are taking this 80-year-old federal office
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building and designing it to become modern, open offices with an environment that will meet the needs of gsa into the 21st century. i find it exciting. i'm anxious for all the we have talked about to finally be constructed in this facility, so please welcome mark donohue. [applause] that clearly saved the best for last. [laughter] it much of what i say sounds familiar, it is just because jeff's speech writers got to my speech writers before i could. my colleagues and his regrets. he is on his way. his flight was delayed in frankfurt. he either said, "i'm stuck here" or "eight tiny reindeer." i'm not sure which it was. [laughter] i would like to gsa for the opportunity to work on this magnificent project.
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let's see, modern workplace, lead goals -- [laughter] all right, just going to have to go for it. for many of us on the engineering and design team, the recovery act has really been a bridge from a very terrible 2009 across an economic chasm, and without it, many of us would not be here today. we are thankful to congress, to our congressional representatives and to all the politicians who have been involved up to the president. but the building is also bridging the future. this is a building whose fate was not determined. 75 years old, a lot of seismic problems. one more earthquake and she is gone, and we have an opportunity to carry it another 75 years into the future. this is an opportunity to show what can be done in an historic building. how can you take the federal building stock and convert it and reposition it so that as we advance to the 21st century, we
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can continue to use these buildings and take advantage of the embodied energy, pay respect to the effort and the care that went into these buildings. it is really an example of showing that the old is the new green, and we are very happy to be involved. the amazing thing about a building like this is that it was created before the advent of air conditioning, so it is really true to the climate. what we had to come in and do was as little as possible, but since i do not pay you to do that, we did accomplish a few things. [laughter] the challenge was for the team to preserve what is already a beautiful asset. it is graced with ample daylight and natural ventilation, and we did improve upon it, and it is important to recognize that there is a lot of people sitting out there that i can see that have been working on this project for a long time to try to bring this mission to fruition, and you should be congratulated for that effort. i have a couple of facts that
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are really interesting. even though the building did not use much energy to begin with, it will now use 30% less than even that very low standard. the user controlled environments are four winners -- i think, jeff, you covered that very well -- but also 8% reduction in the use of water, which will be critical as we go forward. we are already in the third year of a drought, and that is a very important aspect to the building. it is a flexible dynamic work place. the way people work now is different than the way they work in 1936, and it is going to change again very soon. as i mentioned, when the "world of warcraft" generation comes to work, they will not want the same kinds of offices that we do. there's not enough time for me to give credit where credit is due. i see a lot of people who have been working very hard to get
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this building position to begin construction, but today marks the beginning of the next stage. we will still need follow- through to make sure that what we have collectively plan together is executed, and i look forward to seeing all of you when the work has been completed, and we can be launched this magnificent building into the future. thanks very much. [applause] >> thank you, and of course, what we have for you is the split four-way coin. you will be able to buy just what you paid for. [laughter] i bet many of you are asking yourselves when this whole shovel thing happened and why somebody is buried right in front of jeff, and some of you may have been asking yourselves -- there is five of us and 6 shovels. that will not be the emergency,
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i promise. we will come up now for basically the shovel event, but i would like to ask the president and ceo of hathaway to join us as we do the shovel event, so if we could all step forward. [applause] >> [inaudible] [laughter] one more? 1, t w a, 3 -- 1, 2, 3. [applause] thank you all very much.
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>> good morning, everybody. good morning. i'm angela alioto, the chair of the 10-year plan to end chronic
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homelessness. let me just say i think some of you might remember the mayor's race of 2003. i know gavin does. it was quite a race. at the end, gavin and i agreed that our goal was to do everything we could for the homeless and four of our great city. as a consequence, the new mayor in january 2004, appointed an incredible committee of about 30 people to create the 10-year plan to end chronic homelessness. gavin said that i would not be able to do it by june. for six months, 30 incredible people -- and i mean in credible people -- from every walk of life -- the funding was to have the hotel industry, the chamber of commerce along with the activists from the tenderloin all get along from six months
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and actually come through with one of the most incredible plans to end chronic homelessness and poverty in the city and county of san francisco. on june 29, 2004, mayor gavin newsom announced the plan, and we are standing here today still with that plan. one of the things that came out of the new administration that i considered to be the most important program in the united states of america is project homeless connect. a hand for the mayor. [applause] while the 10-year plan to end chronic homeless this is giving people permit supportive housing while even today, we need to address the issue of mental health, mental illness -- that is the promise of permanent supportive housing, the support of part, the mental health, and
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now that my best friend is governor and one of my closest friends is the lieutenant governor, we are going to focus on mental health for the state of california. [applause] i want to introduce some of the original members of that committee. i want you to know everybody told us we could not do it, and as we are standing here today, i believe it is very close to 4000 people have gotten a prominent supporter of housing and are off the streets when they were chronically homeless, meaning they had been on the streets for more than four years with triple diagnoses and other mental health issues. almost 4000 people have a home that did not have a home, and that is because of the 10-year council and mayor gavin newsom. [applause] so i want to introduce michael d'annunzio.
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i'm going to totally blind again. loren hall. david heller. randy with him, and john hanley from local 798. the firefighters, and dr. richard kenyon, who added one of our most important prongs' -- nutrition -- to the 10-year plan. that was truly innovative. [applause] so it is my great pleasure that so many members of the original 10-year plan are here. and of course, the federal homeless czar under george bush, who has now gotten project homeless connect in over 50 states, and i think it is over 230 cities in the united states along with the 10-year plan, was also a member of that original committee. we are here today -- and judith is going to help me -- this is one of the most incredible human beings, and she has been in charge for six years doing one
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hell of a job taking care of the four -- the poor. >> thank you. today, we are going to begin with a beginning and vacation. can i get an acknowledgment for the jewish relations community council and the consortium of jewish community groups that are here today? if you could please stand, let's give you a round of applause. >> good morning. are you all very comfortable? good, stand up. [laughter] now, i will make this very quick and very easy. the best way to understand what you are doing today is the word justice. the word charity means to care. god does not care if you care. even if -- even the guy you may not believe in does not care if
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you care, but justice is what we are committed to do. this is by way of a very moving prayer because you are going to move. if you are able, please stand on your two feet if you have them -- i'm serious. just stand. feel yourself stand. you are already a privileged person if you can stand on your own two feet. second, feel your balance. if you can balance on your own two feet, you are also a privilege person. that means you've got health. everyone -- those of you can go home tonight and say you learned a hebrew word. what i would like to do is lift 14 and see how that feels --
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with 1 foot and see how that feels. how long can you do that? usually, this would terminate all sermons. you can take that with you also. feel that. feel being under steady. all the people on the street today are out of balance. something has knocked them off their own 2 feet. you are here today to do god's work, to put them back on their own 2 feet. now, lift up 1 foot. i need you for a second. do this. do the same thing. hang on to the person next to you to with 1 foot. you are now balancing on the person next to you. say justice, justice, you shall do. you are ready for today. thank you.
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[applause] >> thank you. kaiser permanente has been an incredibly generous supporter of project homeless connect. can i please get a round of applause? the president of public affairs is here to join us. randy. >> thank you, judith. i want to thank everybody who is here today to project -- to volunteer for project homeless connect. kaiser permanente has been how to sponsor for the last three years. we have 50 physicians and staff here, and this is just an amazing activity. if you look around you, you will see all walks of life in this room. you will probably see some people who are older than you and who are younger than you. you will see different cultures, different sexual orientations, people of all walks of life who are all here today working together. it is just an amazing reminder
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of what we can do when we fall together as a community to address the need to make a difference, to solve a problem. it does not matter who we are because the one thing we all share in common today, whatever our belief system is, the believe that we together can make a difference and that we can change the world by working together and -- in really big ways, and that is what we are here to do today. i think this is a great example of san francisco, the city that knows how to take care of the underserved and the city that knows how to win a world series -- [applause] so on behalf of kaiser permanente, i want to thank all of you who are here today to volunteer. i want to thank this great city. i want to thank their new some for his leadership, project homeless connect for the last six years, and i just want to say -- have a great day.
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happy holidays, and thanks for being here today. [applause] >> thank you for your continued support. just a couple of people that i want to acknowledge today. we had an incredibly generous donation of over 5000 blankets that are being handed out in the front. if i could please get a shower out. thank you. we have a group of students, and i understand this is the last time they are going to be here as a group. i think there is over 123 students from cardinal newman ursuline high school. can i get you guys to stand up? [applause] all right. [applause] a big special round of applause for walden house, who has consistently been here helping us double


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