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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2010 10:30pm-11:00pm PST

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hearing and will be expressing the significance we have held over the last few years to treating the boathouse as a historic resources, to working with the historic preservation commission, which, glenn beck overcome all the documentation show our commitment to working with historic preservation in ensuring that any proposed improvements at the site reflect the historic nature of the building, and additionally, approval of any capital improvements will be subject to the approval of this body and the appropriate regulatory bodies including potentially the planning commission and the historic preservation commission. i would like to show a list of some of the supporters and opponents of this project.
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with that, i make myself available for any questions. >> i met with some community members earlier in the week. the issue that was outstanding for me was the issue of insurance. it did not show up in some of the documents. could you comment on that? >> in inserting language into the lease, that his language that is not inserted by departments that. the city retains a team of risk managers that review each proposed contract and determine the appropriate insurance levels and the appropriate policy types. in working with the city's office of risk-management, they determined that as this lease is for small boats, pedal boats,
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rental boats, there is not a watercraft liability insurance -- it is not necessary. the general comprehensive insurance limits are sufficient. we double checked that and triple checked at after hearing some of the community concerns. we have been assured thoroughly that the insurance levels for the contract are appropriate. commissioner lee: a received the letter as well as the commissioners from the historical preservation commission. what impact would -- i am wondering what would happen if they did emit a historical site. would that impact the capital plan? what would happen in that case? >> let me back up. this is an informational item
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only. there is no action on the item on december 15. the commission could decide to hold an initiation hearing at a later point. should the property -- should the initiation process be initiated for landmarking, there were the 180-day hold on the property. the building would be treated as a landmark. no improvements could be made to property. they would work with staff to determine the appropriateness of making docca stow lake boathouse a landmark. should it be decided to be a
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landmark, we would work with historic preservation commission and the leasee to implement improvements to the building that met the requirements outlined in those documents. commissioner lee: if the improvements, if it restricted your improvements, where a cafe, perhaps, what if you could not do it, what with the remedy be in that case? >> in that case, what the lease provides is that we would essentially work with the city and the of leasee would work with each other to develop an improvement plan. we do believe that the idea of landmarking the interior of the boat house is one that, while we strongly feel is something that should be maintained, the exterior, this idea of maintaining the use rather than
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the physical attributes of the building is one that department staff would like to have an extended conversation with hpc about. if the interior and exterior of the building were ultimately landmarks, we would work with aleasee to develop an appropriate plan. that plan would come back to this policy body for their approval. commissioner lee: i suspect the lease would be changed in that case, given the revenues from the cafe would not be existent, in that case. >> we -- i think that point, there would be a need to potentially amend the lease. i think we should note that there are not very many examples of a use itself being landmarked here in san francisco. that is what we would be talking about, preserving the use of the space as a historic landmark,
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rather than the physical attributes of the building. >> i would be happy to answer any questions you have about the overall landmarking process thathpc -- that hpc is talking about. in our multiple meetings informing the decisions about whether to initiate a landmarking, and in conversations with charles, the chair of that commission, it is clear that the focus of hpc is on the physical buildings themselves in golden gate park. we are not having conversations about uses. we are even talking about conversations -- excuse me. i am dehydrated this evening. we are talking about landscape. i think the focus of the
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conversation are around stow lake should -- are around stow lake, should step aside it is a contributing feature toward the landmarking effort, that it will be focused on the building itself. president buell: commissioner harrison? commissioner harrison: i have a question. there is nothing on the exterior of the building that will be changed. >> there will be some new paint put on, and some of the elements that have been disrepair will be repaired. i should note that this is, as i said earlier, one of the reasons we chose ortega, they have experience working on his tour buildings. the recently completed a renovation of a concession where it was an approximately 7-year- old building.
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they undertook a historic round is -- renovation of the project. they restored it to standards. they had to balance the standards and the leases standards, at times, conflicting requirements. it speaks to their capacity in performing renovations on projects. one of the other projects they have worked on in the past, probably known as the oldest house in the united states, it was a property built in 1610, made of adobe mud. they undertook a renovation of that property. these are the qualifications we were soliciting, pursuant to the commission's direction in issuing the rfq. commissioner harrison: one other question. when this started, commission asked for an inspection of the building. a general structural, and if there was a seismic necessity,
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repair necessity. what happened? >> our team went out to look a the building and performance evaluation of the building. they found the building was in generally sound condition. some buildings were in need of upgrade. the work was outlined as necessary. that is reflected in the ortega a proposal, upgrades to the hvac system. they found the building in generally sound condition. commissioner bonilla: just for clarity, and for the purpose of discussion, we are here not to discuss the merits of both bids. we are here just to discuss the merits of the lease. that is all we are here to do
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today. is that correct? >> that is the policy decision before the -- commissioner bonilla: the bids are no longer on the table. the ortegas have won the bid. we aren't just now looking at the least. that -- we are just now looking at the lease. >> correct. we approved the selection of the commission. now, the decision before you is to either approve or disapprove the lease of ortega. president buell: see no other commission questions, let's proceed with public comment, margaret. >> [reading names]
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president buell: i see quite a stack of those cards. we will continue with one minute. if you would give thought about how we would like to proceed, the chair would appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. my name is kristin. i walk around stow lake. i did not realize the lease -- what ever. the main thing, though, they say the outside is going to be kept original. a to sayboathouse. -- it is a boathouse. where is the boat hoist?
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it is gone. it should have been kept as a boathouse. there are six tables. we sit out there anyway. i feel boathouse needs a boat hoist. >> i will read more names. [reading names] >> commissioners, i am really amazed at what i am witnessing here tonight. it seems to me like there is an unlevel playing field here. as i mentioned, i think you are playing with the fabric of san francisco by stacking things so that it is not fair to the people. why should we have a democracy so we come up and talk to you, you are ready make the decision, the deal has already been done, and you just rubber-stamp it?
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i think it is a crime. i think -- i wish there was some sort of spirit that i used to see in the city about caring about people's lives and about the history. it seems like in the last few years that, it seems like the leadership of this city and all the people who have been selected like yourselves, i am sure you are all fine people, but there is a mechanism going on in our democracy today where the people don't count. your unanimous decision with the last vote to rubberstamp that deal with the testimony that i heard is shameful. i think you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. here is a man -- how was a man going to improve his -- improve his business if he is from a long from year to year on a lease that has no framework? you where the guy down. then it is time for willie to
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come in, or newsom to come in, and work out a deal with new mexico. i think it is a shame. [applause] >> next speaker, please. >> i am born in san francisco. i'm a native san franciscan, property owner, a registered voter. i did not vote for any of you. i agree with this man. the deal is done. we didn't even get a chance to say how we feel about what stow lake means to us. our city, we walked in there every day. do you walk there every day? they will take thatboathouse and they will want to bring more people in. what about our roads? it is already crowded with traffic. no more traffic out there. that is not what our forefathers wanted for this stow lake area.
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we will have more trash. this man, ortega, who is he? we have had mcclellan out there. it is already decided. i am very disappointed. thank you for listening to me. >> next speaker, please. >> commissioners, my name is oscar. i live about four blocks from golden gate park. we walthere almost every day around stow lake. we like to have a brief smack. that is all. the chief business of the ortega is souvenirs'. we went up and saw the concession elsewhere.
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we were appalled. 3/4 of the building as souvenirs. -- is souvenirs'. in santa fe, their main business is indian artifacts and souvenirs. i worry that this will be a big souvenir shop, and the cafe is an afterthought. i think it is just a crime. this is a boathouse. it should be for boats and maintenance of boats. i think the concessionaire, he is from new mexico. how much control will he have here? i think it is a crime. >> let me make an observation. this will not be a souvenir shop. this matter has been before the commission to put a request for proposal out. those proposals have come back.
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the issue was heard about the competing proposals and who was selected. tonight's issue is the terms of the lease of that vendor that was selected. this is not a surprise or the first time it has been here. the idea that it would make mearwoods is incorrect. it is not a souvenir shop. i think the staff description was fairly accurate about it. i am not taking issue with what you say. i would be equally concerned if i thought it was going to end up that way. >> [inaudible] >> well, i am happy to keep the sentiments of that with the staff that it does not happen. the start to happen, come back and see me. do you want to comment on that? thanks. >> thank you for that opportunity. i forgot to mention it in my
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presen>> the size and scope of e retail offerings are all subject to approval. there is extensive language saying they should be limited in size and scope and that the merchandise mix offered should be park-serving merchandise. information about a golden gate park, the wild life, perhaps merchandise with our new logo on it. that is the intent. >> we recommend when we approve this that that element of the lease come back to us for advice and approval to a level of commercial so it does not happen. because i share that concern. i>> hello, once again.
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my name is jeff and i have been the manager of the boat house for 15 years. i want to talk about what it means to operate the boat house. the way that is built and designed, it is perfect for having safety as your number one priority. when you are there on any given day, the doors are wide open and you have to grab a life jacket, you are right there and right back on the docks. i think it is a tragedy to turn this into a cafe, bookshelf, nook, whatever you were saying earlier. people don't come out there for that. they come out there to get away
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from it. i think having the hoist and the shop and the boat repair and having it be a recreation destination instead of a latte destination, i think you are making a terrible mistake. terrible. [applause] >> i will ask again that we hold off on the applause or negative comments about speakers. >> i have spent many years at the boat house with my kids, dogs, family. i was blown away. i did not realize this decision had been made. i don't know what to say, i am blown out of the water. there is no point in me saying anything. but i will. is this a boat house or not? it is a cafe. if you don't have the boats in the boat house, it is not a boat
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house. it seems like money and effort will be wasted on the starbucks- ization of stow lake, changing the atmosphere of the whole place. if it becomes an historical monument, which i hope that it does, a handmade boats that are there, they should be preserved. ithank you. >> michael, mary ann, christiana, raymond, suzanne, don gibbs, susan, and larry. if you could come up in that order, please. come on up.
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>> commissioners, i am dennis. i have two points. one, what is going to happen to the employees, including the fellow that just spoke? what i just heard from the mackenzie is the staff was going to be expanded. does that mean that the current staff would be capped while additional folks are at it? have you considered that? i know that i it won't get an answer, but i want you to think about it. these are real live people. you should not lay them off. they're not going to bring people from new mexico. they're going to hire people who are there. the second point, you need to realize there will be a much bigger carbon footprint. they have to fly back and forth all the time. they do that regularly. they're going to bring boats from carlsbad, new mexico, up
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here? that does not make sense. i know the whole thing is a cafe and increased revenue, but i heard a screaming and shouting match of the concessionaire's saying it would each offer more money. it is interesting that that was not taken up. anyway, thank you. and the next speaker, please. -- >> next speaker, please? >> hi, my name is gil. i worked as a registered nurse in san francisco. i have raised four children. i have been in the general area since age 50, and i think you are missing a very important point. u.n. not really part of the community here. -- you are not really part of the community here. the community is not the boat
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house. the committee to me, architecturally, it is not particularly attractive to me, but that is not the point. the point is that the people who work there create an atmosphere for the elderly people there, and i am speaking on their behalf because they cannot wait. 25 people went home. they come not to spend not a lot of money at a cafe. i know this is unique, but what you are doing, basically you are chasing away the community by scaring away the irregulars. jeff has created an ambiance that has created something and i think you have destroyed that. [applause] >> ok, jeff, sandy, christine hall, and nick.
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>> i have been gifted one minute from another supporter. >> margaret, would you pull those other cards? >> we don't have a card from larry lee. >> we are trying to be respectful. we have been here since 2:00. >> i understand that, but there are other people who have been here since 2:00 as well. move as fast as you can. >> think. i am suzanne, the save the stow lake boat house. i brought copies that margaret give you earlier -- gave you earlier. president charles chase and
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vice-president of the historic preservation commission asked to be sure that you see their letter, because they are asking you to defer this vote today until they have time to consider the pending landmark domination of the boat house interior and exterior. they are very interested in the interior, no matter what your staff says. they're very interested in that. there is only one boat repair shop in golden gate park. they're very interested to evaluate it. in order not to be in conflict with their work, you must honor their request and for this vote. the outcome of the review may change what is possible for renovations, and that would imperil the city in costly litigation with a new tenant to signs of a lease only to discover later that what he was promised is impossible. you are all appointed by the mayor and serve at his pleasure. it is important that you not betrayed the people of san francisco, for whom you are
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sworn to serve, an exchange for pleasing one man or his associates. you told us that you make your this is it -- your decision based on staff reports. these staff earn bonuses on new contracts they bring and by taking at face dow you reports from staff hoot -- at face value reports from staff who have a conflict of interest. you do not serve the public as you have a duty to do. i know that you are all dedicated san franciscans. but listen to your family and friends who realize this is a bad business decision for the city that will change stow lake and golden gate park forever. the whole process has been flawed, and with bad ingredients you get bad results, and this lease is bad. giving the boat house to an out- of-state souvenir chain is not how you want to be remembered. seniors and others have little
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power at city hall and it will be harmed by these changes. at high prices will make it affordable for most. it listened to the community, protect your elders, and protect this historic elderly but house. upgrades, of course. gutting and changing, no. thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please? >> commissioner, my name is ron schmidt. i have a problem with my vocal chords. bear with me. i have also been granted the next minute. >> who is it that you were representing? >> virginia. that we don't have a card for virginia. it just be as quick as you can. >> i have something that i need your read on behalf of the coalition and my own comments.
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the save as stow lake but house commission has presented 3000 signatures to you in opposition to the ortega plan. it in just a few days we received more than 50 letters support without soliciting them. supervisor mar's office has been flooded with hundreds of phone calls and e-mail to take action on this matter. we are supported by the san francisco chapter of the sierra club, golden gate preservation alliance, the stove family, descendants of william stow, the park's superintendent for whom the stow lake was named. the san francisco preservation society, speak, sunset park neighborhood association, luis restaurant, take back our parks, christopher public, author of a history of colgan gatep


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