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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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these routes are responding to the community and that they have a higher writer ship. many people want to know when the information will be available. this will be late january and early february, to have -- excuse me. i am aside. thank you very much. by late january or early february, to have a run for the school year draft and the community, and then go through the community engagement process. and for the work to do this, we have seen a lot of difference to the organizations, gathering information on some alternative to the yellow bus transportation. and here are some links to some of the parent organizations. and that the state level, we
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have this school latching system. i think that this is something that the parents and the schools are actually using this resource. and 16 of the schools are part of this program. we also have -- we have been in conversations with the department of public health, the parents for public schools, the physical activity council, after school for all coalitions. we are going to have a conversation in earlier september, and we have had some conversation with people on treasure island. this is to give you an example of the different organizations that we are speaking to that are providing us with feedback as
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the work is evolving. and we are very grateful for their willingness to meet with us and share information. and it seems like a great partnership. with someone organizations in the city that are willing to work and have conversations about this. and that steps are the board, as i mentioned on december 14. we will take action on the policy framework. and then we will have more discussions in january and february and we will keep the web page updated with information. the boy had a conversation in october and november about transportation. and all those presentations are available on the address. i believe that those meetings were televised as well. in august and september, when we were having conversations about the boundaries and these
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attendance areas, this was devoted to transportation. we're hoping that once the policy framework is done, we will be able to get to the stock level information. this was the content for the presentation by i am happy to answer any questions that you have or share any information that would be helpful. >> a lot of the work for the committee has been to ensure that there will become cooperative -- cooperation between these departments, and is there anything that you would like to see being done by the city, more aggressively or any ideas along those lines? >> i think that there are a lot of innovative things that are happening around transportation, in all modes of transportation. it is great that everyone who
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was working on that are so willing to look at the new attendance areas and think through and have a better understanding of what the transportation is that is available with all of these attendance areas, and the routes that are available for the different schools. all this information will be very helpful. i hope that this can continue and we will continue to elaborate the specific ideas that come up, so that we can share these when we have discussions with a different departments. and this will bring to fruition some of these ideas. and raising awareness with these alternatives, there is the idea that we can scale back because of the budget crisis, given all these alternatives that do exist, this is only going to be
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helping the community at large, to be aware of what some of the alternatives are. >> and you will reduce 25 buses, -- from 45 to 25 buses. is it possible that you will have greater efficiency between the routes and the numbers will not be dropping? >> this is a very good question. we have not done this effectively just yet, and wheat to not have the full understanding. we have 3300 people writing these -- and writing a -- riding these 44 buses. much of this depends on the bus routes, and which areas they are going to, from which schools, as well as the enrollment patterns. this is why we tried to get this out in january.
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>> the last question that i have is around this program that is predominantly focused on high schools and middle schools. if we see a greater utilization of muni and more children on buses or on streetcars, that have not traditionally been on this line, we have good communication. sfpd, to be mindful of these people, and be mindful of the experience as people change their habits. we would be happy to help connect you with us. i would like to say that carmen chu is interested and has hearings on this matter, and she will take interest in this discussion, with a lot of feedback about the application and the enrollment has been very positive and people are happy to see how this process is
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unfolding itself. we want to say that this is something that the city has brought up over time, and the school district has and a great job of changing management, to get that to this place. and are there any questions? any questions that you have? >> thank you, supervisor. i just want to commend the staff. this is the first time i have taken a the look at handbook. i also wanted to mention around transportation, that there are other, since we will be having a direct correlation between this and with the children live, giving preference to those children who were attending a child development center, and decide to attend an elementary
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school -- that these programs such as safe passages and all of those things that the city funded by actually grade for the community. we have one that is very active, in the tenderloin. people are raving about this program. we are escorting children from school to home, parents can do this, especially now. most of them are after-school programs and ending at 6:00 and it will be getting dark at 5:30. i think that we will ask the city to help us in this way, to support the safe passage to school and back. this is paramount on the minds of parents. i know that we briefly went over this, so briefly in a couple of minutes.
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but the efforts and the thought, and everything that went into this is tremendous. and also, the head of the educational placement center, they have coordinated this and they have courted all of this in such a short time line. i want to say, thank you. >> i would offer the commissioner something to consider, hopefully in a year or two. there is the idea that they were entering the system where they did not know the level of certainty, with the private schools that cater to nervous parents, and the school district, you kind of get in or you do not get in. this is monumentally different.
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this is a year or so that we will continue to look at this for a model of change. >> and are there any other questions? we will open this up to public comment, if there is anyone who wishes to speak on this item. there will be no public comment. and i would like to again request that we filed this item, and appreciate the partnership with the school district, to educate the board members and hopefully many people will be watching on this hearing, and they will go into the upcoming events for students and transportation. have we completed the agenda for today? we are concerned. thank you, colleagues.
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>> i work with the department of environment and we are recycling oil. thank you. we can go into a refinery and we can use it again. they do oil changes and sell it anyway, so now they know when a ticket to a. hal>> to you have something you
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want to get rid of? >> why throw it away when you can reuse it? >> it can be filtered out and used for other products. >> [speaking spanish] >> it is going to be a good thing for us to take used motor oil from customers. we have a 75-gallon tank that we used and we have someone take it from here to recycle. >> so far, we have 35 people. we have collected 78 gallons, if not more. these are other locations that you can go. it is absolutely free.
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you just need to have the location open. you are set to go. >> welcome to culture wire. we're going to take a look at one of the biggest and most significant public art projects today. ♪ on june 26, mayor newsom and other officials gathered at the hospital to cut the ribbon and welcome the public into a beautiful new state-of-the-art
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facility. >> 3, 2, 1. [applause] >> in has been 10 years since voters approved the measure for the new building. >> when they cast the vote, we have an exciting opportunities to rethink how art is done in a hospital setting. >> replacement program generated approximately $3.9 million in art enrichment funds for a comprehensive art program that contributes to the quality of life at the hospital by enhancing the environment and supporting the hospital's needs and therapeutic goals. artists were commissioned to create 100 original works of art. as was for the gardens and courtyard areas. >> be artwork does more than just hang on the wall.
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it will enhance the therapeutics of the hospital and will include sensory stimulation, orientation, social interaction. >> it was set into like boxes to create color filled areas in the hospital. inspired by nature, the signature painting of native san francisco birds, clouds, and the surface of the ocean waves were translated into a variety of media including glass mosaic and tapestry. the playful clock encourages memory stimulation among the patients.
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they used the theme of the four elements as they relate to vocation. it is a direct homage to the historical murals in the original laguna honda building. it features to large tile walls. by observing residents, the gardens created a public artwork in the form of the handrail. in one of the outdoor courtyards, the circular grouping of -- with a smooth finish. this features ten unique button sculptures with different pastel colors that function not only as
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a place to sit, but also as a touchstone to something recognizable, familiar, and comforting. another key component included an art project that responded directly to the hospital's rich history. using archival images and artifacts, had designed 16 intricately woven tapestries that are inviting of significant events that shaped the hospital and the community over time. a >> it attracts a lot of visitors, and they are all and all - -in aw -- in awe over the variety of mediums used. >> i think we have given the city of san francisco and the
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residents an incredible art collection. it really encourage people to come and visit the new facility, also to see the arts. >> for more information, visit sfartscommis
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director beach: present. director brinkman: present. >> director heinicke is expected. chairperson nolan: i would like to welcome the acting executive director on behalf of mr. ford. >> please be an fis that the use of cell phones or any similar sound-producing electronic devices are to habited at the meeting. anyone who has won going off may be asked to leave the meeting. please be advised that phones set on vibrate cause microphone interference. the board respectfully requests the beset in the off position. chairperson nolan: is there a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting? all in favor say aye.
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>> there are no communications at this time. chairperson nolan: i would like mr. rowe him to give us a brief report on the cable car operator who was severely attacked. mr. rohan, if you would? >> on sunday, november 14, at approximately 8:00 p.m., police were called to the 1300 block of mason court in assault on a cable car operators. the victim was an employee for 12 years and still is an employee. the agent was being transported to san francisco general hospital. at the time the incident happened, the cable car was stopped, which in to go out of service for repair, and there were no customers on the cable car. the operator was approached, with multiple stab wounds
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causing life-threatening injuries. after investigation and insistence from witnesses on the scene, officers were able to apprehend a suspect. staff visited the operator in the hospital yesterday and report his medical condition is stable. we are thankful for that. the agency is outraged that something like this would happen to one of our operators. it appears meaningless to us. and we are continuing to work with the sfpd, because it continues to be under investigation, and we will aid and support in whatever way possible. chairperson nolan: outrageous is certainly the word for an attack on this person, doing the best for the city of san francisco and our agency. we appreciate the initiative is improving somewhat. any other communications? >> item 6, communications by board members. chairperson nolan: received in
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our package this week a wonderful report on pedestrian safety here in san francisco and new york city and other jurisdictions. it is part of our responsibility as members of this board to be concerned about the plan for pedestrian safety. i think that report serves to add four attention, and in particular about steps we can take in the future as we go forward to increase the safety factor for pedestrians. do members have any questions or comments about that? >> i completely agree with you. i think would be a great thing. we are doing a great job so far, but we have so many pedestrians, and there is a good advocacy group, but it is difficult to get people to self identified as pedestrians, unlike identifying as cyclists are even drivers. there is a lot we can do including lowering speed limits to mature and the interaction between pedestrians and cars are good.
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>> there was a pedestrian summit here about two years ago that was excellent. it is part of our responsibility. members can ask mr. rohan if we could have a presentation here, to bring the report back for greater dissemination to the public, and a particular thing director brinkman is talking about, lowering speed limits in certain areas. >> absolutely >> item 7 -- the executive director's report. >> thank you. good afternoon, chairman and directors. acting on behalf of mr. ford today, i will be presenting the executive director's report. the first item on the report -- this week the "chronicle "ran an article about the central subway and its funding shortfall of $37 million. for the most part, the article was on target.
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there are points of clarification i would like to make and bring to your attention sir you can understand the progress the program has seen over the last year. the funding shortfalls in the early stages of major capital programs of this type are a normal occurrence. two years ago, the funding gap for the central subway program was six under $50 million. staff has been working diligently with our funding partners to seek additional sources of funding and to date has been very successful in reducing the gap from six under $50 million to the $137 million that was in the -- from $650 million to the $137 million that was in the report. we were briefed on the agency progress in closing the funding gap, and our plans in seeking new funding sources going forward. i understand what resulted from that meeting is we are going to go back to them at their next meeting to communicate to the
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committee more detail about our plans in the future. this year's new start financial plan, he took a new approach to the vision and has plans to fully fund all capital initiatives for the agency over the 20-year period. this is in reference to the article saying we have a drop dead date of february. february is the new submission date for the new lease of middle of the financial plan. when we made the initial submission with the new starts program this year, upon reviewing the submission our partners advised that our approach was very aggressive and was much more than what was necessary based on the criteria for a new start some battles. staff is now preparing to revise financial plans of metal based on the mta's -- a financial plan submittal based on the
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mta's guidelines. in the coming months, we are confident the funding gap will be addressed to begin major construction and schedules. i see deborah johnson here. the next item -- the november 2 election has brought many changes at the local, state, and federal levels that will have an impact on transportation interests. i would like to ask deborah johnson, the director of administration, taxis, and services to provide you with an update of the legislative changes. [unintelligible]
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>> the ballot measures i am referencing were changes to proposition 22, which basically is the prohibition on field tax revenue being loaned it to the general fund. as you know, over the last three years, we along with other jurisdictions around the state have suffered a dramatic loss due to those funds being report predicted at the behest of the legislature -- being repossessed at the beseehest ofe legislature. this would prohibit that. another ballot measure, proposition 26, to amend the california constitution.
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it requires any change causing a taxpayer to pay a higher tax to be passed by a two-thirds vote by the legislature. relative to proposition 22 m 26, there is some ambiguity associated with both of them, because they have both been passed. we are analyzing the impact. wheat in the city and county of san francisco are doing that. -- we in the city and county of san francisco are doing that. where will keep you apprised as we learn more details. we wanted to share that with you. as i am sure you are aware, we still have not been made aware of the results of the supervisor and district races, to be confirmed by the board of elections. we are still in a state of ambiguity, but we will keep you
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apprised. i am sure you will hear from various media outlets. we anticipate coming back in the generic term for and with our legislative program. we will be able to place that out more. with that, i would be happy to entertain any questions if you have any. chairperson nolan: when can we expect to have a report back on what proposition 26 can do to us? >> we are members of the california transit association. i represent the executive agency on the executive committee. our government relations manager is vice chair. we are working in concert with them. we have upcoming conference calls. i would say it would be safe to say probably in the january timeframe we could provide you with more in-depth when information about the application.


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