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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2010 4:00am-4:30am PST

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going to do things that are so outlandish. out of $4 million, there are about $2 million to spend. >> there is still money left in the pot. by not doing the last project, that was 2 + million dollars, i didn't think it was worth getting started on that. >> and clearly where i am heading on a lot of this is given the cost of reclamation opportunities, it does up the level you can afford to spend on conservation, and that is a good thing. so i think that is good. with the other outstanding
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request on that, i am looking forward to having a discussion about how we prioritize and what role in that the unit cost plays. >> all right. anything else? any public comment? seeing none, ok. is there a motion? >> not yet. [laughter] >> so moved. >> thank you. >> there is now. >> moved and seconded. 22. clerk: discussion to authorize the general manager to request approval for an epa grant agreement funds totalling
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$696,000 to the consolidation appropriation act -- $580,684 from the waste water project, sewer system improvement. >> ok. so moved by commissioner moran. seconded by ellis. item 22? all in favor, please signify by saying aye. opposed? ayes have it. clerk: mr. president, is there any additional new business? >> i was keeping notes on follow up items, and i have 3.
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one was something that must be useful to have some technology policy and how we direct staff as far as having the appropriate level of investigative alternatives. second is with the sewer system, it invites a discussion of police -- policy, and we need to come to grips with that more concretely. third, within the universe of our planning for the program, we have been focusing on ssip and not as much on the r & r. it may be possible to do a level of service definition for them
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as well, and we look forward to doing that in the near future. >> there were two elements. one was the 10%, and the other was the structure.
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putting it together, is there a financial plan or staging process? >> i agree, but i know that time is of the essence. given the rates and inflation taking off, i guess before we get there we will know fairly soon. >> and that is the result of the acquisition, whether you wanted to have gold rates or limit some of the greats. -- rates.
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>> we don't really have the budget to know. kind of a look that we took, though. 20, 30, if you get it. that's going to help. we have to figure out how to be comrortable with that. >> with your concern about the focus, isn't that really discussed? >> in the program, there are
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some goals that would be met more by our and our than the new project. i think it is just how i take your comment. >> when you look at long-term planning, it is feasible. >> it is how they of corporate it or set it up. >> we believe to have a permit requirements.
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-- we do need to have permit requirements. the other is a nice statement. staff test and not be bashful about waiting. they need to tell us what is required and figure out how to fund it. a third set of eyes have been placed on it to get the job done. to justify it and not have a service level is incomplete and confusing, and you get to
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whatever happened to the master plan. in terms of covering everything, those are not covering everything. president crowley: ok. anything else? motion to adjourn. all in favor, say aye? thank you.
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president maxwell: welcome to land use. i am it chairs sophie maxwell, and i am joined by supervisor david chiuy. -- chiu. madam clerk: please turn off your cell phones. president maxwell: all right,
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item no. 1. madam clerk: approving a street encroachment at lake merced. >> good afternoon. i am john from the department of public works. what we have is a request to install a sign on lake merced boulevard. currently, there are signs that are placed within the property not. what the owners want to install is a corresponding sign that will mimic the sign they currently have in the right of way along the boulevard. this has been reviewed by city
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agencies, the planning department, in your commission, and they of all approved it. it is now left for board review and evaluation. president maxwell: all right. thank you. you know why they want more signage? >> this is just more to identify that community. president maxwell: all right. thank you. colleagues, any comments or questions? any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed, and if there is no objection, we will move this forward without objection. madam clerk, and number two. madam clerk: the california environmentall quality at
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findings for water system improvement program habitat management action. >> good afternoon. we are here to request that you adopt the ceqa findings and the reporting program to implement the habitat reserve program mitigation actions for the sites. this is to benefit a number of water system improvements, projects, in alameda county, which i think you're basically familiar with. i should have said water system improvement program. i know i should have said it that way. the first thing i'd like to mention is that the puc -- it is
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basically a very innovative program, an innovative way of providing compensation for habitat impacts, and this is a much better system for the environment and is fully supported by the state, local, and federal agencies, which have to give permits for construction of the project. those are the u.s. army corps of engineer, the u.s. fish and wildlife service, california department of fish and game, and the regional water quality control board, all of whom need to issue permits in order for us to go to construction, and this approach is as follows. instead of developing small mitigation sides, et they recommend mitigation. what we have found is to say
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let's consolidate all of these small pieces for different kinds of habitats and come up with a really nice large piece of land that is basically habitat compensation, and the agencies all support this approach and are working with us to develop the specifics of these. so to go to the specific sites, the walk site is in the upper alameda creek, near the upper of the meeting creek. -- upper alamitos creek. -- alamitos -- alameda creek. it also has the creation of new seasonal wetlands.
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what grazes there? cows. president maxwell: who do they belong to? i have the project manager. >> good afternoon. will lease the land. president maxwell: we are upgrading some of the improvement? >> we are upgrading it for a good habitat for endangered species and create the new seasonal wetlands, which would not be possible if you have the cows running around.
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president maxwell: ok. >> and the goldfish pond is actually in the southern part of alamitos county -- alameda county and near the calaveras creek. we have enhancements and also creation of new habitat. so to summarize, because of the clear environmental benefits of doing compensation in a consolidated manner to allow for endangered species to have clear corridors to move in, and to allow for plants and wildlife to disperse over large areas,
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we suggest these. the project manager is here as is the deputy manager for the program. if you have any other questions. president maxwell: supervisor mar? supervisor mar: what are the species? >> the related fraud and another. president maxwell: there is one that is around sharp park. -- the red legged frog. the grazing land, do they plan that? is it natural? every time i go there, there is this: we light stuff. a plant.
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-- this golden weeed-like plant. >> supervisor, no, we do not do that at this time, but we are planing to combat non native weeds, and that is something we are proposing. president maxwell: cows do not each non native weeds? >> there are certainly weeds out there that they do not eat. they prefer natural grasses and european grasses that have been imported. president maxwell: ok, and that is 640 acres? >> it is about 670 acres. it is part of an 1,100 acre grazing unit, a portion of what we would still have. yes. president maxwell: how much land to release for grazing in that area -- do we east --
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lease? >> i will have to get back to you on that number, but it is tens of thousands of acres. president maxwell: do you know roughly how many acres we own in that area? >> again, if you would like a precise number, i would have to come back to you. president maxwell: thank you. colleagues, any comments or questions? thank you. why do we not open this for public comment. seeing none, then public comment is closed. colleagues, without objection, we will move forward with that recommendation. thank you. items three and four. madam clerk: item 3, the lease
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of a real property, commonly known as parcel l, and item number four, sublease of real property, otherwise known as parcel boak. >> good afternoon. this is for two of the osteen view boulevard parcells, -- octavia boulevard parcels, k and l. they had been beneath the freeway. there is a large component of affordable housing and ground- floor retail. after the economic crash, there
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were unfavorable market conditions. the office of economic and work force development released an rfp asking for proposals on interim projects to bring in some modest revenues into the city coffers. there was a proposal for parcells k and l. one is currently used for parking. this is at the corner of octavia. this has been transferred for affordable housing development. it will not be developed for several years. parcel l is a smaller
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uninhabited parcel also directly jason tv green. there is no buyer at this point -- directly adjacent to the green. assuming your approval of these leases as well as various approvals from the planning and building departments. the representative that i have here will do much better job of describing the project, so we will leave that to him from proxy in a few minutes. before you are two resolutions to approve the interim releases for these. the purpose, as i mentioned before, is to activate these parcels and bring a small revenue stream to the city for several years while we wait for the real-estate market to come back and permanent above and to occur. the proposed lease for parcel k
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has an initial base rate of $5,000 per month with a three- year term. for parcel l, that would commence on october 1, 2010, with a base rent that is less. we are offering rent abatement for the first two months of the lease term to help cover permitting and titling fees, and this is consistent with current transactions we are seeing today. in conclusion, i would just like to note that we believe this proposal is a really innovative response to the slow real-estate market. we are seeing more and more discussion around the city of how to make use of vacant pieces of land, greening, urban farms, temporary commercial use. we think this is an issue that will confront us for a couple of more years at least, and we are pleased to move this forward
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as one resolution. at this point, i would like to introduce douglas from proxy development to quickly go over the proposal with you and, of course, we are available for questions. >> ok, i am douglas, the project sponsor and the principle of envelops architecture and design, and the newly developed proxy development for this project. our office was selected as part of an rfp from the mayor's office for development for a temporary uses on these octavia freeway lot. we have been working on this for over a year. we have been in the neighborhood three times and twice in front of a wider audience. our project,


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