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tv   [untitled]    July 20, 2010 8:00am-8:30am PST

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the department of public health is here, san francisco unified school district, san francisco bike coalition, presidio ycma, and police commission. this is very much focused on safety and teaching pedestrians bicycle safety. as i stated, funding for existing programs and in june 2011 will be coming in right around the beginning of the school year. this is a map of the five pilot éç9÷schools that have had the ft actions. 10 more schools will be added
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in august 2010. they will be going through this process soon. attachment to goes through this process. -- two goes through this process. 16 schools were asked to apply to the program. five schools were selected. the three schools that were not selected will be asked to apply again. the coalition is focused on schools and that had a majority of their population with in minin 1 mile of the school. our proposed program it is to use the $500,000 that we were given from the mtc to extend the education and outreach program.
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the goal of the coalition now, in terms of the air safety education, we will also be adding a kindergarten curriculum and a first grade curriculum. that will be taught by the teachers at the school. by the time we bring our funding in, we will essentially have 15 participating locations. our funding should sustain the program through the 2012, 2013 school year. we will be also adding the sf department of the environment as a partner. they will be increasing their outragoutreach on how to walk, o school. we are hoping to have that be
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something that all schools do. increasing parent of reacoutrea. we are going to do the best we can to match those kids with the right schools. we are also adding an idle production unit. those parents who are dropping off their kids at school, picking them up, andidling. that definitely has batted negations environmentally. idle reduction of reacoutrech. this matrix shows our program compared to others. enforcement is not eligible for cmat funds.
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the coalition is looking for other opportunities for that. one part of the engineering component will be completed with the existing grant. we will also have walking and biking maps. we also have the capital call, where we actually have the funding. [unintelligible] there are almost 5000 of a thesesafe route to school programs around the country. california had the safe route to school program in place before the government.
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the federal program has the flexibility for both non- infrastructure and infrastructure projects. with that, i can take any questions. we have coalition [unintelligible] supervisor avalos: thank you. i am a big fan of the program. i went to one of your events. it was pretty exciting. the whole school was involved. one of the parents there had spearheaded the effort and held this every wednesday. i just wanted to give a shoutout to them. i could talk about the value of this safe return program. it is very valuable and can be a model for the rest of the schools. that would be excellent.
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it would be great to be able to expand this to all elementary schools in the area. south of the geneva, there are quite a number of obstacles to getting to school, so having a program like that is essential. supervisor campos: commissioner dufty? supervisor dufty: i want to echo the success of this program. we are having a hearing on safe route to school on a broader perspective next thursday. i think this would be great information. i want to point out, one of the issues for us, the school district will no longer be
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providing bus services this year. we have a lot of high school students that will be writing the muni system that have not been traditionally riding in. already, we have problems maintaining the system, so this is a great initiative, focusing at the elementary level. we had an initiative the other year where one high school was getting a lot off at the same time as another middle school, and it was causing some problems. i would appreciate it if you and your partners could join us in that future hearing. supervisor campos: thank you. any other questions? let's open it up to public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you for the presentation.
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colleagues, we need a motion. motion by commissioner dufty, seconded by carmen chu. thank you. next item. >> item 10. recommend appropriation of $790,000 in prop k funds, with conditions, for planning, conceptual engineering and environmental studies for the better market street project, subject to the attached fiscal year cash flow distribution schedule. >> please to be here this morning with colleagues from several agencies to we will introduce shortly. this is a request for the launch of a better market street project. authorities, in collaboration with other city agencies, have been working on a plan to improve markets short term and longer-term initiatives. the project would be a look at the longer-term opportunities to revitalize the corridor and
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improve the multi modal functions for all users, particularly all pedestrians and bicyclists. the plan and design improvements we are talking about would be coordinated and would be plan to be implemented with the 2015 repaving project. the request is for $790,000 in prop k funding for efforts to complement the city's!l and to form a team for conceptual design and initiate the environmental review process for the eventual 2015 project. prop k funding with the average significant local, regional, and federal funds, including the agency's staff participation. let me go through some power point slides, and then i will handed over to the product manager at public works. the current funding would initiate a project.
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in phase one, we anticipate envisioning through a robust public process, initiating the environmental process, the state and federal process, and to develop a conceptual design options for consideration by the public. this would lead to a second come a separate phase two. that would finalize the eir, eis, and lead to the adoption of that. that would set up for implementation by 2015. at this point, let me turn it over to chris. i will be back to talk about> good morning. dpw project manager for the better market street project. just to tell you about how we have this set up, in terms of the structure. the study area had is that essentially from the embarcadero
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to octavia boulevard. current repaving is scheduled from stewart to van ness. as a team, we determined octavia is a functional breaking point. the design of market street as it moves west changes that octavia. we want to be inclusive of that in our planning, even if the paving does not continue in that direction. i wanted to add, we acknowledge on the southern end of market street, there is a lot of overlap, in terms of project needs. we have included those three blocks to the south to make sure that we are being inclusive, from a transportation perspective. the three main goals of the project are making market street
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the signature sustainable street in san francisco and the bay area, creating a memorable identity, the ability to promenade in a vibrant public space. clearly, market street is a key corridor, so optimizing sustainability mobility modes is a party for all users of the street. economic development. insuring plans are coo with the market redevelopment efforts. we are trying to foster an economically productive and resilience corridor, looking at the three main components of the street. in terms of management structure, we have a better market design team comprised of the different key agencies, many of whom are here with us today. dpw will leave the project management, community advisory committee, sfmta, will be our
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transportation needs. city planning will be the design lead. also there is environmental studies. we have a blue ribbon design study and planning. the transportation authority will be leading the procurement process. also providing transportation analysis support. puc will lead water, lighting, infrastructure planning and design. a few of the topics of our study in analysis, the objective being to redesign market street to revitalize the corridor. as i mentioned, place an urban design will include studies such as an outdoor seating strategy, screening elements, comprehensive sign-ins', transportation, transit operation, the bicycle facilities, a pedestrian crossings, and general
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circulation along the corridor. there are several parallel projects and effort going on on market street, in the end of round market street. repaving is scheduled for 2015. there is a transit affected this project. many projects that i am sure you have seen on going on market street. transbay redevelopment. the goal of the project team is to coordinate with staff on all of these efforts to make sure that we are integrating finding from those studies and visa versa. public up -- is -- outreach is a priority. the technical advisor recommit the which will include staff,
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and a set a path designed advisory committee, and more high-level design committee. we intended to traditional outreach in terms of community meetings and workshops. we also plan to do simulations and digital as asians, and other media such as websites, social media. this is something we are leaving open to outreach leaders. i will turn it back over now. >> thank you. the project schedule we are talking about is to develop the project for the 2015 implementation. the current request is through 2010 and2011. 2011.
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the project cost in this first stage is $1.9 million. that $790,000 is for the consultant participation, as i mentioned. that will be combined with the city budget. the full study to the environment will cost $3.4 million. that will get us to and approved document with a local option identified. that does not require some more funding to be accumulated and we have a few grant applications in the process of being considered. one is a caltrans planning grant that has been submitted. planning grant. before i finish come up want to acknowledge the other agency members of our design team. timothy from the municipal
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transportation agency is here. our project manager is also here. michael schwartz has been our authority lead. i just want to thank everyone for the incredible collaboration through the budgeting process. we are very excited to be making this request and hopefully launching a project soon. we do also have community members here. hopefully, they will add their comments. supervisor campos: i also want to echo the comments about bill level of cooperation and coordination. it's great to see that. it is an exciting project. commissioner dufty. supervisor dufty: one of the big improvement i have seen in terms of street scape on a market is when the northwest corner bart was replaced with open design. i think that would be great for
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market street. those bunkerish transit entrances lead to problems. >> absolutely, in terms of looking at their design, the balkan mess, the number and location of them, is all on the table. that discussion lends itself to not only improve in the urban design of the streetscape, but also fitting in other mobil facility that we may want to try to accommodate. supervisor dufty: i do not know if i missed this, but holiday plaza. i know there are problems with it being so concave. >> i do believe there is some work happening. holiday plaza and others along the corridor are all in this scope. supervisor dufty: does anybody
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here have anything specific as it relates to holiday plaza? >> i know there are some ideas that have been put out there by puc. i know that there were suggestions of how raising the plaza, utilizing id as it is. i do not know if there is funding for that, the timing on that. we would roll back into our study as well. supervisor dufty: i do appreciate there is a natural break at market and octavia but there are some challenging intersections the west in district 8. i have asked the ta to facilitate an updated meeting so that we can hear from others so
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we can insure the track work that was done it really lends itself to street improvements. i want to make sure that we are continuing that aspect of it. this work is great but we definitely have some challenging intersection with multiple crossing point with pedestrians, and the nichols, transit, and the business of market street. this is a project that makes sense. i would like to have some discretion to make sure that we are alsohói( having progress on other fronts. >> i know the planning department has also been looking at a lot of this. supervisor dufty: i think there have been a lot of viewpoints. i just wanted to make sure that those were heard. supervisor campos: commissioner carmen chu? [qsupervisor chu: thank you for
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your presentation. i just want to make sure i am in synch with you on how we are characterizing the project. phase two is still to be determined. i am imagining phase one is the planning, vision, conceptual engineering project. where does stage to begin? is that the environmental study through the construction phase? >> that is through the completion of the environmental review. supervisor chu: and then construction would be -- >> another face. supervisor chu: -- another phase. supervisor chu: this additional funding would take you thru phase two of the project?
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this does not include any hard costs? >> that is right. supervisor chu: thank you. >> those details began on 105 -- page 105 of your packet. supervisor campos: thank you for the presentation. why don't we open up this item to public comment. we are in danger of losing a quorum, so we will limit each response to two minutes. >> i just wanted to commend the authority for moving forward with the better market street project. as has been mentioned, there has been tremendous cooperation between city agencies. that bodes well for the city over all. second, the group has done a good job listening to the stakeholders.
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we very much look forward to seeing this project and we hope you approve it. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> neal patel. community planner with the san francisco bicycle coalition. as you know, a lot of people choose to walk a ,bike, or take trended down market street. we all know that we need changes. whether in the greening, transportation changes, these changes have increased safety, i am very es comprehensive plan move forward so that we can make some larger changes to bring more people to market street. whether they are going to work, traveling through, or just spending some time.
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we are just one of many stakeholders. we are impressed with the cities of reached to bring a lot of people together. we encourage you to support this allocation and i look forward to working with you on this in the future. supervisor campos: thank you. any other member of the public would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor dufty: motion to send this to the board with all recommendations supervisor campos:. without objection. thank you. >> item 11. recommend adoption of a resolution approving a vehicle registration fee expenditure plan; making required findings; submitting to the voters at the general election scheduled for november 2, 2010, an ordinance amending the san francisco business and tax
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regulations code by adding article 23 to (1) adopt a $10 increase in the annual vehicle registration fee for each motor vehicle registered in the city and county of san francisco, to fund congestion and pollution mitigation programs and projects, (2) authorize the authority to expend fee revenue under the expenditure plan, (3) authorize the authority to contract with the california department of motor vehicles for collection and distribution of the fee revenue, and (4) authorize the authority to take all steps necessary to administer the expenditure plan and all programs and project funded by the fee revenue; and appropriating up to $400,000 in prop k funds, with conditions, to cover the costs of placing the measure on the ballot. >> commissioners, last month, the committee put off action on thisdl the main issue then was that we would gather more information about the measure. you may recall in late march we did an initial pull to try to understand what the chances of the measure would be of being supported by the public. it was a simple majority measure. we did a follow-up and the
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purpose of today's meeting was to give you some context for a more important position on potentially placing this on the ballot. unfortunately, i only have a piece of the picture. we polled over the fourth of july weekend. that has set us back time was a little bit. what we have today is a result that puts the approval ratings of this measure at 62%, plus or minus four points, which is a bit lower than the 65 we had in march. but it is still a positive result. that is all i can tell you. i do not feel comfortable giving you a recommendation based on that. there is a whole set of tabs in
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the report that is still not ready. one of the reasons why it is i have asked consultants to do a detailed comparison with others to make sure we understand the trend. the option that i can give you today, unless you're prepared to act on that one number -- and i am certainly not recommending that -- we consider this again on the 20th. i wonder if we can schedule a meeting on the 20th or not. i know that we will have the information at the end of the week probably. certainly, no later than saturday. that way, you can have that prior to the discussion on tuesday. at this point, that is the best i can tell. there is one other consideration
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that i want to put before you,), which is, you are probably aware there is a statewide measure called stop hidden taxes which has gathered 1.1 million signatures and is headed for the statewide ballot. one of the things i would like to be able to do in presenting the information to do is to show you where there is an opportunity for this measure to garner the supermajority it would need to not even be affected by the statewide initiative. that is something i should be in a position to give you when the commission is ready. that is my report on that. as i said, i am not recommending action on this because i want to be able to give you enough information so that you feel like you are making an informed
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decision. supervisor campos: thank you. i want to ask you, i think it makes sense for us to wait until the information is finalized, but in terms of the poll itself, i know that there is some concern of and the legality of a public agency doing polling of this type. i wonder if you or council could address that, assurance that we are complying with all the rules? >> i would be happy to defer to counsel on that. stan taylor. supervisor campos: good morning. >> the short and to your question is the issue has been looked at already. polli