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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2011 8:01pm-8:31pm PST

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tribal settings and active and dedicated to passing these cultural riches and traditions on to our american indian youth. he has taught american in his music at san francisco state and three-year recipient of the council artist in residence grant. as a dancer and educator he has performed throughout the western united states, including the san francisco ethnic dance festival , the olympic games, and in powwows across the nation. as a playwright and film maker, his works have been presented on stage at such venues us the center for the arts and this brought the theater. -- and the brava theater.
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i am also proud to say as president of the board of friendship house, eddie has been a faithful and dedicated board member since the year 2000. he is a local treasurer and respected treasurer in the community. i think you. -- i thank you. [applause] eddie. >> just like you, i am hoping it is for the latter also. for those of you that know me
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really well, like my family, you will know because of my voice i will not be talking very long. [applause] there is my family. [laughter] it is an honor and pleasure to be nominated and receive this award. i want to say thank-you to the people that nominated and the people that chose to have this come through. but like we are talking about, we would recognize the people make is who we are to do what we do. it is really the unsung heroes that are out there. through your teachings and influence and through our relationships as a brother, wife, mother, on golf, sister,
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at grandma, grandpa, and all of you that are out there, and equally our friends and associates that give this information for us to teach, give us your influence and power for us to give back. it was given to me from a wise person that said we take nothing with us to the next life except for what we of given down here. it is always this circle of reciprocation. i say thank you to all of you who haven't been the influence either directly by your teachings or indirectly by your support and love. it really is a part of all of us. i say thank you to all of you. i[laughter] [applause]
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>> were you just reading -- that was everything i wrote. i was lucky enough to be in one of his films. he was bringing the camera up really close, and i said can you get my good side? he said he did not have a good side. -- you do not have a good side. [laughter] all right. calling up to the microphone at this time. liz hunt of santa clara valley. [applause]
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>> this to know -- just to know, we did not nominate you because you are old or dead. it is my pleasure to introduce our fourth honoree. she is president, current president of the board of directors of the indian health center, and might agency is located in san jose for those of you that have not been there, it is in the southern part of the state. a little joke there. lee says connection -- lisa's connection with these surt luck or destiny. she moved to san jose and was working as a litigation attorney for an intellectual property law firm and finishing the prerequisites for medical school. at least twice a day she would drive down meridian ave and go past a strange looking building
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that defined itself as indian health center. she would think to yourself, i should see if that place needs volunteers. one day she called, and of -- beloved physician we had identified a project for lisa and actor -- ask her to consider joining the board of directors. with leases unique legal and medical backgrounds, benefits from having both in a single board member we save some times. thank you. and her commitment and leadership have helped guide through more than a decade of
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growth and the challenges that come with it. her quick, usually irreverent and sometimes wacky, actually always wacky sense of humor enlivens the board meetings, and may leave her in the future to the stage at one of my agencies comedy jam event. lisa looks forward to reading and continuing efforts to improve the health of the indians come to advocate for health care for the underserved, and to innovate in the prevention and chronic illness. and lease that is part miami -- lisa is part miami on her mother's side. and part choctaw on her father's side. she earned a b.a. from cal state in 1986.
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in 1989 she graduated from uc- berkeley school of law and practice law before starting medical school in 2000. she graduated from stanford in 2006 and completed residency in anatomic and clinical pathology, also a stanford in june of 2011. she is currently a transfusion medicine, as well as serving as clinical pathology chief resident. lisa is very humble and the last person who would think of herself as an on song local hero. but it has been because of her sound th, unwavering and strong commitment that the agency has flourished. i am honored and proud and asked
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her to come up to the podium. >> i am not good at taking directions. thank you for those kind remarks. thank you also to my friends and families who have come to share the special evening with me. i was worried when i heard there was going to be so many people taking pictures, not only because the camera ads 15 pounds, but because the last time i interacted with the media in any way, it was because my dog had done all widely coyote
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off a cliff. she went off the edge and fell 25 feet into a creek here again to rescue my drawiog, i slid don a 25 foot slope, and managed to which my but between the creek bed and group and get stuck in waist-deep water. it was apparently a very slow news day, so in addition to fire and police rescue. kgo news showed up to witness the extraction of me and my dog. to highlight this they described an elaborate police system used to hoist me out of the creek. and there was no police system used, which by then brother-in- law was happy to replace it over and over again to anyone who came into the house. this is much better. this is a much better media
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event for me. i have been thinking about what it means to be a hero since i learned i would share this honor tonight. i was tremendously grateful to learn it did not involve a cape or tights. i will share deep with you what i figured out so far. -- i will share with you what i figured out so far. my goal is to entertain you. to do that i will have to rely on quotes from gondi, mother teresa, and david liberma lette no. 10, 99% of the antihero or leader is showing up. this is paraphrase from woody allen. this is at the heart of my service to indian help center. i was trying to think of a single event or thing or contribution i had made in my
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years of service, and there really is not one. when i did it showed up at least once a month for a few hours for the past almost 14 years and share my opinions, many opinions, and what i had to offer. i think a lot of times people underestimate what showing up can really do. number nine, always wear comfortable shoes. this is important for at least two reasons. one, it is hard to do your best thinking when your feet hurt. number two, it makes it easier to get away from people who do not approve of your opinions or might be chasing you. number eight, being kind it takes no more time than it takes to be a jerk. i learned most of that whenever is practicing law. -- when i was practicing law.
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number seven, stand up for yourself, even if you are afraid. you have to be willing to stand up to the police that cross your path, or you will not be able to advocate effectively or anyone else. number six, other people can have good ideas, to come even if i do not always agree with them. my nephew is 9, and he has a hard time with this, but all i can say is we will keep trying. i do not always like to read it, but it is true. in addition to resolving agreements, it makes things go over easier if you could shut up and listen to what other people have to say. micromanaging does not work for
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me. not at all. it weighs my time, drains my energy, frustrates me. i have tried to take the time to support other people's ideas so they can do their best. i have always been pleasantly surprised. member for, do not wait for leaders. do it alone person to person. it is easier to spot problems, complain about them come to blame others for them and expect others to solve them. what really matters is trying to come up with ideas that make things better and actually do something. it does not matter if they always work. we all have really big ideas for changing the world, and most of them will likely never bear fruit. that is ok, because we can turn to our neighbors, community, even our city and help a little bit. that is what its most important.
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and number three, up be grateful for and honor the sacrifices of others. i honor and salute the veterans who served our country tonight, and i am tremendously moved by the words of my fellow honorees, but the person i tried to honor the most is my great grandmother. so far i have never found any records that she ever existed, but i am proof that she did. she was full blooded miami indian. she was married to a cruel and abusive man who happened to be my grandfather. and at 13-years-old to escape her family's poverty, she married this man. her husband would never allow her to sit at the same table as her kids.
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kerry cash or further her education. when she eventually divorced him, she was ahead of her time, she worked at an orphanage to take care of those that had even less than she imagined. helps me remember and honor her sacrifices. [applause] be the way -- be the change you wish to see in the world. we do not have to look very far to what should be different or better. i realize i am preaching to the choir, because most of you live this every day with your volunteer service. i encourage you to continue to do that and encourage others to join you. number one, and this is the most important thing, but this has been rolling around my head for most of my life, and it is if you have enough, you have enough to share.
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i am really grateful that my work continues to surround me with people who operate this as their guiding principle. we have been very lucky over the past decade. our budget has grown 10 or 15 fold, and we're in a rare position of being able to share instead of always being in a position of need, and i am very critical to have helped the director rick -- the agency and that way, and continue to be able to do that work and imagine a much healthier time for native americans in our country. thank you very much. [applause] >> was the check?
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do you give money for winning? -- get money for winning? >can i have all of the other individuals in the past couple of years that her receive this award? go ahead and stand up please. >> [applause] 1 question to each of you, how do you get the fingerprints off this question? [laughter] congratulations. is there a special ring to be in this club? of password? secret handshake? good. once again, calling our dancers out. come on out. how about a big round of
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applause for our host drums and the friendship house drummer. good singing. go win over to our singers. two starts on around damp round. ♪ this style of dance, depending on the song, this style of dance
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can be from the northern part of indian country, or they can be from the southern plains. in oklahoma style. how about a big round of applause for our round at the answers? looking good. good singing, good dancing. rocking city hall here in san francisco. good job, dancers. iall right, how about a big roud
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of applause for our dancers and singers? [applause] this is one of our social dances. normally we would invite everyone to come out and dance with our dancers, but we have a small area here, but good to see oliver dancers out here. at this time we're calling veterans to come up once again. -- all of our dancers out here. can you come up and take care of eagle staff? [applause] [laughter]
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if you notice the eagle staff was up here on stage, my friend had shared with many of you, they stood side by side, the american flag, one time at war, and the only time you will see to flags of these nations side- by-side at peace, so we go over to our seniors for a flag song. please stand if you are able. long before the star spangled banner, many of these nations
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saying these songs -- sang these songs honoring the first flag of this nation. the eagles that recognizing the many battles. as the eagles would lead the warriors into battle, we would sing the song says. -- we would sing these songs. when the flood would return again, paying homage -=- when the flag would return again,
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playinpaying homage to the battle.
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>> going over to the friendship house frodrum. a retreat song. take them out. our eagle staff, carried by randy surely, united states army. airborne.
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how about a big round of applause for our intertribal the answers. -- dancers. [applause] go dancing. good singing. thanks for coming out and representing. the antar, the of hard. -- dance hard, dance hard. all right, thank you.
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you may be seated. randy surelyh, thank you. getting ready for our fire song. [unintelligible] >> [unintelligible] my name is red star. i am happy to be here. i wanted to share this song, not only for one of my fellow tribal members, but also for the local heroes and to honor ancestors of
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this land. they do. -- thank you. ♪
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