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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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of the shipyard -- at the shipyard in candlestick. we have a lot of info coming in bayview. we have rebuilds of public housing. i think the public dollars from redevelopment need to go towards economic development. we have the requirement to fund a historic survey in the bay view project area. we can use the knowledge to create an historic district. we can create a lot of character in the bayview town center. we can do other things in the commercial quarters. there are two approaches to affordability. raising income is one we need to focus more attention on. >> mr. jackson? >> when we talk about housing, jobs, and careers, we do not go the step deeper we need to. what types of housing question if there is no clamoring for an abundance of market rate housing. this committee has a deficit in
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the affordable housing. -- this community has a deficit in affordable housing. we did not sign up to have the regional housing crisis of on our backs. we need a strategy to solve the foreclosure issues happening in our communities. we support is sustainable for affordable housing and affordable housing construction. we also need to ensure we have a cooperative land trust approach to ensure the when people are for closed on a home, the city can buy foreclosed property to help keep those people in their homes. when we talk about job development, what types of jobs? >i want to have a commitment toa green collar and blue collar jobs so that the unemployment rate will have the jobs meeting the needs of the community here. >> mr. kelly was in the?
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>> about 80% of the district, more than 4,000 acres have been rezoned or are under redevelopment in the past few years. the genius of that is there is planning going on. the challenge is it will double the population of the district, more than 100,000 people. how you manage the growth becomes the challenge for the next supervisor, to build complete the roads and manage job growth in the diverse working-class economy. i do not believe we have a housing crisis. we have an affordable housing prices. there are measures that the board has taken with rezoning to maintain affordable housing and preserve jobs. we cannot get amnesia about that with a new supervisor. i know a lot of the measures
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because i worked on them. i will keep on them when i am in office for. -- when i am in office. >> next question is, how can you bring tourism dollars to district 10? ms. morris? >> it would be nice if the forty-niners stay. i think district 10 needs to reinvent itself. every community has a look. it is something we need to do. i have not really thought about what it would be for district 10. our incomes are so different. we of the extremely poor to middle to wealthy.
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maybe studies some landmarks and put it on the tourist map to bring people here ended the tour buses to see the old shipyard with the hunters point shipyard, we can use that definitely has a tourist site. that will be our biggest tourist site in district 10 probably. >> i worked in dogpatch. a cruise ship would stop off. the people would get on the bus to get out of there. they did not realize when they were being let off there. we have a waterfront in district 10, but we do not seem to understand it because we do not have access to it. the way you bring tourists to district 10 is by bringing back the waterfront. you can bring it back with better wetlands, better recreational opportunities, redeveloping. 70 -- pier 70. in the
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zoo world-class asset that is sinking into the bay. but -- it is a world-class asset that is sinking into the bay. it has the best weather ever. it has an interesting shoreline with a great history. we need to tell the story in a way that people can visit and enjoy it, including the residents and not just the tourists. >> mr. smith? >> i love living at dogpatch. it is wonderful to live there. it is sunny and not foggy. there is good food. there is a new ice cream store that i should not be going to. i would like to see third street turned into a destination. i am a big fan of business zones that encourage tourism. we can rebuild that strip and drive the business is to be more sustainable. we should be celebrating our
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heritage, our african-american heritage. this should be the destination for folks. they come to the castro and other places. we can have our own place. we should have that. that is one thing i will strive for. that is one thing i would like to see happen. the community can benefit. there will be amenities for them. tourism can come there. we can have banners and signs. we can have all of those things in district 10. we deserve it. that is what i would like to see. >> thims. sweet? >> i read over the shipyard plan and saw the was a 9,000 ft arena. it was planned as a small arena. i got on the phone and started making calls to find out what you put in in 9,000 ft irina. -- what you put in a 9,000 ft irina. the answer was 18, preferably a
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women's team. -- answer was 18, preferably a women's team. someone came out for a conversation on how we could make this happen. my idea has translated into a campaign platform for one of the women running for the mayor right now. they want the team. the idea with tourists is to have to have a destination point. you have to have something to bring them into your area. we did a scavenger hunt. we do have a lot of good destinations in district 10. something that would be a major draw -- ag. >-- thank you. >> i have been meeting with a couple of -- the project manager for cold ironing. it is a way to transfer power
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from the tourist ship to land power. the computers and various technical equipment does not disconnecte. it simultaneously transfers power. that will cut down tremendously on air pollution. while the cruise ships are idling, they're putting out tons of pollution. tourism is going to expand. pier 27 is going to expand. we have a large waterfront property. some of the most valuable property in san francisco is in district 10. as tourism expands, we would have to do some dredging. the plans are there. a lot of ideas are coming through you. it was not done. >> ms. cohen. >> in our community, we have the highest number of children in the southeast. we have few opportunities to
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interact with our friends, family, and kids. how about we take some of this land that we are talking about developing and make it family friendly. create an opportunity. when tourists come to san francisco, they're stopping in the mission and chinatown. let's create an opportunity for them to stop in our neighborhood. let's create something that we can all benefit from. the other thing i think is a good idea is to create an art is in food -- artisan food district. we could bring in all the different flavors we have in our communities and nestle it around the waterfront. the opportunities are golden. we need to be smart. we should not squander our resources. we should be very thoughtful on how we develop the land and who we invite to be part of our community. >> ms. enea.
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>> district 10 has what every tourist thinks they will find in san francisco. of the waterfront, diversity. i am certain there will be a date in my lifetime when i can rent a boat at pier 70, have lunch along the shoreline, do birdwatching. i have mentioned history. we have huge upside in terms of tourist potential. we have to be real. tourists will want to feel safe. i want to feel safe. safety is interrelating to all of these issues. people want to feel safe in the commercial shopping districts. we need to invest more in community policing, crime prevention efforts like paid on i am pleased with the efforts being made by the captains.
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we need to do more of that having the police and the president's coming together. we can have safety for ourselves and our tourists. >> mr. jackson. >> we have to strengthen our small businesses. the great attraction to san francisco is that they get to go to our great restaurants, museums, small businesses. without small businesses, we do not have the magnet to bring folks to our neighborhoods. we have an issue in the western addition where were crosses would drive to the neighborhood but not visit -- where the tour buses would drive through the neighborhood but not visit. toward businesses go through district 10. they know how to findmfrlvçi the district. the idle the buses and to not put us on the tour map. i would mandate that if you drive to our neighborhood, you ought to come visit. i would do that. i would create more parks and open spaces and support small
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businesses. this would be done for the folks who live in district 10. they would not be done just for tourists. they would be done primarily for the people that live here. the tourists would then come visit our wonderful neighborhood. >> mr. kelly. >> need waterfront development and development of the arts. i was the only district 10 resident to serve on the advisory committee for the port on the giants' parking lot. and worked specifically on the proposal about the arena for a professional basketball team and various venues including a hotel. i am familiar with waterfront development. i think i know what will bring that home. that project was also to support pier 70. i also served as the vice chair of the arts task force. i built a theater that is the only professional non-profit performing arts venue in all in district 10.
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the arts are a major driver of the tourism industry. we need arts venues. burning man is looking for a year round site to operate. imagine bringing that to a site in the city here around. that is what appears 70 can do. it would be kind of crazy but fun. that is exactly what would bring people here. -- that is what pierr 70 70 can do. it would be kind of crazy but fun. that is what would bring people here. [laughter] >> there are some things we need to increase tourism. we need to have good transportation from the rest of the city so that folks can come to the district. that means tackling the muni problem c. what about and hotel that is locally run? it would give tourists a place to stay within the district so
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that they would not have to depart in cars on a one-hour trip. they could see all the parks the people talking about. that is the way we increase tourism. we have a beautiful district and neighborhood. that is why we live here. to make it accessible, we need to tackle transportation. we need to make it safe. we need to also make sure that there are businesses that will support the tourists that come here. >> mr.a , assuming you are the no. 1 vote-getter in the november 2 election, whom do you support or indoors for second and third choice candidates region who do you support or endorse -- who else do you support or endorse for second and third choice? >> i will answer this.
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much the same way others would. i am running my campaign. i am focusing on the issues i think are important. i have not decided to what i would support. -- i have not decided who i would support. i am not going to answer this question in a straightforward way. [laughter] everybody in the audience does have the opportunity to vote for three candidates and probably should. i tell this to my friends. you can look me in the eye with your tony kelly t-shirt and tell me you will vote for me. we need to understand that we have three choices. i have not made my decision about who i will push the button 4. >> mr. smith. after hearing that, i have not made my decision either. [laughter] there are a lot of great candidates appear.
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i have worked with many of them. i do not know what i will do. we believe that to the voters. -- we will leave that to the voters. you will have to ask who will be best suited to serve the community and the district, and on the board of supervisors. that is what it comes down to. i do not know if it is steve>so. i am just kidding. that will be the important thing. there are many qualified folks appear. i know many of them. i have worked with many of them. i do not know some of them as well. i think he will make the best choices when it comes time. i hope that i am one of them. if not, i hope i am one of the other choices. >> ms. sweet. >> with 41 days left, it is hard to come out and say who it would be. i am going to punt on this
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question as well. i do not think any of us are going to give you the answer you are looking for. i have had the great fortune of sitting down with several of the candidates. several of us have the same types of ideas for district 10. we have the same principles that we are looking for. we have the same values. i know that there are several candidates that i have sat down with. we have had this discussion. it would not be fair or right to say anything about that today. there are still 41 days left. to knows what will happen? thank you. -- who knows what will happen? >> thank you. >> ms. smith. >> the two people i would choose would not be supported by the old guard or want to change their ways and do better. i do not know who is backing howhom.
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that would be the way i would determine it. i would find out where the money is coming from and to supporting the candidates. that is how i would make my decision. -- who is supporting the candidates. that is how i would make my own decision. i feel that all the candidates are great. we need a supervisor who has the courage to stand up and protect us. for too long, we have gone undetected. we need protection. that is why we have the hostilities in the district. no one is working for the people. when you cannot reach your elected representatives. thank you very much. >> ms. cohen. >> it is difficult to answer the question. i am looking at a person's values. do they love the community?
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what kind of work do they do? what is their background? are they supporting working families? will they support families with children? those are things that i am keyed into. how are they going to support the development and proliferation of open space? i have been very impressed with marlene tran. i think she has demonstrated a commitment to the community that has large numbers but rarely has so loud voice. she has been an amazing advocate for 30 years. she is a former teacher. marlene, stand up so that people can see you. [applause] >> ms. enea. you beat me to the punch. i wanted to give marlene a
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shout out. it is important that we have recanted it that it was out in the community before the campaign started. for me, it is extremely important to have eighths of a resin that understands land use and economic development. those are the two biggest issues we face. the shipyard alone has tremendous complex needs. i have been studying it for a long time. i served on the bayview project committee. i was on the shipyard restoration advisory board. as chair of my neighborhood association, i am going through an intense rezoning process. those of the qualities i am looking for. i think there will still be negotiating over the next few weeks. we will see where it shakes out. >> mr. jackson? >> i am probably not going to give you what you want either.
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there are several candidates that share my vision in making sure this stays a working-class neighborhood where plumbers, carpenters, and city workers can live. land use is a very important decision on who gets to live here and who does not. a much affordable housing we're building here. -- how much affordable housing are rebuilding here? are we working on access to health care and child care? that is a big determinant of who gets to live and work here. i want someone who gets beyond the buzz words and get deeper into what it will take to do community building. there are candidates not here at the table that i also like as well. it is really about housing, health care, child care, creating safe and sustainable neighborhoods. those are the types of candidates that i will be looking to support. >> mr. kelly? >> some of you might know my
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next-door neighbor, dick miller. he is voting for me, marlene tran, and ms. jackson. i want to give a shout out to others. there are a bunch of neighborhood candidates not here at the table tonight. there are candidates at the supper table. we know there are folks who've moved into the district to run. that is fine. that is democracy at work. i have no problem with that. we do need to ask one question that they need to answer. the real question is if you are going to move your home to run, i trust that you know the issues. i want to make sure that you are always going to keep the interests of the district of heart and not your own.
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if you move your home to run, how will you vote? >> mr. lacy. >> we need to make sure that whoever we support as a second or third person on the ballot would have a commitment to the district and the important issues we're discussing and also the ability to execute when they take office. it is another thing to know the issues and another thing to build a consensus necessary to get some of the issues passed and tackled when you reach city hall. those of the type of folks i would support. there are lots of credible candidates at the table and not present. i have a lot of respect for them as well. >> miss morris? >> you asked me about terrorism -- tourism.
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i tried to explain rank c hoice voting to my grandmother last night. m:ulñ the democratic process, your candidate will not be elected. that is okay. at least to engage in the democratic process. -- at least you engaged in the democratic process if you get confused, do geoffrea all the way through. [laughter] i am here because i am representing the people. i will listen to every side of the community. vote for geoffrea morris. >> we have a panel of diplomats,
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that is for sure. there was a story in the chronicle today about changing san francisco policy officially to one of cars last. do you support that change? >> do you mean decongestant tax -- a congestion tax? >> cars would be lost in priority. >> i like the idea of providing more transit providing muni ran on time and it did not take 40 minutes to get from here to visitation valley. i am an alternative fuel advocate. i love riding around town in my volkswagen that runs on vegetable oil. i was the number one in dorset of the bicycle coalition. -- endorser of the bicycle
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coalition. i would like to see less cars. i think if we can do that responsibly and sustainably, it would be a great way to go. i am for that. i like the idea. >> you probably all know my answer as well. i am a thorough advocate for public transportation. i think it is the best way to get around. is the most efficient. it does not cost as much as driving a car. i do own a car. when i read the article today, i realized that i needed to figure out ways to use public transportation more. in this city, that is going to be the way to go. if this article released manifest itself, we're going to be a city that will be transit first. you will be catching muni or some other form of public transportation. i love bart.
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i would love to see more people ride it and muni. these are things we can do to make the economy move better. i am a total public transit advocate. thank you. >> ms. smith. >> i love public transportation. i rarely take it because it does not work for me. that is true for most of the people i know. it is a shame. the meter feeding -- those of us to drive, have no choice. you know the story. we have to be mindful of the disabled, the elderly, people who are challenged mentally or physically. we need an entire infrastructure. there are other things that have to be in place first. with smart planning, yes.
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it should not be at the expense of others. the balance is important. >> i would like all of the women to think that to when they were pregnant -- back to when they were pregnant. can you imagine watching several blocks -- walking several blocks to get to a doctor's appointment? and the beneficiary of public transportation, public schools, and public libraries. i do believe that public transportation is the way we need to be going. when we look across the entire district, we have some serious public transportation challenges. in the southeast part of the district in visitation valley, when you muni made service cuts, and listened to chinese seniors
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lament the fact they had to walk and an additional two blocks. when i am writing on the bus, i see a single mother trying to negotiate getting on and off the bus with several children. i would like to see a more comprehensive approach to serving the writer should -- ridership. >> transit first, absolutely. i have had the good fortune to travel to cities around the country in the world. paris and london have tremendous public transportation systems. let's build transit first. cars last? no. i do not think we can pretend that making it hard to drive and park will make it so that people do not need to drive their cars. we need to be realistic. i am pretty sure i know who passed the first question about living 3.8 miles aw


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