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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2010 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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women's community, the african- american community, the italian- american community, and folks from the lgbt community. that's what we need, a unified voice and a unified vision. no more can we stand to be polarized. thank you. >> once again, well done candidates. òt[lágnow we're really going tot you. we start this time with mr. jackson. what do you think can be done to address the unacceptably high rates of asthma in district 10 children, and the health problems caused by pollution? >> that is a great question. we have our wonderful current supervisor here in the audience. i want to commend her leadership on beating the fight to close down the bay view hunters
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point power plant. those steps have been taken. the community leaders are also working to make sure they are closed. we have to continue to push for a land use issues. 258 bed hospital is being built. we need to make sure they provide enough charity care to provide access to health care in this neighborhood and in this entire district. the program that i was working on -- we need to make sure it is not cut and ensure that our residents who are uninsured have access to health care. that's how you cut down the rates of health care, making sure that land use decisions do not adversely impact our decisions. >> mr. kelly. >> first, you have to make sure you keep district 10 together. we are together on exactly this
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issue. the biggest cause of the asthma rate here is the freeways. i've been advocating that we should take a serious look at seeing if we can anend 280. the city has proven that the one thing it can do well is to take down a freeway. we can maybe do the job here and would still have a boulevard that would serve mission bay. we need to get serious and invest resources in addressing the causes of pollution. we need more youth and family services. we need to look for further opportunities to get people out of cars. and we need to address this. we need people out of their cars. >> i agree with the throat
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examination of the transportation needs of the district. that would tell us whether or not taking out one of the freeways would be a viable plan. there needs to be a study that shows the particular matters coming from the freeway corridors that might be leading to an increase in asthma rates among our children. as well, with the development projects that are coming into district 10, development should have community hubs of shopping, cumin and health care services, so people do not have to travel across town to get services. that way we improve our environment. we do not have to depend on muni the same way. we need to take protective steps. >> ms. morris.
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>> unlike everyone up here, i am a social worker. i deal with this in poor communities. it is not only as much that is affecting areas in district 10. it is diabetes, hypertension, and blood pressure. we need to make sure we have adequate mobile outreach programs. asthma is also correlated with being poor. when you know that, you know that these people need our reach, especially in the bayview hunters point and the portola housing projects, as well as tackling the environment issues. it is no wonder that we have a disproportionate rate of asthma. we need to tackle the environment issues, but we also
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need to have more of the on the ground community outreach to deal with it. >> thank you. >> mr. moss. >> i started san francisco community power in 2001. i was placed on the tax forsk fe in 2002. i will help close a plant this year. i'm on the task force that has a book that air toxins in district 10. if you look at the map of for the pollution is, it is in district 10. it comes from the freeway. the city of san francisco has adopted an ordinance that all new developments has to be built in a certain way. everyone who lives in the district right now, including my daughter who has respiratory problems, is not protected in the same way. that's not acceptable. you can see exactly where the holes are.
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there are not even walls between some of the house is in the district and the freeway. that is unacceptable. it has to be addressed. >> mr. smith. >> yes, thank you. in 2007, i worked with the department of environment because i cared about asthma. i helped san francisco converts the entire city fleet of diesel vehicles to biodiesel. my passion is the environment. i want to continue that path to clean up the environment, to make sure that the air that we breathe is as healthy as possible. i worked with the department of environment also on their green building or a dance. any vehicles used in construction that are at use for more than 20 days have to use a cleaner burning fuel. those are very important developments.
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i think we need to continue that. as supervisor, that will be one of my priorities. i want to make sure that the air we breathe, our access to health care, and all those other things are part of our everyday lives. the freeways are not coming down any time soon. we need to do something to be proactive. thank you. >> thank you. a lot of what we're looking at in district 10 is not new. asthma has been there for years. what most folks do not realize -- those people that were working there were bringing these contaminants home. we see mesothelioma on the news now. the bottom line, that type of disease is something i've known about since the early 1970's, primarily because my family worked at the shipyard. they all died from it. the problem has been here for awhile.
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the problem is continuing, not just because we have the freeways, but when you think about -- this problem is going to keep coming as long as we allow 30 industry into district 10. -- dirty industry into district 10. i know we have waste-water plants there now. this bio-solids plant -- time is up. thank you. >> thank you. >> ms. smith. >> i grew up in the housing projects. in the course of one week, we were getting up at least once a week taking one of my brothers to a hospital because of an asthma attack or a bronchitis attack. we live right there. we did not know. when we needed health care, we had to go to 101 grove street. if we were lucky, we would go to san francisco general hospital.
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there needs to be an objective solution. the solution to asthma needs to come from an objective body. i have been following this for almost five years. this is how i got involved. we thought it was lennar. they worked with us. we got the monitors. a lot of people still shows to work in that environment as opposed to starving to death. we need an objective body. it can be done through partnerships. thank you. >> ms. cohen. >> not too long ago last year, i was doing volunteer work. i had the unfortunate experience of winninwitnessing a young gird an asthma attack. that had an impact on my mind. this young girl was gasping for air. she had a look of fear in her eyes. she was able to be stabilized
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and she is healthy now. i tell you this story -- the impact of not knowing what to do when an asthma attack is happening. we need to be smart. we need to have the education out there when it comes to asthma related remedies, as well as access to quality health care. i would continue to support held the san francisco. i would continue to support the work that is being done right now in sunnyvale -- in the housing development program. they are targeting asthma between the hours of 2:00 and 5:00. thank you. >> thank you. many wonderful ideas. i have a few more. one is to address the air traffic that flies over district 10. i applaud your success, the anti
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helipad team. the planes in to be lower and lower and more frequent. i would renew the effort. i've also worked to keep truck traffic out of residential neighborhoods as much as possible. and where it is unavoidable, to make sure there are buses. truck idling is a problem i would like to assist some of my fellow activists with. it happens a lot in commercial corridors and residential neighborhoods. i have supported funding for the southeast health center, and plant more trees. >> thank you very much. now on to our next question. we will begin with mr. kelly. this question comes from your moderator. it is widely felt that the district 10 seat might determine
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the balance of power on the board of supervisors between progressives and moderates. if you are=> tom, i do not think you know me all that well. [laughter] i am clearly on the progressive side of the aisle. when you work in the neighborhoods, you do not find that many grassroots conservatives. the reason for that, i believe, once you work in the neighborhood for a number of years, you find out where the ideas are that are better. it so happens that sometimes that is a little liberal for people. then again, ideas that were liberal or even communist a few years ago are, now. using our city reserves to create a new credit market to get out of this recession. one state of the union has that right now, north dakota. they have the lowest unemployment rate in the
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country. how radical of an idea is it if it actually works? that is the kind of thinking i would bring to the board. that is why i have supported progressive supervisors. >> i suppose i would be on the side of the progressives as well. that said, i believe thi have te ability to create a consensus. i've demonstrated that. not only in the endorsements i've received, as well as endorsements from the firefighters. on two different sides of the spectrum sometimes, or most of the time. what that the show is that i have the ability to create consensus. most of my stances are probably more progressive than more moderate stance is. >> ms. morris.
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>> i coin myself as the kitchen table politician that came to the election. a person who saw something wrong, and something that needed someone like me. it was whoever had a good idea that would make the people in my community better. a good idea to make my parks better, and the air that my child breathes. we are too hung up on titles. we see that in our congress. we also see that in our state senate. a good idea is a good idea. i'm not in any category. that is not the canada. i'm running. i'm running for the people. whatever the people want that will best serve district 10, that's what i'm for. >> thank you. mr. morris. >> i'm on the communities site. i'm on the city's side.
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if you do not identify yourself, somebody identifies you for you. been helping lower class families lower their utility bills. i run the neighborhood newspaper for the longest serving neighbor newspaper in san francisco. i am raising my family in san francisco in potrero hill. unfortunately, in san francisco , we tend to want to label people one way or another, and it blocks us from making solutions. i hear people saying they want the same things. i have not met any conservatives in the city. i have met people who are raising their families, who want to have a job, and want a clean and safe environment. i think we need to get beyond labels. we need to get action and get things done. thank you. >> mr. smith.
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>> outside of san francisco, they look at this place as 47 square miles surrounded by reality. i would probably lean more towards the progressive side. i've been endorsed by supervisor campos. i am a pragmatic person. the citizens of district 10 and the citizens of san francisco want somebody who will do something that is based in common sense, that is based in reality, that is going to get things done. k֖)xthat is not done based on y ideology. as i said, i am a pragmatic person. i want to do what is best for the residents of district 10. and the rest of the citizens of the city and county of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you.
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i guess when you do not label yourself, other people will label you. the media loves to label me because i'm an elected official. i am just a common-sense public servant. not a politician, a public servant. it is what the people need and what the people want. i've built consensus here in san francisco. i was able to build consensus as the president of the taxi commission. i've built insistencconsensus oe board. i bring results, not anything else. it is common sense. i am not a progressive, as evidenced by me getting endorsed by people such as our current mayor newsom. these are people who are highly respect. there on the site of what is
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right for the people, the common sense approach. i cannot be pigeonholed into an ideological stance. >> thank you. >> miss smith. >> i have rarely missed something. some of these people, since the 1970's, our community has been declining. i'm the person who said -- you know what? the leadership we have had is not working. if it is not working, why are we still doing the same thing? i am a mother. i was 57 when i filed my intent to run. i'm now 58. with a 41-year-old son and grandchildren, i did not like what i saw. i did not like what i felt was a lack of leadership, strong leadership, for the people. it is for the people, of the people, by the people, and that it is us. if it is not us, then it is them. there's not one person in this
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room that is happy. there's nothing to be happy about. we need someone strong. in a right or wrong person. if it's right, i want to go with it. i will not be popular all the time, but i will be right. >> neighbors, earlier i mentioned that we have a very interesting progressive-moderate pull. if you do not stake your claim, they will do it for you. the reality is, we have pockets of progress of folks. we have homeowners that are conservative. we have ethnic communities that have certain reservations when it comes to a lot of the progressive ideas. the reality is, in a pragmatic leader. i've been able to demonstrate this by working nine majoin the
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mayor's office. also, i've garnered support with the assemblywoman. it goes back to the original point. we do need a consensus builder. we need someone who understands the challenges on a daily basis. thank you. when i first started running, people told me that i needed to pick a certain look because i looked like a hippie. then i got some suits. people said i looked too conservative. i would say that i made good, solid democrat. i think district 10 is different, and so am i.. i think of myself as an independent. i believe in good government. i believe in putting the community first.
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my tagline has been, we live here, let's tell our own story. that did not come from a poll or a consultant. that came fro year experiences and 500 meetings working on the issues facing this district. i'm focused on solving problems. that's what i will bring to the office. >> our next question is from the audience. i am sorry. >> no one is going to let me ducked >> i am chris jackson. i used to chair the budget committee. it is the only major public institution to submit a balanced budget without laying off a single teacher or frontline worker. we expanded our outreach program. we instituted the gateway to college program to help high- school dropouts get there.
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i am working class advocate. i am working class progressive. i do believe in some of these struggles. they are real. sutter health is something to hundred $50,000 into our district to tell us what to do. that is unfortunate. they do not want to allow nurses to organize. -- i believe in the right of the folks to organize. i have been forced by harvey milk and the laborers. i believe we need to expand affordable housing. we need real job opportunities. we need to talk stopped the bout migration of working-class families from the city. -- we need to stop the out migration of working-class families from the city. that is where i am on the political spectrum. >> mr. jackson, i will give you 10 more seconds because of my oversight. thanks you, sir. let's start with mr. lacy with
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the next question from the audience. the support more housing development or business development? >> both. we definitely need for housing. the housing cannot have no place for small businesses. we have to increase opportunities for local small businesses in the district and also housing. we do that in a few ways. the development projects at bayview/hunters point, we make sure that there are opportunities for affordable housing. also, we make sure that local businesses have an opportunity to thrive in those markets. we do that by instituting things like theú3áx9ç. for small businesses and the community benefits agreement. also, by making sure that the businesses that do exist have the support they need from the city.
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what mi>> miss morris? >> i support more businesses. people have to feel safe to patronize businesses. we have to look at community support and partnerships with law enforcement so that our businesses can stay open longer and more patrons can come by. we can open businesses every day, but if people do not feel safe and visit in their corridors late night, the businesses will not flourish. of course, more housing. i am a social worker. more tax credits for housing. san francisco is becoming an elitist town. we need more affordable housing for our working class to low income community. i am pushing for more affordable housing and for businesses to be safe. >> mr. moss?
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>> i think if you allow the status quo, we will not have affordable housing or jobs. most of the time when we say that we want jobs, they are imaginary. no one creates jobs. even at the shipyard, they talk about feeding thousands of jobs -- creating thousands of jobs -- but they are all on paper. we should be paying careful attention to making sure the housing is built and extra sure that the jobs are created. there are huge opportunities in district 10 to have that happen. we've talked about the wholesale produce market. did to me jobs around food production and catering. -- there can be jobs created around food production and catering. the shipyard needs to be treated as a job center. we need to have companies coming there. i am mystified when we do not have the leadership from the mayor on down getting on the phone and calling potential employers and telling them that they're welcome to come here and
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that we want them here. i think jobs are very important. >> thank you, sir. mr. smith? >> we definitely need both. this is the only district in san francisco that has that many boarded up homes. it is unbelievable. we need development, but it has to be responsible. i am a big fan of folks owning their own property and businesses as part of the committee. they do it in cleveland. if they do it there, we can do it in san francisco. we need to drive the economic engine here by bringing in businesses and cooperative models that will sustain us. what we have right now is not sustainable. we need housing. we need development. it has got to be responsible. it has got to be with community input. it has got to the outcome based. that is what we need. we cannot do one of the other. it has to be both. it has to be all-inclusive. >> miss sweet?
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>> this summer, and held a news conference concerning violence. -- i held a news conference concerning violence. -- youth conference concerning violence. i thought i would have to make phone calls and get kids jobs. i ended up getting 50 jobs. the number one priority in district 10 in this person's opinion is jobs. jobs are what is going to make this district -- bring it back to where it should be in the great city of san francisco. that can only happen if we have more business. we need homes. you cannot pay for your home without a job. if i were to give a choice, it would definitely be jobs, jobs with local hiring demand. we need more businesses to come in. we need to come in with the attitude that they are going to hire locally. that is what is going to drive
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our economic injun of. with the 10,500 slated to be built at the shipyard, we do not need to look for more housing at this time. >> thain q for the question. for the last five years, i have been working on a balance. the thank you for the question. i like balance. wherever that leads me, it leads me to a place where i believe in win-win. i do not believe everyone has to lose. i am the real estate broker by profession. i became a real-estate broker because i saw the disparity. i saw the building of the homes and wondered who was going to live there with a 73% and employment rate. some people disagree with me on that. i know the people out there who do not even file any more. they do not complete anything.
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i 'd small-business assistance immediately. i am for any business coming to the district. no more outsourcing of our jobs. district 10 is first. san francisco is first. >> miss cohen? >> it is very difficult to address whether i would support housing over jobs. the first question we need to talk about his education and strengthening the education system. when you begin to develop a robust education policy in san francisco, need to identify pathways that will lead to jobs and careers, sustainable careers that will lead to a person being able to afford housing. we're looking for sustainability. the numbee


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