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tv   News  RT  September 29, 2022 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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a with a dormer ah, the 4th bleak in the north stream pipeline is reportedly found by the swedish coast guard. dr. moscow opens an international terrorism pro been through suspect to the attack on the russian german gas transit with local officials. that is 6 people are wounded in ukrainian shelling of care song comes after an overwhelming majority of people that have voted in favor of joining russia. also on the program the you should stop the sanctions immediately because here in africa we are the ones suffering drought. it can yet suffers as locals, blame and e u band on essential russian fertilizers, aggravating a serious. i mean,
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leaving millions based on starvation with it's one minute past 9 am here in moscow, mine is peter scott and wherever you're joining us from, welcome to 30 minutes of news analysis aeronautics over i. we start with the latest on the nord stream pipelines. there's a 4th leak, has reportedly been found by the swedish coast guard. meanwhile, russia security service has opened and international tara investigation into a suspected attack on the russian german, no stream gas pipeline. the white house has showed off president biden's earlier threats to put an end to the energy transit routes in the event of the russian minister action in ukraine. the president said that in his 2 wouldn't become operational and we would work with germany on that. and he was right through, there will be a we, there will be no longer nor stream to,
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we will bring it. and how will you do that? i promise you will be able to do on so many occasions in the past the finger was pointed at russia. so many times that you'd expect the same thing to begin happening right now. however, it's not happening this time, and the u. s. officials are saying that it's too early to blame russia, although what the americans have been doing so far is firmly denying their own involvement. it's not us. the u. s. government is in complete denial. you are absolutely not involved. the jury is still out. many of our partners i think, have determined or believe it is sabotage. i'm not at the point where i can tell you one way or the other. moreover, several media outlets including germany's durst, spiegel and americas new york times reported that this summer, the cia had warned several e countries about
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a possible attack on the pipeline. so what could this mean supposedly, if a warning had come from the u. s. intelligence the americans couldn't have been guilty, so it may seem that the u. s. government could have tried to come up with an alibi for itself with the media, allegedly trying to push it now. but guess what? the danish minister of defense said that neither denmark's government, nor his ministry was notified. so if there was some kind of plan with this alibi, it didn't work. elliot, what else do we know about what's happening in, in this particular area of the baltic sea, around the time of the incidence? while according to nato's twitter, they have recently tested, quote, unquote, unmanned systems at sea. the tweet was posted just as the news on the alleged pipeline. sabotage came in and some uses online immediately tried to connect the dots. have
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a look. nato exercises present opportunities to test new unmanned systems at sea. ensuring that allies can work together to counter current and future security challenges. so you saying it was nato that bombed north stream one and 2 blowing up pipelines because democracy did nato sabotaged the nord, streamline and to pipeline with their numerous training in the c. so nothings clear just yet, it is indeed a very unusual incident, so we'll, we'll definitely keep hearing about it and it will remain in the headlines for the next few days. when military journalists, vassily, 50 got of an experts in underwater tech says the sabotage is the only plausible explanation for what happened. oklahoma, the thickness of the pipe metal is up to $41.00 millimeters. this is a lot. the soviet t 34 tank had 35 millimeters of armor from above. these pipes also have concrete protection. up to 110 millimeters you. that's pretty serious protection. so these
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could not have been an accident. this is definitely sabotaged. it is absolutely clear who ordered this back in february, the american president said that the united states would deal with the north stream . and as for who could actually do this. back in the spring, i made a report about ukrainian combat swimmers who were trained by their italian colleagues. when this unit space was attacked by russian forces. the pulls took them to the baltic and it wasn't clear up until now. why were they evacuated there? the seas rather shallow. the average depth, it's 50 meters, a combat swimmer can dive to depths of up to 60 meters. when they tried to blame russia, it caused nothing but laughter. why is it russia? if russia can just turn off the tap, the united states still feels like a world john dorm, and the poles and ukrainians most likely did the dirt to work buttons, trying to cut off europe from russian gas and wants to impose his own more
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expensive one. well, energy prices in europe have started to rise again following the recent damage to the north stream pipelines with the price of dutch gas, which is the local benchmark or by $16.00 euro's reach in $200.00 euro's per megawatt hour. rising energy prices have driven tens of thousands on the streets of the check capital. the rally organized by the check republic, 1st degree. so demonstrates as gather in prague to protest against the countries membership in both nato and the, you know, the 2nd such protest this month of to 70000 people took to the street 3 weeks ago to protest against sanctions on russia. and his bills, unarmed supplies to ukraine, me while over in spain, soaring inflation is forcing more and more people to stand in long queues for free food from non profit organizations. the lions have risen by 30 percent since last month. as many families spend almost half of their income on food and essentials, and many a trying to figure out new ways to make a savings where possible,
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like this local photographer. i thought even before that there are expenses that you didn't pay much attention to before, but now you have to tighten your belt in certain areas, especially those tide with energy issues. for example, i tried to turn the light off to put on the air conditioning instead, because this summer it was hot. and in winter it will be a bit cold. i'm looking for alternatives to lighting and changing all the lights in the house to eli d's. but consume list as for the shopping list, now i spend 100 years more than i used to before. in these conditions, you don't buy fresh meat or fish anymore. you have to look at cheap things, vegetables, you have to be more restrained. they can also, i usually put the washing machine on at night because those are the cheapest hours for electricity. the shower is another important factor in saving, taking a relaxing shower off to work is changed to taking a quick shower because gas has risen or not. this affects everyone, regardless of age or salary, life is more expensive with the same salary you had before. an uncertain future is
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coming. salaries are not rising. i don't know what will happen to us 2 years from now, but it doesn't look good at all. meanwhile ukraine has shelled a number of residential areas in her son. this footage shows the aftermath of the attack. local authority certainly thinks people were wounded as a college and a residential building where hits one person is in a critical condition and over in the city of dunn. yes, the park in hotel was struck and damaged along with part, cars and windows was shattered. also, in that attack, no casualties have been reported, and ukraine hasn't yet commented on any of those incidents. are these rama cost of sensors this report? several, 155 millimeter shells struck the sensor of genetics on wednesday morning. actually it was at 5 am. now the you just saw a one of the craters from the shells. now, as a result, nearby hotel was damaged. the cars that were born here were damaged as well. now,
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the generator at this hotel is, are completely destroyed as well. you can see a workers are now doing everything they can in order to restore operation of this hotel. now, this hotel itself, i houses a workers from russia, houses adjourn this and actually one of our crews that was at this hotel as well. archie arabic, in fact, thankfully no one was heard during this at sag by ukrainian. a nationalist by their hotel rooms were destroyed and they were forced to move from here. now other damages are in a vis a high school right here. you can see the windows have been blown out now this high school was also appalling stations during the latest the referendum provided you folks have had that look at how big the hole is in the metal frame. that's how powerful today's blast was. thank god, only one person was on duty at the school. at that moment, she managed to hide in
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a bomb shelter. at 6 a. m, i was already at the sight. he saw the damage will recover from this. i understand why the school was shout. voting took place here yesterday, 4000 ballots from here, we're in favor of joining russia. now. the at zach was once again at 5 o'clock in the morning. the workers here did everything in order to evacuate the, the residence of this hotel as soon as possible. and of course, i spoke to one of them, he told me exactly what happened this morning. feeling a little bit, the 1st strike was at 5 am. we rushed to inspect the hotel. we told people to evacuate in a few minutes to was the 2nd strike. everyone was escorted to a bomb shelter. thank god, it ended okay. without any casualties. this is yet another crates are right in the center of the nest that was formed by another shell fired by the ukrainian military
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against civilians in the next people's republic. once again, we are right in the center of this city very far away from any kind of military positions and what kind of far away from the front line as well. nevertheless, ukrainian nationalists to choose to continue to terrorize the peaceful civilians if they choose to continue to destroy civilian infrastructure. of course, the results of the referendum have been overwhelmingly in favor of julian, russia. but people are also hoping that once they join a russia all their hardships will and as well. and they will be finally able to live in peace from on, call for 40 done as people's republic. oh, with the referendums over the leaders of done yet, scandal, guns, republics, as was their counterparts from the guests on ends up roger regions have arrived in moscow to finalize the process of uniting with russia. however,
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some of those territories of those regions still remain under control of the ukrainian army. and that includes is approaches, capital a part of the dentist republic and a portion of the hassan region as well. leaders from the territories say that battles are continuing and they do expect more fighting to take place. a landslide victory in all 4 regions means it's around 15 percent of ukranian soil, with a population of around 6000000 people will join russia, wants to request has been approved. ukraine and his allies have dismissed the referendums as a sham and refused to recognize the results. he have said it would put referendum observers from other countries on an international wanted list. well, earlier we spoke to one of them, german journalist and author thomas roper. he was observing in here and he described how the voting took place there. in general, ukraine tries to avoid the referendum and the election offices might be really targets it's questions feeding. and that's why, for 4 days they will more by elections with going around with the,
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with more bio stuff and making that people elect from their homes from this whole street to avoid big crowds of people. the mood of the people is quite interesting because i was in harrison which was supposed to be for, for russia, and the most complicated area. but the heavy shelling of ukraine really changed the mood of the people in the last weeks. they told me this nearly every, every city. so they came to the, to the election offices, really in groups. and they were quite happy. and i was there before. and they were even afraid to talk them when they were pro russian, because they were afraid that russia could believe in the that what the repression from ukraine inside after that. and now they, every, everybody of them was searching for a camera. we had this, we were preserve us and we said, can we ask and nearly everybody was who i need to talk into the camera and telling we want to rush. i was waiting for it or other said, well, we were against all this, but we see what ukraine is doing there. they're shutting all schools and it's
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really civil infrastructure. well, we'll keep you updated as always, and all the latest on the events in those dom bus republics on the other regions there and of course for the future may hold for them. ah, the solomon islands have refused to sign a joint declaration between the united states on pacific island nations. it's a high profile whites how summits saying there is no consensus and that it needs more time to think it over. solomon islands is not in a position to adopt the declaration this week and will need time to reflect on the declaration and refer the declaration through solomon islands national decision making process, solomon islands. note that the declaration remains under discussion and have yet to enjoy consensus and will need further discussion of washington sorts of sign a declaration with the pacific nations aimed at preserving regional trade on security. as well as to ensure sustainable development. many accounts of china's
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influence. although ocean countries are also skeptical about allowing with the u. s, saying that washington's financial promises are not sufficient. the current proposed assistance is inconsistent with the contributions of our islands towards the security and stability of the region, which also supports us interests in the region. the u. s. proposed economic assistance seems pre determined and based on insufficient analysis to put it simply the u. s. economic assistance is insufficient. the pacific nations refusal to assign the declaration comes just a few months of the solomon islands, signed a security agreement with china. washington raised these concerns, however, but failed to dissuade the solomon islands from funding the security part with beijing or much robson. former associate minister of foreign affairs of new zealand says that the pacific nations want to pursue their own independent path the solomon islands and the marshall islands. another small group of items where the americans
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carried out the nuclear test. they have real cause issues with the united states or less than the help of the people. all of these countries are saying very clearly recall what please amanda sovereign rights. and particularly it's related to the issue of me to work with china on equal wipers offering them. and not just of all of the types, i think it'll be resolved, that the states have to back down from it sits in what was really demanding is will give you money, will give you these things if you have nothing to do with china and also being hypocritical about the bi claim, your chinese influences was ation. all these countries knows what ration is actually nicer. is a history of dominate, of the united states joined now by canada, australia, new zealand are supposed to be reg,
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the line will carry and their job is why and caroll these independent states back including the framework of being under the thumb of the not on moving on now, amid the worst droughts in almost half a century on the african continent, the kenyan president has called on officials to implement new measures to save lives. given that this is the worst drought in for decades, we must step up, create synergy, marshall more resources, and adopt a more coordinated real time and targeted intervention. the climate crisis has left millions of people on the brink of starvation with canyon president william root. so sharing a meeting on how to deal with the famine in july un reports that it's almost 950000 children under the age of 5 were acutely malnourished. along withdrawal to tenure also faces a shortage of fertilizers which are crucial for the countries agriculture and food
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chain. for the european commission has maintained a ban on exports of the mainly russian commodity to 3rd world countries. we heard from local farmers who describe the damaging impacts of the sanctions on their livelihoods. of the got to be honest though sanctions have affected as in a great way. we cannot plant or even work in our farms, that you must remove this anxious for us to feed our families and cultivate land effectively. do most of all land can produce with al fertilizer and they have been using it for many years. for now, i really do not know what's going to happen and they plead for the you to allow russia to send us more and more fertilizer lazy. all these people have been camping here for some days. i came here last week and still i have not yet managed to get any fertilizer is not enough at all. the ease should stop the sanctions immediately, because here in africa, we are the ones suffering with washington said to vote on another $12000000000.00
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aid package for care, which includes military supplies. a recent polls suggest that many americans won their government to do more diplomatically to end the conflict in ukraine as r t that caleb has been, explains tuesday, we have congress putting forward a vote for another, basically, 12 point $3000000000.00 to go to ukraine at the same time we have the quincy institute coming forward with a new poll that shows that 49 percent of americans say that biden has not done enough diplomatically to resolve the crisis and ukraine. then 47 percent of americans saying that they feel that they only want more a ukraine, if it accompanies diplomatic efforts to end the conflict. now quite a gap here. this is what the vice president of the quincy institute had to say about it. americans recognize what many in washington don't russia warn? ukraine is more likely to end the negotiating table than on the battlefield. and there was a bring skepticism of washington approached this war just been having
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a tough talk, military aid, but light on diplomatic strategy and engagement. this whole seems to indicate that the idea of just handing over another huge package of $1000000000.00 do ukraine without engaging in efforts to resolve the conflict diplomatically is not something that many americans would go along with. many americans just have their concerns. and so we see the democrat attaching this to the stop gap spending bill. now it's important to note there were funds that were originally allocated to go to deal with co bid and monkey pox that we're, we're re allocated to go for ukraine. now either this stop gap spending bill is passed by friday, or else the government shuts down. this is the maneuver through which the democratic party can almost force members of congress to vote for this without having substantial debate. there are a lot of concerns about oversight oversight of ukraine. aid is sorely needed. the state and defense departments are handling billions of dollars in ukraine funding,
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but neither have permanent inspectors general in place to investigate and prevent abuse of funds. another have been members of congress to raise concerns about where are these weapons are ending up without dreaming elements in the ukrainian military cetera. but this maneuver by the democrats is basically a way to prevent having that conversation either this bill passes or the government shuts down stop gap spending bill. meanwhile, it's important to note that the arms manufacturers, the old military industrial complex, seems quite delighted by this move. as a practical matter, countries that have had to rely on russian equipment are going to find it very difficult to get even basic supplies from russia's defense, industrial base. it is an opportunity, certainly for industry members in the room. the democrats are possibly going to lose control of congress in november. polls showed that the democratic party, the biden administration, is not very popular. so it appears the democrats are trying to rush this through before they lose control of congress. but it's really important to know that the
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united states is constantly boasting about being a democracy. it is constantly putting down other countries alleging that they are not democratic enough somehow. but yet in america, when it comes to huge amounts of military spending on ukraine and the central focus of u. s. foreign policy, there's a very big gap between. ready what u. s. officials are doing and what the american people want. european union has drafted upon the for an 8th package of sanctions against russia, promising punishing measures that will bind the mobilization and putting a threat to use nuclear weapons. a full the steps on the escalation pathway determined to make the kremlin pay for this further escalation. so today, we together proposing a new package of fighting sanctions against russia, with a new sanctions list will include restrictions such as a ban on the imports of several russian steel products,
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as well as the limiting of access to some european services. the biggest measure is the introduction of an oil price cup. some of the policies had been discussed by the years before, but not put in place. the measures aimed significantly reduce the inflow of petro dollars to the russian budget by setting a maximum price on russian fossil fuels, and that would be lower than the rates on the markets. however, the unions members are yet to approve the price cup, which could potentially take a while a given the time. it's a green embargo on russian resources. russian president vladimir putin earlier bundled the initiative as stupid on futile adding that russia will suspend its exports to countries participating in price cops. the view appears to be shared by hungry, where the prime minister claimed that you sanctions are destructive for europe. we can safely say that as a result of the sanctions, european people have become poorer while russia has not fallen to its knees. this weapon has backfired with the sanctions. europe has shot itself in the foot on
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professor of economics on politics. jack rasmus says that introducing a price cap is pointless. g 7 thinks that they can act like a cartel. they think that they can set a global market price for crew down below what the market price is and, and i think that that's not only arrogant, but it's really a pretty silly and it's really not going to work. it doesn't go effect until december 5th to well, in the meantime, in russia just redirect its contracts elsewhere and salazar also elsewhere so they won't even have to buy it. and at the price capitain in europe, the global price of oil per barrel crude is you know, in low to mid eighties right now. and a rush is already discounting at this price cap is being said around $55.00 a barrel. well, that's what kind of where russia selling it already, you know, plus that the market is going to, the gold market does, recessions really hit in the 4th quarter is going to lower the price of the global
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crude anyway, so i know it's, it's really, it doesn't make my sense. those are the main stories for the thought you had of it's all websites or social media pages. the more that's all for me peter scott: when nicky are and we'll be taking over the hot beating around 30 minutes. thank you for watching with ah ah
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lou. ringback ready the caution you spent with some national guido, which is obviously new to you still when you have a limited lead from when you do, i don't but hold a medical with national anthem. com protect a. ringback you have to split the copter from,
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wanted a new domain with me for a whole new world. yes, to feed out the same becomes the advocate an engagement. it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. for only one main thing is important for knox, ism internationally speaking to that is that nations allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, and then you have the mind,
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the nations who are the slaves. americans, brock, obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as long as it serves american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist by turning those russians into this danger is boy man that wants to take over the world. that was a conscious strategy and walked out of it on your own. i not leashed off in zebulon and tablet block. nato said it's ours. we moved east and the reason us, hey jim, it is so dangerous, is it? the law is the sovereignty of all the countries. the exceptionalism that american uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nato disbanded shareholders in united states and elsewhere in lodge obs companies would lose millions and millions or is
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business and business is good and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion. and ah, in to put a dollar, you talked to her a told her children but the school as well. but i see a
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way i can go i was give where that pulled up with that also the situation. is she somebody over there or so she but 0 but she wanted before she was but i'm with talking to a video or you not got a new a.


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