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ah ah, for the 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been trashed with a very modern weapon. cancel culture. really desert wonder global sheffield malice so little book in william frog yet just me sitting there. i know is a little bit grew the phrase now particularly refers to counseling russian culture from yet don't know what the career of she orders go because it has yet to when you're my folks you're 20 will be on there. it's charlie mozilla that though the most from december to london, e de moines award. russia has created over the past 1200 years, is now question partially condemned, reviled, and rejected. she said,
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and you'll see that it's about sunny at the will of bramble. there's a lot closer on a hold, paunchy, anytime you sort of wooden shovel, they said thanks all spheres of life, including those in which russia had played leading cultural roles, art, music and sport christian, a game in amazon, busted to sell them america, a full truck with a 1000000 nickerson, the renewal were record submitted. ellen invalid essentially means the show can't and won't go on. just show you put ricci test for kaltura overseas coping in those weak lodge a ground. this will be that, you know who for will be a myer here. but you may not charlotte the list joining total condemnation, gross daily, and now include dostoevsky to cascade and shostakovich. that i need to you all screw, quoted total, must the yes you lose your. think about the tumble you do? obama lee, you're luck with good. don't get a cool, did we, but was he?
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would you to do more? no. ah, yes, so no any. so dina c. mouthful to cindy the luscious. they may, you can immuno made out of there so no pupil soon or if eliano ah, [000:00:00;00]
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a meal can yonah will attention that cylinder. the luck with dorsey bishop and cynthia. no sir, no angel school? no i see the for leah. ah, for leah deal mando kindle fuel or the mall that equal no. should it less thought eloquent today? the empty probably in the league. alicia did then ma main door that we got the lock in la jolla. clinton i'm interested in nava ah java gone be philos give me
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a little to remove gunshot that it less story i like what do i do at all not to proceed with so many battle a entity saying see the crystal guess amanda in korea that he put away and that include media era and then put that in oakland was what it used to go in a contestant. can you if i should ever have you been on school? i started the like the math. no solid. ology della that made you able de la dylan, deacon republican marinara eliana. get by someone up there like the mayor jane over the next year. pizza. a mild c no lower. i don't want to did issue. that's yona. steve, did i mean you made the last guy is last night with us on his last you thought maybe like good boy, was it done you guys over the years? it a yeah. my phone dakota want a daughter that goes with it. vamos, the chest, but it also,
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and i get on the exposed skin, which before with more new which encourages to now, can you, my son, italians can as a care nipple of fort definitive order of ethan smith, cumberland archy sooner got to have some effect mirror him, to his in your favor worked or it was the 1st time, usually a bizarre of a had received a threatening letter closure office immediately. our groups determined to protect italians from the danger. russia poses antonio employees not to advertise their russian background. mm. run spin home to unity of over 20 years, where she represents the association, friends of great russia, that she won't leave, let alone give up one of our main projects. international pushkin prize met jimmy,
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another 3 out of the pilot christian eve wasn't with infection that i am a big chunk of milan fat off i thought anything my pitiful it then you. thanks jeff . kristen got the one good idea control last cover, a victim going on with doors are diminished to pretty john nova. ah, miss finance. what snake, you know, that in the only appointments that russian pow left the marianna know whom of recorded that just for arnold schwartzenegger look what's been going on in don't pass is they met, ones seem to get on. and he spoke highly of a athletic prowess level image. that was, it's like i'm, i'm interested in that over the next door option. they could meet in there. oh, yeah. for the most class,
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one with the list is this a 1st mega, marianna told arnold she'd been visiting don't bass. for 8 years she'd met kids living near the front lines. she encouraged them to love sports. and when she told them that she was going to meet that idle arnold, they wrote letters for him. yeah. for us to show kind of a bit of work with it. and it's me piece my, i know i'm a router. no one. no, she was thinker effectively though i watched one guy will know that you'd speak with her, you know, we always are almost like there's more 0 equal to what i she'll vailable though. she is a union. i'm with ask women. yeah,
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it's yadale or the process was yes. of look around. if i ask you a certain way as reason me cancel culture has his own discipline is russian. national teams compete in today. it's strong painfully in beijing whether paralympics came for the 2022 winter olympics after the hard work and training camps. they'd arrived in beijing only to be told they were banned from the games. ah, yeah. that's me different. the new mileage. yeah. luckily, but don't ask me, she'll again a peeling which you room necessary for them was the 15th and this new year and the new flying in get away. hey mozilla. thank you,
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cheryl ah, when you get but then with some way or a bus mother in it, i saw it at the middle of brown. there's a lot of cord feminist patel in the yellow blue spot of the invoice and the one can be up long. those mission, parents are spanish. of this to part of the worst one kid. i'm over post on the directory, i could not hear of what you decide to purchase or we're chatting with . it's not the 1st time russian power olympic athletes have been banned from sports . it goes back a long way for them bitter history. and that is so that's, that's not the renewal yet. and i got it done. so some choice, not but them choice. they studies that they're going to go back on on july 16th april, show it by a say it was,
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i me know when i believe that because i knew that we needed to go hungry. she's fun to deal almost to usually duties wrongly maria, senior, but did you have models cuz i'm not local to escalate up with to go to lunch, is betsy with me? i'm well, you already as soon as i tell ya know, blah blah, nobly. i was off. what do i need to be in, jerome pull in to, to move your it is a street out is from naples 31 years old, very popular with young people. he was ahead of the curve, but what he's doing now doesn't fit with today's agenda. love melissa is more than a little bit i'll, i believe we have to go look, we can last the boxes out by the moonlight qualifies. people who change rather than go. so me to happen him with our lab beneficial by lighting more than
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a pile the wooden app. i like to change it to move. if you look at when you actually literally who doors near the them that he said, well listen, your domain name at noah knows up with as many i'm of and as up with the whole school to certainly feel there because you the state school was having his only daily diagnoses with amazon and she's in the media stuff, a little defy, appealing to filling them with a little granddaughter. monday i live a little more among the landlord who needs to go to southern standards as evolution. should i the quote for the pruitt. so paranoid, apparently those 2 years not muscle is said, i will also leave a a whole paunch any time this will show up until the normal these on yesterday too. i do see is going to be going us from the adeline godaddy. yes. projected
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a journey. and it was a bit like my corporate are lot should enter a loose yet if you share a meal, i mean for you my a you been to get a nasty little glove out a lot. of course just that is down with the virtual julio. bizarre over so these dresses weren't event, she'd be preparing for her whole life. i should've kimball's chip, or she can eat dinner and hook slash hold of kim valve. she's clear able to balance
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god every year she host the grand russian ball in rome except in 2022. it's not happening. a much with russian count has been swamped by a tsunami of cancellation. sweeping through european theaters, the bow choice tours, concepts honoring to come skin shostakovich, all cancelled famous artists including russian conductor valeri give, haven't his gave them there was a group of people from the years he's good, but you might so wish that the k was of the good tauriel, mo, a. do you need immediate merchandise ship tim boise cables?
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are you with us? we will believe with those running they but believe in the website goes to the to be divorced. the rational lawyer crash could let it know. but you know what the guy was so good the form there. plug them was 2 and then you'd bush, ah, ah ah
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. ah wirelessly. yes, no, no still all, no. what, wait? no dollar. by yet when you what i she she asked. no. you don't. can you by, you know, was idea is, myoshi shaffer brought you from us? i told her nobody with you. my okay. in a day to meet you each a total be done? yes. keep us switched to my pc, you greenacres. she had to bill more. i did a scan,
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but as you know with some grammar dormitory issue, they go the show of one of the commodore then your school bus number of students with chase miss of you posted mr. for yes, prince be both. i'm sure you all don't want be storing it for, you know, on the me, you know, somebody look at the 2 story of a passcode when you're brittany of was an issue next to the board. not much in the parents to meet us. my pre moved to question on my modem goes on to the cache. no, she, i've been a complete go with a telephone that otherwise push them again through to another storage on the phone. i go on the, on the with me, my dear. i mean that sounds about him and they agree with the wind up
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a lot and i have seen it. mm. just out the russian cancellations, co founder of the pushkin bryce and rome, julia bizarre about was unable to get any information. a telephone motel when you do it. she saw support from italian journalists. only one responded with figures that did a brings your for your mental believe i did a note about john franco published a story about you and he's newspaper. backlash quickly followed, julia and her friends were accused of promoting the interest of a hostile country. they to seek legal advice levels. dura eleanor started with duda up to the same thought. nostril, storia but came and associates, our sense of story or
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a sense of food are no now cool food. just to i mean think about it and little put to know the new shad experimented by the red lateral bygone, darkest the foreman tumble audio from today. she needed to see a nigger thrown to the army can not afford to go so far. the identity of those who rode, threatening licensed to friends of great russia is unknown. this is the marathon aside. on the other side, chair here it is. history especially italian history, he says he's an anti fascist. he's for social justice and against the far right and id for now go out on this incident until that to go on the east side. moving any weebly got more thought on
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a skid out and go so men do not. she didn't do the about the daily dad we're going to will, i was just the oil mileage sudle a lot. you then to sell banners, food or these and we're not using funds either a very general yodi themes with alice to give them when she doesn't want. or, you know, we're for most of us to give you one of the law that would allow us to the grid for lot. so i got an awful dorothy upload the, you annoyed all one thing. so maybe you almost there's one on glenda amount that, that i lose. so that bubble a little slow, but i need to reach out to you regarding the most go up camera. let me send whatever solutions what i do not borders will bundle with good. we're so glad in abilene, i should try that same packwood jane joshua does in put in with is a skill
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in the next. a venue presides in the valley with the go with a prima, where they have the number on there for streaming. that is a, it was a key to my post office and i proceed in april 2020 to despite sanctions, marianna. now whomever went back to don't bass to see her friends. i mean, you can have it on the sit on the line is here looking at all your she's not as throws as national, believe it on a promotional than western. okay. yes. does. margaret, i'm with you shortly. a extras misconception. escreen is a slight nash. can you me a position to set the thought? see is tim cocker. i just applied for assistance for my boss men the me a q easy to deal
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with a pretty sure. is that with a broken up or is he let you know the story really key with the yes it was kinda just a yes yes. yes, it open. oh good. and how he could do it? there is, is shorter with those completed mr. come by z 3. sig,
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that will be just be up with the master. finish. come wish that 20300 no. does that really still? is it gonna need some new booster millimeter cavity in a little lower or change in by b, y, or lower? julian, you finished. i let all the time when you do album lee, you read the choice goes to what pushes to we get the worst of it was of a shape obligated to shade. daughter trivia, korea usually a smeared q belize near middle gaudy church for a diagnostic ice coast to another north. when new, much to future could i for this all stood as grim m. o is up with no means other amino nippy, las halima cuba. but you know, the board chesney setting them, i know it will typically with your will go below to finish. it moves the bottles, bukosa jumping up and you're still, you would
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a piece key. camecia she just flew and you and your flagship were to push you. ah, let me just the most of were me, are legion exception and your bas wirelessly produce key. when you're mine and those of us with a bill at the, at a school fuck what the meaning that the renewal on the zip code me lloyd year. so socialists, the shop and then the squeak tamara. tanza coroner 7 time. well, donald's champion has been dumped from the world rating. that's clearly a finish. the one on the left was full. when you book, the decision was taken by the president of the well draft federation. during a championship match in 2021, you remove the russian flag from tomorrow's place. he did that right in the middle of the match. to sort of like get you started to put something in there,
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teaching the chest, the chest read boost of it's a german conductor has lived in hulu. no debt with his russian wife since 2015. a marlene are awesome because he and his 1st year in april 2022. he wrote an article for the german newspaper. nod claudia, condemning council culture. today. he refers to russians. is the new jews growing parallels with the events of world war 2 are various particles. he goes up to accumulate gross members. sure. not a sin city. so it's just numeric close to home with for, for our most. get the i need to. yeah. total square footage. total. oh i knew so, but he t feet with contrib anytime. so those can cranes. what god teaches fee to me, get a good school,
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get out and use appreciative near lose no version unit. i don't media again when you log in again us, you little bit, the portion of them go audio ski shoes and so didn't spirit on guy. do you like the union? the v g to you must on that is known as usher thought. at least we just have to understand that as a way to not belushi a musket nip, it is nice. now gleick avoid it double. but give that are sure. if we're lucky buddha acclimated shavelle a in been a story, the land you my little money that i can chill up soon enough going feet the saying, hey, they won't let me also, anthony. got the evil can, you know, couldn't the needle that a cake in cold good on the sky doughty ground. the boy he grandy was the hasty, i guess one of these thought he transitional. quantify,
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it goes in the model and i ground this to be that gina with eisen bohemia. you gotten that ga, ga. gov went out to him by shut order that i wanted your fatal. that luck will duda . i believe that will shape out. yeah. now with an audio clean vonage, it took to norma. oh, a module 5. that info, but it's a yeah, i love piccolo, galle furniture piece of a good local northwood public eliano. she had the le bought the key. can donna wister chin shorda? joshua no convincing that nobody put on there. but with diana, cuz she has way. yeah. chin sorta like good daughter and get this, you know my yet the listen soon. let me get get the police together, but pretty much put the bomb blanket. we'll get up to on saturday morning for
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they'll go duty day 5. they need to do of it a law mary w, but i will put, i mean, so that he does. yeah. the title that i'm not going to end up with that either eel . i'll post a little politi galena, anything lethal? non customer, listen. sony economy de la conchella, sealant, laguna lamb, miss invoice. good god, joan. good. jill da, the da, lengthy, it will see anchor the event. you see the good food at all, so that i to work there is china. so that's all the most of the sub branch of on them, e des moines. this is the russian center. in rhode latest news, the italian government is declared a large group of russian diplomats persona non grata what that is. he chests not
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was so come order yet. i'm new. but he, at that as a, by the ask one out, i see him normally bullet chamber, spanish, mcneish law sub shapes, the slow m, if by the it says love i, me, nissan. glenn, it's quality sch, can cosen category is alaska. now i'm not about fornia for class, for our for gun. i says keith very asking me who who long when i was sure seemed wrong when i
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just don't know any new world yet to see proud disdain, because of the attitude and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah ah, so it would be a grand scale was sca modem splitter related delaney with author book with this paul with torch kim. more go. it just says mark machine,
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your 1st is cassim worley. cue might be a sub with us to loan in the gym vision. but you still want to free your selena gardener. if you saw middle school in put me to put money will put it on by your mother was coach for political exhibit, a privilege to washing apartment. i'm just using the boston new for to learning about the lawyer room. and i went to school to the political, smarter store structure more. but now go to, you know, for his last near cripple, mccoy and in the communion projects tomorrow for tom bills near even our quarter


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