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he says, for other quotes are out of his coping, those sneaks lunch around this to be that you know, proof of or be aware of what you mean. are you on the list? joining total condemnation, gross daily, and now includes da staff's k to cost gate and shostakovich. i need to you all screw total must but yes, you think about that. um, will you do obama lee? your luck with a little bit more. know ah, who emotional a chill geena she mouthful seem even lushly, they may you couldn't him, you know, my dad at there so no pu ball. she'll know if eliano ah,
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[000:00:00;00] a meal beyond his luncheon at celia de la quinta. inn with dorsey bishop instantly see no sort of angel school. no, i seem to for leon. ah, not fully
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a deal mondo kindles fuel or the mall that equals it lasted eloquent today. yes they probably in the league alicia did then ma main door and then we got the knock . i can lustoria clinton. i'm interested in nava. ah child that are gone. be philos give me glittering will country that it less daughter look was due at the at all not getting proceed with nobody better into the sanity the crystal guess and on that in korea the capital me and that includes an eta and that i put that it in oakland to will but at least they go in a contestant can yep, i sure if you're going oscar left or did they likely math? no. solid ology di law that made you able de la dylan to get it probably came out. he nodded eliana get past that one over like the may j nova. the next yeah.
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pisa, m odyssey. now laurie, i don't want to do this. you. that's yona a son. he's last you thought maybe like good boy. it goes. it stun uses eyes over the years. a yeah, my phone, the daughter, the modem, that was it was a chest b. russo and i got on the exposed skin, which before with more new which engrossed tonight from italy asking as a care nipple, afford missing each other over to dismiss bernacki from them. got a thumb effect mirror him to senior foresee ever worked, or it was the 1st time, usually a bizarre of a had received a threatening letter. close your office immediately. our groups determined to protect italians from the danger. russia poses antonio employees not to have
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a size. their russian background runs spin home to unity of over 20 years, where she represents the association friends of great russia that she won't leave, let alone give up one of our main projects. international pushkin prize that i've met you. another just 3 out of the diet. jim e wasn't with him with infection that i am the jump of melodic fat off or anything my pitiful then you are for some guy, the one the guy until you can chill off cover. a heating a victim goes on with doors diminished to pretty john nova. victor ah, miss finance. what snake?
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no. they're in the appointments that russian powell left her marianna, whomever recorded that. just for arnold schwartzenegger. look what's been going on in don't bass is they met once seem to get on. and he spoke highly of a athletic prowess level image that wouldn't start to like i'm on which flip back over the door. i gotta admit in there. oh yeah, that was my mistake. bear with me for the 1st of this year that he demanded a 1st mega marianna told arnold she'd been visiting don bass for 8 years. she'd met kids living near the front lines. she encouraged them to love sports. and when she told them that she was going to meet that idle arnold, he wrote letters for him. yeah. those are what show can we have to go to? you can always a bit of work with for different and then it's me piece my on though i'm
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a router. no one. no she was think about much the comparison as well as a secret out to the y for yo yo yos almost like that. the piece, missouri equals the she'll available though she has a swimming. yeah. yeah, 0 or the process. what was your name is measurable around. if i ask you a certain way as reason. mm. the council has it all disciplines. russian national teams compete in today. it's drunk painfully in beijing where the barrel in peons came for the 2022 winter olympics after the hard work and training camps. they'd arrived in beijing only to be told they were banned from the games.
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oh, i me different movie to new mileage. a block away, but don't ask me sheila, give it a new flow and you get away and i was a little frustrating. so ah, when, when you get but there was some way a month in it that i saw it at the bill of brown. there's a lot of quote from us in the yellow blue spot of the invoice in the going can be up on those mission barons. i wish i was to buy yours won't. if i'm on the, on the directory,
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i could not hear of which will diverge for to the 1st or the whatever. ah, it's not the 1st time russian paralympic athletes have been banned from sports. it goes back a long way for them. bitter history said some of that, a civil justice. there was an opening yet, and i didn't go, this chickens doesn't show us not but them choice history that kind of them. but back on, on the chill, i subsea my brother, which was a, was i me though, i believe that out cuz i know with comfortable with the, she's fun studio almost usually duties normally with mom cuz i'm not local to escalate up with me. i'm all yours, so no nasty staiano phone. i don't normally, i would offer to not need to be in general in to to peerage is
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a street artist from naples 31 years old, very popular with young people. he was ahead of the curve. but what he's doing now doesn't fit with today's agenda. love beliefs a little bit i'll, i believe. yes, it will look we can last. there was somebody in one lake, qualify to people who change that i think was so mean to happen today. and i'm with alabama factual by lighting more than a part of the building up. i like to change it to move is nigelica when you actually literally holders near them. and that is a part of the admin. you're not necessarily as many as that, but the whole school to certainly feel there because the state your school was having his already the amazon dishes in the media a local defy the upon to, to learn them with a monday i live
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a little so i'm on the line or unit, or just understand it as evolution, should i the course for the approval? so paranoid parallel up into those 2 years, not muscle is said, it will also levy a whole bunch if any time i guess it'll show up until the normal these on yesterday too. i do see is going to be showing us from the address a johnny galvan that he was so complete or better not corporate are lot should enter a loose yet. this is cheryl says on our meal. i for you, my,
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a nasty little glover, i de la portia. just that is down at the fist down the virtual lou bulio bizarre over. so these dresses weren't event, she'd be preparing for her whole life. i should've kimball's chest bush can eat dinner and i should of came valve cheerfully out of able to balance god every year she host the grand russian ball in rome except in 2022. it's not happening a but a russian couch has been swamped by a tsunami of cancellation. sweeping through european theaters, the bow choice tours concepts honoring to come skin shostakovich, all cancelled famous artists including russian conductor valeri give. haven't his gave them there was
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a group of see what was new year's eve done but you might so wish that the k was of the got tauriel, mo, a merchandise tim worship came with us when we will believe with those joining they but believing in both those to be to be divorced. the rational boy in the garage could literally just when you know, but you know what the guy was so good the horn there. plug them was just one that you push. ah, ah
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ah, lou needs to come to the russian state. little, never the tires on the northland scheme div, asking him the american house southland and up with 55 with we will ban in the european union. the kremlin. yup, machine. the state aunt rush up to date and r t spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all bands on youtube
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with lisa. yes, no, no still on there. what? wait? near dollar. by yet 2nd, when you belgian, what i see she is. she has no idea you don't, can you by you much? no vase or idea. eva smith, she just brought you from us. i told her us, non you pretty with ya, realty my so could i in the proper proprietor, a cassette ship of golden condra, ordered a contract to meet you each toto buggy done. you skip a small spot source from uppy, senior green, the crush you. it's a bit more pro crowded. yeah. a couple key. what else? any skin wasn't
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a nodding. ah alicia summers. gramma tommy toyota. sure thing. go the show of one of the chromebook. then escobar stumbles. finish up with look at the disclosures. huh. miss of if you post the place may suffer. yes, prince, be good. thanks. you'll don't be storing it for you on the me, you know, somebody look at the 2 story able to prescribe during your brittany of was new she next tuesday at the board. not much in the us map removed to which the most, most of causal dedication, which should have been a complete go with a telephone. but otherwise i should have been through it. you know, 23, unless i'm a girl master with most of that, me check my tooth and that chance without him and they agree that either. so it's a 2 digit code. so you will not lose 3 nipple there at the the when i pull up my help,
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she knew. mm. just off the russian cancellations, co founder of the pushkin price and rome, julia bizarre. a vote was unable to get any information, a telephone. i'll tell you if it's feasible, it's support from italian journalists. only one responded with figures that zip over to a arena. your for your man to give you a note about john franco published a story about julia and his newspaper. but backlash quickly followed julia and her friends were accused of promoting the interest of a hostile country. they had to seek legal advice levels due to a hostile story,
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but gave an associate dark sense of thought. a sense of food are no now food food. just to, i mean, i'm already done with or put to know the new shod experiment by the lateral again, i guess the foreman tumble audio trone to the sheet to the new seat and they go prone to the army. i'm not up to go now so far, the identity of those who rode, threatening nicest to friends of great russia, is unknown. this is tamara don't aside. on the other side, cho jarrett knows history, especially italian history. he says he's an anti fascist. he's for social justice and against the far right and id to now go out on this incident until that go on the east side loving any weebly. got more thought on
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a skid out and go home and do not. she didn't do the dial up at the daily dad. we're going to go out who's just the mileage. so new door a lot. you then to sell banners. food in will not be shown in fun theater. a very general you received with alice to get a for most of us to give you one of the a lot of the grid for lot. so i got a photograph may upload the you annoyed all one thing. so my visual multi model isn't on glenda. i'm on to the list that i lose, so the lucille would alexander, he's not to you. the guy got in the most go up. can you give me some, but i was foolish and what i do not borders with bundled with good, was so glad. in abilene, i should try that same packwood, gain thrush with buddha. i should a southern gentleman out for us. it was killed in the
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next. i sit in the line and waiting for the new patient rides in the only reason was morgan yesterday with a couple of people what their opinion on that promotion team and that they say it was a key to my stuff was in my position in april 22, due to despite sanctions, marianna, whomever went back to don bass to see her friends. and they sit in the line is here with you all. well, daniel, she said as throws as national will lose it on the promotions on western. okay, yes, that's margaret. i'm with you shortly. adelante. yeah, that's that as the smoke exception, escreen is a slight nash when you're in a position to set the thought see is jim got price just to buy it for assistance, but the math specimen,
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the me mean yet nikia easy still to deal with because the book was much i live, was that just a last initial? and yes, that was with the case was to start i said along with ty's g matching and now she's plenty of c store lutekey from frequency with the issue with or bid on there. oh, you can, it was shorter with those completed mr. compass e sig,
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beverly may just be able to muster, please come when, wish that with oh, no. when you see the getting it, so nobody's telling them you gotta to, you know, get a lower percentage in by b, e d were lower, you really need to spend, let all the time. when you do album lee, you read the choice. conflict pushes to we get to watch. tolbert was russia. public got other teachers should daughter trivia could reached your julius miracle belize local go to church for the benefit ice coast to another snort when you march to future. mm. good. i for this all the students grew, mama is up with no means of them. yeah. nippy. las halima. cuba. but you know, the board chesney sitting on a little to glue it was uploaded to the shiny muslim battles. look and saw a doubling up and you're still european ski,
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camecia. she just hulu and netflix separate to push you. ah, let me just the most of were me. edition inception in your bas wireless flooring. produce a new plan. you're mine. and those of us with a school fuck what the meaning that the renewal on those are pulled me away. yeah. so one of socialists, the shop and the square. tamara tanza coroner 7 time well, johns champion has been dumped from the world rating. that's clearly a finish love us or the new book. the decision was taken by the president of the well draft federation. during a championship match in 2021, he removed the russian flag from tomorrow's place. he did that right in the middle of the match. she said in line and you started to put some meaning. that is that
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she can just give me just credit books because it's a german conductor has lived in hold on, no debt with his russian wife since 2015. a marlene speaking. this is in this 1st year. in april 2022, he wrote an article for the german newspaper, north korea condemning cancel culture. today he refers to russians. is the new jews growing parallels with the events of world war 2 or various members? mccorkle particles. he goes up to a amended sworn mon mara, that's in a unity. so just numerical student with food for our most did the i need to. yeah. through school called today. i knew so put a teeny feed and we've got the rib. anybody died. so new school grains look good, teach us feed me junior and with school you go on these appreciate
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with new lose no version unit at the media. again, when you log in again, us in you little bit, the portion of them go audio ski shows and so to speak on guy, do you like the indian, the v g to you with less? what is known as usher thought, at least we can start to understand that as a way to not believe she musket liberty is denied neglect, avoid it double, but give that are sure. we're lucky food equity, shavelle a in been asked through the land my they don't juanita icon chill as shown at a loss square feet. they'll say, hey, they won't let me go. i so and then they got the evil can you know on the needle that a cake in cold bought it go down the street doughty ground, the boy he ground the will the hasty guess one of these thought the trend pushing 1005 at been a gauss, any more they had a when i ground this to be that gina quest. a la garza,
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i believe eva egon. that goggle echo went out to him by shut on it. made up. wanted your fatal. that luck will duda i believe. so that'll shape out. yeah, no, and i could put them in audio giggling vonage it took to norma. oh, i could see who would you do bundle with module 5, that info, but it's a little bit cool. okay. yield the chip piece of at a local northwood public eliano. see a de la bought the key. couldn't donna. wister chin. sure. sure. sure. no convene, he would not putting put on there, but with that yeah, because she has a yeah. chin sorratto. luckily daughter and get this, you know by yet the listen soon. you will not me good, go get the political guy. villamore pretty much. put him on blanket will get up to
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unsettle emoji for they'll go do. do they fight? they need to do it a lot. maybe w by go put, i mean, so that he does. yeah. they tie them a lot of god done them, but of course that are the eel opposed to little politi galena. anything lethal non customer that listens, uni economy de la con. she'll let. she'll need to look good. duda la miss invoice. good god, join. boy, good dad. jill da da da lame d e. c a anchor the event didn't see a bill up would put out also that there were there is, charlie was sure that all the most of the sub branch, condom ee, credits, des moines. this is the russian center. in rhode island, the latest news, the italian government is declared a large group of russian diplomats persona non grata what that is. he chests not
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was so komodo, and yet i'm nipping at that as a desk one i see an norm. we pull a chamber, spanish neck on each sla sub shapes, the slower i'm if ideas system i me, nissan. glenn. it's what it is. some category last cannot. not about going in progress progress on ski. i will ah, look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such order that
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conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence, and the point obviously is to great trust, or rather than fear, with various char, with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot most protective phone existence with today, i'm authorizing the additional strong sanction foreign companies, quitting russia, a glacial atm card to bluffton, bangs disconnected from the international payment system. functional puppy juvenile donna and euro exchange rates. follow up when i travel up or nickel, go more of those so i would know what the committee met that evoke with sure. so you mentioned
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a couple of schools room in russian business overcome this song. see near, i bought it in nancy to huddle. she's tremendously just me don't pres, voice, bullshit. national productive notches, steal a miracle. what i see that but themselves when you go, when you with, before you go to you got any of your mind for the student out, but i, she's a cost to get a group when you, when you, when we talk, i'm just listening to the school. so hopefully, we'll get the little book that, you know, the motion with the group of 7 has vowed not to lead. who, when his war against ukraine announced new restrictive measures. what about the officially enforced narrative, claiming ukraine is winning? the wes attempt to weaken russia have sail. in fact,
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the west is weakening itself with a thoughtless p r. stunt downtown moscow describes cubes. attempts to reclaim snake island in the black sea in an operation which a number of leech ukrainian soldiers were killed. levine authorities use a bulldozer to remove an abundance of flowers placed at the monument commemorating the soviet liberation of the republic from not be forces. in the 2nd world war, germany is top diplomat pledges more heavy weaponry for ukraine and vows to shut down imports of russian energy resources also ahead whose war is raised? true prices as well. president joe biden,


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