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ah, just a headline stories this our no gas for poland islands, both area know until they pay for their imports in russia towards all the tops. but the he, you commission chief claims that countries will still be able to buy energy supplies through neighboring blocks today. and several exclusions are heard in russian regions, ordering frames with a huge fire and golfing at arms. local authorities, se ukrainian drones were shopped on on the russian foreign ministry phase. nato countries are competing to supply more lethal weapons to kiev while claiming they want peace on the 6 or gas offer they're sold in the united states
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are not calling for peace resolution. it is a problem and the rest will be not one. the war 2, and so what the united states is doing is going to provoke russia with wherever you're tuning in from across the globe today. welcome to moscow on to the world news update on r t. i'm, you know me, russia. i shut the chops on its gas supplies to poland on bulk area. the energy giant dallas prom cited the country's failure to pay for the imports in roubles on time. adding that any on authorized use of transit gas destined for other buyers could result in further cuts. well, let spring in our teeth, maria for national on this joining me in the she do. hi maria. there's been threats as we well know from moscow for some time cutting supplies. it appears to have come
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to a head today. yeah. and a dresser, and a g di and gas from said the other wednesday that it stopped all gas supplies to poland and bulgaria after not receiving payments in roubles. you are was quick to accuse most of black mailing the to you countries that we have to say that are almost completely dependent on russian gas. the president of the european commission now says that the work should be intensified to bring as much so directly within the union as possible to minimize the negative impact from this decision. and also she says, a very interesting thing that right now, poland and bulgaria are receiving energy from their neighbors. so they are continuing to receiving russian gas. but just someone else is paying for that. and gas prices, of course, are much higher, which sounds a little bit like absurd. and by the way, the voice of the president of the european commission is perhaps among the loudest, criticise in russia for this decision. let's take a listen. the notion by guest from that it's unilaterally stopping delivery of gas
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to customers in europe, is yet another attempt by russia to use gas as an instrument of blackmail. this is unjustified and unacceptable. and it shows once again and reliability of russia as a guest supplier. to say, such statement comes as a surprise, while russia's decision was far from out of the blue last month. president putin, as you remember, said that drescher will now only accept payments for gas in national currency roubles or no guys, and plus gas from claims. they notified both poland and bulgaria in advance about the suspension of the ration. guess if the payment is not made. so this is actually what happened. they were warned, not frat and right. the russian presidents spokesperson also stresses that this decision is russians reaction to numerous unfriendly steps towards more school. you know, that the country's economy has been, he dramatically because of numerous packages of economic sanctions. so, who's black mailing who asked the question, you know, we heard the rhetoric there from the c chief,
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but there are european states ready to pay for russian gas and rubles absolutely various european politicians and experts claim repeatedly that europe is not capable of given up russian gas, and this is why understanding that many countries have already accepted pain in the way russia once among them, hungary, austria, germany, here is austria and a chancellor explaining that it's items be that we're doing thought the wheel. i mean, the ostrich mineral oil administration stock company accepted the payment term as the german government, the payment conditions were found adequate to comply with the conditions of the sanctions. it was important for both of us that the guys important and this is very important for you to make it clear. the states can still pay in your is or dollars or any other currency. they just have to open accounts in russia's gas from bank. so that the later that your payments are converted into roubles, so it doesn't seem like like hard make, it doesn't make
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a big difference. actually. the ramifications then re real ready, seeing, of course, a huge cost of living crisis in europe. is there a disconnect between what officials and seeing how people are actually dealing on a day to day basis is going to make the, the current situation worse. while europe is dependent on russian energy and of course, given it up would fail immediately. and everybody knew that, and everybody was aware about the consequences and they have been talking about that. now we see that the market is in turbulence. clearly european gas prices rose by as much as a fees. but the sad thing is that ordinary people are those paying the highest price we hear right now, for example, that some people in europe now have to choose between paying their energy bills or buying food because it's getting hotter and hotter everyday to afford was. great, thanks for us to bring this right off today, does not r t 's. maria for our stuff will indeed kick showers instead of bops and
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bikes instead of cars. just some of the suggestions being proposed by the youth as ways of using less energy, therefore inflicting economic pain on russia later in the program, we'll be looking at more of the methods being put forward london house stated it will be russia about suffrage. the most rich gas payments rules having the turning the top off on bulgarian poland will only lead to even greater global isolation. holding gas supplies will have a very damaging effect on russia as well because it is becoming further and further more and more. not just a political pariah, but in economic brian ok. let's delve into that on what our correspondent was explaining earlier with the economist, dr. k. hummer, publisher of the virtue of actual business newsletter. welcome to you. so just
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maybe put it more in context. i kept rushes ramping up at energy supplies to countries with like india, albeit with significant discounts. and for european buyers have reportedly paid for russian gas in rubles hard. just the 5 been, is that you case statement about moscow turning into an economic prior? it's not justified it's, it's this norma war monger, it's this more normal being annoyed, if rusher takes measurements, they are allowed to take an imagine. and so they want, they are allowed to supply weapons and the rest and the other part is not allowed to defend itself. or hit back, that doesn't make any sense. not. this is i think more a part of that they are begging for help amongst the group of the rest of the world, as i would call it with america. you and britain who just left the you and i think
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there are many parts within the you who would love to have britain back in the you or under the some of the you commission. so i think this is an interesting or fight more and more that makes this minister to talk to things like this. but i think the bigger perspective is that the world now sees, although the europe see that they are not so important for the rest of the world, the russia can cut them off the energy supply if they want, they were over. it's a very reliable partner. but if you don't want to pay. busy you are not obliged to, to deliver the gas for free. this is ridiculous. another aspect of this interesting as well, the chief said, poland on bulgaria can still buy gas through 3rd countries, although that will come at a high price. will the pain being inflicted on russia is not enough justification
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for consumers to think as to why, at the explanation will be given to them why they're paying more for their energy. there is no justification at all. this is a politics they do against the interest of the europeans, especially the german people. we are paying the highest energy prices in the anti world by far. we have the biggest disadvantages in the compet competition in the world markets. so in a globalized world, we have the most sabotaged politics. ever in german history, we are facing at the minute and in the u that poland and bulgaria are taking now gas from other european partners. is it for a higher price? is i think it's chosen by them, but i think with a purpose they want the more you're, you're the so called help. so from the money the europe call collects from
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germany and divide bond amongst the the, the other partners like italy, spain and bronze. now poland and bulgaria want to have even a bigger share because they claim they are suffering so much. no, no, they did it themselves. they choose to do this. there was no obligation to do that . there was no need to do this. this enter escalation of the situation is totally free, choose and, and it's again, the interest of the european people, the european people, one piece on the, your age continent, no escalation, no, nothing. they want to work with each other and they don't want to have the, the, the boundary. they don't want to have separation. but what the politicians do is in favor of the personal networks of their personal good doing all that personal interest. they betrayed the european people. if something else up possibly the
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public at large will know why case. poland is also asking you to impose import duties of more than 30 percent on rushing gas. will the block entertain not could even approve that initiative? the obvious question is, who had pay for it? well, if this is exactly what i meant, the germans are the main payer for it. so an extra duty will be paid from that, especially the german, the french and the italian taxpayer. and it's handed over to the poles and the garrick investments what they want to do. no, no, we have far enough and far too much. that's the you collect from the people. it is already too expensive so that many people are now in the predict precarious situation. where prices rise all over. moscow had warned it would cut off the gas supplies to unfriendly nations if there was no payment in roubles by the beginning of april. now it's almost
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a month since the end of the deadline. why the surprise then that the top have not actually been turned off? is it manju fractured? yeah, it is manufactured. the just deliberately chosen roughly made it pretty clear that if you're pay in robo, you can have to guess you can even pay in euro or in dollars, but you have to use accounts, but russia could use. so on the one hand, the you and the us may sanctions against russia. so you can, if you pay onto an account that is under the sanctions rush, i can't take the money. so why should accept any payment on such an account? no, they said we install secure accounts that we can use where you can pay for the guess when you get the get. so there's no need that your people have to suffer. it's chosen by you. it's chosen by you politicians on the politicians are acting against the behalf of their citizens. economist,
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dr. i k hummer live from hon over. thank you. thank you. are much several explosions were heard overnight across 3 russian regions bordering ukraine . no casualties were reported. this is footage from the scene in the belgrade region, smoke and flames could be seen rising from an arm's temple while blasts were heard in the city. the sound of explosion for else reported in the cursed and voter nation border areas. local authorities in both district said drones were shut down by defenses. let's get a further explanation off with ortiz started quarter. hi there, don. what is known about those incidents at this stage? and well, it was anything but a quiet night for russians living in border areas near ukraine and bell, good region. people heard explosions throughout early morning and a huge fire broke out. an ammunition depot. explosions were also heard of course,
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the region, one of which was the air defense system actually shooting down a drone. and the same thing happened in varone as region as well explosions and a drone being shot down. now it's important to note that nobody was killed or injured as a result of these attacks and russian investigators are already trying to get all the details. and so far, ukraine hasn't actually taken direct responsibility for what happens. but one of ukrainian president vladimir zelinski is advisors, did, insinuated the disarmament of the belgrade in verona. sh killers, warehouses is an absolutely natural process. karma is a cruel thing. and these are far from the 1st attacks we've seen on russian soil over the past several days. we've seen other strikes in bel, good region of fire in a brianna coil terminal, as well as another to drone, shot down in course region. even back when i was reporting from russia's roster region at the beginning of russia's military campaign, there was more than a bit of shelling, coming from the ukrainian side. what's different now though,
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is that western officials are openly encouraging ukrainian forces to attack russian territory completely legitimate for ukraine to be targeting in rushes that in order to disrupt the logistics. moscow has since reacted to that statement, saying that if you crane uses u. k supplied weapons to attack russia. the country's forces will retaliate by hitting decision making centers in kia. so now the balls in moscow's court, and we're going to have to see what the next move will be don't, thanks very much for bringing us through the us. r t's donal quarter, an anti let's set move then to the baffled rods. russian or forces have reportedly destroyed, hungers in the south eastern supper. she at region which were said did they offer you the chance to evacuate were used as a human shield for them? well, of course, they were hired in the now house entrance. he thought to re there some more news to bring you within the past hour or so. we're learning about
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a russian pilot serving jill time in the u. s. for drug smuggling has been released in a prisoner exchange between moscow on washington, not as according to the russian foreign ministry constantine, y'all to shanker, had been sentenced to 20 years in prison. back in 2011. he has been swapped for american student trevor. read to the jailed and russia for resisting a police officer who's making the rest. the russian pilots, jailing sparked this spot between the 2 countries where russia claiming the arrest broke the vienna convention of diplomatic relations. know the spike western countries repeatedly calling for a cease fire in ukraine. the russian foreign ministry has question. nato's desire for peace cleaning. members of the alliance are competing with each other to send more weapons to key if because when you got book,
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it seems to me that they are competing to see who can supply more lethal weapons to ukraine. and at the same time, they say that they want to listen to the need to and his to him. and it's a logical one of the latest developments. and there is a significant due turn germany this week said it will know send t are cross systems to ukraine novice despite chancellor shorts previously expressing resistance to the move much to the dismay of coalition allies. now the announcement came as the nato alliance held, defend somebody in germany yesterday to discuss helping arm supplies with the polish prime minister, confirming war saw, has sent types to ukraine, but at the same time, western countries same, they don't want to be directly involved in the conflict, moscow, same weapons supplies can only further aggravate the situation. earlier i discussed the situation with the panel of germany's now and nights then it will ultimately send heavy artillery to kiev. after much hesitation. why the sudden change of heart?
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you think? i think they're responding to pressure mainly from the united states, but possibly nato, you know, the u. s. is, has decided, has determined to send as much as it can possibly send to the region. a lot of the stuff that we're sending is i think older stops, it's all stockpiled. it's not, we're not building new stuff for ukraine. is the stuff that we have on hand, that we're getting rid of basically in the ukranian theater. that's what this is about. and i think we are leveraging pressure on us nato and specifically on germany to go along with that. say americans want germany at to do what drills don't want to do. he said, germans want to remain peaceful handles of european union for the, for the 1st time in history they can be had him on with, without ah, militarily, occupying other countries but that the americans. busy want them to give armed to
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switch their peaceful industry, a military industry to switch producing from producing cars to producing thanks and to get involved in a. busy war with russia for the 3rd time. ah, in history, the ukrainian people are really, ah, the exposure to president offer ukraine. a call for new do was to send more weapons 222. so down to russians, and you know, i think he's is ridi adding of oil to do to the situation to the fire. the u. k. armed forces minister said he said that ukraine has the right to attack russian territory with nato's weapons. a very direct response to a question. how surprising is such rhetoric given the, the west is publicly calling for a peaceful resolution? well, i think it, i think it belies the fact that the u. k. in the united states are not calling for
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a peace resolution is a proxy war. and the rest really did not want to war to end soon. why they wish to destroy the ukraine and to extend the war and to make it more destructive and deadly, both for people, the economy and the environment there. why they are willing to do that. you know, they want to weaken russia. i don't know if they want temporarily to weaken it or permanently to weaken it, but them, that's the intent. and they're using the ukranian people in effect. i mean, the ukrainian country nation. everything that's important to you craniums is basically on the line just, you know, that's a battlefield. let's use it also. or george friedman, i had a series of talk of talks that he gave back in 2014 or 15. would he? where he said that what the united states is doing is going to provoke russia. well,
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we don't want to kill russia. we just want to hurt them a bit. and instead of stopping to walk you maya tripled when causing a more casualties. lensky, that it might not be actually wanting to negotiate. just as the formulas to all of russia has complain that the insurance is pretending to negotiate. i think if so, then skis really want to have a spot he should know. shirley is, is there a team in making it possible? turned on the heating to turn up the heat on russia. that's just one of the suggestions to europeans by the international energy agency to help inflict maximum pain on flood of putin. others include driving less, sun, slower, and taking showers. not baths are too short of difference. gas been looking at whether the recommendations stuck up as the walking to use. the
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e. u is trying to reduce the amount of energy it needs to import from russia last week. the blocks foreign policy chief admitted that an outright ban was proving difficult. i can't give a date. everyone can speculate, but as far as i know, there is no proposal on the table. but there are options on the best way to do it. attacks and import band the iranian system. while countries may take decisions at a national level, citizens are being urged to do their part so far. you commissioners and politicians have suggested a range of how to do your bit to help you crane the advice is varied from cold showers to turning down the thermostat. but now the international energy agency b, i. e a has come up with a foolproof 9 point plan called playing my part is in visions how every day people
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can feet putin. how well dr. last use public transport where possible work from home at least 3 days a week. if you can't cut down on your call use, you could draw it will slowly on the highways and make sure that you keep air conditioning turned down in your car because he eats fuel at home. it suggests also less air conditioning in the summer. less heating in the winter, the i. e a, he says, all of this won't just stick it to putin. it will also help people be more sustainable . faced with the horrendous scenes of human suffering that we've seen following russia's invasion of ukraine. people in europe want to take action. this guide has easy to follow steps that with little or no discomfort on our part can reduce the flow of money to russia's military and help put us on a path to a cleaner and more sustainable planet. and how much exactly will all of these measures save the i e, he says a typical household. you'll save around 450 years
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a year. that's about one year 23 a day or enough every working week to buy a last a in paris. however, if everyone across europe does pitching, this would add up to using $220000000.00 barrels of oil less because right? except when you realize that russia exports around $5000000.00 barrels of oil a day, overall, this would cut back me around 44 days of oil a year, while the pressures have been welcome and find some. there is also a sense that bolen reaction just isn't enough or that these demands could also be perceived badly by the public. the question is, what can we do in terms of regulation to ensure everyone is participating? not only those thinking of the climate or household budgets, all be honest,
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it is very difficult not to come across or someone telling people what to do in a mean screwed like way. that is why it is important. we coordinate our information campaigns, that european level. but if the only dis, every little help, then you can at least try to play your port. charlotte, even sky, i'll see, paris will not all europeans may be on board with the plans. italy, for example, faces it's usual south during summer no died, tempting some to violate the country's energy decree, which caesar conditioning should not be run lower than $25.00 degrees celsius. we got reaction to the from italians. idle said, she, russia has been supplying us with gas for many years, and it is not possible for europe to give it up at the moment. i also think that other countries do not have the potential to be able to supply all of europe with gas dot sequence in recent weeks. there has been a reduction,
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and we have already seen the increases in the crisis that exists from prices. bills, gas have increased. all this is making us understand that we already need what we did before. and we cannot do without it. after coven, there was a great crisis, and we cannot afford other moments of crisis for gas. now as shown earlier on the program, marty, you, paul, has find itself fuzz, and at the center of the conflict in ukraine, more than 400000 people were stuck in the port city which has all been. but the strike in a new r t documentary locals, they've been sharing their stories on documenting. just walked, they've had to go through. you can watch the following info out r t dot com. ah, to put the loser flip over here. yes, you can do look forward to talking about you. but that's all i thought for, but i see you live quite local, but you do you like is it middle school? don't believe daily did. we'll schedule it with the my lawyer to, to my lawyer,
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to stick with the dealer to go out because i love of the way you guys keep with what interested also the situation. does she somebody over there, boss that will she but zimmerman? i'm wish that you can you work with scarlet? is one of them with talking? we shouldn't bull chill, fuzzy buffy. i'm thought video will you knock out to me, you up, coils up. i'd use bullet because of on your with . i don't my
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case something else to bring you to day a female russian historian, an archaeologist, was left bodily beaten, following a clash between a group of ukrainians and russians on a beach in the greek capital. the incident happened on sunday in athens, the victim claim she along with 4 friends, were attacked by a group of a run 30 a ukrainians. the woman received severe facial entries after being hit with a metal object and has described to us what happened didn't. didn't buskie watched my friends, and i went to in athens beach to celebrate easter day. i will group with beak with people from all over the world. we didn't even notice the nearby group who were from ukraine. we spent the day there, our group began to disperse. if you, our guys, fresh and sailor stayed with me, then we heard the group of ukrainians. they were about 30 of them shouting slogans,
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shouting, glory, to ukraine. our guys shouted glory to rush in response. we all have the right to do this. everyone can shout glory to the country. they ask why we're supported russia . we said that it's our homeland, the guys from their side, how will ready come out to fight with heavy objects in their hands, with brass knuckles, with the money as fight started. my 2 guys were beaten by 10 people. i tried to stop the fight. i even knew one of them personally. at the moment when i was trying to break up the fight to get between them. a man with an iron knob did hit me in the face, smashed my cheek. i tried to cover my face, but he hit me in the back of my head. all this was comfort.


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