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order never patrol scatter or dish. oh, dear badger. while they're toys, port orange, a call from us on that nationalist trying to suppress pro russian public sentiment with extreme violence. on may, the 2nd far right is organized a march named for united ukraine. the march ends in a blood off here with lawyers will put all my own with a note from c, as neither for them would you prefer? i didn't know when you money for them. would you put you in his locker room for the most of the year? holla, hardcore car, we talked a year for your how one you produced of the bulk of it a year. what you mean shop on from watch?
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i just go to do something to lean your board your for you. my la, you proceed to live the season because all my part of the national is masha pro russian activist, 10 camp at cooney, cova field. mm hm. that hunting down those hiding in the nearby trade union building? mm
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ah, they sent the building on fire. people who jumped to other windows to escape the flames are being finished off by radicals with baseball bats. 48 and killed and about 300 wounded on with what i do so shared with us we can do for them. still green bust says jania and muscle will be stressed, but there's no mistake. you may have done, you lose your or yet. vocal walker, there was dentist let when you move, that is no, i will grab abrazzo to what i'm telling them or whatever. so my getting them is that only meal stories like they uproar. i need to let you know what teaching it down. you get a pull, just really voice the 4th piece. i need a copy of his muscle. you profess new phones. when you go,
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i propose what schumann please put the most a new polish out because it at the most for now, but with bocce to pick us up don't store. i mean, you're sure to live in your diligence almost that, that the quick us from when you understand would you like to be a little beat up with a monopoly while in niger reasoning you store, i'm deal if you would, you put up a live person who do you call like a porter, my chip or cherry bosom, which means that on board with some student fees, interest numbers, and we've got those will be worked on both and we got both peachy, looked at the work done when you look a little bit, but we'll get them, and you get a bunch rich, zachary, i'll place you on where you will only watch with me. ah.
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ah. you can you by me still. what do you see? all my students still good. what did you couldn't group it. ok. just when it's almost a year to be a severe them or a school as opposed to craig e o v m e g 's. they took a william a problem or could either when you seen a pro, now this family is born, eat come cues can blessed yohina, still losing them. this deal in the bill, us as not to know that there will still be news that the juices of the me to just good price. you can have a union. most of us could little to peach carry with boston use with shell. not the bullet, because like she will you give a stalk of stool. stewart tsar new pediatric use can work. with
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that you could opt out in that therapy just about to do a study postal parts source mercy this on the show and i did it on both are crucial. bishop marcia, look, but as you want to reduce a dx, so grass coaches for which will that the credit group are going to is sure square pool machine usually would be to for annual programs kick go out. it's just that them by you. you is shuffle, kramer, kramer,
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a smith for a gun, wanted to assure issue, i guess it's because these to with when you get my done a most convenient for you, be good. you can keep it and possibly me other than my uncle, but just spoke to him. you think of your machine is william w. so when you, when you might, you the consensus of you of us please create a new brand new 10 years on your printer. you will do whatnot. by that time, alexandra had a kosky, had already quit the alpha, a special group. he was among the 1st to begin gathering self defense militia groups. oh, i hm. mm hm. with both
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with when you go to school, when you get over a little more, not a good resource for counselors on particular way. what's community calling you from? nobody media a controlled run, your vin is all, but i want to so much millennium should me. yep. also, when you do one year with when you want it also let us do the nick tony thus put, you know, our coordination with some of the employ. she's good was new to the people who will it i came to over them about some of the oversight ukrainian professor. so might bite on one of your modem, bussey's tall. what do you normally will make of that was i'm a poignant a store. was a muscle pushed on it when you switched e or were full of also much of a little spark? i which well, my sure thought,
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but i was looking for somebody readers for a, i'm sure. bobby williams would dormant williams a shit. williams, a sugar was supposed to wash the militia, said some check points on the road to await uninvited guests. with a dog bought the new government decided to subdue the pro russian regions with the help of my dens. radical activists who are not only officially trained at military camps, but also um, and then they were sent to the southeast and part of the country i with pro logic, she'll go through each is the way when you land on children just sorta comes around,
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went on and you literally watch all kinds of stuff, horrible machine stuff you just told when you deal with the lima on which she did a lot of mr. sheila more was quick. i'm going to project color so i don't want a room like shield like a ceiling. linda relationship with you on your summer. yours? are you still at least on some, at least the blue republic? i mean, you could feel a little of them by shows it should be a minute. so cool. a milton. you wasn't good, little play with these radical groups were ready for such a tentative events. he played
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a more conductor slow, but a map has somewhere, rainy, latham acumen, when they speak about initially. so it could have more numbers, whole hundreds, give hockey you have. so you could even more to from the blind. will you huddle him a mean you mine up when you miles sean? i'm the only you got no none of us to buy. but the more but by snow. way know when you put up a pile of me, simon, than you usually blend them yet not but you chewed up cuz i'm scared out. ah ah, with the bumper i'm going hit the button that was completely good is i want the bottom dollar gigi? dollar flush danielle, you go get sure. not that which will need you most of your shift. okay. i think most drugs wanted to stay, legible to be what wasn't long as
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a bunch of stuff. what did you ah, you could for me to move it. of course, then you will to watch was much object of control and will you storage some? grab your manager to, to put it with the job. sure. start with the actual speech. what's form shoppers? teach you and you push the a new video. cameras are found on my chevrolet miller's or project coff. ashanti, plain chestnut throw a choice app as well. muscles, can you be a little bit disclosure in thought is comfortable, but it would be to minutes and your number and i was fucked up. everything was listed just from elderly, no grants, community college student or q will be to the new senior. my dying and what's of florida with
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must understand the lead george, some kind of democracy. he did some the little group in which has provisions. jacob stein ex, against any one, has got a part of my daughter. so the new leg plus these people, it's friendship over me. good. already under billy all fresh. was bottled through more. i reaction in my, ah ah ah
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ah oh my see the browser of bo many highly placed with ukrainian intelligence and had recently left the country, managed to smuggle out some documents. they prove that my dance leaders had started planning the use of force against the rebel regions. once they came to power, they were not going to negotiate with the se. commute could thought i would soon be surprised as to create
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a good political piece more. all you could i certainly mr. gardenia to not them wash that on here. i will go. any washed. all doesn't produce much to me on the ceiling, but it show me to have to see me on the city. amenable upon the white text or any you should all let you know he stuff, she put a t stuff e can when you samuel liberally could put those denise in more we know what the storm so unusual term did. how would you support it? you said you made me when you're kilograms coolest. well, she's gonna go out of nature. i need you guys from i. so you can either surprise a little bit. don't book the car for the less you should students to go to new york . she knew she was go at it, you can go to bus, go any, is that not to spoiler? so if we would be equally keyed in my banyan, we still need to you what
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a piece kicks in the city. i would love to address carolyn trinity when you might just my listing cause of when your story along the end of the one with the little push because it in your story. my me. so usually we could, we, for sure what's going to cause a good the story of done boss, residents being victims of russian propaganda is gaining momentum at the state level. this point of view is still popular, particularly with militants in the ukrainian nationalist volunteer battalions of symptom of lawns campaigns go with. you should just note what since you know, how many months you and you could cut them, you wish up for me? mostly i am going to hear a lot. no, no, i think those are the one you are the most about it. there's no need that i don't want it. focus has just been go month from from william was usefulness. emotional
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was when you christian, you fellow going from some of those a little bit of source. you push this is emily cup total storage way. but if you could, for a storage is a want, it could sort of social is an issue really quick. just no way i'm a shoot off from i wonder is keep it the way the shipment is up on the, even from high school students from legality. stables will get upset. so, so easy, me ah, and cave announces the start of an anti terrorist operation in se, ukraine, at the same time, the electoral royal races hunting up. the main presidential candidate is piazza paris shanker. one of the leaders at my done doing debates. he underlines that the crank down on protests in the regions won't take long actors, pensioner products in the border in the book that of i forgot to name, he sits. well now my able to throw up there who didn't. i remember when show away
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where the hotel, i remember the total for the whole must be was premium alex where you so if somebody's responsible for what kind of do a little character or condition like oldness to lower with lower kia with yeah, come on. so she was a yourself, that was what was on the fuel unit. oh, going your shoes that i started college near as well. they study. okay. you there. yeah, i do so glad you sent it to you, but it's there. you'll say you is affordable. ukrainian soldiers aren't enthusiastic about engaging in a civil conflict unleashed by politicians, many soldiers, desert depositions, equipment and guns. some take sides with the militia.
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ah, well, you have some school done school. you're ready to let you to go to lunch. go, cheryl, so you can always yeah. not only are you my at the, the young always tickets are over his head. you live lucille in the store and they are bro. jol my down the my down up putting spits look warmly brought your was ticket, dora style up at them today, and opposed to visual also gets along with it. our little musical enough almost to believe that the west. yes, one will approach it with the opening. it was shown, yes, that's so approaching you when you all right, hold on the road a
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little more. you don't want to go on a date or just a leave to post just on my i'm bushel going with with the army soon goes into combat action. the 1st to come under attack west 11th
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residence in trying to oust the militia from the town. the ukrainian security forces don't take civilian casualties into account. but the 1st time in the history of modern ukraine, heavy artillery was firing on residential areas. like with ah is this to with, with
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with, with no, no, i mean you got a door didn't was you actually have a good one? 0 no god with
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to go go the ability to political current caveats. beach gotta shit in april. yeah. we should you look at the time is really cool, but, but i mean, yeah, out new york city of w because of the ladies to them. we still telling me it's not worth your while. you either she'll let us go already with us cuz all from us, when mortal to pull from even a book to each it is quite a dreamy deal. so what's a good when people got full gas cable and use patsy at the motion to quit? lack of money at school, still easy not to keep. does she only bring it up this new district or region looper?
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still get that. there's a new version from 0 to the 4th up here i spoke with, but you might have to put the order that will be with you or any procedures the board. he starts up with all of that for sure. with the still my personal, not at the blue should you be come down as opposed to let you? well, you said you have you up with a girl, my police police, the women should bother. she did area much easier should rock wasn't. let me stop so much and of course the, when you some boy, do you most convenient that the full limb of what the but from what about what about the liquid up is actually up almost with a little girl book a mcgraw of what to put on a recorded audio video still looked at the price. where did that just be? when would you be that little dot, that just on foot level to pull up is kind of the the me start with our core logic sort of thing for tristan from usually a publishing proceed. a bush with
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a or a shanker, was a new will he rated on the 7th of june, 2014 and key. the man who had come to bow with a pledge to be the president of peace turned out to be the president. it was a a worker's always was told some chrome duncan credit indirectly with engaged from post fullness from $1.00 to $4.00. and a mobile number or premium is shamia shorter shane the conflict but are shown with
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on the one when i was immune. immigration was telling me to join more crash got us than you were good or will to pull through minimal start on the way. i'm a conflict ah, a oh god. c you get with
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it a 4 digit is for you with that, i mean show with even if you even remind me apart. yesterday i thought that graham, i'm not
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a poem you ah
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a 1000 as well. yeah. wow. div easy wow. finance says, oh boy, it's a one slide. yes. south. yeah. rush you out with a new dock. awesome. but you know, watch them up all mutable. upright people not is emma? yeah. little guy from sure. let me just kim's room. she thought a yes my thought or jane in that again your fortune pretty up my be a lot about it more than just naturally. ah
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ah, when i was sure thing wrong when i just don't hold any world. yes to shape out. this thing becomes the advocate and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground the law of unintended consequences is in play. and in a very big way, the west attempt to seriously damage the russian economy through sanctions is very risky and dangerous. those most enthusiastic, the sanction are beginning to understand the same sanctions will hurt their own economies. an citizen
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with done yet, republic forces claim to have taken control of a district in central mo, you and the evacuation of civilians is on the way our correspondence witnessed people who were trapped in the war on city now receiving humanitarian aid or in the outskirts of our group or some, a lot of these people have lost their homes. they spent the last couple of weeks hiding in the basement. under shelling mass rally, sweep europe over, surging energy prices caused by punishing sanction slabs.


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