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tv   News  RT  January 20, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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ah, ah, the russian coven vaccine. sputnik v, demonstrate strong protection against the recently marginal micron strain that's according to our new italian study. and also produces more antibody from the 5 job criminal negligence. that's how brushes foreign ministry describing the work of some working journalists taken to mislead the public into believing russia wants to invite ukraine to spot continuous denials from officials and moscow. disturbing, he classified video shows the seconds before us drone kills and afghan civilians. many of them children who are playing on the street in one of the most appalling incidents in the box, withdrew from the country. so god knows that he makes no apologies whatsoever. but that is our 1st time to pull out. iran opposes
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american domination. president william rice, he lashes out at the white house on pressure, a mentor on nuclear tools in an exclusive with blog from oscar. thanks so much for joining us. you're not international. and daniel hawkins, wherever you are, this out. welcome to the program. now a study by italian research is in collaboration with russia has shown the sport nick v vaccine is highly effective against the amok on cobra strike. the results have shown that to dose vaccination regimen allows the formation of neutralizing antibodies that can neutralize the micron variant. this study together with previous studies gives additional evidence for the need of booster immunization sputnik light booster after sputnik the vaccination induces robust neutralizing antibody response to alma kron variant. as the research conducted by the italian
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institute of micro biology in collaboration with the russian direct investment fund, of course, italy, one of the hardest hit countries in the world when the pandemic began on the crown is only appeared in the last few months. i recognized in november since the start of january to recognize in some 150 countries. now the research shows that after 2 doses of the sputnik vaccine that allows for the production of anti bodies that combine the former cron very and effectively stopping it from you. taking course the con very and multiplies at a rate of 70 times faster than the delta. very of the findings of this study will of course, come as welcome news, especially to people in russia, where the situation with coal, which has gotten significantly worse in the past. months since the beginning of january, those new co infection cases have been sort of course, after the christmas and new year holidays, those long new year holidays and most people coming back after seeing love ones and mixing together. and bringing brought the ami kron very and figures will suggest. over the past day alone. more than 58000 new co cases have been detected
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in russia in moscow alone. and new record has been set as we got new code cases. so more than 11 and a half 1000 new covey cases being recorded. but despite moscow, deputy man, anastasia covert said that the hospitalizations from co, with 19 are under control, they are stable, the health care facilities aren't being overwhelmed. so there is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel, especially with the findings at this research to go out and get that sputnik vaccine. and of course, the hospitalizations from co, with on it's bad, as some of the new co cases take suggest the head of the russian direct investment fund which distributes the sputnik the shot to tell us why such studies are significant. well, i think is a really important for them all because they have dominance bonzai institute, which is one of the most repeatable institute of the world. and basically it
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compared have to have food was 5 vaccine and shows and sports me just double the viral neutralization again for micron is on fire like seen. and it's a very well designed study because basically they compared sierra that was the same m at packing. why would variance original varian? and then they chose at 5, declined 20 times to get me wrong. sputnik declined much less. and basically, this study shows that support nick is the best. but in the world right now against armstrong and very important, it's not a competitive message, it's the message of corporation. we believe that we can pfizer shorts will work well together. we believe that we can be universal to for many hours of exchange. so our message is that corporation and we are offering would make, like both 3rd to strengthen and langston, immune response on the chrome for many other vaccines with journalists trying to
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convince the public that russia wants to invade neighboring, you train or committing criminal negligence. that's the view, at least from moscow, where officials have consistently deny the allegations. it's amazing how american gen lest speak was all certainty about russia's attack on ukraine. and seemed to have never heard about nato expansion to the east or the obligations of western countries to the indivisibility of security. it is as if they did not know anything about the provocations of the key aversion and washington support will. is this holy simplicity or impermissible, neva, t. i think it's criminal negligence. what media hysteria that murray is a horrible mentioned there has spread across the west, like wild fire over the past several months and bite and seems to be just as captivated by this idea of some sort of russian invasion as his friends in the western media are who seemed to be in lock step with nato. at his 2nd major press conference since taking office, he said that vladimir putin is still calculating. he still waiting for his moment
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to take some sort of military action. and when does he think this invasion will be? well, with all of the might of the u. s. intelligence services at biden's disposal. he seems to think that it all hinges on putin having a bad morning one day. the only thing i'm confident is that decision is totally soley, completely food decision. nobody else can make their decision known. osgood impacts he's making that decision. he and i suspect it matters which side of the bed he gets up on the morning as to exactly what he's going to do. all jokes aside though, binding did not pull any punches when he was talking about threats against russia. he promised that there would be sanctions, the likes of which vladimir putin has never seen before. he confirmed that $600000000.00 worth of sophisticated military technology has been deployed to ukraine and other nato and nato countries in eastern europe. so,
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and that was all echoed by a number of republican lawmakers who said that biden should give prudent a bloody nose if he takes any action against ukraine. so we've got 2 sites here, both saying that they're looking for a diplomatic solution, but washington just seems to be disregarding all of russia's negotiating points. so with this going on, what's the word from russia? well, these accusations of an eminence, russian invasion of ukraine. they've been going around for months now and time and time again. moscow has said that it's just a fantasy. they've said that, you know, russia has the right to move its own troops around in its own territory, and that should not be a threat to anyone. we stress once again, russia is not going to attack anyone. the practice of moving troops on our own soil is a sovereign right. we call for an end to the serious. so is not to pile on tensions around the down this problem. and most importantly, not to push hot has in key of towards new publications how to make the whole situation even more tense, intelligent services from the self proclaimed done. yet the people's republic have
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said that ukraine is actually planning to attack and sabotage key points along the point. the front blind, the line of conflict between a key of controlled territory and don boss and ukraine. so far there has not been any comment from kiev on these developments, but this combined with the west's attempts to stoke hysteria around on the legit russian attack. i mean, they're not doing anything for the escalations, the conflict there are these developments come with the wes continues this and weapons to ukraine just recently the us acts tonight. so plans to deploy arms in tooling and to tank muscles to force is near rushes, borders with the bond administration. additionally, planning to ship $200000000.00 worth missiles i. mission and other equipment you crying and the coming days of the countries plant through the same the escalation efforts in ukraine bring in more lethal weapons. air force thought if the key, if within the 7 lodge military aircraft fly filled with
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empty tank weapons on board, ukrainian officials don't hold back their excitement. this military assistance will strengthen our forces and increase our defense capabilities. i want to stress that we will only use these weapons for defense purposes to protect the critical infrastructure and civilians from any actions that may lead to escalation broiler for bringing peace and stability to europe since the bill played bombing. now we got reactions from former british ambassadors, craig, marian, peter, for to believe, be saber rattling, is politically beneficial for western liter. this thing deserves course that isn't going to be a russian invasion. this is a sauce concocted. i said nothing in the united kingdom. you have
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a government in deep trouble and very unpopular. you have the same of joe biden. joe biden is plumbing debts, one popularity, but notice lever, plumb before accept the donald trump. so fond his actions favor that name, war mongering is always something which politicians turn to and which generally they can, they can rely on their media to, to deflect and take up. so we're seeing this doesn't phobic war mongering propaganda. largely i think there's a distraction from the internal weakness of the western government. i'm afraid to close at the moment is not thinking about long term consequences. they're . ready thinking today, tomorrow, no further than next week, when johnson may hope the crisis may be over. in the
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meanwhile, and his internet to ramp up or to dry up the temperature, which is exactly what was done by announcing the day, sending new reference to ukraine. ah, and while political tension is ukraine, show no sign of acting up all to analyze is how the situation could develop from here and find not more on our website r t dot com or despite the appalling ongoing consequences of the us withdrawal from i've got to start including a few minutes her and catastrophe. so biden's assisted, he has absolutely nothing to be thoughtful. there is no way to get out of afghanistan after 20 years, easily. not possible in the matter when you did it. and i make no polish me, and i didn't. meanwhile,
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nearly declassified voting shows the seconds before one of the most disturbing moments of all was full out as the us strode mistakenly till the time cobbled civilians most of them children. you can see children walking around and playing on the street as the pentagon prepares the strike. and this is the moment of the blast as a civilian can be seen crossing the roads while the missile was fine. well, there are growing questions about accountability for the strikes despite issuing an official apology. the pentagon maintains no one will be punished for the deadly mistake we've defended, spokesman john kirby, claiming there is not enough evidence of personal accountability. the national coordinator for the and he will answer, coalition says military, she think that above the law, the young child just beat away from the man that's about to be destroyed by the drone, attacked by the u. s. military. clearly that is a war crime. the pentagon cannot simply say, look,
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international law doesn't apply to us. we can hold international criminal court events in the hague, for other people, for the targets of american imperialism. but we ourselves are exempt. we have a waiver. no, that's not how international law works. there is never been accountability. i mean, when you kill tens of thousands of civilians and there's not one criminal prosecution, that means it's not simply the drone operators, quote mistake close quote. it's the decision of the war makers. they prefer to shoot and kill 1st and ask questions later or ask questions. never because as long as the bleeding and dying is done on the afghan side, there's no political liability in washington or in the united states. that's the logic of a criminal war and war crimes in a criminal war. and more on the consequences of the us war on terra head to r t dot com there you can find on comment on our special projects on heard voices. we speak those on the ground hit by americans,
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and i'm going to stop now in an exclusive interview with archie who runs president has said he wants a group of nations free of us control. the comments come amid high intentions with washington over nuclear talks with her own or the world guys they have outlined the key points that were made. this interview was the iranian president's 1st such interview to, to foreign press or we were fortunate. it went on for a while, the better part of a now, and those are a lot covered. obviously, one of the 1st things we talked about is relations with russia, between a rod and russia, the strategic corporation deal. that is, that is still being in between the 2 countries that goes way into the future. 20 years into the future, envisioning all sorts of cooperation between iran and russian. i asked the rainy president, why, why russia? and he says that the 2 countries have a lot that they agree on. there is
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a lot that they can mutually benefit or, and that ultimately they are both countries that want to be free or their own. sol, teva case main principal is that we do not want to accept domination over other countries and do not want to be oppressed. we want to be an independent country, just like russia wants to be here. and what it is, these countries that want to be independent, but being attacked by their rival, the americans don't want to independent countries. i mean, we oppose american domination, pushing the gist of what he said is that the united states and its allies think again, any that they want to crush any nation that wants to charge it its own course in infancy. and that is what we have seen with syria, with libya, with, with other nations you. i also asked him about cyber crime about the constant accusations against iran, of conducting cyber attacks to get some elation cyber espionage, which the rating present applied. we'll look at what is happening in iran. we are regularly targeted with some of the biggest cyber cyber crime operations. the world
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has seen where all our petrol stations are nuclear, nuclear power objects. how does it by far inside 2 attacks, which do no condemnation from the international community. he also, he also spoke about his ties, the country's ties to china, for example. and i also asked them about a recent video where the radian military would seem conducting a more mock attack against donald trump. this is all tied into the murder, the killing of cassim said a monday and radiant commander who went to great lengths to come back isis in the middle east. you forgot to little bit in the classroom. so a money and associates well heroes in the fight against terrorism in iraq and they were killed. some one wants to be oppressed, they won't be seen as being oppressed and the price to be seen as being the oppressor. it's all people understand that they know who is committing oppression in the well. and what the radiant had to say is that there must be responsibility.
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this is a matter of principle for that that an international investigation must be launched . and donald trump must answer for that killing in court. as i say, there was much more covered during this interview in the full version will be brought to you. very soon. russia central bank wants to ban both trading and mining of old crypto currency, such as bitcoin warning, their ponzi schemes that unpredictably waste vast amounts of energy along with the u. s. and cousin song, russia is one of the 12 top bit quinn. mine is an energy intensive process that adds new and transactions. so network, numerous western states are also wanting a band warning that the practice is a climate change threat. french teachers are facing an unsanctioned mass walk out and demanding the education seekers fired off again out strict new rules for schools, more relaxing on the spanish pos on in the beaver so that they've been sky reports
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from a demonstration in paris. hey, just as it's not the north weiss hasn't seen this or to support we saw in the protest just a week ago when around the 80000 education workers came back to the streets. it costs frogs to show their discontent with the ever changing. they say covert regulations. the protocols in school with tracy have been chaotic figures today say that fewer than 2 percent of teachers were out today, this protest, but it's not the last one. there is another one that is scheduled for next week that has been given the approval by the authorities. however, what we have seen is huge and get from the teachers. we've spoken to you about the fact that those ever changing rules came from an education minister. it was on holiday in ib channel cooler. i'm furious that in 2 years of the pandemic, nothing has been done to adapt to it. we are not protected. we don't have masks,
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we have nothing new. and also his vacation is shocking. we have the right to a vacation as much as every one else. it's not us teachers who are causing a problem with them who don't listen to us or have a dialog before we say everyone has to write to a vacation. but i'll be say for the minutes is of course, very symbolic. william, it says that the minister is disconnected from us. he prefers to told not with his teachers, but with the media this confirms the bad relations between awful. now, what happened was, at the beginning of the year, there was a decision taken that if a child in a class tested positive to go with other children in that class, have to go and have several concrete tests that have to be taken at pharmacies, laboratories that put huge pressure on the testing system here in branson. so massive cues outside of pharmacy for parents waiting for hours in the cold and rain trying to get their children tested. under these regulations, teachers say that they've essentially become the test in trace managers having to check every day that children are convict negative. and this is why they say that
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they're angry. that these change came at the last minute from a minister who is on holiday john michel john blanca, who they've asked to now resign from his job has though defended his actions. for 2 years. i have been working 7 days a week for the management of schools in the health crisis. thanks to the work of everyone, especially teachers, france has been a country of open schools. i took 5 days off. i was in contact every day with my ministry in the service of the school, the prussia put on the government from that protest last week. the biggest education protested some 20 years past eugene by the government in terms of some of the demos, retired teachers, the prime minister saying that they will supply teachers with moss. and they would look to hire more stuff to compensate for those who it was a result concrete. there is a sense about that not just by teachers, but across others,
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wait for the population because of the changing rooms in regard to co fonts is battling this current wave of the pandemic. i mean, just give you a sense this week we broken all reco into closing positive numbers. we've more than 450000 post case is being recorded in one day. i see you can see at the moment, which is intensive care isn't about 76 percent as the government is trying to deal with a steroid huge brittany decisions that have been made over the last few years. but also the last few months in weeks. and this is particularly important because we are in a very, very crucial election here. the west african nation of donna has completely rejected media reports that it's considering ice thing. and i'll show margaret detention center for the ukraine. it's been claimed. britain was to default illegal migrants to 3rd party countries in africa. u. k. newspapers reported details of a document dubbed operation dead meat,
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which contains among others, a measure supposedly being drawn up by u. k or thirties to send migrants to countries such as rwanda and gonna for processing and resettlement. garner has not engaged with the u. k. on any such plan and does not intend to consider any such operation in the future. a similar case took place 3 months ago, went on by indian and k officials were claimed to be close to striking a deal on a processing center with albanian authorities likewise dismissing their forces being absolutely untrue this month alone, more than a 1000 migrants are believed of trusting this channel from the e. u to britain is expected over $65000.00 lager and will have taken that route to enter britain by the end of the year. when you get has been fighting blame with france over the drastic rise in illegal margaret crossings. and french president amount electron insist, the u. k. should create legal and safe routes to britain. the rest, the european parliament, he said these he won't be was old. if the u. k doesn't ease it's migration policies
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. the u. k. home secretary said earlier this week at the armed forces should take charge of operations to limit margaret crossings in the shuttle. we discussed the situation with a former spokes, one of the migration for the u. k. independence party. he says, boris johnson's pleasure is only a few. i bid to distract the public's attention away from the so called politic a scandal. it's a ridiculous idea. it's use the navy. the british navy has been cut to the bone anyway. and its purpose is not to repel illegal immigrant boats. we are without countries like gonna order one the actually knowing about it, saying that we are going to transport our illegal immigrants over there. that rightly replying and telling us that they don't want them. this has been a problem ever since. some, some pain in some power back in 2019 to resume was little bit weak on this. she famously saw in the un migration call. barbara johnson has come out with big words, very convenient. the only now with illegal immigrant crisis reaches
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a crescendo. and at the same time, the recall subarus johnson to go that this, these firm promises are being made. we've been full too many times by preacher to tell them the conservatives are not going to do anything about it. thank you. next for news views hughes, we're backing off now with the very latest level headlines join us again. with with a with
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ah, join me every thursday on the alex salmon? sure. i'll be speaking to guess when the world of politics spoke. business i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. ah, and i make no, you know, board is under slide number t's and you as a merge, we don't have a charity. we don't have a vaccine. the whole world needs to take action and be ready. people are
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judgment, common crisis with we can do better. we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with ah, with
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so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved to become absolutely excruciating, but nobody's lean finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. and we started adopting those techniques when i was stationed in mosul, among them, wordpress positions, sleep deprivation, and conducing hypothermia. there's already beginning to be evidence that these
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old techniques are now being used on immigrants and children, whatever you do in war and he comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. and the moral authority, the made america world leader. sacrifice for the shimmer of effective interrogation . ah, hi, joseph robinson. why did you and you do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states office of president of the united states. so help you god. so help me. god. congratulations mister president. one year ago just r biden was sworn in at the 46 am president of the united states, and he promised the american people to help restore what he believed was the cause
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of a crisis and challenge and the democracy. for without unity, there is no peace, fully bitterness and fury, no progress, fully exhausting outrage. no nation totally a state of chaos. but while the theme of unity sounds nice to me, to know gratian speak, implementing unity, whether it be within the country or even within his own party, has been quite challenging for this president and ministration. so day that news use use we have invited our expert panel of guess dealt with examined the key moment of the 1st year of biden's 1st term as well as the key it uses as administration. and has it made america more divisive? i'm sorry, now huge. we're going to take an in depth walk at how president biden has been received by the press in the world. and if americans believe the best days of the country still lie ahead.
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ah, well, today is a very important day for president biden because it marks one year in office, his biggest problem, the countries exhaustion over the current of virus pandemic. now this is made democratic worry the by an administration is not up to snuff for their upcoming mid term elections. ortiz, tracy chevy has more on what the president had to say. president biden facing tough questions and mid several crises as he enters his 2nd ear in office. but as biden marks as 300 and 65th dance president, it appears he is looking to reset the trajectory of a presidency struggling to gain traction. it's been a year challenges, but it's also about a year of enormous progress today. president biden unapologetic speaking at a rare formal press conference where he shared his take on his performance over the .


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