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ah ah, i have given the order to open fire and kill terrorists without warning. the contact president claims 20000 extremists have attacked the country's biggest city and made days of deadly antique government on rest. he also thanked allies, including russia for granting his questions to send in peacekeepers with questions about the nature of this request and whether it has it was a legitimate invitation or not. we don't know at this point, washington questions whether context on had the right to invite his own allies, despite the country being part of a mutual assistance packed under the c s t over line. the british prime minister admits failing to disclose texts to us please watch dog in wichita, so don't ok funding to renovate his apartment. and he seemingly hidden favors in return. opponents say it stinks of corruption at
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a year on from the us capitol hill, riots the u. s teams more divided still with many outraged by vice president pamela howard's. comparing the events of january, the 6th to 911 and coral hop with just after 6 o'clock on friday night here in moscow. this is asi, internationalist. very well. welcome to you. the catholic president has given a shoot to kill order against a riotous branding them all terrorists off the days of antique government unrest. a dozens of protesters and at least 18 police have died since the cable to erupt it off for a new year. fuel price hike and president of chi if claims $20000.00 extremists attack the country's largest city elementary. well my, as a staff will completed anti terrorist operations to join those who do not surrender, which is i have given the order to open fire and kill terrorists without warning of
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civilians and military personnel have been injured and killed and nominate you to the actions of terrorists, these were well coordinated actions. terrorists exhibited combat readiness and best cruelty. it looks like they were trained, the demands of the people and the peaceful matter. much were hurried video to produce any democratic the sound of gunfire being heard on the streets of automatic and locals. in one district described 3 explosions and roma of chemical writers and report living cleared from the city center and about a 100 have been arrested since friday. that's i show you the scene and i'm not here on friday afternoon, cause i said he's been the focal point of the ryan. on wednesday, the mayor's office was overrun and fun down. security forces in the system. they are back in control. well, it certainly being that some also a start of the year for the central asian country, aside from the $26.00 protest,
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it's killed thousands of been injured. and among the 18 dead officers, one was reportedly bareheaded, but that's according just the local officials. for the meantime, and tara operation remains in full swing authority, say order has largely been restored in all regions of the country, but it's at least a very close to $4000.00 arrests to get that deal with the chaos context on has requested help from an outline under the collective security treaty organization, that's a military block of 6 former soviet states. russia was 1st to respond. peacekeepers from bella roost now also on the ground. or we understand armenia has sent 130 cust on. is the latest to send peacekeepers to a whole mission comprises around 2 and a half 1000 troops. and according to russia's defense ministry, they've so far helped the local forces to ensure that of the biggest apples in the country in our matee. washington. though, for the meantime, as casting doubt on the peacekeepers right to be in kazakhstan,
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were closely monitoring reports that the collective security treaty organization had dispatched its collective peacekeeping forces to cause extent. we have questions about the nature of this request and whether it has it was a legitimate invitation or not. or we don't know at this point while the russian foreign ministry has already reacted spokeswoman murray as a heart of a has said that, failing to understand something is often presented by washington as an official position and his or what the united states can't understand. according to the russian foreign ministry that the collective security treaty organization is a military alliance, akin to nato, the comparison is of course, a bit of a stretch. but there are some parallels because both are military blocks and the collective security treaty organization. it unites under its umbrella, 6 nations, possibly states including russia, belarus, and some other countries. and they have an obligation to come to each other's aid. if an act of aggression is committed against one of the member states, again,
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much like nato, they would have to come for help. they would have to send a to be a troops weapons in your world, some other ammunition or equipment. this is literally written down in the mission statement of this military alliance. that's why the president of catholics done reached out to his allies when he said that right now, international terrorist groups are operating within his country to run some foreign powers are urging us negotiate a reasonable solution, regular mrs. nonsense, liam. what kind of negotiations can there be with criminals, which with murderers, spirit, we are dealing with armed, trained, bandits, local and foreign. and it seems that some western media outlets seem to miss the point as well. many singled out russia completely emitting the fact that it not only moscow, but all literally, all of the members states of this mill. she blogs, are sending peacekeepers as well. that's another thing. these are peacekeeping forces that are sending their officially, not just a troops. and in fact,
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at the head, over this military block, the had of the collective security treaty organization has clarified, time and time again that these troops said that these peacekeepers are not there to fight, but rather to defend them, to protect some key infrastructure objects. city exhausted, all of these insinuations about our troops, like we're going to break up demonstrations are not true, you must, that's what the cause i cases for they will do their job and our job is slightly different than some rumors about an intervention occupation. another thing started spread us. it's just stupid. i once again state it is, this is the c s t o countries moved to support castanan such a difficult period and this is the main reason for our decision. it is no other reason for it. as soon as the situation stabilizes that the oppression will be suspended on the troops will be pulled down. so it's unpleasant 1st to hear that we allegedly seize an opportunity, it's fatal because c s t o countries show willingness and sincerity in helping kazakstan who get through such a trouble period, who appeal and this morning marks the 1st night that the peacekeeping forces have
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spent inside of kazakhstan and this night, well, there was a bit of a lull in the fighting. it wasn't as intensified as if the past 48 hours. but according to the reports that we're hearing from the ground and sions are flaring up again. we discussed the presence of peacekeepers on washington's position on them with author nicholas j stecky's. the united states may home with this sort of t r approach to the well that inside of the united states having dropped more than 300000 bond with other countries in the last 20 years. and then the united states being the one that has to change in systematically in faded and fond of the country during that time, the us prioritizes the information war, am which it always cost. so the force of the region,
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the democracy before since the jet him i see by contrast, likes to frame its enemy somehow illegitimate. meanwhile, checkpoints have been set up to enforce the few in the countries capital. notice often, as we understand, there are 6 of them on major arteries leading out of the city. the situation has been a relatively come for now in the capital. however, it has now been added to a red zone due to an alleged covey situation that protests in context on 1st broke out on sunday after a spike in the price of liquefied gas. now that softer a price cap was lifted. this has since been re imposed by the president, discovered that his even resigned over the crisis is a quick recap now of how all these things unfolded. ah, ah
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ah. with with
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a group of unidentified people attack the mere tv and radio studios, and l multi g. attackers, destroy the tv production, healthflex and workplaces of journals to give some context. all of this kazakhstan is the biggest, the central asian republics sharing large borders with both russia and china. at the world's 9, the biggest country context on has vos natural resources. in fact, is number 15 when it comes to global oil producers. also rushes by. can all cosmo drug missing kazakhstan, security? there has been tightened with a high terror alert comcast on this play a prominent role in the crypto world worth taking a note of this. did you know that it is the 2nd largest bitcoin mining nation and the local internet outage this week cause the price to slump?
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because exxon is also the world's leading uranium exporter. so the security collapse has pushed up the price of the radioactive heavy metal by 8 percent in recent days. and we discussed all this with economist hillary ingram, who says the may have is a red flag to foreign investors. and potentially an international security risk. more political issues and the economic one, but obviously it must be a big concern because the amounts of civil disruption that is taking part in that country. i mean it's widespread and very excited to be very severe. so i think that we possibly secured to confirm with its very, very important that uranium is available not clearly with a significant disruption that is going on in catholic thumb. thought is certainly in the short run in some doubt, supplies will be that i think it will make foreign investors quite nervous. i think they will be looking for more stable economy. they may have been very
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stable now. i mean, it's a huge, great country. it graphically, very centrally. it's got very important in a lot china, but what is taking place my country at the minute i think will be foreign companies from actually putting investment. and i think they'll be looking elsewhere. well then we'll just financially benefiting in one way because they share price that they are trained in the u. s. companies who bought up whereas they share prices go down though that the company is actually involved in uranium production elsewhere are all might be making finance guy from i think that will continue the british prime minister as once again, having to fend off corruption allegations offered the most he withheld revealing text messages from a watchdog probing sleaze in the bars. johnson asks a party don't offer for more money for luxury renovation to his flat and seems to
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suggest he'll offer political favors in return. meantime, as rivals say, it's smacks of cronyism. it's pretend believable that bars johnson didn't know who was paying for his lecture, flatter innovations if so, that his corruption plan and simple by attempting to hide the truth, boris johnson and the mines, his own office. it's thinks of the was kind of conservative cronyism with berries. johnson simon, they're happy to scratch his donna's back to get his flat to stop in return. while that is indeed the case of cause new year new me hasn't exactly defined bar as johnson's 10 year. this year whatsoever, in fact is embroiled in fresh accusations of tory sleeves and corruption even fools in the prime minister to give a quote, sincere and humble apology for crucial messages relating to the downing street flat refurbishment. of course, you remember last year or it's johnson was
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a bird to seek the cash to pay for this rebound. of course, foreign ministers are allowed up to $30000.00 pounds every single year. if a force johnson spent well over a 100000 pounds, now it seems like the very man that coughed up the halls of this cash with a tory donor who at the very same time, was seeking to see a great exhibition, which is essentially a showcase of british innovation and the great empire, now these text messages dated back to november of 2020 where bars. johnson was trying to get the approval of a top interior designer to transform this flag which was being described at the time as a bit of a tip. now, despite apologizing, barnes johnson says he doesn't recall often for this cache and that he didn't disclose any of this evidence to the electoral commission investigating the reef up because the text was just don't exist on his phone anymore. well, obviously the opposition is crying foul, but this story really seems to change,
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minute by minute force. johnson initially said that he actually paid for this revamp, then some time later you said any loans that were related to the downing street with savish men would of course be declared in due course. but then at the end of last year, or the johnson insisted that the u. k is not corrupt. i genuinely believe that the u. k is not remotely a corrupt country that i, nor do i believe that our institution are corrupt and, and i think it's very, very important to say that well, this of course isn't the 1st tory party scandal. of course, last year we saw a november investigation found that tory donors have been offered seats in the house of lords than there was seas allegations that many 3 m. p. 's were having 2nd jobs not to mention of course, december was daft and these downing street christmas party allegations, but in relation to this particular mass force, johnson has indeed been cleared of breaching any ministerial codes downing street.
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so that's normal practice for the prime minister to receive project proposal, but many people really question how normal is it to receive conversations about project proposals. while at the very same time, the prime minister is seeking a huge sum of money. short time ago in the program, i spoke with limbered opec, a former m, p. if the liberal democrats, he thinks johnson is likely to survive these latest corruptions. facing a concert said to me, the normal rules don't seem to apply to bar as johnson. i was doubtful about it. i thought he may have to resign over the party scandal that your reporters just summarized. but lo and behold, he's still here. the reason seems to be that people expect a lower standard of behavior from doris johnson than they would from say, david cameron or a teresa mate. i'm as a result, they're simply saying, oh, it's just forrest, the corruption, i think, is still more related to the fact that bars johnson and his crew were telling everybody else to locked down while they manifestly weren't doing it themselves.
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now that is a life and death issue, whereas wall paper and painting the, the floor or the ceilings of a house are not. when it adds up to cynicism, though, you have to take a step back from it and say, what messages the prime minister giving to the rest of the world u. k. loves to preach to other countries about probity and politics and that we have massive amounts of money which look linked to favors where the bars had met said or not. all that begins to look quite grubby, and the tories can ill afford to be accused of being the nasty body again and still had for you in this news, our joe biden has some rather harsh words for donald trump, one year on from the storming of the capital that story and just a few motivate thrown into we are back in about 62nd. mm. ah, ah,
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ah, i ah so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only nationally,
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i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk ah, good if you could join us here for the friday program on r t. so france has fine google and facebook more than 200000000 euros for illegally tracking users through online cookies. now these are small blocks of data which sites and apps used to i. d, and track you. protect giant's cookies or a vital tool for targeted advertising. but the french data protection agency says google and facebook are effectively using them without use as consent, ultimately in violation of a 2018 law. and that they should also be easy as easy to delete as they are to accept. restricted committee ordered the companies to provide internet users
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located in france with a means of refusing cookies, as simple as the existing means of accepting them in order to guarantee their freedom of consent within 3 months. if they fail to do so, the companies will have to pay a penalty of $100000.00 euros per day of delay. after the latest rolling, google will have to pay a $150000000.00 euros on facebook. 60000000. they've been given 3 months to make the required changes for the french market all pay another 100000 euros a day. this follows a series of fines handed down by powers in recent years against us technology firms and tackling big tech overreach is one of president microns priorities. as he takes over the rotating e u presidency. the french presidency must be a moment of truth for the regulation and accountability of digital platforms. the carbon pricing european borders on imported products minimum wages in our relationship with africa. all right, let's learn more now. crossing life, the yo yo to co in a social media loya joining us from london. great to see you today. why do you
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think cookies are such a concern? i mean, is this something that typical internet user, like you or me should, should be worried about? if of course, it is all to do with how much information and what type of information be they, companies are collecting about our, our activities. and then we'll be actually do without information. so. so the mouse game here being played between the you in a big tag. so you are the big tags to be more fair and you consumer, most choice. so some people decide about about their own privacy and how much information they are willing to be involved when they log into social media account . so social media companies, the repetitive is that, okay, that's fine. and the, the, creating a huge amount of, of, of cities, huge amount of, of options for internet users to potentially choose from. so if you wanted
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to opt out of for particular information collection activity of your social media company, you will really need to scroll through a lot of functions before before this will be, will be allowed to be allowed to do that. if you want to, to opt out of the old lot of those innovation connected days, you will have to actually go one by one and activate each and every option. this will take 5, even even sometimes if you're not familiar with the process, make you 510 minutes to do. and then if you, you decide to go to the school system, deactivate some of those cookies are then, or perhaps a month later, or the social media company will ask you to go through this process all over a year. and so it's a vicious cycle that just goes on and on your, you know, and people get fed up and say, oh yeah, i'm just gonna say yes to, oh,
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that's right. and this right, this is the sure effect to read it. to say yes to all, it takes one clique, but to opt out. good. thank you. you know, very long time to do is is, is it a bit of a hassle? yeah, yep. i wanted to ask you, we can take a larger, a larger look at this because once again, to remind our viewer, france is finding google and facebook roughly 200000000 euros for this, for this use of essentially illegally tracking people through cookies. but france basis this ruling on a 2018 law requiring internet firms to get used as consent before installing cookies on their devices. is that law being widely flouted? i mean, not, not just by facebook and google, but by most tech firms. do you think? yes indeed are what, what will they, they can em decided to do was effectively, i make it very, very easy for you to say yes to everything and carry on, read your browsing. but if you wanted to opt out or that could take a really,
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really long time to be a really long winded process which can preempt the whole idea of choice. because remember, i, once you start giving people too much of a choice, or in a way you thinking away some of the choice because you know, hold on a feed there for 10 minutes and install thinking about yesterday signal to that. on the did the idea of the law of the european law. remember, it was to make things really, really easy for him. the news and not to complicate the lives yet. i want to ask you because you know that we hear, we hear these fine stories quite often these days. and at the end of the day, even if it's a 140000000 or 200000000 euros and a fine. these are just a fraction of big tech revenue which runs into hundreds of billions each and every year g think these firms will just pay up and then just continued business as usual they, they will pay out and they will make slight changes there. of course i'm not going to going to be satisfactory and it is um. 2 it is really
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a 0 sum game or thing, as long as it is all the while is wrong, is, will they generate through what will mine amount to 2 5th of data from, from consumers is also generate more than they are being find. because then, you know, they will be quite happy to korean, doing what they doing, why not because of business, your, your to g, g thing, people going online really care that much though? i mean that the privacy issues are pretty well known now, but almost everyone still using the big tech, johns products and services. ah, so difficult, krisha fiendish are many of us don't truly understand. the implications of the data collection that is being a carried out are in a thing that just, this is something that clearly people need to be a barrier educated. but even for those who are educated though, those who do want to take
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a more proactive approach. social media companies are making life so, so the, the goal for them to opt out, or, you know, in a way, you know, mostly with the, you know, i don't really care. so even if i study, visionary, don't care, eventually, i'm many people legally myself, sometimes just pull them up and say, you know, on a can be doing this every single time. yeah, i had a cohen, a social media laura, these are conversations we need to have more time for because it's affecting every one of us. thanks so much for your time. we appreciate it. i thank you for joining us as well. here. when are you into national? it is one that year on from the us capitol hill, riots and joe biden says, it was all caused by quote, a web of lies spun by his predecessor, rather notably the american liter. go through his entire anniversary speech without once mentioning donald trump by name. for the 1st time in our history,
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president had not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. the former president, united states of america, has created spread a web of lies about the 2020 election. meanwhile, the u. s. vice president, kamala harris, is facing a barrel of criticism for her remarks on the anniversary of january 6. believe it or not, she compared the attack on capital hill to $911.00, but also a pearl harbor, of course tragedies that killed thousands of people. common le compared jan 6 to the attack on pearl harbor and the twin towers fear beating, in truth twisting at its finest. president biden and vice president harris speeches today were an effort to resurrect a failed presidency. more than marking the anniversary of a dark day in american history to day vice president made history as a national disgrace. nearly 3000 people died on 911 and about 2400 were killed at
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the attack of pearl harbor for blatant disregard for the legitimacy of those tragedies by correlating them to january 6. there's reprehensible biden promised unity one year ago, but a new paul suggesting more than a half of americans think that national divisions are worse than before. they also believe there will be a similar type on the capital within the next few years. so we discussed the biden's anniversary speech with political analyst, dave perkins. everything joe biden brings to the mix causes more harm than good. every week he gets new record lows in ratings for this or that issue. he actually is doing what trump said he was doing h, slowly dismantling and destroying the country by virtue of policies that don't work . january 6 is being compared to pearl harbor and $911.00 because they wanted to be remembered eternally because it's an instance of trump. supporters gathering and shouting support for trump and opposition to democrats. and because democrats chant,
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when the legitimate arguments with policy positions, the next thing they have to do with silence and intimidate li acquisition, and wrapping up his our news cost with that story right there. thanks for joining us here for this friday program live from moscow. this is asi, international, your stories written in half an hour. ah, ah, ah, masters, financial survival died. stacy blood learn about be allowed. let's say i make sure i get any grade from greece on base of the fight. wall street broad, thank you for helping ah, enjoy that right. fell out. it will dest slavery? ah
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hello, and welcome to cross dock. we're all things considered. i'm funeral bell. how should we describe our times? what is the zeitgeist, as they say, do we have a sense of direction and purpose? we also hear a lot about the desire to return to normal. what does that mean? now? are we actually living in the new normal? ah, to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess, lionel in new york. he is a legal in media analyst. and in paris we cross a john laughlin.


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