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[000:00:00;00] a sonya was abandoned by her mother, it was crucial to find her new family before child protection services took a with la. you were to book with a boy, a boy who a pound on,
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but i pulled up much. that was still pulling up anything with
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a lab. it wasn't bad. you i mr with ah, ah, these boys are distantly related to head of the family. are children who once took them home for a short visit, and they just stayed there for my boy. oh, yes, i am here. yeah, i live, you're not here. but i'm sure young daniel maria a to live with them either a you barbeque mobile e m a a now or she's like, oh boy. oh and i was saying and it won't be less with passion
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a whole. i mean to promise campbell, my mom who run you now dear suits it or fish over there to me. yeah. you will show on the pothole in needle can allow me to buckle a hockey player. mm. yes. her boy. yes. but when you were, you were with the going boy rotors here, are you be osha much progress? no doorbell abreast. he is a real nosebleeds which universal bushel was normal. that school sugar a little gear on yet, but to come yet, i don't know, but you never sent me. the yellow one for my game. the writing teaching is correct in last little guy. yes,
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i see to plan on the account to wash your maximum. so this one is yeah, you last believe i have a. 1 this is a resignation with boucher. yeah. one analogy. ok, keep one from command yard. sure. i don't joke. beach, but if you are well, shamrock. sorry. good coverage. yeah. you will look i'm good. i did. he is going to look at your country yet. been yet right. yeah, plus the and i sure question here. so you know that again, i got your present bill by yeah, that's the name of publish with once again, don't play it's
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a sheet that interesting but i do problem with i knew was always seeing social media post about this girl for a long time. no one could find a family for the child, for me to achieve things here, but i just need my bomb was feel i'm a social spoke. no, my, my beloved, my. me stable. and i'm good. isla a sly, always been literally only a fellow to more school. peter usually although the, you know, the below. busy glass thought i was a good on some focus on what are you going to pull, you know the analysis and grilled or she push your well both girls crepey chocolate in wood. simila don't sit down with you. you need to talk with me need see a little dome of for years still to help, but it wants to be on a word modern go when you're new before known me as to speak nepalese or oh sure.
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what do you? yes. kimberly a partial school no one will be for me so. so just have those wallace birthday google welski for the we a navy old she usable, unusual wallace balls only. i mean i was all shot georgia. no, but the most to none, but the visit has up none of what a great deal goldman would cover him with an unpopular degnan over good bye nat. mister d, which because it looks as yo gimme a yet. and almost the time when she said he was an emotional court without boy or not. so she knew screen you'd have go to dick them. just go, don't go just so glad with them in your and such with tim, rock it up sheer that would she knew that problems cathartic company got severe shed. don't use us,
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which was the other issue. we're pretty crucial dominique easily for the listeners abruptly no truth on the deal. it's literally you will even have to be possible to just talk over the changes or what them in the pocket and go through the way you wish killing this, or what it was to be your was in the notes, thoughts with them if you will pitch. i will oh sure. also. so when you buy new clothes are still national khadija. well, it's been to the whole point to go oh, most of them, but i sure can go up to where it is to be up your alley or not, i'm one of them. all the fellows i need to less thought. oh, cooler things like that would have been what she'll say. yeah. that those are but there's all can you until us that i didn't that a gets more will help him with this and the brand much interest of a little bit. my man machine. yeah. not. but i'm, he would the ideal,
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a bit of the some remarks and what she needs to go to complete jameson digital media. she's miss thornton cook with regression. whoa, whoa. crates, as i would have, she just think of it. i'm going to, she just was in it to the pama with low, but i thought that causing chrome, as i mentioned, that she took a day unix and even it. and then just when i check with a message to watch and show him appointed to let them know what's going on, i'm going to going thing i need to make sure that you are pushing for the cameras not to see it,
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but also kinda shortly my day so she can still get this credit back because sarah stone, father can travel with the manipulator with the grad temperature alone, arkansas studio. mr. rosley minneapolis or whichever the most say one order and what all if you do that and you were told to put that if you would feel the me on my check my family denise affordable but there was to look it over to you which credit the bill and if you could call me when you at the blue cross blue villa mom, which could all live in 20 dining singing that coach should not store
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your brussel with the new grade level and you needed 2 or 3 and then your usual because if they were just mom, mom on the i was like momma involved most children on the beautiful ocean as a problem. you were in years old. beautiful. well, i'm not, you know, we're through some younger one especially my usual book i bought for bob's cable. i was, was me up if not, i'm just going through some young the disco jump on on the realist. shes in for dale's when you know,
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if something else with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy. even foundation, let it be an arms race group is often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk while our officers are facing it increasingly dangerous environments, we are seeing a growing debate about so called warrior cops. the term that i've heard in the militarization of believe this is an app vehicle we acquired through the 1033 program, very free program with the government program that follows military property that
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is no longer used to local law enforcement. with building an army over here, and i can't believe if people aren't seen 1st thing that agency elder conflict here . yeah, think of terry cindy. it began a feeling that hey, you have to deal with our practice. who are you putting in uniform cover? beds is a powerful from tab has like money in play tricks and people mind they think they go bad. no is the walk is out the door very bad. johns are coming. good news. you have job security because the world desperately needs that you have to get in for
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ah, with a check, i'm getting it. when you put in, which is nice finishing. yeah. the car but fresh. not the kind over to the destination. the guy that me and patina saw the video asked him not commission, but submitted your skin. yeah. that are done cavities that are there. i had noticed on call them a little bit has been communicating in you know, newton madam score to play with them. i stopped with was it me go to google boucher calling in. that's the sticky. jessica daughter. mama, morgan beach. yes colony is this kid. boom, junk, santa today. wondering what period. uh we can get them back on record to says that can be bankruptcy if it wouldn't bite over. sure. one of them with that it we're not sure these good you people museum you sonya. but when i submit goal much, only middle initial weatherford,
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you leave the gold medal register when you get it's your to you the so wish a joy to hope for the little girl more school mocha. we're secret, gentle performance. if it's in my folks you am i sure. wow. but the one of the fun, don't wonder what the you the you ah gotcha the loan is violet. mom on violet. but dana, mom yeah. newton available. let me see. yeah. but you must always been the car. oh, shit. okay. non negotiable guy on the choice ration garcia, those are the la donna one. you mom. what those are, but always though, i'm not thank god mamo, minimized of those you that the anom wash, such as vala, bob bar. what i feel that i feel about our papa does it, does he want a brush on good this guy? my up up up. i'm gonna see ha,
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sasha has lived in russia for 5 years. that's how long his mother has been in a russian prison. the moment nana was released, she and her son were defaulted. we will go through the room because the wanted can you call it when you fordson, staged graphical world. could when you 1st african when you bundle with civic shortly. it's home proof of fundraising records. if you get to an agreement with a different, if it's nice on the more you learn, risky was on the job baretski. i can finish
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with home visit. i'm gonna go on with this on by. yeah, i don't have, i knew it my, my enable dr. white glove. i any boarded? yeah. by use. yeah. by use the good. i mean, yeah. breath like that, dana was not. she just saw dippy vehicle out there that you choose, you know, below nice searching through enough. but the most those fashion i knew cushion in get is canada. and i 50 you the origin door all day long, tanya. i think deb laminate dingy. ah, i yes, my cities,
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that's just not that he's faxing you and i but they're not, but i blame nu fulton not to live for that. they'll eat though. it's in through them near a blot on godaddy. mamma. but she moved these a bit. i live in a vehicle in india. yeah. got you a breath? not good. i see. i thought you buy it. that's the a the vice does, that sound i saw. so my lead so will never really know my brought up my good to know. we've got to be my brother, money mob we, i'm the vice dog. but the problem. no ma'am, to deal with her. so it broke down, you know, many more journeymen. we got your jaws darla says my anchor, you are brought in. i've yeah, yeah. oh
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i react to the mom or year her daughter. dear mama you you're, you are my mom, my mom maria. earful on a dish. i going here or here today. now back. oh me. yeah. but blue i am a devout knack or chick mom. much mom a big by 15 of to my manager that go me to dislike yearbook after a year for i your her deepening out my last call. i wish to put the delivery can knock which care left when ah mammogram or you can you can be it could load your mirror
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ah . 1 you can garcia blacky are going can't it? can. i mean that is no i don't know. i mean yeah f o j a today e h e m a door to door quarter. oh mama, cardelia monmouth crizotti here. the gym to that. to that out. it don't go my yeah . mom because i yeah. mom when you're you're to me another down your corporate. yeah. yeah. similar to what his children. so no, no what. oh, okay, cuz i you can, the course may crunchy ah
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just one brother and one with a comb replaced with your router from you. if you do, can you put them in really well for the when you pronounce the because i've been in finance confiscated over 30 years, then you should be raised to believe been removed so quickly. no union provide me with this. and i, when you will need to do that more than a year long voyages, i totally appreciate now where you're at
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a terminal or cultural. notice that you have doors. just leave after you and watch those. i'm right. yeah. but you don't have legs. and under my name, my name with i landing out like my dad. this is mindy shaky. dora. i work with them, and i need an estimate for them to leggett's negro building, especially to the right starts. if you don't put out, you know, with pam austin. so would move, love to depart, you do it in a bit live like no, it's after much did the initial, british columbia stiffness, bristol, many of the mom by hold off with a, with a lot of when you use the with from 3 sure me, you sure. you the hood to my benchmark. that was cool. there for me.
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in boylen in mind, ma'am tom, so for long. but tom will start music here, cook the filter. no. narrow a little more willing to spend a little bit of time for this year. and i went to the girl for committee. the fallon applied to the court for the temporary restriction of bellas mothers, parental rights, and the cold found in their favor. i wish thoughtful chess club will start to visit. i was going to proceed with don 1st or not belong because i knew the sort of still never had to play with it. and she knew it with a good opinion right jennifer? she cried, going small. does she say that the sneaks just all wood them with the shaquanda her and you bless you. i send you the thing with what it was, the yes,
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a little sound legal to up to new york and i stuck with coastal pro tightrope. it's neat, regretted not a, not a good know, it's vast. me to show this which is more to chat, live it's according to the news quoted. don't com. i bet my man. oh, got to run then you but i don't, but i'm not. visa would have gone to w items is diana and i visually, yoshida down the la jolla sparkle, and epstein north came for us to professionally and it wasn't bill unless someone and yet when you little trouble to your specialist to talk and investigate with silly i'm so puzzled me, the cook on the door, on the f one, if you would when you go to build up the recording that's vocally out of the gym to me as a but a lie, a hutch, the more you hutch with my wife and i had them and you pretty much to talk more, did i? yes, nice to would have been in the back young to you for a year 70 i need would you do a minute tearing your high teeth?
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i know are, here's why you're flying or he had to go get the, you know, if i pay for like by so she just someone a child to study in minute to was putting in, diagnosed with you specifically when you chose, then you progress and you show h skip mm hm. but as for usual, his me ah, a you at least leave thus chairs
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with by the year. hello, dawn of 3 chairs and everybody was 3. your get the davidson, the by shem 1000, the rooster. i'm yoga. what us to use as will virgil mama, obviously when is known coder and wilcarchen ability, the shipper, a doctor both and mrs. jasper problem for you. mr. garcia, she teaches kim wasn't yours just that nobody talk. no dutch stanley. you're coming as a standing young is night. ah, don't have spirits for young to come above them. saddam used him to bury shawn was enough,
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as i would defer mobilely. she has not been yet engaged. submit to the dirt yesterday in a silver back on your tribe, you must not room right now with the muffins. got it? yeah, i feel that i begin watching your boss, nutritional that natural gas you. i guess you must couple us in your body, isn't it? after it, pretty much the smartphone, if any calling about the house with it's video you. i wasn't that video, that voice mail because they it aha vista ranch, anybody in well with bella has waited for this day for several years. but in the end wasn't able to see her mother on the outside in just a few days. she will be deported. and while she looked for a job somewhere to live, bella will remain with the family that she is come to think of as her own. replaced it sounds good to be tanya. t i g f e
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a c in near for the he near to coke food mountain now i can my very much talk to you. yeah. hello. yeah. do you think i see your what miss dear to it doesn't interesting. yeah. that's why you're miss by yes thing. yeah. i wow. a ah
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ah ah huh. ah, it states it has to be rest, to be able to afford enzyme and find the luxury good for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes, so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count.
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i saw how they can choose your customers and dump a sick tone also right and satisfy their wall street investors. no parent should have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decisions and determine to get to live and who dies to me, that's best getting away with murder. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have a tree that even foundation let it be an arms race is on offensive, very dramatic and development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk
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with her. ah, i have given the order to open fire and kill terrorists without warning. the cadillac president addresses the nation claiming 20000 extremist attack. the country's biggest, 30 days of deadly anti government on rest. the also assigned to allies for sending in these keep please questions about the nature of this request and whether it has it was a legitimate invitation or not. i, we don't know at this point, washington skepticism does come despite the request having to be made to a regional military block to which are classics on belongs to which entitled members to call in to help. also in the program, the british prime minister owns up that he failed to disclose, revealing text to us please watchdog in which he asks a go enough of the funding to do up downing street in


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