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tv   News  RT  January 6, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm EST

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ah ah, gone fire reportedly rocks, the catholics on city of all nati as the government cracks down on unrest, spot fire fuel costs rise further west in the province where the conflict process begun. rota i talked to the airport is reportedly blockaded. 18 members of law enforcement have been killed in our marty and a government building storm. and a local journalist described gunfire near the precinct q in the country's largest city. every 20 minutes you can hear shooting the police department. there's automatic fire and pistol shot. i think it seems like they are trying to storm the police department and peacekeeping troops from a russian lead security alliance arriving. cause i've done to help the government to restore law and order the alliances secretary general sets the record straight
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on that mission. impossible. all of these insinuations about our troops, like we're going to break up demonstrations are not true. that's what the cause of the support they will do their job and our job is slightly different with from moscow to the world you're watching are the international law. my name is peter scott. welcome to the program. now we start this hour with the latest updates from kazakhstan, processed it in our report to have could access from the city to the airport. that's in the south west of the country where the anti government process 1st began . thousands are also said to be out in the streets despite the curfew that's been imposed. meanwhile, in the biggest city, our marty gunshots have been heard amid clashes between security forces and protested. that's according to local reports. the. now you can quite clearly hear the sound of
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automatic gunfire in this video, which you said to have been shocked in our marty. unfortunately, we can't quite verify yes at this time and it's been said on social media. meanwhile, the health ministry early declared the capital nautical son, a cobit red zone, with st. bob's apparently causing the army con, very, to spread uncontrollably and cause extra security forces awaiting a may to crack down against for their calling service, gangs. that's off the days of deadly unrest. we heard from a journalist in marty and he described the city's rapid descent into chaos. what every 20 minutes you can hear, shooting. you're the police department, me. there's automatic fire and pistol shot. i think. it seems like they are trying to storm the police department today, and i walked across the central square and saw the burned down city hall and the president's residence. so i talked to people. everyone is scared. people are
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rushing out to buy food and stores. they argue because people have no access to information because of the internet outage, they don't understand what's going on. like dozens of protesters and at least 18 members of law enforcement have been killed in all mafia alone. there's been a massive security presence throughout the day. the and reports of gunfire outside the mayor's office, which was stormed unforced. on wednesday ortiz eagerness dawn of money to get into catholics done. and he says, this report from the capital. so clashes in the largest cassock, city of al marty and former capital have entered the night. in fact, what we are hearing from the ground is that the security forces that they are conducting an all out anti terrorist operation. this is what they're calling it. and essentially, the goal of it is to get rid of the protesters in the streets, and when i say get rid of it, it means that they are ready to resort to all means necessary. in fact, we've heard, we've seen some videos the where are these aware of where are the security forces
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announced through loudspeakers that they are prepared to shoot on site. anybody who decides to remain in the streets after the curfew, which starts at 11 p. m. local time here, ah ah ah, well, an official representative of the collective security treaty alliance has confirmed their role in helping because authorities here is political cause, often northeast keepers from the collective security treaty organization have been
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deployed in kazakhstan for a limited time period to normalize and stabilize the situation. their main objectives are to protect key government and military facilities and assist the security forces of cas extern in restoring line order. well, we do know that thousands of people have already been rounded up over there. and we also know that more than 10 members of the local law enforcement have been killed. some very disturbing unconfirmed reports suggest that some of them were even be headed. so that adds some very disturbing colors to the picture here. now at the same time, we also know that hundreds of people have been injured during the clashes, or in fact about a 1000 i should say. and about 400 of them have been taken to hospital. this shows that the government wasn't bluffing when our president to kind of announced that there will be no more playful approach was there, she cherished their season buildings and infrastructure, including sites, housing,
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firearms. these terrace gangs are essentially international. they've undergone serious training abroad. their attack on kazakhstan must be viewed as an act of aggression, therefore, on the basis of the collective security treaty i have today appealed to the heads of the c s t o states to assist kazakhstan and overcoming this terrorist threat. in fact, this is no longer a threat, it is undermining the integrity of the states. has extern has reached out for international health now to well, so that it, there, basically restores the law of restores. are the rule of law and order in the country in north fulton, which was formerly known as, as the not most flights have been canceled for security reasons. but we managed to speak to a woman whose parents are stuck there and with whom she has unfortunately lost contact, made or used to live chit adult. yesterday, my parents were going to leave no sultan for saint petersburg and arrived the same day in the evening. first, they were told their flight had been delayed, then around 10 p. m. local time,
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they were allowed to board the plane. then they were ordered to leave the aircraft until to leave the airport as well that the flight had been cancelled my these time . they had passed through customs and that's where they are currently, the currently 8 russians, they're already the rest managed to leave. they're getting no further information and they can't reach to them. they arrived in casks tying me december to celebrate new year with our grandparents who live in a small city near the capital. they managed to get to know sultan. as far as i know, some acquaintances gave them a lift. they weren't able to stay because they had to get back to their work and st . petersburg. they have been trying to reach the russian consulate in kazakhstan, but so far to no avail. the last time he katerina topple spots her father was on wednesday evening. she recorded the conversation and in it's he described his on his wife's plight. what movies we wanted in room. there are a silver sitting here. they don't say anything to us. they just tell us to leave, remember, but where will we go? if there is an emergency here, they don't give us water. they don't provide us with the hotel room,
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nothing. and there is no mobile convention. luckily, we were given a chance to make a call from a cassock number, but there is no internet and no connection at all. please from the russian embassy cause our son has confirmed that internet is down. but officials say they're doing all they can't help russian travelers caught up in the chaos. now, in terms of why we're seeing what we're seeing, they'll browsing started after new year fuel price hike. because like presidents has tried to address the issue by imposing a 6 month cap on the cost of petrol, diesel, and liquified petroleum gas motorists are now rushing to philip leading to long lines of cars around petrol stations in the countries. former capital and drivers are partly even fighting one another to get the pumps. and now for some general context, complex done is the biggest of the central asian republics. and shares borders with russia and china is also a key part of beijing. the belts and road initiative of the world's 9 biggest country cause i've done,
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has vast natural resources. it runs 12 among global oil producers and is the world's leading uranium exports. the security club has had an immediate impact on the price of the radioactive heavy muscle is short of 8 percent economist harry ingram says the mayhem informally stable because our son is a red flag for foreign investors and potentially even an international security risk. more of political issues and then i can make one, but obviously it must be a big concern because the amounts of civil disruption that is taking part in that country. i mean it's widespread and very excited to be very severe. so i think that we possibly secured to confirm with it's very, very important that you're reading valuable. not clearly with a significant disruption that is going on in public thumb. thought is certainly in the short run in some doubt supplies will be that i think it will make foreign
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investors quite nervous. i think they will be looking for more stable economy. they may have been very stable off now. i mean, it's a huge, great country. it graphically, very, truly bought very important a lot china, but what is taking place my country at the minute i think will be foreign companies from actually putting investments. and i think they'll be looking elsewhere. well then we'll just financially benefiting in one way because they share price to the sales training in the u. s. companies has gone up, whereas they share prices go down so that the company is actually involved in uranium production elsewhere or, or maybe making finance guidance. and i think that will continue just within the last few hours, plains carrying peacekeeping troops from russia and bella was landed in kazakhstan, the country through thinks that the members of the moscow based security alliance,
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the c s t o, the alliance answered please from the catholic president, to help restore law and order. and the c s t o. secretary general says that the sole purpose of the peacekeeping troops is to help the country through this difficult period. city insisted that all of these insinuations about our troops, like we're going to break up demonstrations are not true. that's what the cause at places for they will do their job. and our job is slightly different. some rumors about an intervention occupation and other things started spread. it's just stupid . i once again state. this is the c s t o countries move to support kazakhstan and such a difficult period. this is the main reason for our decision. there's no other reason for it. as soon as the situation stabilizes, the operation will be suspended on the troops will be pulled out. so it's unpleasant 1st to hear that we allegedly seized an opportunity. it's fake. c, s t o countries show willingness and sincerity in helping cossick st on get through such a trouble period, who however, white house press secretary jen sock, he says,
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washington has some questions regarding the legitimacy of kazakhstan request to deploy c s t o peacekeeping forces and we are closely monitoring reports that the collective security treaty organization had dispatched its collective peacekeeping forces to cause extent. we have questions about the nature of this request and whether it has it was a legitimate invitation or not. or we don't know at this point. well, earlier i spoke with nicholas j. s. davies about the white house, a stance on kazakhstan, and he says, the u. s. cast itself is the voice of reason, despite its own foreign policy record. the united states may home with this sort of t r approach to the world that in spite of the united states having dropped more than 300000 bonds in the country from the last 20 years. and then the united states being the one that has to change in systematically in faded and fond of the
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country during that time, the us prioritizes the information war, am which it always cost. so the force of the region, the democracy before since the jet, him i see, and by contrast, likes to frame its enemy as somehow illegitimate. well, here's a quick recap of how things have been folded since the start of the year. ah, ah ah.
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with a group of unidentified people attack the mere tv and radio studios and l mighty, the attackers destroy the tv production complex and workplaces of journals. ah,
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now, moving on some of the news exactly a year on from the u. s. capsule riots, joe biden says it was all caused by a quote, web of lies spoon by his predecessor, although notably the american lee to go through his entire anniversary speech without once mentioning donald trump by name. for the 1st time in our history, president had not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. the former president, united states of america, has created he spread a web of lies about the 2020 election. he's done so because he values power over principle because he sees his own interest is more important than his country's interest than america centers. and because his bruise, diego matters more to him than our democracy or our constitution,
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he can accept he lost way. heard us present, joe biden, speaking about the events of the previous year, january 6, in which the capital was stormed. interesting to note that as joe biden spoke, said the capital rioters were not a group of tourists, they were rather a group of armed insurrection. hist who intended to overturn the results of a fair election. he said that the elections that took place in 2020 were the fairest elections in the history of the united states. and he said that russia and china are betting that democracy is debt. it's also interesting that donald trump had planned a press conference in florida. however, donald trump cancelled his press conference, citing what he referred to as buyers and dishonesty from the congressional probe into the january 6 events as well as from the media in light of cancelling his press conference. donald trump did put
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a statement on the internet responding to joe biden speech biden, who is destroying our nation with the same policies of open borders, corrupt elections, disastrous energy policies, and constitutional mandates, and devastating school closures. use my name today to try to further divide america . the democrats want to own this day of january 6, so they can stoke fears and divide america trumps allegations that the elections in the united states were fraudulent. don't seem to have panned out. however, jo biden's promise to re unify the country and the aftermath of the events following the 2020 elections and the january 6 capital riot. they haven't really panned out either. polls indicate that the u. s. public is still very, very divided recent studies and polling data shows that at this point, 53 percent of americans say that divisions in the country are worse than they were at the time of the capital riot. in addition to that, only 55 percent of americans at apt, joe biden is having legitimately won the 2020 election and 57 percent,
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say that events similar to january 6 are likely to occur within the next few years . now the reaction from us mainstream media has also been pretty divided. some outlets are playing up the events of january 6. as the day we almost lost democracy, a great threat, an armed insurrection. other mainstream media outlets in the united states are downplaying, the events, vast majority of americans believe democracy is under threat today. there just the body of the evil here. there are a handful of members who absolutely have distorted lie, exaggerated about what took place on that day make no mistake about january 6 was not a one off. it stems from the, the big lie perpetrated by donald trump putting all the blame on president trump is definitely not fair, and it's also furthering divide the, dividing the country as the january 6 capital riot is commemorated. it's important
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to note that us leaders continue to emphasize that the u. s. model for a democratic society is the ideal for the world and it's what the world should aspire to. however, around the world, there are many who look at the events that happened on january 6th last year, and wonder if that's really the case. meanwhile, us vice president come la harris is faced a barrage of criticism for her remarks on the anniversary of the capitol hill. riot . she compared the january 6th on rest, with the 911 attacks and the japanese bombing of pearl harbor judges that killed thousands of people. carmella compared jan 6 to the attack on pearl harbor, and the twin towers fear baiting in truth twisting at its finest. president biden and vice president harris speeches to day were an effort to resurrect a failed presidency. more than marking the anniversary of a dark day in american history. a solid majority of americans who condemned the
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capital riot will still find these comparisons. patently insulting and hyperbolic, and they should, you know, here's a little bit of this, of enjoying these for democrats. is that one versus enjoying almost complete media dominance as well as having dominance already education system is you can tell the b, y. and because people don't have any real knowledge of history, we used to teach history united states of america, we used to teach 6 united states of america. but because for a generational you, we have failed to teach there. and then we have non stop media coverage. all the, every neither blasting this idea, then at least people who don't have the real fast sit there. oh, maybe it's true. and there's another famous democratic socialist who basically said that if you tell a lie a big enough to keep repeating it, people eventually kind of leave it in the liking, maintain only for such time as the states can shield the people from the political, economic, and military consequences of the law now for some drama in the world of
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sport, serbia has summoned the australian ambassador in protest against the treatments attorneys, dot novak jock of ich, the word number one has been denied entry to australia over a vaccine disputes. and he's on the brink of becoming the most successful men's player of all time, which would happen if he won this month, australian opening melbourne. moving to a record 21 grant slums. all seized on the course of breaks down, thus story for us. right now, the world's top tennis player, novak joke of inches awaiting his deportation. hearing in an australian quarantine hotels just several days after his visa was canceled upon entering the country. now, while he was given a medical exemption to participate in the australian open, that's going to be coming up later this month. the border authorities in australia said that he failed to meet the country's entry requirements. we also heard the thoughts of the prime minister of australia on this. so let's take a listen. rules are rules, and that's the policy of the government. and has been governments strong,
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border protection policies, and particularly in relation to the pandemic. that is, ensure the destroyer has one of the lowest death rights from target anywhere in the world. we were one of the 1st countries to move on shutting abolitionists. we were criticized at the time, but it was the right decision. and we have maintained those important border controls, the entire period of the pain damage. and we don't have any details as to why exactly the australian border authorities rejected joke of which is attempt to enter the country after all. medical information is strictly confidential when it comes to these reviews, but what we do know is the joke of which was given a medical exemption to participate in the australian open. so of course, serbia feels like their top player did everything he could have to follow the rules . i told r nova that the whole of serbia is with him and that our bodies are doing everything to see that the harassment of the world's best tennis player is brought to an end. immediately. we've seen a number of reactions from the players themselves. many are at least sympathetic
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with joke of it's a situation while others are seriously outraged both at the unprecedented nature of such a decision and what seems to them to be an encroachment of politics and the sport to my knowledge. this has never happened before to any player in the history of the australian open, that it happened to the defending champion. and whether you like him or not. a person who stands by his convictions and divided by all the rules presented to him may be popular to a number of people, brings no joy to the australian open or to the international reputation of australia as an open minded and welcoming nation. when next time somebody will tell you sports is not interfering with politics. you remember the 6 january, 2022. and surely political ego is not allowing best tennis player in the world to enter the country to which they governmental institutions, granted entree. so as you can see, these are the set of anti coven measures in australia has really rubbed a lot of people the wrong way in the sports world. but we're going to have to wait until this hearing on monday to see if joke of it's really is going to be deported
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over this. and now for some lights and use is officially christmas day, here in moscow. orthodox christians are currently celebrating the holiday in churches and cathedrals across the capital. there among the 260000000 believers worldwide marking the holy day on january the 7th. ortiz roman costs, or if can tell us more. our christmas, as the russians call it, is one of the countries a major religious as state holidays. and at the moment i am right next to one of our most goals and russia's most famous church is called the christ, the savior, cathedral, and thousands of people have a gathered here to day. so mark the birth of jesus christ. and actually i managed to speak to us up to some of those people a little bit earlier and they shared their moods and their expectations with me as you follow siblings, we are expecting a magical night at some miracle is bound to happen because it always does on
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christmas night, several star or those super isaac. this is a holy day, the birth of a family for us and the birth of everything. you hear the gym for those again, it is a continuation of the new year holidays. it's about the unity of the people. it's a good feeling with the lever look. awkward though to me it's appeal bright holiday, the beth of christ, something kind and light. that is how it is forever. see upload limit of the russians are not the only ones though. that are celebrating on of this day, they're also joined by a georgia and the orthodox church, jerusalem george, and should church and a serbian or full of churches. while back to the celebration, say here in moscow, ah, president vladimir putin is also attending the christmas sir. liturgy and the christmas service. according to the true, a longstanding tradition, since religious holidays were reinstated back in russia, in 1991. well, a very merry,
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all the dos christmas to anyone celebrates in today. not say for now, but i'll be back shortly with the rundown of the headlines. thank you for watching . ah ah. join me every thursday on the alex simon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. oh,
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lot of people are like me. i'm not. i use the challenge. i can only, you know im young under discussion with. i can redeem, i think ah ah
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ah, america has bad day. and one year ago on january 6th, 2021. she had a very bad day, or was supposed to be just a series of peaceful rallies in support of president trump, as well. they call for prayer for the united states. at the very end, turn to the chaos. now the events in people involved in january 6th continued to be the major focus of the democratic party. in fact, i don't think anyone will dispute. it has been their obsession for the last year. almost republicans, after issuing a quick and harsh rebuke, could not get far enough away. but while the violence and destruction on the capital caused by a fraction of rally attendees, but then excusable, the questions regarding the integrity of the election felt by the almost 1000000 trump supporters who gathered in d. c. were very real. in fact, some of those same frustrations had been echoed for years prior by the democrats.
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when hillary clinton was defeated and scottsdale hughes on today, that news views you were going to cover the one year marking of the stormy, of the capitol with some of those who were actually present on our nation's mall. that day. we're going to look at why despite this having hundreds of hours of attention from both the media and politicians, there are still a very important unanswered questions regarding what happened that day. and who should be held accountable. for the next 30 minutes, we're actually going to look at the effects of the ramifications on this past year . as no event in history has been politically weaponized more by one party to gain power and demonize their opposition than that sorrowful day. we're going to give you the full picture without any political agenda except the church. ah.


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