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tv   News  RT  January 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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[000:00:00;00] the who's the breaking news, this our from catholics. local media sources are reporting explosions and gunfire in a while further west in the country. a blockade of the road to cities report is seen stuff. the area where on rest 1st broke out dozens of protesters out at least 18 police officers have reported it being killed in my sake on government building storm them for a security force of the terror operation is underweight. a local journalist described gunfire near the police. h q in the country's largest city. every 20
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minutes you can hear shooting near the police department. there's automatic fire and pistol shot. i think. it seems like they are trying to storm the police department. and then other news today, a web of lies ella, threat to democracy in president biden, the lashes donald trump accusing him of inciting for his wife a year old. from those of the news around the clock across the world. this is our t from the team. and myself, you know, neil hello and welcome to the news our we begin in context on where on rest is continuing to grip the heavily attack city of alma say, with multiple that's reported also the road to the report in the oil turn of octo, which is in the province were protest, 1st erupt,
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it has reportedly been blocked the well, this recent video posted on social media, which we cannot at this stage verify indicates that intent shooting mateo has present large scale clashes between protesters and security forces, humping seen in the city as well, because like security forces are waging a major cracked on against won't they are calling terrorist gangs after days of deadly. the government riots and the latest development, the health ministry house declared the capital nurse will turn a cove at red zone with st. mob's apparently causing the army crown, varying to spread uncontrollably. we heard from a journalist in mount se, which is mentioned really has become the focal point of the unrest. he described the cities rap at descent into all chaos. once every 20 minutes you can hear shooting near the police department me. there's automatic fire and pistol shots. i think it seems like they are trying to storm the police department today. and i walked across the central square and saw the burned down to the hall and the
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president's residence. i talked to people. everyone is scared. people are rushing out to buy food and stores. they argue people have no access to information because of the internet outage. they don't understand what's going on was dozens of protesters and at least a thin police officer, something killed in the chaos and al mattie alone. there's been a must have security presence throughout the day. and reports of gunfire outside the murder office there, which was stormed on torch. on wednesday, ortiz eager sat down of manage to get into catholics. then he sent us this report from the capital. so clashes in the largest cassock, city of al, my te and former capital have entered the night. in fact, what we are hearing from the ground is that the security forces that they are conducting an all out anti terrorist operation. this is what they're calling it. and essentially, the goal of it is to get rid of the protesters in the streets,
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and when i say get rid of it, it means that they are ready to resort to all means necessary. in fact, we've heard, we've seen some videos where are these aware of where are the security forces announced through loudspeakers that they are prepared to shoot on site. anybody who decides to remain in the streets after the curfew, which starts at 11 p. m. low coat time here. ah ah. well,
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an official representative of the collective security treaty alliance has confirmed their role in helping because authorities here is political cause of tongue peacekeepers from the collective security treaty organization have been deployed in kazakhstan for a limited time period to normalize and stabilize situation. their main objectives are to protect key government and military facilities and assist the security forces of kazakhstan in restoring line order. while we do know that thousands of people have already been rounded up over there. and we also know that more than 10 members of the local law enforcement have been killed. some very disturbing unconfirmed reports suggest that some of them were even beheaded. so that adds some very disturbing colors to the picture here. now at the same time, we will, we also know that will thout that hundreds of people have been injured during the clashes, or in fact about a 1000 i should say. and about 400 of them have been taken to hospital. now this follows basically this is,
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this shows that the government's wasn't bluffing. when our president to kind of announced that there will be no more world, no more playful approach there. basically that are, they will take a very hard, cool, very hard line approach to any sort of descendant to people who decide to stay in the streets and who decide to stay violent is the thing. before. earlier the, the authorities, they were trying to be helpful. they were trying to show compassion and they even met some of the didn't some of the initial demands of the protesters, for example, they dropped the prices of liquefied gas, which earlier had seen a hike in more than double. so our bay eve to kind of even discern, decide, completely dismantled the government and the but that wasn't enough for the protesters. but when violence served started to flare up when basically when protest as a did, they disarmed our police. officers got access to guns, good access to live ammunition. when that happened, when they started to shoot,
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when they started to loot and ran, sacker will banks and shopping malls and even trying to storm and burn down our administrative buildings. that's when the government here has said enough's enough and so they have moved in, in fact our to tie of the president. he did not miss his words when he announced the new approach to protests was there she, juries, there season buildings and infrastructure, including sites housing, firearms. these terrace gangs are essentially international. they've undergone serious training abroad. their attack and kazakhstan must be viewed as an active aggression. therefore, on the basis of the collective security treaty, i have to day appeal to the heads of the c s t o states to assist kazakhstan and overcoming this terrorist threat. in fact, this is no longer a threat, it is undermining the integrity of the states. this military block, this military alliance that unites under its umbrella, kazakhstan, along with 5 other posts of yet nations. while this military block has already sent a thousands of its troops to begin
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a peacekeeping forces to the country to kazakhstan and uh, they are already here. at least some of them are already here. and are they are ready to begin their mission as catholics done has reached out for international help now to well, so that it, there basically restores the law of restores. are the rule of law and order in the country. well, in terms of why we're seeing what we're seeing just to take up your point, there are the uprising started after a new year of fuel price like the cassock president has tried to address that issue by imposing a 6 month cap on the cost of petrol. diesel and liquified petroleum gas motorists are not rushing to fill up leading to long lines of cards or on petrol stations. in the countries, former capital drivers are apparently even fighting one another to get the pumps. and within the last few hours, please carrying peacekeeping trips from russia,
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belly roost landed in cash to extend the countries are 2 of 6 members of the moscow based security line, the c s t o, the organization officer, please from the because president to help restore law and order their role in the country include securing vital infrastructure and military facilities, contingent from armenia. cedric, a son, also c s t o members are on their way to the central asian nation. well, a nurse suited for me. yes, donna, most flights have been counsel for security reasons. we spoke to a woman whose parents are stuck there with him. she's lost contact. my dad, you can if she ran through yesterday, my parents were going to leave no so time for st. petersburg and drive the same day and evening because they were told their flight had been delayed. then around 10 p . m. local time, they were allowed to build the plane. when they were older, to leave the aircraft until to leave the airport as well that the flight had been
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cancelled by this time he had passed through customs and that's where they are currently. currently 8 russians, they're already the rest managed to leave. they get to know so of information and they can't reach to them. they arrived and kind of extending me december to celebrate new year with our grandparents who leave in a small city near the capital. they managed to get to know some time as far as i know, some acquaintances gave them a lift. they weren't able to stay because they had to get back to their work and st . petersburg. they have been trying to reach the russian consulate in catholic stone. but so far to no avail, the last time you country na topple, spoke to her father was when's the evening she recorded the conversation and it's he described his and his wife's plight. what to do? there are 8 of us sitting here. they don't say anything to us, they just tell us to leave. where we go. if there is an emergency here, they don't give us water. they don't provide us with a hotel room, nothing. and there is no mobile connection. luckily, we were given a chance to make a call from a contact number,
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but there is no internet and no connection at all on all, not a lot her point, the russian embassy and counts extern has confirmed, the internet isn't the down. but those officials say they're doing all the account to help at rushing shoulders caught up in the chaos. the security meltdown and cows expand house, hit supply chains. you'd expect food trucks, they are unable to get the supermarkets. here you can see empty shells, that's in the capital long shoes as well, forming a cash machines throughout the day after bank suspended operations. and i want to show you the scene as well on thursday in town. that's an eastern celtic stand. it is where the fuel rides 1st started before snowballing into broader anger, over inequality, unemployment, and claims of government corruption, a nepotism. in recent days, people tried to storm government buildings, but this situation is not believe to be relatively calm there. yes, so
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a lot going on a lot of updates. let's try and pull it together and get a recap of things. i've actually unfolded since the start of 2022 there. ah ah
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ah. a group of unidentified people attack the mere tv and radio studios in el monte. the attackers destroy the tv production complex and workplaces of journalists. ah, let's perhaps offer some context here cause it's done is the biggest that the central asian republics, the chairs, borders with russia and china, and is a key part of beijing's belts on road initiative. as the world's
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9th biggest country extend has vast natural resources. it ranks 12th among global oil producers and is the world's leading uranium exporter. on the point, the security collapses had an immediate impact on the price of the radioactive heavy metal. it showed up 8 percent economist, hillary m thanks. they may have informally stable catholics done is a red flag for foreign investors and potentially an international security risk more of political issues and the economic one. but obviously it must be a big concern because the amounts of civil disruption that is taking part in that country, i mean, is widespread in very expense to be very severe. so i think that we possibly secured to confirm with its very, very important that uranium is available not clearly with a significant disruption that is going on in public thumb. thought is certainly in the short run in some doubt supply will be that i think it will make foreign
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investors quite nervous. i think they will be looking for more stable economy. they may have been very stable up now. i mean, it's a huge, great country. it did radically very centrally. it's got very important a lot china, but what is taking place in that country at the minute, i think will be foreign companies from actually putting investments. and i think they'll be looking elsewhere. well then we'll just financially benefiting in one way because they share price with sales training in the u. s. companies have gone up. whereas in public share prices go down so that the company is actually involved in uranium production elsewhere are all the making finance gains, and i think that will continue to a quarter of an hour into the program. let's move on to more global news to day. exactly. a year on from the u. s. capital riots, joe biden said that was all caused by a quote,
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web of lies spun by his predecessor. although notably the american leader got through his entire anniversary speech without once mentioning donald trump by name from himself in law, still insists that biden's election, when was marred by fraud ortiz killed by the report. while we heard us present, joe biden, speaking about the events of the previous year, january 6, in which the capital, the storm used solemn and harsh words to describe the events, and he put them squarely on the shoulders of former president. donald trump. however, it's important to note he did so without ever saying donald trump's name for the 1st time in our history, president, had not just lost an election. he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. the former president, united states of america, has created and spread
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a web of lies about the 2020 election. he's done so because he values power over principle. because he, she, his own interest is more important than his country's interest and america's interest. and because his bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our constitution, he can accept he lost. now it's also interesting to note that as joe biden spoke, he said that the capital rioters were not a group of tourists. they were rather a group of armed insurrection, just who intended to overturn the results of a fair election. he said that the elections that took place in 2020 were the fairest elections in the history of the united states. and he said that russia and china are betting that democracy is debt. now, it's also interesting that com, la harris, the vice president spoke prior to joe biden speaking,
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and many are wondering if there was more of a common le harris moment than a joe biden moment. despite the fact that joe biden is the president and comma la harris is only the vice president. now it's also interesting that donald trump had planned a press conference for today in florida. however, that press conference was canceled. donald trump cancelled his press conference siding what he referred to as bias and dishonesty from the congressional probe. busy into the january 6 events as well as from the media in light of canceling, his press conference, donald trump did put a statement on the internet responding to joe biden, speech years. some of what was in that statement, biden, who is destroying our nation with insane policies of open borders, corrupt elections, disastrous energy policies, and constitutional mandates, and devastating school closures. use my name today to try to further divide america . the democrats want to own this day of january 6, so they can stoke fears and divide america trumps allegation that the elections in
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the united states were fraudulent. don't seem to have panned out. however, jo biden's promise to re unify the country in the aftermath of the events following the 2020 elections and the january 6 capital riot. they haven't really handout either. polls indicate that the u. s. public is still very, very divided. recent recent studies and polling. busy data shows that at this point, 53 percent of americans say that divisions in the country are worse than they were at the time of the capital riot. in addition to that, only 55 percent of americans accept joe biden is having legitimately won the 2020 election and only and at this point, 57 percent say that events similar to january 6 are likely to occur within the next few years. now the reaction from us mainstream media has also been pretty divided. some outlets are playing up the events of january 6. as the day we almost lost democracy, a great threat,
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an armed insurrection. other mainstream media outlets in the united states are downplaying the events saying they are minimal. busy that this is a ploy by the democrats to play up the idea that they are victims to demonize trump support. here's some of what we've seen in us media. vast majority of americans believe democracy is under threat today. there just the body of the evil here. there are a handful of members who absolutely have distorted lie, exaggerated about what took place on that day make no mistake about or january 6 was not a one off, extended from the, the big lie perpetrated by donald trump putting all the blame on president trump is definitely not fair and it's also furthering divide the divide in the country. cultural regional and political divisions have always been an aspect of u. s. society. but the polarization that happened during the time that donald trump was president,
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seems to be escalating. and as the january 6 capital riot is commemorated, it's important to note that us leaders continue to emphasize that the u. s. model for a democratic society is the ideal for the world and it's what the world should aspire to. however, around the world, there are many who look at the events that happened on january 6th last year, and wonder if that's really the case. meanwhile, us vice president carmella horace has faced the barrage of criticism for her remarks on the anniversary of the capitol hill. right. she compared the january 6 on rest with the 911 attacks on the japanese bombing of pearl harbor tragedies that killed thousands of people. common le compared jan 6 to the attack on pearl harbor and the twin towers fear beating in truth twisting at its finest. president biden and vice president harris speeches today were an effort to resurrect a failed presidency. more than marking the anniversary of
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a dark day in american history. a solid majority of americans who condemned the capital riot will still find these comparisons, patently insulting in hyperbolic and they should well, i'm delighted to welcome live onto the program, christopher horace, executive director of the on hyphenated america online sy christopher. good to see you. just on briefly, perhaps on kamala horace, one of the more polite checks i heard in the criticism of that statement was that it was crass. do you think she wanted to cause outrage or is done few on those 3 events being almost synonymous, actually held by her? i think she actually believes that and she has to be that because that's part and parcel to the parties. why? you know, here's one of the benefits of enjoying, at least for democrats, is that one of them has been joining almost complete media dominance as well as having dominance already education system. if you can tell the big why. and because people don't have any real knowledge of history,
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we used to teach history united states of america, we used to teach 6 united states of america. but because for a generational issue, we have failed to teach that. and then we have non stop media coverage or all the every day there are blasting this idea. then at least people who don't have the real facts to sit there and go, oh, maybe it's true. and there's another famous democratic socialist who basically said that if you tell a lie a big enough to keep repeating it, people eventually kind of leave it. the lie can be maintained only for such time as the state can shield the people from the political, economic, and military consequences of the lot. see that democratic socialist was joseph goals. and it's funny how there's people who are following that exact same playbook . and they're also democratic socialists in united states of america. the left never changes, they might change their location, but they don't change their philosophy or attack the de vice if rhetoric characterize it biden's speech as well. now he didn't hold back and attacking his
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predecessor will not be effective. political point scoring. are our voters just board of that? i would rather he instead met his campaign, promises it were, people were okay. and you can tell by, look at the ratings for seen in, especially seeing him was seen in an assembly. see, what's happened is that, you know, you've been trying to don't people down what you actually have known to people, to your rhetoric. and here's the thing to compare things to pearl harbor were what $3000.00 plus u. s. military members died as a result of a sneak attack to compare things to 911 worked. thousands of american civilians were killed by a sneak attack to sit there see the january 6th anywhere close where the only person who died was ashley bab and she was killed by a capitol hill police undercover police officer. one person died that day during
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the so called riot during the insurrection on insurrection. one person died. ok, and so sit there, act like all the, the republic democracies under attack. first of all, america is not a democracy. america is republic. that's another one of those things were in the left, enjoys information and education gomez because they keep pushing that belie dello. trump certainly thought bus biden should focus on his campaign, promises a release. the statement after which read at this political feature is all just a distraction for the fact. biden is completely and totally failed, but is not a little bit rich coming from him talking of political theatre. no, no, it's not a remote political cedar. let's look at the track record. see, it's funny when you look across social media, i've put out and asked people multiple times. please give me a list of all the accomplishments of president buying and all i've got is silence. i've heard crickets that's you know, and you won't find anybody, you find plenty of people will sit there and try to throw bombs at present
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a truck. what you will not hear is anyone sitting there saying how great of a job joe biden is doing? so i mean, talking about political theater, that's what the mainstream media is engaging and they're trying to cover up the emperor has no clothes. but if not, you know, the emperor is but make it ok, let's make that clears. nobody has no holes. this emperor, or in this case this president is start making and everyone knows it, but the media keeps trying to tell us that he's fully clothed. well, that's an image i don't think i have in my head today. thanks, christopher, for that customer, our executive director of on hyphenated america many thanks for your time and thoughts. thank you. ah, it's officially christmas day here in moscow orthodox christians, they are currently celebrating holiday in churches, unconcealed rules across the capital. there are among the 260000000 believers world wides, marking the holy day on january. the 7th ortiz from uncover rif can tell us more. our christmas, as the russians call it, is one of the countries
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a major religious as state holidays. and at the moment, i am right next to one of our most goals and russia's most famous church is called the christ, the savor cathedral, and thousands of people have gathered here to day. so marked the birth of jesus christ. and actually i managed to speak to us up to some of those people a little bit earlier and they shared their moods and their expectations with me. others, the fellowship when we are expecting a magical night at some miracle is bound to happen because it always does on christmas night, several star or those super isaac. this is a holy day, the birth of a family for us and the birth of everything you hear the genome producing and it is a continuation of the new year holidays. it's about the unity of the people. it's a good feeling with the lever look. awkward though to me it's appear bright holiday, the beth of christ, something kind in light. that is how it is for as far as the upload lamazzo. now
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are some, maybe a baffled by the fact that the russians celebrates their christmas, 13 days after the rest of the world. but the explanation is quite simple and that is, ah russians. a russian orthodox church that is celebrates by their christmas, 13 a by the julian calendar, or rather than the rest of the world, celebrated by the gregorian ah, calendar. the russians are not the only ones, though that are celebrating on of this day. there also joined by a georgian or for those george jerusalem george and should church and a serbian or full of churches while back to the celebration. say here in moscow, ah, president vladimir putin is also at sending the christmas sir liturgy in the christmas service. according to the true, a long standing tradition since religious holidays were reinstated back in russia,
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in 1991 guaranteed out the christmas to all those orthodox christians celebrating today. time in moments for the final episode of the kelly's reports, christmas new year's episodes couched max and stacy as they spread the loss of their festive cheer. ah
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ah hi max kaiser. this is the kaiser report. you know, we recorded this episode in the past, then this was our future when we recorded it, and now we're going to predict what's gonna happen in 2022. so it's a real time warp, which reminds me of a great movie back from the 19 seventy's which get we'll get into that at some point, stacy. right, well this as our 1st double header of 2022 and max and i are going to make some resolutions including the one that we are going to spend more time in the future. which is quite apt for this episode. because of course we are recording this in 2021 and we're in the future right now as we're recording this. so it is already


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