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that's not with d. yeah, i know i it's a somewhat donnelly, but it's over a city about them when against them, but at least someone does the words. and then i look at the thought deferments of jessica company, me the corporate world of thin wooden chest, roscoe was brought up to not suing without exclusive regret that his thumb with lucas father by no that what it is with us was when you might mention that he just thought that is fine with
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me is all i'm booking for little examiners. yeah. but i said our best to put him on all a come with this. couldn't get a sense. yeah. simple. but i wonder, is in your mind and is that all those days now swim just a couple of days ago and alicia will be it should be out there to go this new film on a that rochelle bershana narrowsburg gets hold of gene. good over here would be right to work in the movie and well isn't a norm then listen which torsional didn't him still we didn't relate to look, expression would reach the alarm. would you think that that would progress if that's something you would prevent them with a wound at the sledge form by the ones? no, by nancy carson was nice pasta being at certain in the she bad mx guys on the advanced position with
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you. she had escalated to me one, danny, glad as cecil still musk. yeah. bringing all the stuff to quench just i'm one for to show my school to young dijani's daughter and he's at the lenient master a. she'll boyd shade boys sure to leave her chair to bushing the chair or would you want to keep a doors so carefully he was working here. the good near the bulls are used with him bill and she had those with tommy a dozen with jesse the story. it's quite night. you would. i had them for a little but via the group showed a gutter nash, a new norm when e and my school shot a song in the finance for 33. there was
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a really warm night is up for the santa who did because of a little yes. trellis she to, she had to punch larry e. yep. and barring jeslane to one europe shanker player 2 o. glad to go with the store credit center for comalla. billy elizabeth was dumb, why it was celia wasn't, but we still don't compare walker, who were near the wires. november was willis cordova briefly above it. now he is a bit sent to me via it shall on a mission that was traveling. yes, your visual, we be a scar. yes, a fantasy on schedule. sure. so it's humanly isn't done with her. now, i don't want her properly on. it just wouldn't send it over the yellow in my room or you know what i should from on all. but most to you should yes
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. a dish gillian. yeah. yeah. the quote from us now or to look at that term working on a deal. okay. so much was you know, was the one for you the not for you in your home? we didn't look over there or if you have to remodel a go to building it and will not slip but sun just not slip to buy it to our or change is all of them with are a
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show me issue. so maybe i'll log you with a, with a wish. nobody's can from border he sure your booked it in here now for you it. i mean, mitchell shut the h a course i shall. i bought it was a shitty awesome, that's quite a publisher yet. you're going out and what, what she's just on the most, not accidents with the sodium snap and ask for michelle for just of course jojo for us to fill on our school, listed down the term little creek warner capable got go on. so what i want to know,
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you're out of the study could melinda, but in law got more praise. absolutely, sure. still, she hasn't really eat the winter. mentioned that nash, which had the percentage lenient, visually bubble she did. a scan from by college friend is a blue one, you know, good. with addition, one thing i was very new block. there was the 1st of all the voice from the idea of us and let them shoot as soon as she is devoted to the lot. so she knew we knew all about them
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a good it is the bottom of the hill that you'll show what a deal publish can give us a sandwich up louis with our mission, but she'll still and i am now what i'm wondering is a
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chance of honest online like a yellow at a sort of genius with invoice, a smell? yes. talk 1st. no, no, no. they're still watching nogales a problem, but it look like there's no way. yeah. but i get all she me that you that i'm still it all casually. you get your thought it was worse yet liking
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in their usual thing here. the extra miles last will euro align. yeah. with that i'm slit they will. yes. contract a shop or shed or any credit at all? yeah. but just hold and look for me in that a 1000000 that i was at the full story of what she could have shown old a oh, it's a with bullet to be shut us. but it says a well to noodle and yeah uses. so most of us to live eat. so that's to use media t a partial kitchen. yeah. you'll, you'll still be up last night that i would the one that has an iphone and that's legs are. boy, this is a quick dose. it's monday with by don't condemn and but it literally just get over . yes. a connection
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with us here. popella freeze. what for what fin videos via my email. i'm sending you what i sent you a new school on the dog and up last month on that was why it would just on us. it gives you cheap, cheaper for you. can you visa, blue dvd cheap and what? see a cheap bertha company. president. good to what she did a lot and no one did you have to when you might have been useful on the do it, i'll check when you bundle. if i don't want to fill it out, that should have what. thank you with a b as b, c,
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b a, b it. yep, the read. yep. it was, i mean you guys, nickel and my leisure are some nina ashna, which is spect lip. you have a spinal, you're saying you produce g to spit lit muslim yang unless the beach from also 2 zeros in yes, cricket slope in the beside lippert on mike, mike seamless kiddos for the ocean spin then which santa t e yet is filtered and was a f, as to ms. alexander alexandra, i for the asthma. my family is obelia. yesterday, i hope not. clemence is musk with footage and does not what you mean by just cuz i know you just held schlagel. those numbers are quick though bread, yell at me, the key did you come down south to wood? so somebody, i'm, i'm me, i'm, but
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a chilling what almost i isa is that only interested in the, but it was, i was just, or a grown person either yet. and all the g o, a missions with the key get use, scan settings to them with old sheets, but i isd the stall blog and that is from global young will not move yet, not even board. some sounds financial says it person would ethical machine. grecian is going to get up all night. would a new mobile sheet for has been there is a, the old email with shanae. jacqueline is more than happy to present gal smart nigeria to stay the ma mazda. ah, i just felt like i saw you was more than the fighting. i luminated them or wishing
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it even just kind of chairs. but let's just shiva when i see black marriage i see part of my so when i was growing, young black america spoke to me. when white australia did not. those who say black lives matter is a movement we are importing from america. know nothing of who we are. i lived in a world where white lives mattered. and i was not wide like was noon. and i wasn't known from black america. i learned how to speak back to whiteness. aboriginal people here i'm more every day. we are moving them now with the police
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were at war with statistics. i'm scared that my children are going to grow up in the country that think says no racism, but they're more likely to end up in the criminal justice system. then there are other fellow friends in daycare it's been decades since the fall of spain's fascist regime, but old wounds still haven't tailed, your interest in going into them resorting because only coming out to a michael feed him okay. able to miss a powell said, cutting me on the bus at the same me notice that anderson, i think with thousands of newborn babies were torn from their mothers and given away and forced adoption that only bought about i used to yell fiesta that my old robles i feel about men's it to this day mothers still search for grown children,
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while adults look in hope for their birth parents. good mister. assume i am la chipped oak, a shameless of any asp, almost show my dad his source is the preface. i. kenny lewis watkins said bless, you'll select the one sort of course, good justice of business, 1000000 plus water boys in chester perks equation will dr. was to buy it for process on that. on the me, you think you're watching your show now what you mean? shit, media by them are usually it delete it. it is like, like i would say demean if those are a bunch i believe on the my son i will it, i'm watching him to cut off or should i say on on she was injured or so elsa. jimmy, as in last logan jamar, sculpus t, as in wise patient,
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jim's at okay. i butcher at santa for at the store by new was taken on the euro since 60 had each me is a legend orgy because they live with them to player. i could have been on the bus to pile, if cartouche kill even by new league deal good, don't curse by substrate thrown in your beautiful machine. you think that in the air photoshoot doorbell it's got your street blower here. if gracie stretched in front of might say, leapt michelin you will, you personally, but she chose to her. so prosper for the audio therapy here had show her what did you do that to approach apart shorter, cosca measly to which michael camacho put you into the right port. ddc wasn't healy here is oshea at the so kirsten in order to get
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a new move soon was we were ready. ah my me here one william i'm with that. ah, i thought he had pulled me into my bach alexander, nikolai, which association came as a person with that of a don't. by charging problem is i send me a young guy with it's my mom late in lennox in a much smaller than napoleon. let the dominant lead me this last short dish. it didn't show much water look
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a little bit more than george a mom on us yet. oh, i knew mr. spoke a little chord on us switching. woodson not washing. yeah. stuff. stuff from the brochure. dog lives on. those are for moving it. there's deal it. i'm good at them. i live from what i saw them there before they were i knew from my boss. hold on. anyway, it's sonya almost bustled, but they get more money to see those into 3 were the, the bus so good. this facility post guide in with a, with a mom with the phone
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with your that my mom and some of these michael was dealing with a mom with oh, and adolf with 4th. go around with the group. i don't want to believe that what we're glad to with that boy, if it's a hood, what at the foot on the bus that has to do with mobile black and then that should that that should be with
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oh, phones are still switching from nissan on special show come on, guards are shown on my bed stokes, a lunch located just one prescription set a, b, e. o. he only is just bill gigi. could he, charlotte, and our pool for that month at h. b, a pasta quoting in. yeah, go fishing you up with a list of shipping me out on just a vision. adults show on the quote i didn't catch. and so if somebody wires that it meets ladies contestants. right. yes, continued she done was just,
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i was actually a come was each just ah, ah, a show my pretty have over the, it's my in look them up with the same. i'm let me use this. global olga with 8 meters of ne seems some of them which is got own with a year beloved tungsten at the brazil invite north gonna noodle stanford
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when i heard him, so we'll do some post apocalyptic. come from the meetings apocalypse. with them mom to show up, share, restore them. we want to stay around with stall garage there. i feel does not provide locus mindful that the snow, i say it, the 1st person mr. jackson burton was supposed to been done at the most for so for now pretty more you'll excursion done that. she'd delegate jim with the short cut off gave you got off thought that i missed another num while it was in over. yeah, caesar postuma got better when they should, but it's going to let us know if it's,
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if any foreseeable in it is not on rocky. but i just as the wister on the soil is you to, with cartoon at the start yet. but in your son, i'm not gonna will it's p dot b a with him to sound season on. and that's, that's the notion in yeah, that doesn't, but those are i. yes, nancy, a commodities with your yes. dollar bill. you know that our content daily chills for over in clever enough sir slain the senior citizen. and if you do that, i was glad to know by offering speaker days but at night or near please sit on. okay, cool. and very danya. of course, i know that's not
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a good one. not a little cool. so okay, i will. and i thought that slid the other still. chillen owner show why that is for molina kimball a show. com will need you to the which layer car in the shop for us to put selection booklet for class a was just about cruise, but it was just a kristi may trish to this day, we see that right? yes. and corner butcher. so culturally, normally we don't get thrown at them with our fuel, little note live, some of us wanted it. you change your mind
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with money and got them on the edge cuz somebody said it was plugged in your home phone. yeah. for for them. what about for for a bullying? dumb beetle was smith last quarter, almost all of it. if it published. yeah. i know the bill of i'm going i'm done with the submission that was made. any money orders can show a yup. roster. wishful long yet. mustang is ok. with the full, kendall, i'm but them are still use ammonia. french are still yes, liberally moran ship to mean, you know, if you but it isn't
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that that lisa with in the right shoulder plan. if there's that long, that the straight you all know on my skin of them, i'm in a supplier still. if they've reached the wrong number, i be such a little bit serious. throw it you lose. you see that there's like are still which of always the listing but other than you go near but it, it's got a issue on that. you in austin done that's end of it's got a notice on what it was them august or straw. you tell what arrangements for a noise and ye noodle a which near doing the used to still more is it all much mm. slave to 3 years. i will continue to one level schedules with our one side team. but the one
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is on used to live and yet i show there is that college of butter one. ask as them volley police the butter on, but i buy new the new choice. no, i didn't think the restroom. i mean, on, besides that we still live a dumb way. it is a with
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or ah, ah, what else was the most basic or could i see you, douglas go he did. who bought? i bought off the dial tomorrow. i'm more than you wait. but i know from politicians to athletes and movies, delta musicals does, it seems that every big name in the world has been here last year. but ms. you can pick up a budget when you get the call, but i need to nashua brooklyn. doesn't give me a glover you sport. but she said basil makes dreams. come true that every one who
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fall in love with luke with
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ah, and the 1st ever space it filled curve returns to earth, a russian movie director and an actress or back from 12 days of shooting on the international space station will bring you the moment of the lending and reactions to the historic flight in our special coverage. to be honest, i feel a little set to day. such a thing happens once in a lifetime with lewis cool was like a roller coaster and we were just enjoying it. and then our top stories of the week, letting me put in, rejects claims that russia is weapon, ising or withholding natural gas. as europe grapples with high prices. the president also agrees to boost supplies to the you while saying the block brought the.


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