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tv   Going Underground  RT  May 15, 2021 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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for. so long we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to. let it be an arms race on. dramatic development only. will be successful. in. i'm actually returned to new watching of the lockdown addition of going underground all not by day known as the catastrophe 73 years after british occupied palestine turned into israel displacing hundreds of thousands of palestinians this in
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a week of unspeakable atrocities in the middle east fueled by arms sales from britain e.u. countries in the united states in part 2 we'll be speaking to jerusalem post correspondent 1st proposed a new perspective the palestinian ambassador to the u.k. joins me now from r.t. u.k. headquarters in london about the thanks so much for coming on so i said it was not a bad day would your message of the residents of. gaza and jerusalem and the significance of not one day itself. the men message is that what happened in church iraq and jerusalem and then has reached all over palestine and with every palestinian worldwide 13000000 palestinians have risen. all of a sense of unity has really brought us back to our long march towards freedom has really solidified our sense of unity the unity of our purpose and the unity of
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all suffering a godless where we are be it inside the occupied that it is being inside the $48.00 areas being in the exile and that if you camps we all face the same oppression by the same oppressor and therefore there is an unprecedented sense of unity among us that's number one number 2 what happened in 1048 the militias the jewish militias ability to evict people from their homes gunpoint should never be repeated again and this was the message from church of iraq. they were uprooted themselves in 198847 and they refused to face face the same fate again and with them the people of palestine and with them millions of freedom loving people worldwide this is very inspiring and many of us believe that actually this is the final push we should go all the way enough is enough enough is enough this is the world i'm hearing everywhere this is the world i feel enough enough of subjugation
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enough of suffering a lot of disposition an awful of racism in off of this movement maltreatment of our people enough of sheer disregard of all basic rights of the nile wholesale denial of our rights right to move right on our property the right to vote all our rights of the private and you so even palestinians inside israel have rebelled they have been in the streets because every palestinian is affected by this mindset. the israeli mindset of supremacy of wanting to control the area of palestine from brevard to the sea of wanting to have a jewish absolute supremacist control we have done with that we have done with them today every single palestinian every one or every woman every man every young every child wants to go all the way until we had ourself of this illness called colonization settler colonialism this illness which is apartheid as was described
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very recently by the international human rights watch organization very well respected even by the israeli human rights organization but selim that is in the is a full fledged apartheid we must go all the way to rid ourselves of this ethnic cleansing campaign that has been relentless it started it started in 147 and 48 and it has been ongoing it never stopped the day i was born in a refugee camp to the very south of gaza in the office because my parents were forced to leave what we are saying no this will never be repeated again we will ask a lot of buzz on the new the new name argue billions of people would say obviously israel would deny apartheid it's up and say mahmoud abbas that stopping the vote can be counted on the elections you know we're looking at pictures coming out from the occupied territories i'm from gaza very big difference in israel we see israeli jews hiding in properly facilitated shelters the palace of the authority got more
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top 4 times more than the marshall plan came to western europe after world war 2 where's all the money why is it the palestinian authority hasn't got helmets and flak jackets for its population in gaza and in the west bank or basic shelters for civilians if you're going to fire rockets you better defend your own population is this a complete failure of the palestinian authority. well the palestinian authority is not in control of gaza as you know very well and i thought i didn't like the way you framed this question. no no no this is wrong you got your numbers wrong there money we got has gotten into infrastructure major infrastructure schools hospitals roads that is usually destroys and the world comes back and cries of israel and shouts as well but never with action and consequences so israel does it again and again and again we built the electricity plant in gaza on the 1st thing is really
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army does bombarding the electricity generator we build an airport in gaza they destroy it except etc so no but it's not invent because you know the israeli occupation has never taken care of all people negligence and overdue creation in the sphere of health but today because we have one of the most educated nation on earth one of the most educated use on earth you know our literally it is near 0 it is 0 you know or per capita ph d. is among the highest in the world if not the highest actually and that's that that investment in our human capital is what have allowed us to do what we have done over the years but particularly now what happened and general how proud i am how proud we are of our youth today speaking all languages conveying our message to the world stood fostering in their homes and you keeping all of us inspiring all of us
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so no it hasn't gone in vain my friend this is a long journey but i mean honestly the youth using their youth using rocks are using rocks and if you are supposed to believe it is worse to believe human rights watch and its apartheid i think that nelson mandela and his military wing of the a.n.c. had more than rocks to fight the apartheid regime of of south africa i mean maybe you think i was talking israeli talking points on as well. god where all the money is the the implied corruption of the policy of already you were on the b.b.c. the israeli counterpart you debated with she hasn't been able to come on this program what's it like defending palestine during this conflict in the past few days it's there and out of my life nothing makes me feel a sense of satisfaction more than trying my best to speak on behalf of all of our people people that have been struggling for 100 years of people who have been forth
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not only by israel but actually by complacent international media international system superpowers starting from the u.k. britain that has issued the bell for the collation 103 years ago promising our land to another people without even consulting us that that the colonial colonial arrogance and ending with the us that supports israel in every sphere keeps putting israel above the law making is like enjoy an absolute culture of impunity and that's why it is and continue doing it if you have a game and i mean if i was to feel if i was to fake as it were if i was the fake as it were being a british broadcasting corporation a reporter i used to work work i'd say it's hamas they're sending the rockets that's why we're seeing the pictures of dead children right now this is just retaliation against military people in gaza. how do you how do your spawn do that daily as you do the t.v. studios. i would telling him as i just did now on sky news before i came to you
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that they have got to stop this reductionist approach the old was thought from palestinian reactions than rather than israeli action which always starts the fall like happened in jerusalem the evictions in ships are off the storming overlock some more school right in the height of the holiest month of ramadan and little other of the holiest nights they keep that aside they leave it aside why why do you think they didn't because because much of the narrative has been fed by israeli machine unfortunately and the international media is either complacent or complicit you choose the word and then the old was important this is not active and they bring it all way and we have challenging this we are saying stop using like 2 sides and there are 2 sides what 2 sides there is only one side that is one government in full control of then thought area of the thought of people under occupation the government happen to have the strongest army in the region
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a nuclear powered except like settlers so stop saying 2 sides and please stop saying confrontations and all that confrontation between flash who i t. says a lash there's clatter. and clashes and what have you and all this logic about the conflict between hamas and israel is a way to just say that this is a security issue issue this is the israeli that if that israeli security is being threatened this is not about the mothers this is not about the families that have been effected 3 or 4 times in their lives by the system of control called israel by this freakish colonial sucked out of. if weakly cleansing system it's about it's a it's a it's a fight between hamas and king no i mean it's what has us not have the palestinians got enough weapons because you have no iron dome obviously against the israeli f. 35 f. 15 war plane aircraft i mean as neighbors. where possible land invasion of gaza
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let alone what they're doing in in jerusalem do they have enough weapons the palestinians. we will never ever we don't need weapons as and as a military weapons when friend and real matter how much we try to do so we will not much as i mean israel is is a state inside the norm you are fighting the us all the way in the military sense so you know our main weapon is the more oddity of our cause is the high moral ground or our main weapon is our people who are willing to stand in the streets peacefully and diminished rate in messes like they did only the last few days in every single city and every single village and every single town not only in the occupied territories but inside the $948.00 areas in such. a members are members of the or a resemblance of the 1st intifada so this is a moment of defiance and i believe a nation with such righteous demands and with such clear legal spanish and
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with ought to actually achieve its goals so i don't think we should go the route of competing in. army we should compete and making sure that this army is dismantled via our own our own insistence as a nation via peaceful popular international means that have been for decades in the current escalation of conflict joe biden obviously said this is how most condemning them as for the rockets dominic grab here in britain i'm not sure whether a someone new to the foreign office for what you're saying right now because only grabs as this is. indiscriminately killing israelis what's your message to the british government correspondents government. well the message has been very clear that violence must be condemned right across the board and we are 2nd thoughts are you condemn us. we are sick and tired of western governments quick to
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condemn anything that has to do with israel not condemning the loss of life and palestine as if palestinians do not matter but is it true is it true that the palestinian authority is more against now must then it is against netanyahu and his now very unified political class i don't know what to tell you really you are ought to go back to palestine now and see the sense of unity you ought to listen back to what the president say the speech given full support or people in gaza in jerusalem and everywhere you go to listen to hamas leaders and spokespeople you know all of saying that it has never been such a sense of togetherness and unity so let's let's encourage this my for i'm not trying to devise a rule of this event just finally then will you all together die you know that
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there has been officials from israel talking about wiping out the palestinians now they have the f. $35.00 is biden may be sending another $9000000000.00 worth of weapons britain. hundreds of millions of weapons from britain. are going to be wiped out. well they've tried to wipe us out 74 years ago already in 1988 the plan was that we're going to just vanish but we do that we have a very window to society with our ancient nation you know we produce almost every profit from prophet. jesus was born in bethlehem and so forth. we want nation is very well known for its ability to withstand its ability to survive the resilience the brilliance the new are all the time israel is not their 1st invasion as though it is not the 1st colonized that and be seizure we have had many of those and in the end it's we would have been and is there more leaf well he
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grew dark and basta thank you and now after the break i'll be speaking to a jerusalem post correspondent to hear the israeli side of the argument. join me every thursday on the alex salmond sure when i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. a new gold rush is underway. thousands of ill equipped workers are flocking to the gold fields hoping to strike it rich. as. children are torn between gone. my family was very poor i thought i was dream i
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best get back to school which side will have the strongest appeal. welcome back in the 1st half we heard from the palestinian about sort of the u.k. was i was almost to accuse israel of apartheid and war crimes joining me from his really perspective is jerusalem post correspondent and author jeremy ball but thanks so much your to for coming on just to give me some personal recollections of what kind of thing has been going on this week from your perspective. first of all myself and my family we have a safe room that we've had to run into a number of times over the course of the week so that could be in the middle of an item we grab are kids out of their beds and run off into the city from there got 90 seconds to get there and as long as we get to the safe room most of the most of the time we should be ok obviously there's also a different perspective which is the geopolitical perspective big questions being
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asked in the e.u. sunny the international community u.n. security council members russia and china i mean what do you make of the fact that people are saying how is it ok if the us. army officials militant visuals are made civilians how is it ok to aerially bombard an area where there are civilians. well i have to turn the question over how is it ok for hamas to fire rockets and mists of billions had a manual which was really intelligence grabbed in 2014 which explains how they were systematically purposely planting all of their command centers their rockets everything runs very and it was a new level until then there'd been some groups that sometimes did something like that but they were doing it systematically so look israel is ready to make peace or has come close to making peace with the palestinians in the west bank the palestinian authority multiple times in 200-2000 some 2 dozen 8 there was arguments about a couple percentage points of the west bank you know would you which are 90 percent
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95 percent that something was 70 percent but those are negotiations to try to reach a resolution a mouse and hezbollah in lebanon are not interested in a resolution so when there is no negotiation the only thing you can do is try to deter somebody who may come out so not fire rockets at you doing it but when i mean i'm not even to go back to how israel funded the creation of hamas using u.s. taxpayer money arguably the point is how does it deter further attacks to further. basically make an entire generation of palestinian children more militant in their hatred for the state of israel because they're seeing what the missiles are doing to their families. i don't think fighting is a resolution i think there's going to have to be a diplomatic solution at some point but wait for that to happen you have to see hamas adopt the international plan a blanket palestinian authority to return to gaza take over the crossings take over
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certain aspects of handling international funds and combine their security forces in a way that even if nobody has said accept israel's existence you know forever but except be oslo accords sort of with the formula that people talk about in a couple of times almost happen and hamas hasn't been ready to do that because they won the cup i mean or israel because it's obviously having said lose a. foot of the land but in any event why would they do that given the masses the democratically elected government of gaza and obviously firmly opposed to the palestinian authorities cancelling of elections and basically the polls show that 52 percent maybe more favor of the armed struggle now against israel look for still i'm not going to say that anybody is completely clean here i k i think israel has definitely made mistakes also but the question is is there a party on the other side in the west bank to talk to yes there is is there really
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a part of talks in gaza i don't know until now we haven't gotten to that point so what does israel do then if there's nobody really to talk to to get to an agreement occur you know at a 10 year ceasefire or something like that what they'll children. no ok so much. israel is on the cutting edge in terms of warnings it's called build it drops flyers even does a special cutting edge proof knocking that didn't mechanism where the chopper rocketed doesn't explode to make a loud noise that doesn't kill anyone to scare people to leave that's what israel does the united states a number of european countries their militaries have complimented and copied israeli tactics in other places when it comes to trying to get civilians out some way you have is on one hand israel tries to worm house in civilians is a perfect absolutely not effectiveness of that is told in the story of the casualty figures over this week he was just proportionality of number of civilians killed in
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gaza this is jerusalem surely i mean i am dome i mean i remember the law is arguable lies told join gulf war one about patriot missiles or a thing that would happen do i and it's useless relatively useless that's why these israelis are dying. so iron dome i definitely wouldn't call it useless of hamas has succeeded in penetrating it more now than it didn't do doesn't seem it's basically a large medical mass rockets don't make it into israel from what do make it into israel near. you know an actual urban area about 85 to 90 percent get shot down but if you can shoot a 100 or 130 rockets in minutes at a particular city then 5 or 10 percent getting through is going to be a larger number and that's what led to more casualties already this time in only a few days on the civilian side been had in all of 2014 so i think iron dome is
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effective but it's not hermetic and the same way that israeli defense forces has improved its capabilities in locating some of hamas as top officials some of it some of which have been killed over the course of the week some us improve its capabilities at shooting rockets to kill the israeli civilians much more effectively. i mean this all happened a few days after human rights watch issued a report saying israel commits crimes against humanity of apartheid and i think we both know nelson mandela justified the armed struggle and the killing of civilians against the apartheid regime of south africa backed by britain what would you make of that human rights watch report you are you're basically a white south african. talking to me right now. well the ethiopian israelis the moroccan israelis and you know the half or more israelis who aren't you know white would certainly differ with you on that but put that on the side
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even rights watch of report specifically says this is not south africa and it doesn't need to be south africa to try to accuse of apartheid in some sort of legal sense now i don't agree with them on that what i do want to say is that i think and i work as a journalist both with several human rights groups it's been human rights watch i work you know with with the i.d.f. and i talk to both sides and i think there is a place for human rights and geos to encourage both sides to be a little bit more careful and to think harder when they're using force about how they use force the apartheid allegation itself i think is nonsense and the reason it's nonsense is all you need to look is months or abbas he's the head of the party and he's probably going to help establish the next government which will replace benjamin netanyahu as prime minister because it's possible in israel because they're israeli arab supreme court justices their israeli arab knesset members
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their israeli arabs in most areas of you know senior officials now is everything perfect in his or absolutely not you can see that from be from the rioting the civil war he said no i wouldn't i wouldn't call it a civil war and i think you'll see that in the coming days that'll come under control faster than the situation between israel and hamas but so i wouldn't i wouldn't no country is perfect you know in the united states israel none of them are perfect britain is not in violation of more than 100 u.n. via resolutions but the u.n. security council resolutions britain is not in violation of resolutions and so that's a lot like israel got to britain and israel surely there are organizations within the u.n. which are fair minded to israel. you know there are parts of the u.n. which are not fair minded there's no they've been more un resolutions against israel in some cases than against north korea and against iran and if you ask european countries and most democracies who is more democratic who treats their
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minorities better they would all say well admit that israel is a democracy israel does treat us minorities better when they have a critique of this or absolutely and i don't i don't see it israel is perfect i do think that you have to look again at the overall context that when you're in a situation where we're in the 4th war with gaza in 12 years that creates this little level of friction that maybe you don't have to worry about in england but there are look there's a lot going on in the united states right now that's been a lot rougher i mean obviously black eyes matter is something that we do cover on this show but 50 percent of the population of gaza are children and warplanes of the israeli have was dropping bombs on it and when you say protecting minorities i mean over 50 percent of israelis have been fully vaccinated against grow as one percent of palestinians as the occupying power just on that basis only fools who. so so let me let's also distinguish again we have the israeli arab part israeli
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arab citizens in israel of which just close to $2000000.00 and we have the palestinians are israeli arabs and israel are being vaccinated in a higher rates than most of the world that is another proof that israel is not a racist country is not an apartheid country its citizens whether they are jewish or arab are being vaccinated much higher rates and basically the whole world ok now the palestinians have also gotten vaccination on a personal level would i like to see israel to move to look a little bit faster probably but what i want to quote anthony blinken secretary of state of the united states was interviewed recently i believe by an investor in the west and i asked him how come you haven't moved faster to share your vaccines with other countries and he said look every country is going to vaccinate its own citizens 1st and then start to work on other people i'm when you add into that become placation in the release of it's in israel the palestinian authority it's not so simple but israel has offered vaccinations to the palestinians all of the
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$100000.00 or so palestinians that work in israel have been vaccinated there been additional vaccinations beyond that and i think there will be even more going into the future. there's so many dimensions to this as the i.c.c. which we could do a whole program on you've written a book a raid on the red sea the israeli capture of the career that i mean missiles are targeting the dimona nuclear weapons factory in the negev desert this week i don't know using the using the context of your book that you coauthored. what is the danger to the way the middle east will behave in a strike on the dimona nuclear weapons factory. so i mean specifically dimona is where after say courting to foreign sources because we're under these really censor here that's where the nuclear program is. and if rockets were to get through you know it could cause all kinds of nuclear waste and problematic
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situations i think people think it's very unlikely the understanding is iron dome defense is very very strong around dimona. but look it's a bit is it there's a larger picture here and you know when we talk about my book we talk about iran and iran is even though when you were talking about some us is also islamic jihad and they are an iranian proxy and some us even though they're not a straight iranian proxy right they're sunni iran is shiite they sometimes quietly and sometimes very publicly are working together a lot of the rockets are coming from iran where the rockets years have been trained in iran or the money for it goes from iran so going all the way back to the county in 2001 that was the 1st time iran tried to bring 50 tons of rockets and other weapons smuggled into gaza when they could've hit the israeli home front with no iron dome to defend. and now here we are 20 years later and it's still going on in the masses much stronger in terms of the rockets so this is a problem when we come back to what you said we needed to pull a magic solution right now i think israel wants to return and
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a deterrent level with them out so that they won't shoot rockets at our civilians and so that israel won't have to. come out the militants who are purposely putting themselves next to gazan civilians and then we need to get back to a diplomatic solution you know that's my personal view you know jerry bob thank you and that's of the show will be back on monday when we speak to the co-creator of the oaks but that's because i think a coronavirus vaccine 47 has a day india now in the headlines but numbers of deaths that's an agent it's supposed to lead to. financial survival guide stacey. i'll fill out let's say i'm not sure i get any earthly use. of the flight wall street spot thank you for.
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the story that's right if you looked at slavery. at least 10 people were killed including 8 children in a missile strike on a densely populated refugee camp in gaza it is others could still be trapped under the rubble. we are here on the rubbles on the ruins on the debris of the house that used to be the house of a family. israeli missiles also hit a tower block in gaza city where international media outlets are based there are no reports of casualties while in israel air raid sirens ring out across television people taking to the nations in shelters that.


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