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tv   News  RT  December 30, 2020 12:00am-12:30am EST

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in the headlines this morning argentina's president warns a smear campaign and trade war against the sputnik vague. global distribution as a country starts delivering brushes jab 6. this is a ray of hope for us i am satisfied i'm very happy and i'm eternally grateful on behalf of all of the nurses. as the u.s. confirms its 1st case of a more contagious british traitor coronavirus we look at a challenging year for the country worst hit by the pound. and covered up to a covert denying russian monk accused of calling on followers including minors to commit suicide is sentenced.
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for good morning from moscow this wednesday the 3rd here december the muslims kevin over here with the latest from art international's newsroom starting this in argentina health workers have received the 1st doses of russia's. now as the country's mass vaccination campaign gets underway it follows russia and bella roosts in approving the shot at argentina's president a trade war has been unleashed now too against in a politically driven smear campaign in front of me and there is a very vicious dispute going on a very cruel dispute and a shameful one where by some discredit how this and i think the 1st thing to bear in mind is that a trade war has been unleashed also since the whole world is eager for the vaccine there's a geo political dispute who will be the want to distribute the vaccine. sister china lotty spanish reports next from outside one vaccination center in the capital
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born as our 8th december 29th in argentina will be remembered as the day of the start of the most massive vaccination ever carried out in this south american country the process is taking place with 300000 doses of the russians. coronavirus vaccine delivered by an argentine airlines plane completing the 1st stage of transportation of the vaccine from moscow to buenos aires it was necessary to solve the problem of distributing the vaccine throughout the country with the help of transport companies so that each of the delivery arrived on time and safely and now the focus is on monitoring the implementation of this stage the vaccination it of medical personnel medical workers cleaners and other people who are on duty in institutions for the care of people infected with cobra 19 they were the 1st to receive the vaccine in various medical centers 41 percent of all vaccine doses had been distributed in the province of buenos aires perhaps the most important
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province in argentina 2 thirds of 123000 doses were sent to the so-called greater point of salaries the governor appointed salaries province axel who was the 1st to be vaccinated in the region but held a press conference detailing the significance of this new step in the fight against the pandemic as the country now has new tools against the virus and it seems to me the to do use the begin the news teach for us largest books the nation can be in the history of the province of when osiris begin this morning and this is a vaccine that not only prevents disease. but they also represents a real triumph as an supergroup pollution in the fight against girl in the worse it should be noted that more than $315000.00 volunteers in the province of boy desiree signed up including an electronic form for vaccination with. at the same time according to reports from authorities the vaccination schedule is designed so that
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all medical personnel are vaccinated 1st in total 110 hospitals and 89 municipalities in the province received the vaccine and did not kill 8 their doctors and nurses but what is happening in the autonomous sitio toyah sorry well $23100.00 doses of vaccine were delivered here which were distributed among $37.00 would be axin nation centers 20 of which are private and 17 the public be made of the same is true for the cost may are the rich hospital where the nurses were vaccinated 1st who had been fighting the pandemic in the argentine republic for more than 10 months they had advanced methods of treatment in their arsenal but it was very difficult for them because their comrades were dying before their eyes. this is a ray of hope for us it's like we've crossed the line of fire and are now moving forward against this damned virus we had a very difficult year there was a lot of fear and this is a great hope for us and i'm internally grateful on behalf of all of the nurses.
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i am satisfied i'm very happy these are the emotions that come to my mind now that i remember our colleagues who died because they worked in the health my dog whistles that come to my mind and my mother that's all i'm happy because this should be the end. as a sign of unity the national government ordered the vaccination campaign to start simultaneously at almost the same time that medical personnel began to be vaccinated throughout the country the national vaccination campaign covers more than 116000 people including $10000.00 volunteers and a total of about $7800.00 vaccination centers will be involved in administering the doses brought from moscow it is also worth noting that everyone will be monitored for possible side effects so that as soon as the 2nd doses of the vaccine arrives they can regime. them on time and in proper form according to the instructions of specialists from the gamma institute according to preliminary data over 20000000
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doses of the vaccine will be delivered in january and february 1 of the main goals is to have a new level of resources in our arsenal by the month of march to fight the pandemic and especially important for argentina with the 2nd wave of coronavirus. venezuela is also signed a deal with russia for approximately $10000000.00 doses of sputnik the president nicolas maduro said the shop will be free for the whole population further he says he plans to complete the 1st round of vaccines by march but as well it was the 1st country in the western hemisphere to take part in post approval trials of rushes. from here image of exhausted russian medical volunteers lying in a room with a covert patients gone viral the st petersburg interns were called to help with that someone reported to be in a state of panic and confusion there were fears she could tear off her oxygen mask meaning that she had to be under constant supervision where patients known as
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stable condition this is good news and the interns colleagues have expressed their gratitude through social media in turn students told us a bit more about what happened. but we saw the whatsapp message that help was needed and we 3 decided to go to the red zone long before our shift was supposed to start in order to help out our colleagues we replaced staff who were looking after the patient or so they could do other work at the unit and we stayed with the patient when morning came with a down on the floor to rest at least a little bit because it's really challenging to work nonstop in a civil suit so we watched the patients are till 8 o'clock in the morning when the new shift came on and we set off to do the work at the unit. the us has revealed its 1st case of the more contagious british strain a coronavirus the variant confirmed in the state of colorado comes amid fears of a further spike in cases after the christmas holidays. we have been talking
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about potential for spread during christmas and r.t. correspondent helen maupin next looks at an especially tough year for a city dubbed the epicenter of the epicenter of the covert crisis new york. they call it the big apple and in 2020 that apple got a giant one minute and that worm is known as cove it when a national emergency was 1st declared in the city back in march many panicked. stores soon had empty shelves. the hospital soon had capacity and emergency tents were set up in central park.
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there was a shortage of protective equipment like masks and hand sanitizer health care workers took to the streets to protest their troll you wouldn't ask old old boy. so if you want to talk about the row. it's part of that i mean if you send over if you said so if you said to us it's really it's been tough it's been one of the hardest moments in my life it's been really challenging and we were burnt out we're we come in every day and are not getting support from our managers are you know our government is telling us we can wear a simple bandana you don't have many noted that in circumstances like this we had local officials blaming everyone but themselves when you was the whole international health community we was the whole national shows of
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experts the w.h.o. d.n.i. to see these the big soup of agencies we were is are very we were you were. the intelligence community with the brief. videos of trucks used as a temporary morgue studio an overflow of dead bodies became a horrifying emblem of the era. new york city's hard island became a graveyard amid the overflow of dead bodies. one of the ugliest scandals involved nursing homes at the end of march andrew cuomo the
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new york state governor ordered covert patients to be sent to nursing homes for the elderly now this order was revised on the 11th of may but it was far too late the death toll in new york's nursing homes was approximately 4800 people remember that the elderly are the most vulnerable such a poorly calculated move is pretty hard to forgive this thing is not going away so 6300 people died in new york nursing homes that is the most in this country really needs to be able to challenge this wish to leave you would do it you're in a little bit of criticism of your very much like there was a glimmer of hope over the summer but then a 2nd wave came when it got cold the new lock downs have had a devastating effect on the economy restaurant owners and workers have taken to the streets.
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the state was crashing and burning with a rising body count andrew cuomo took the opportunity to write a book about his personal achievements. and. 2021 doesn't look like it's bringing any relief either national health officials are warning us that january could be devastating without substantial mitigation the middle of january could be a really dark time for us some say that the lockdown was imposed too late others are saying that cuts in health care facilities and the closing of hospitals over the past decade have played a role regardless of why there's no question the 2020 will go down as one of the
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worst years in the history of new york city. r.t. new york this is a curious story called loss of attention a covert denying russian monks been sentenced to 2 months pretrial detention here in moscow is accused of numerous offenses including encouraging minors to commit suicide he's known for radical views such as claiming president putin's been replaced by the anti christ in a rubber mask no less the monks also drawn criticism from the orthodox church for encouraging people to flout cope with restrictions and attend mass well despite being defrocked by church officials see nonetheless continue to run a monastery in central russia maria for national reports. special operation handed demonstration. yeah bro you all it's not black and i didn't see your face. seeing you. when russia's a moon special police forces came to the city of united's queens monastery outside
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ticketed in boot to detain the men known as father syria and they'd seized the convent back in june and they knew they'd face resistance and on supporters of the monk a former. a policeman himself will serve his sentence for murder and robbery helping him take control over the monastery where many battle hardened veterans and former officers tended up violent. the 7 the that was what was. the. inmate father serra he was banned from conducting religious services due to his radical views on the coronavirus pandemic he called to ignore the lockdown denounced electronic passes as a way to stem the outbreak as satins electronic camp and described the vaccines against kobe 19 and attempts to control the masses and told her state investigators
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launched a criminal investigation into child abuse at the monastery but the reason for the night raid was another issue a video posted on you tube where a spiritual leader asked the church members whether they're ready to die for russia became the last straw. from parts of you are more if you are from a good number or not ready. for curfew your daughters hear from here on the. children who are in the crowd too and that tory the local ombudsman for children's rights said gays now charged under 3 articles violation of their right to freedom of conscious and religion call for suicide and abuse of power so again denies any guilt according to his lawyer he was taken to moscow for interrogation and a hearing and sent to be due from detention he spoke about it as almost a holy mission. you know where it is it would be everything is fine with me you
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don't have to do anything just live by the commandments of god whatever happens everyone has their own cross to bear jesus said take your cross and follow me i'm following christ. the investigative committee and f.s.b. searched the compound and form a priest cell while outside dozens of father cities supporters made a kind of human shield in an attempt to protect what they see as their spiritual for trey's and express their solidarity with the defrocked priest but chances are they are not going to see their leader any time soon. from one controversial person to another next to german lawmakers got a furious reaction for suggesting covert restrictions could be the template for fighting climate change carlota bugs said that his views in an opinion piece for a newspaper there will never be a vaccine against c o 2 so we need measures for exactly in climate change there are similar to the
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restrictions of personal freedom in the pandemic the so stomach rhotic party m.p. who is also an epidemiologist admitted his ideas are unlikely to ever happen but his views sparked a firestorm on social media. to this and pretty much everything that is dean not climate friendly could be banned the struggle for freedom will never end a lot about it is already proposing look down like measures to combat climate change let's enjoy the festive season and gather strength for the demonstrations and resistance against state violence in 2021 at about the same time the covert lockdowns and the lock down for climate change begins since we have been so willing to give up our freedoms lockdowns will now be routine we discuss the controversial proposal of the public. on this fall do we. sure. is one that simply hasn't worked in the code it presents it in genuine emergency
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and the will respond and we are the shooter. doing kroeger across needs to be tackled with this is much good we do not need to look and the kind we have heard the effect of the term occur reduction during the long run here it has been equivalent to taking $130.00 degrees centigrade over the global warming that we expect for 2030 and we need something good she's much effect but also something which struck in cruising down in the strewn society actually starts a new route which will. make us better off and allowed us to live large but in a much cleaner i don't nestle poor blocked ounce well where a certain except of the 1st time around right. now we've got in such a mass that i think this is the reason why we're getting stuck in the problems of
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people of anger votes out i don't think anyone in the world ready and enjoys locking countries down we've lost control of this virus testing trace has been a complete mass a complete waste of money climate change would be similar especially much the uk government generation because i have a reason for doing it do you know how to how this has been chirpy time it should be a wrecked leiber wealthy conscious of the wealth of her money drained by paying for . the days prior to the code 19 money completely wasted which they could of course ensue environmental projects to help our world country bridge issues or with that with the top juncture well the rest of the world is not so much of a problem but there's another it's why we should get any personal freedoms whatsoever. as well as being one of the countries most affected by the pandemic france is also battling a resurgence in extremist activity child to bensky nexus morning looking at the
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government's response than in the wake of a number of terrorist attacks. 2020 is the manual might call turned from this into an enemy of large swathes of the muslim world the president claimed to be taking on only the extremist. ideology of islam islam but many in the global muslim community felt that they were being targeted it was to be french means to defend the right to make people less of a difference among these ridiculous is a caricature which voltaire claimed was the source of the rest to be french means always to be on the side of the freedom fighters. needs mental health treatment what else can be said to a head of state who does not understand freedom of belief and who behaves in this way to millions of people living in this country who are members of
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a different faith that frenzy kicked all for here with the now infamous satirical magazine charlie abdul used to have its offices instead of mocking 5 years since the massacre here france was also about to bury new victims as the trial of those suspected of aiding the terrorists who killed in cold blood tape began sharlee abdo published what it described as a tribute to the dead it was like a red rag to a bull.
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france was back on maximum alert then came the attack on vienna and met corns initiative to crack down on islam is started to gain. weight momentum as their case to the attack was clearly an islamist terrorist attack it was an attack out of hatred hatred of our basic values hatred of our way of life hatred of our democracy where all people are equal in rights and dignity. we know what vienna and austria have been through the pain the fear the victims and thinking of their families now and offering them all our support and i'm also reflecting on what vienna stands for in our culture and i don't think that this attack is an innocent act it reveals the will of our enemy to attack what europe is a land of culture of freedoms and values so we won't give up anything military deployment has been more than doubled in france other countries have heightened
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measures to so how real is the threat the threat is absolutely enormous in terms of fighting political islam because 80 percent of the most are controlled by radical islamists what i call the ideological threat but secondly these threats that is only part of radical islam that the jihad is a terrorist attack is also a big danger because many people are released. not control over another issue then raised its head polls showed younger muslims are more conservative than previous generations and they put the laws of their faith above that of rome i don't think it was surprising at all because it just confirms previous polls going back over the past few years and it also. deserve
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a dent in the reaction of school high school students. to the minute's silence and commemoration of the beheaded school teacher where there was quite a lot of disruption around the country during a minute's silence. so i think it's very worrying that the younger generation is. as much if not more radicalized than their parents or grandparents it's not too late but we last 2 or one or 2 generation we have to take the control back of the world's most and in schools the 2 ways they are brainwashed or not we must give them the and you've got you know the and you virus because radical islam is a virus full of hatred in order to respond to this new bill to promote the values of the french republic has been trough did it will target online hate speech drastically reduce home schooling bring in jail terms for doctors who perform the
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genetic tests and to make it more difficult for more scs to receive foreign financing so is it enough to stop the rot it's difficult to say how we can stop it at this stage 'd. i think there's been a certain tolerance over the years and decades switches allow the situation to develop. and it's a little bit like both in this the stable door after the horses is one of working in fact it may even reinforce the victimhood narrative the the prosecution complex which is being stoked up then there is a latent threat one that has been lurking under the surface in 202745 terrorists convicted for offenses related to syria would do for release from prison over the next 2 years more than a 100 more could also be set free we know that. it's almost
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impossible to radicalize them it's too late what we can do we don't have enough policemen to watch what they are doing every day he only solution would be those people who want the enemy of our nation that want you to plot against our nation joining terrorist totalitarian radical organization they should be banned 2021 will no doubt see france pushing on with this effort to eradicate islam islam but going by 2020 that attempt could backfire muslim say they already feel stigmatized in singled out and not cause essentially republican values 1st of all may alienate them further and not could feel rather than extinguish the threat from extremists challenge even ski r.t. paris. a massive for now thanks for watching this game from out international with me wednesday morning 30th of december coming up to 27 in the morning here so
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whatever time of day it is where you are for me in the same season's greetings i have a great day. it will be very difficult to get these years about it and indeed during 2020 change was the norm and the amount that you lose in many years reflected on what has been . the focus should be on what may future return. journey has changed many american lives but pharmaceutical companies have a miraculous solution. based drugs the people who are chronic pain patients and believe that their prescription is working for them in the remedy to be certain to
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do no price at the. grocery dependency and addiction to opiates to long term use that really isn't scientifically justified and i'll study actually suggested that the long term effects might not just be absence of benefit but actually that they might be causing long term harm. so small seems wrong all right old roles just don't call. me old that is yet to stamp out disdain becomes to advocate and in gains from an equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she still looks for common ground.
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this is tell me. his silly. russian but tommy is a real finn who lives in finland. his name is. he. didn't even go through their oath and. tonight told me he's heading for russia to take part in the european ice speedway championship. not many people know about this on the usual sports but motorcycle racing on ice is tommy's true passion. officially the nordic countries are considered the birthplace of ice racing but it quickly caught on in russia. speedway is beautiful expensive and
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very dangerous on top of that racist take place in extremely low temperatures which doesn't exactly help with promoting the school. choice races are often compared to . them by often seem to be treading a fine line between life and death when they're on the racetrack. have a horse. and their oldest son on the. track i have a draw i sailed. link with god. now we're going to. be home. before the trip takes his.


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