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tv   News  RT  December 17, 2020 2:00am-2:31am EST

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in the headlines the 17th of december worrying news about pfizer's new vaccine to health care workers in alaska now reportedly suffered allergic reactions to the job as one rushed to intensive care. while the whole 4 going to say should warning of a post christmas code. as the continent set new coronavirus records ahead of the festive period. thinking up a few hours for dinner putin holds as i knew all q. and a session thursday this time via video link the russian president will tackle the most critical national and global issues. and all the reveals wiki leaks founder julian assange tried to warn washington back in 2011 about widespread leaks of classified u.s. state department cables in stark contrast to its claims that he wanted to endanger
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american lives. for good morning from moscow this thursday live from marty's world news h.q. kevin owen here for the next half hour thanks for checking into. first not great news another blow to phases covert vaccine to health care workers now in alaska have reportedly suffered allergic reactions to the job with one rushed to intensive care one of the workers who did not have a history of allergies remained in hospital on wednesday night she had an allergic reaction it seems 10 minutes after receiving the vaccine and suffered rashes all over a face and body also shortness of breath and an elevated heart rate despite getting treatment she was then rushed to intensive care the woman is now apparently making a recovery but as caleb maupin reports from the states this is far from the 1st disturbing news on the show. now the reports that we have received indicate that
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the person did not have a history of severe allergic reactions now this comes on the heels of reports about 2 health care workers in the united kingdom who both had severe reactions to the vaccine as well and that caused the united kingdom to actually issued this warning any person with a history of a significant eludes you create action to a vaccine midst and all food should not receive the fine is appealing to it's important to note that when pfizer looked into the case they did emphasize that the 2 individuals in the united kingdom did have a history of allergic reactions the f.d.a. of the united states has gone ahead and approve pfizer's vaccine but made clear that it is only available to those who are 16 years of age or older and who don't shouldn't be given to people with a history of severe allergic reactions and at this point we've got some very prominent officials praising this new jab that's available to fight against cove it
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today our nation has achieved a medical miracle we have delivered a safe and effective vaccine in just 9 months this is one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history we have these reports about the health care worker in alaska so people are waiting for more information many are concerned about this vaccine will it be safe will it actually put an end to the pandemic as some have predicted so many are keeping their eye on this situation is certainly disturbing news to hear that a health care worker has had an adverse effect. you know further 2 at the hospital that administer the shot says the cases won't affected vaccine share jewel we also reached out to for comment from pfizer they got back saying that they will closely monitor all reports suggestive of serious allergic reactions following vaccination pfizer also claim trial participants were excluded if they had a history of severe adverse reaction associated with a vaccine against whole things vitally important. well meantime her the world
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health organizations issued a stark warning that the festive period is no time to relax about covert a pandemic may get even worse. there is a high risk of further resurgence in the 1st weeks and months of 2021 and we will need to work to give the roof we are to succeed in preventing it germany registered its worst coronavirus death toll wednesday on the same day it entered a strict new law but it was the only grim start to hit europe ahead of christmas as peter all of a reports next this morning. the christmas lock down period is a policy here in germany they comes at a particularly odd time the couldn't treat posted record breaking covert figures this week they. 'd are saying that they will roll out a vaccination program in the coming weeks but also warn that the foundations of already being for a 3rd wave of coronavirus. we saw that
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a 3rd wave had started to build before the 2nd and actually subsided we need to give a clear signal this christmas the new year must be different to usual it's not just germany italy is facing a grim record of its 700000 deaths this year the highest figure since 1944 during the 2nd world war rome has put in place new regulations to run from monday the 21st until january the 6th that will see restaurants closing at 6 pm and 10 pm curfew but hospitality workers say these measures will ruin them they actually destroyed our sector by making us clothes are established at 6 pm and blaming us for things they were guilty of instead. during lockdown we didn't receive anything not the 1st time the 2nd 3rd or 4th a similar scene is playing out in france where the stay at home order has been
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replaced with a curfew that move has seen thousands of workers at cultural venues protest a shutdown on their places of work i did i. was. 'd in spain testing is found that one in 10 of the population had been infected with covert 19 the scale of this pandemic is hitting home in sweden as well with more deaths this november than any since the spanish flu pandemic over a century ago. an official investigation into sweden's coronavirus strategy has found that stock must take the blame for its high death rate prompting the swedish prime minister to put out a statement saying the country got its tactics of wrong. i think most health officials didn't see such a wave in front of them they spoke about clusters it's not like we weren't prepared
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for something to happen again but no one could have predicted the strength of it some conclusions have been made about where we could have done better in a week's time families would be coming together across europe to celebrate christmas however this year with covert dictating the rules the festive period may well be a lot more distant than we used to as european leaders to keep contacts to a minimum peter all of r.t. early impeachments thing there are a suite struggling to deal with the health pandemic and in another bit of news with country its parliament decided therefore an astonishing rise in spending on the military to counter alleged russian aggression and moral man what's behind it in a few minutes. for russia next thursday a bit later on today russian president vladimir putin is giving his annual q. and a session because of the pandemic this time the conference is being held by video link to similar press the most crucial national and global issues you can watch the
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a lot of the salient parts of the session live here on this channel at international later on to. his one of our correspondents at various locations where questions will be posed to vladimir putin he sent us this report. this is yet another event to 2020 that we are looking forward to that was somewhat spoiled by mr covert but not fully ruined well this was something that the whole country was so much used to every year before ques christmas imagine an entire stand at a football stadium packed with people waving a you trying to grab your attention that is what usually mr putin is looking at and that's how he likes his admiral press conference to be done clearly at this time the kremlin couldn't afford it so there are going to be several locations this
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is the most important one the usual one at moscow's trade center where most journalists are going to be located but there will be different russia's cities joining in so the kremlin have to tweak the format it's going to be a video conference but there will be people including my colleague who will be together with putin and they will be able to ask him some questions personally now again still there will be loads of journalists taking part usually it's 1500 in one room always different kind of questions usually last for about 4 hours and in that time the russian president is the only only got time to answer a few dozen and it can be absolutely different from a technical issue in a remote russian village thousands of kilometers away from moscow where for example forties couldn't fix something for decades or it could be something very important
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that could cause a true stir in international geopolitics it was at this kind of press conference by the way that mr putin 1st called donald trump a bright and talented politician and you know the rest you know the entire russia interfere and story that followed so let's just wait for it in a new format but that doesn't mean that it will be less interest. then any of the previous years. but later the next league tape reveals that julian assange tried to warn of and limit widespread internet releases of us information back in 2011 tapes been revealed by conservative investigative outlets project veritas on the recording assigned to legibly speaks to johnson an attorney at the state department we have to tell it. straight. database. cables including. cables
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he's. spread around. it is of the degree that. we believe we've. become public. some possibility. also on the tape are signs said that classified cables have been stolen by former wiki leaks colleagues who are being quote spread around the internet the wiki leaks founder expressed concerns over possible danger to u.s. government employees further he suggested authorities covertly remove the files from the internet and offered indeed to help track them down as well but it appears that officials failed to take action on the information that he provided the leaked information went on to become known as cable gate much publicized of course more than 250000 classified u.s. state department cables released into the public to made it contained information
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on u.s. officials as well as information about washington's foreign policy and secret operations abroad so despite his efforts it seems to songe feared extradition to the u.s. and in 2012 took refuge in london's ecuadorian embassy again well published he was under investigation by washington for his role in quote publishing documents on possible u.s. war crimes in iraq and afghanistan fast forward to last year british police then dragging him from the embassy to a prison cell and extradition hearings continue to this day fearless journalist told us the audio shows the allegations against the sounds your own to question. as to what was was careless or just simply not concerned i mean told the this person that he he had spent 24 hours calling very various u.s. government offices and no one no one would talk to him no no no one would call him back the tape shows quite clearly that
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a sergeant's concerned about the release of unredacted files so he was quite harsh as of how the information could be misused and therefore he wants to alert the relevant parties i'm sure that washington will argue that it still is wiki leaks fault but i think anybody who says this tape will show that wiki leaks is quite hard she answers and trying to prevent any individual from suffering any kind of retribution. as a consequence of the release of these files the democrats have been extremely hostile to the wiki leaks much more hostile than republicans. so therefore would be a good way for but for a trump to stick it to his enemies. it sends to the morning moscow time of time to review thank you for watching out international ahead good old russia gate again mainstream media blame moscow this time for a major hack of u.s. government institutions we'll tell you mo after the break.
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the universe is really in the. interim ation presses. that is the reality of this thing we call matter you can hear people here can change shape you can touch it it shapes all it. but on change to so cal it's all about it. is you'll media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being
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so. direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or inmate in the shallowness. because. again next hacking alarm the u.s. media crying foul over the weekend's major breach of government computers that pinning the blame on russian hackers despite the f.b.i. still tracking those responsible and 0 official findings yet it comes as the white house reportedly convenes urgent talks with national security agencies to discuss the case the cyber attack reported sunday targeted at u.s. government institutions including the whole and security treasury and commerce department has been labeled with the most all day shares hacks in the country's
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recent history the attackers apparently used to texas based software company for the breach but next our senior correspondent we're going to have explaining the major appear rather hasty as usual in the usual russia did it narrative. the story goes an icy company called sooner wins was allegedly infiltrated lonely goo by hackers these company has thousands of government and business clients all over the world now you know how many apps get regular updates rothwell one of those updates from sudo way into all its clients included a true so a backdoor remote access to the systems of many of solar winds clods allegedly according to the press this may have been one of the most damaging attacks ever well you can be sure of the morning after. recipes for thanksgiving turkeys but for the moment we'll take it very very seriously yes very seriously indeed
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evidently alarm bells are ringing at the department of commerce but let's be fair figuring out a sub or attack takes a lot of work a lot of time to understand what the heck happened it is literally include but journalists have seemingly forgotten this it's boring and it's dull and stead they've jumped to the fun part of the already figuring out who to blame u.s. officials tell c.n.n. that they suspect russian links hackers breached their computer systems at several federal agencies isn't it remarkable how we went from suspected russian hackers straight to russia's attack it's almost like c.n.n. believes that other than americans only russians have computers but is the kicker so the journalists have riled everyone up by saying that u.s. officials suspect it's a russian attack and then we find out that the government officials learned it was
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a russian attack from those press reports entre us government were aware of all of these reports these media reports suggest that these attacks were comprehensive and historic and that these bad actors. may have had access to critical u.s. government systems for many months it's like the joke which came 1st the chicken or the egg except in this case it's who blamed russia 1st the journalists or the officials because they keep citing each other unless you're watching at best n.b.c. who have already managed to make an attack that they don't understand carried out by they don't know who trumps fault the white house and senior trump administration officials have been basically silent on the attack should be noted that since that seems to be sort of par for the course in this administration when we get hit by attacks from that one particular country so the white house has kept quiet congresses learning about this for media reports and journalists on the whole
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a technically illiterate so that's not a good source i get the sense that would be safe flipping according to decide who was behind this the pundits it don't care at the end of the day or rush or the attack sounds much better much simpler than say please wait we're trying to figure out who was behind this because it takes time. security turks aren't the only thing being blamed on russia with presidential election fraud still topic one u.s. senator now that claiming quote foreign influence from moscow in the vote even called us r.t. and sister news agency sputnik. you know the sort of the stories like russia have had a low false narrative according to alfie and through a lot of the election russian media sources i r g and sputnik are ready pushing the narrative that the u.s. would not do that free and fair elections is repeated again and again and again any
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time anything goes wrong in the united states or anywhere else for that matter. the easiest way to get out of it the easiest way to avoid evade responsibility is to blame russia now in this case it appears as if this was a lousy piece of software so how do you get out of it would you say oh it was hacked by the russians no evidence is ever presented and because you say this terrible word russia everybody buys into isn't everybody is appropriately horrified and so that way that it is as often the media that are screaming at the to hold alone about the terrible things of the russians and doing as the government can just simply sit back and allow the media to take up the running it's easy to to punch at russia largely because it doesn't do that much great in russia where the u.s. does do a lot of trade with china so if you go down the powerful. denouncing china
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a lot of people might lose a lot of money the rush is an easy target. by being overwhelmed with high casualty right to the pandemic sweden's parliament okayed a massive a record rise and dated military spending the defense ministries excuses russia. because because of the new security situation with russian aggression toward your your. crimea conflict in ukraine it is in belarus. the russian military capability were accomplished exercises activity in. the source so we see a new security of water that they're ready to use military power also to fulfill political goals is heck of spending jumped to the next 5 years defense spending will increase 40 percent to 11 $1000000000.00 it's being called the country's
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biggest military budget boost in modern history the armed forces will get up to $90000.00 new soldiers and the number of conscripts will double to all this coming despite sweden struggling out of the pandemic right now with almost 8000 dead and 350000 cases that's multiple times was this neighbors in denmark finland and norway discussed it with the swedish professor emeritus of epidemiology marcelo farrar the denali. so you know the beginning of this pandemic depleted all. of such and. it is secure units of course. that money should be better used so to speak any decent and there are sons and also in 100 schools and and health care. duration limited sex at that etc but he can hardly a god how really surprised me that it is so despite him and would have decided to increase the by did but that extent it is absolutely not the surprise soon and it
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is already participating in the huge in may here are over asians abroad under the military front of the united states or so their geopolitical reasons they are there are going to need to respond and then maybe even you know they are being nice you know these sit thing old reassuming don't push it but it is sort of governing the last year in the area for investment in in earnest industrial would mean more sales increases sales to countries rich countries latest saudi arabia and then then united emulates for them to continue for them to increase even more. devolving of very old country which is yemen. gender stereotypes part of mental health crisis for young children to ponder next the new report in the u.k.'s claim that it's not only affecting primary education
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it's also destroying self-esteem. but every parent hopes for their child and what educators hope for children in their class is that there will be free to achieve their potential yet what evidence shows is that we still limit our children based on the harmful tired gender stereotypes we meet and the princess education of ghosts and intoxication of boys the commercial sector too often uses gender stereotypes and segregates boys and girls simply to sell more product but this is not about making everything gender neutral the commission for gender stereotypes and of childhood notes there is a mental health crisis amongst children youngsters it highlights issues faced by both including problems with body image and eating disorders for girls while for men there's a higher suicide rate and violence against women the report adds parents may need to adapt their approach to deal with the problem we discussed it with linda bell loss a british equality law specialist knowles who lives with hopes and leader of the
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justice for men and boys party. yes differences do exist as much as the forces society will try to minimize them and majority of children who different concepts typical behavior should also be respected i do think that worries are different to girls and girls are different to boys but that only. an ideology that's been encouraged to be the rest of think about that we should think that boys should be physically strong they should be take a lead and lots of men don't want to do that i'm not so women don't want to do it and lots of women do want to do it so much nelsons in this man made notion of who should have power on the basis of the sum of their physical characteristics and so much evidence to suggest that biological sex differences exist and so you know
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there are studies waiting newborn babies that shout that females prefer to play with dolls and stuffed toys are ploys or anywhere. near calls and of course you know there's the fact that sex differences are really quite consistent across cultures and across history i don't have a problem well somebody always do and want to do things that men have historically done i don't think that's a crime but it isn't a society that then says well men got to do this and no women can that's my problem we still have. a social system in britain that privileges men in privileges men in so many ways and culturally and i would like that not to have. if the story interests you want to share it want to go to our web site you can this send it up comment on it as well to see dot com or any of us social media
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for to get the latest from us what we're talking about each and every day here in moscow kevin owen siding off if you are watching the clock it's exactly 27 minutes past the hour of the great day. the rules. the world. for america it was there's room there to bear there's gun for another easter for the group good grief for the narrow do the masters weapons of mass you know they go to a new spirit to give a billionaire pal to do that way to america and there's a very good friend of them to do his fingers' ends well devices for joy if you really are going to go to the country and if you don't need to have affected your
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mother your own narrow spectrum against alternative vision and. asked if you will start to question the air evacuation the excelsior area i don't know if that can damage the aircraft or theory it up for your video. today undercover and i'm going to disable the site. if you will get exposed on t.v. i can't wait to decontaminate my low self reliance and break everything to. track down through the air glare you can defend yourself and your regulars from the weapons of mass communications. expect. there to be
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a. problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we see me very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids it's invaded america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes at their dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers. that's kaiser financial survival guide liquid assets not those that you can convert into it quite easily. to keep in mind though as its meaning places.
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are. welcome to the alex salmond show where we examine britain's long slow farewell to your tip the talks in a trade agreement i know not just an injury time but the injury time of extra time and it's unlikely that the bells will be ringing across the continent when big ben bones in the new year and let it to be we take the long view because these talks in brussels are not just for christmas but for ever 1st we talked to the only modest who was knighted as margaret thatcher and the tory government of the 1980 s. it a passable.


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